Sean Payton And Jim Harbaugh Soon Available?

December 8th, 2014

paytonJoe knows there’s a faction of Bucs fans that would love to see a new offensive minded head coach take over Tampa Bay and groom an elite rookie quarterback prospect next season.

These fans don’t feel comfortable assigning that job to Lovie Smith.

It’s a fair thought. Lovie’s not exactly an offensive guru.

When Joe is approached with such a fantasy scenario, Joe immediately asks the question, ‘So who’s the head coach you want to bring in?'”

Per esteemed longtime NFL scribe Peter King, quarterback gurus Jim Harbaugh and Sean Payton could be plausible answers. Wow. Those guys have extraordinary resumés.

King explains in video below. Joe sure hopes Harbaugh doesn’t land in Atlanta.

40 Responses to “Sean Payton And Jim Harbaugh Soon Available?”

  1. pick6 Says:

    i am always wary of coaches who have made their name in tandem with a Hall of Fame QB. that chemistry is almost impossible to re-capture. I really like Sean Payton, but Drew Brees in his prime is not here waiting for him in Tampa

  2. pick6 Says:

    *unless, of course, he is right about mike glennon

  3. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    kick bricks lovie and run to grab sean payton

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    If you’re drafting a QB, firing Lovie is the only logical play. We need that QB to succeed, having an anti-offense guy in Lovie will crush any QBs development. An offensive minded coach with a new QB will excite the fanbase way more than Lovie and some new QB.

  5. Reezy Says:

    I don’t care who we bring in, If we don’t fix that O-line we are in trouble. Sean Peyton went to New Orleans without and O-line, and Harbaugh kept who had from the previous regime. With that being said I would rather have Peyton because he can build a winner and he was won a Super Bowl with a team he built.

    However New Orleans would be a fool to get rid of him and San Fran is has nobody that can take his place. Both of these guys will be back next season.

  6. Phil Says:

    Jim Harbaugh won’t be coming to the Falcons. Mike Smith will keep that job as Atlanta wins the NFC South plus wins a home playoff game.

  7. MadMax Says:

    I’LL BE THRILLED with either one!!!!!

  8. MadMax Says:

    @bucrightoff, YOU SADI IT! 110% agree.

  9. Buddha Says:

    Anyone who thinks Mike Smith isn’t gone is not playing with a full deck. He’s history. I love Peyton’s desire to win. Harbaugh is a loose canon who irritates everyone around him.

  10. Jerry Says:

    Lovie is going nowhere, folks. Deal with it.

    And the thought of the Saints firing Payton? That’s laughable. Harbaugh is going to Oakland. He doesn’t want to leave the area.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe you always ask if the Qb can take a team to the superbowl, you say that we have the 4th best QB in the division!

    Why do you never ask the same of the Head Coach!!! who is the de facto GM as well! he is the 4th best coach in the division. He cannot take a team to the superbowl in this modern day NFL!

    lovie needs a better roster than the other team to win. He will never “Outcoach” another team.

  12. port richey george Says:

    those 2 names would make great TB team members.
    I would certainly hire both of them. if I hired them they would be lovie’s and the offensive coordinators replacement. LOL

  13. BirdDoggers Says:

    I don’t see Payton going anywhere. The Saints have had their struggles this year but mostly on the defensive side of the ball. Rob Ryan will most likely be fired and a new D coordinator hired to take his place.

    Harbaugh is a wild card. He’ll most likely want an opportunity to take over a team with talent in place. He’s also been vocal about the lack of home field advantage at the Niners new stadium, with a lack of croud noise/participation. Getting this combination would be tough, although Atlanta or the Jets job might come closest. With Atlanta he would already have a QB. With the Jets he would have the opportunity to draft one. Smith might not lose his job in Atlanta and it’s likely that Lovie retains his job. The fantasy of having one of the top coaches is probably just that, a fantasy.

  14. bucs4lyfe Says:

    no thanks we’ve just hired an unwanted coach why go throw away money for another one? you’ll all be saying the same thing about sean payton if we did hire him because his offense looks like garbage ever since he came back from suspension. they aren’t doing all that much in new Orleans which is why he is on the verge of being unemployed and if he’s having trouble with drew brees what in the world makes you think anyone one we have will make a difference, jim harbaugh ummm sorry no thanks I don’t wanna endure another schiano clone and he’s not winning much either these days…

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    Even if Payton or Harbaugh were available and they wanted to coach this stinkhole of a football team it wouldn’t make any difference. We have Lovie Smith on a 5 year contract. He isn’t going anywhere. It makes me very sad but you know the Glazers will not fire another coach right now.

  16. bucs4lyfe Says:

    sign of loser franchise and it’s fanbase and media….always talking about other teams players and coaches because we cant go out and win our way like dungy a no name coach did. we fired him and now were irrelevant again

  17. DallasBuc Says:

    If Lovie had any honor or respect for the owners and fans he would resign in shame. Lovie has zero shame. I bet he doesn’t even feel responsible for this “2 and whatever” football team.

  18. Robert 9 Says:

    either one would be someone who wants to win games and has passion and the ability to adjust on the fly and make the tough personell calls.

    they would both fire every coach on this team and immediately draw the best coaches available.

    lovie brought in every out of work bun, his son, some drinkin baffoon who drives through wendys naked and a drunk for a GM. FML

    i’ll take either!

  19. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Jerruh Jones would dump the ginger for Payton in a heartbeat.

  20. Tye Says:

    1st exciting thing about the Bucs in over a decade, though I do realize it is mostly fantasy and a long shot…. Top over all pick in the draft and a HC such as Jim Harbaugh that turned around a horrific 49ers team to go to multiple NFC championship games… Things would finally be positive in Tampa once again…

    OK…. That moment was fun but has now past…. Back to reality…

    Losing w\Lovie!

  21. Robert 9 Says:

    off season is gonna be REEEAAAAALLLLL slow.

    i don’t think there is any optimism left that lovie is the guy to turn this around.

    he could sign peyton manning and we’d still lose.

    no hope till lovie is gone

  22. ItsDookie87 Says:

    Fly the Glazer jet out there and get Payton as soon as he hits the market if he happened to. Pass on Harbaugh and his walmart pants.

  23. bucs4lyfe Says:

    that’s tampa for ya… the leftovers and talking about grabbing up someone based on what they did for some other team. wishing rays didn’t play in a tuna can, the lightning are the only team worth talking about in this city, theyre the ones who had more up years than down. how about were the nfl’s version of the Milwaukee bucks, sixers and t wolves

  24. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    I would personally like to know the “REAL” reason as to why Jeff Tedford suggested the team relieve him of his contract obligations. He said himself his health has improved and he is ready to coach again? Why didn’t Chip Kelly want to come here? What is it? I am starting to think it is ownership. I don’t really know why it would be ownership as they have opened up they’re check books in recent years, but what else is it? Why do the Bucs have a black cloud hovering over the team no matter where they go? There has to be a solid explanation for offensive minded coaches running away from this team.

    Can you dig a little deeper into this issue Joe??????? I don’t understand…

  25. The Buc Realist Says:


    your wrong, the off-season is the exciting part for the Bucs. There will be 1-2 months of what the bucs will do with the overall #1 pick, and all the bad moves lovie made to get there. Then there is free agency which all the lovie sheep will think will bring the bucs back to the playoffs. by the time training camp opens the sheep will be predicting a playoff run for the bucs and how we are not giving Lovie a fair shot!!!!

    then reality will happen again when they play real games!

  26. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Unless you’re one of the Glazer’s you really don’t know for sure what Lovie’s job security is. When a coach inherits a team widely thought to have a lot of talent especially on defense, when that coach is allowed to go on a free agent shopping spree and hand pick players that supposedly fit his system, when said HC has a top 10 draft pick, and when said coach along with GM tell fans (and ownership) not to wait for results then said coach’s job security can’t be totally solid sitting at 2-11 and suffering some embarrassing blowout losses. Let’s say for argument sake that Schiano gets offered one of the big college HC gigs thus getting him off the Glazer payroll, do you think paying Lovie’s salary on top of a high profile guy like Harbaugh or Payton is totally off the table? I personally think the Glazer’s would like to make a big splash to try to re-engage the fanbase. They tried with Lovie and so far smug Mr “we were a 4-12 team last year” is looking like he’ll be unable to even reach that mark. I personally think barring complete failure Lovie will get a year two in Tampa, but I don’t see it being a certainty if the Glazer sons can land another ‘trophy coach’ like Malcolm did with Gruden.

  27. Espo Says:

    This is just adding fuel to the fire. We all know Lovie isn’t going anywhere. I doubt either of these guys will accept a coordinator position either.

  28. Skyline Crew Says:

    I’ll take either one. Give em’ a 3 yr contract and let’s go. Glazers were stupid for giving Lovie a 5 yr. You should never give a coach more than 3 years unless they took you to the playoffs a few times.

  29. Robert 9 Says:

    I doubt I will be here much to talk about the 1st pick, knowing lovie is coaching the team.

    i still care, just a little less each week.

  30. Buccfan37 Says:

    What kind of team do fans expect for the Tampa area. The Bucs fit this area to a tee. A lot of losing fits like a glove. Tampa is a poor southern city, always has been the working poor. Those form the core of diehard Buc fans. It’s the way of a southern life, their are other team’s like them. Bum Phillips when at the Oilers said he was going to knock the damn door down pursuing playoff wins. Lovie is more secretive, the less said the better. He could guide a complete reversal of fortunes, if you are not opposed to waiting however long it takes.

  31. Walter White Says:

    The longer we “stick with” Lovie “Carl Winslow” Smith, the deeper we sink into the abyss of franchise futility.

  32. ihateloviesmith Says:

    the glazers need to make their next head coaching hire to have a stipulation based on win percentage, If the man they hire does not reach a certain record, lets say 7-9 or 8-8 on his first season or to be fair by end of season two. with a high perception of improvement and reasonably amount of expectance of higher win percentage following end of season two, than the contract could be broken for lack of production or worded any way they want, making future payments null and void, so their not on the hook for a losing coach and payments made to him as he is sucking down tom Collins on the golf course, and laughing all the way to the bank.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    If they are fired, they’ll likely be willing to spend time as OCs. No need to fire Lovie. Just give whoever it is full control of the offense, and draft his QB and OL.

  34. ddneast Says:

    LOL. What’s going on Joe, you running out of things to stir up the masses with. Both of the Ryan’s will be out of a job next year but Sean Payton isn’t going anywhere.
    Harbaugh might be gone though since he apparently annoys the GM’s daughter, but it’s a short drive over the bridge to the worst city in America which might be headed to LaLa land anyway.
    When that happens expect a fast nose dive by the 49ers. It’s bad enough when you start letting the inmates run the asylum, but when you let spoiled little rich princesses get involved you are headed down a dark road to failure.
    It would sort of be like the Glazers listening to all the hayseed goobers posting out here.

  35. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Frankly, you people wouldn’t know what a good coach is. All of you wanted Schiano fired. All of you wanted Lovie.

    You can’t keep firing coaches every year. Stick with Lovie, replace some assistants.

    Lovie didn’t even get the OC and DC he wanted originally. He should get that opportunity.

  36. Pae me a buc Says:

    Maybe the Glazers could trade Lovie to the 49ers for Harbough. Everyone wins then!!

  37. Mike10 Says:

    If you’re not going to fire Lovie (which is probably realistically what’s going to happen) you gotta bring in a strong OC!

    Now I know it’s absurd to probably think either of those will be an OC, but:

    a. not sure how many coaches are on the hot seat, but just maybe they don’t get hired on as a HC —- there’s the Jets, 49ers, Falcons, probably not Oakland, who knows what’s happening in Jacksonville, and can’t think who else.

    2. Mike Smith may be available: “down!”

    c. Is Lane Kiffin a bad idea?

  38. lion Says:

    Very wishful thinking. Although in the very off chance of them becoming coordinators, I sure would love either one here to run our offense, but let’s be real folks if either one of these guys get fired they will have teams lined up to bring them in as a head coach (College or NFL).

  39. Buc4Life24 Says:

    Wont happen, no way the Glazers can Lovie after one season! It’s a pipe dream at best!

  40. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ Bonzai

    “all of you wanted…”

    Incorrect sir, I wanted neither Schiano fired or Lovie hired. The correct statement is “most of you wanted…” 🙂