Sack Numbers Creeping Up

December 27th, 2014
The Bucs are within striking distance of having the most sacks in 10 years, little thanks to this guy.

The Bucs are within striking distance of having their highest sacks total in 10 years, little thanks to this guy.

Yes, the defense is getting better. It won’t remind anyone of the 2002 Bucs, but compared to the seal-clubbing the Bucs were handed by the Dixie Chicks and the Crows, it is night and day.

Sack numbers have crept up.

Consider the Bucs currently have 34 sacks entering the final loss game with the Saints tomorrow. If the Bucs can get three or more, they will have the highest sack total in a decade.

That season, the great Simeon Rice tormented quarterbacks from the right defensive end slot and racked up 12 sacks. The Bucs have been searching for a dangerous edge rusher at the position ever since Rice’s monster 2005 year (14 sacks).

If the Bucs do get three or more sacks, with a ghost playing where Rice used to, and their best defensive lineman out for the year with a bum knee, that would be pretty impressive. They’d also have two more sacks than last year’s cast.

4 Responses to “Sack Numbers Creeping Up”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    What’s not impressive is they need 2 more sacks to tie last year. Compare the price tag of the line last year, to the price tag of the D-line this year. The Buds are not getting a lot for their dollar!

  2. ruggyup Says:


  3. Yar Says:

    The defense will get better, the offense will get worse until Lovie lets someone run the offense and keeps his hands off.

  4. Architek Says:

    Cut your loss Glazers and get someone that’s more sound of offense in today’s NFL – Lovie was the wrong hire but the gesture was good by the Glazers.

    But all seriousness Lovie is gonna hurt this team and the new QB.