Lovie Confidence Rating Holds Steady At 38%

December 17th, 2014


Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans appear to have drawn a line in the sand.

Sunday’s second loss to Panthers’ backup quarterback Derek Anderson, the ninth Bucs defeat in the past 10 games, did little to alter public opinion of overlord of football operations Lovie Smith.

The JoeBucsFan.com weekly confidence poll delivered stunningly similar results to last week’s.

Here’s how fans graded their confidence in Lovie over the past 24 hours:

Totally Confident – 4.04 %
Very Confident     – 6.81%
Confident              – 27.0%
Little Confidence – 31.96%
No Confidence     – 30.19 %

The only significant shift in the data was a rise in the “no confidence” total, which corresponded with a drop in “little confidence.”

Imagine what a couple of wins at home to close the season would do for fans. Joe suspects confidence in Lovie would at least double.

25 Responses to “Lovie Confidence Rating Holds Steady At 38%”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    See it’s funny cause I think two wins to end the season would send his confidence rating down. People would be angry at him for not tanking further and costing them the #1 pick. Disgusting mentality obviously but that’s what many here want.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    I can’t wait to here the 38%’ers with the excuses next year for lovie. This year was Tedford’s fault. Maybe next year will be that lovie has a rookie QB?

    These same 38%’ers gave Dominick an excuse every year for 5 years!

  3. ben Says:

    I am a season tkt holder and don’t understand some fans. How can anyone can be confident in Mr. Smith with such a bad record and poor decisions made on free agents? What has he done to make the bucs better?

  4. DB55 Says:

    Oh yea Joe, fully expect the bucs to beat GB at home, NOT!! I have visions of the Detroit game burned into my memory bank. Gotta give mccown credit for not getting hospitalized thank god glennon wasn’t being beaten silly by Suh like that.

    What’s up with our safeties? Mcdougal’s run support is decent but goldson n wright are stinking it up out there. I thought we were going to get ints wo barron what happened?

    Watching Derek Anderson dissect the T2 increased my confidence in Lovie from “none at all” to “you got to be fking kidding me”. And then he said we built a foundation that REAL BUC fans can see. My head is spinning.

    Let’s just jump to draft talk. Who are the top prospects this year and how will Lovie fk up the draft? What’s the opposite of the Midas touch? Whatever it is that’s what Lovie has.

  5. 1bucfan88 Says:

    It’s only week 16. St. Lovie just needs time *gag*

  6. Cannon Fire Says:

    Lovie is a great football coach and he did not forget everything he knows. If he had his way we would have used the draft for Defense also and who knows where we would have ranked this year. I bet that we would have had more than 2 wins. He only won five games his first year in Chicago and then he built a powerhouse. I bet that all my Chicago friends would love to have him back right about now. He will make this thing really good just tap your brakes. Bedsides, we fire Lovie after one year we never get a shot at a good Coach again.

  7. Tmaxcon Says:


    The most important question you need ask is how did Brandon bypass your 1 vote per IP setting. That clearly explains the ridiculous number of totally confident and very confident.

  8. Tmaxcon Says:

    Cannon fire

    LOVIE HAS FULL CONTROL. HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND. he has final say on EVERYTHING therefore he must accept and take all blame / criticism for this disaster

    Giving Lovie full control is ten times worse than the McCown experiment

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m inclined to frown deeply at Lovie. The oft repeated comment that Lovie has been dragged along by the association of others hit’s the nail on the head for me. If Bucs fans have to wait years for a competitive team to show up, then that is too long. Lovie has shown little reason to have any confidence in his plan.

  10. Yar Says:

    You just can’t win in the NFL unless you have an offense that can score points and score quick when your behind. Lovie just doesn’t care about scoring he’s all about the defense, after all he thinks you can win 10 games with just defense.

  11. mikeh Says:

    @DB55- I hear ya pal real fans? what like Brandon or john valintin- whatever this guy sucks. and they will be calling for his head in the near future.

  12. mikeh Says:

    his wife and kids probably vote!

  13. ihateloviesmith Says:

    cannonfire surely your out of ammo. this coach has been a complete and utter failure from the very day he was hired. from his handpicked O.C. who bailed on him, with his bad heart only to be rumored to a head coaching position in the CFL, to his defensive coordinator, who week in and week out is over matched, and clearly can not stop the opposing teams 3rd string back up QB. what is most concerning is lovies absolute loyalty, or should I say stubborn refusal to change his QB when clearly it was visible by even the most casual of fans that he was just not capable of starting, let alone winning in the NFL. and last but not least. mr smith is clearly delusional, if he thinks football, as he was quoted to saying ,really starts in November. I just cannot fathom the thought of having this idiot, who can not count to 12 hanging around for another 2 years of abuse. glazers fire this bum

  14. biff barker Says:

    “I just cannot fathom the thought of having this idiot, who can not count to 12 hanging around for another 2 years of abuse. glazers fire this bum”

    2 plays in a row with the game one the line no less.

    During the post game presser Lovie acknowledged he should have caught that, but was very quick to point out that others should have too!

    I believe that any HC should be the very best coach on the sideline and can lead through example. Only in Tampa.

  15. Tye Says:

    38% must be made up of the young fans, those who don’t fully understand the importance of a knowledgeable and intelligent HC, those who are deceived (believing the Bucs logo somehow makes who wears it the best at their position), trolls from other fan bases and Lovie’s family and friends…

    Surely everyone else can see that Lovie is a huge part of the problem and not the solution!

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    Not to say it will happen – but if we are sitting with 7 or 8 wins and in contention for playoff this time next year – I sure hope all you Lovie haters calling for his head in his 1st year when he walked into a hot mess to begin with – will be man enough to say – “I was wrong…”

    Yes this year was a disaster and really hard to stomach – I get that – but so many of you are just piling on its not even funny. This coach is NOT getting fired – so put away the torches and pichforks for God’s sake.

    Look at it this way – we’ve got a very high if not #1 overall draft pick coming with 2 good QB prospects probably available. If we wind up with a franchise QB out of the deal – then this year will have been worth it – Right?

  17. tgreg Says:

    Win last two home games…hahahahaha

  18. MadMax Says:

    No offense, but I couldve brought the “no confidence” meter a lot higher by myself using multiple IP’s. But it doesnt matter….its almost 70% who has little or no confidence in him.

  19. MadMax Says:

    @pickgrin, I really do hope I have that opportunity….trust me, I’ll eat the crow. But unfortunately, if he’s still here, we’ll be picking high in the draft once again…..hell, maybe this is by design and he really is the genius some of you think he is….if so, congrats on landing the #1 pick overall this year!

    Maybe Im the stupid one whose not getting it….

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    Don’t get me wrong Max – I’m not defending the many questionable and in some cases downright bad decisions Lovie has made or at least overseen that have led to the 2-12 record this year.

    I just believe that after 10 years of absolutely horrible drafting – there was such a serious lack of talent here that nobody coming in could have filled all the holes in 1 year to seriously compete. Most who were not being overly optimistic were only assuming the Bucs would win 5-7 games this year before the real games even started. And that was before the OC became “unavailable”. Yes – winning 2 games instead of 6 is pretty bad – but what good would 6 wins have done us heading into next year? If we can get a REAL QB of the future prospect as a result – doesn’t that make up for the “disappointment” of not winning those 6 games this year? Just sayin.

    Lovie still has a winning record as NFL head coach even after all these losses this year. He deserves better consideration than many here on JBF are willing to give IMO.

    And if he does turn it around which I believe is a decent possibility – then what % of the many here that have just been raking him over the coals this year will be willing to “eat crow” as you professed a willingness to do? Not many I bet.

  21. Cannon Fire Says:

    Lovie does not have full control of jack. He got to pick a GM that he liked. If Lovie truly had total control there is no freakin’ way in hell that we would have used the draft to pick ONLY offensive guys, apparently the Glazers can watch video of Lovie’s struggles in Chicago as well as everybody else. He probably bullied Tedford out and then then bullied Arroyo too, who knows…Jason Licht is a pretty smart freakin’ guy, I am sure that he has the Glazers full support with his pedigree. Licht believes firmly in a franchise QB, and a franchise QB we are going to get.

  22. Brandon Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    December 17th, 2014 at 12:45 pm
    I can’t wait to here the 38%’ers with the excuses next year for lovie. This year was Tedford’s fault. Maybe next year will be that lovie has a rookie QB?

    These same 38%’ers gave Dominick an excuse every year for 5 years!


    Even the Pats weren’t built in a day. Building a winner takes time, especially with a roster so poor in talent.

    I’d like to see the 62%ers excuses when this ship gets turned around next season.

  23. tmaxcon Says:

    Cannon Fire – you are very wrong sir… i think everyone but you understands that lovie has full control.

  24. boxster02 Says:

    look at how much the team has advanced from week 1 to week 15. NONE! 14 weeks and the same result. that’s why Lovie inspires ZERO confidence. You can not blame 2014 on Tedford. As soon as he mentioned heart surgery to Smith, Lovie should have been looking for interim coaches and not relying on a QB coach with ZERO NFL experience to run the offense.
    Have we seen any improvement on the defense in 15 weeks? NO! we have played some so-so teams all with the same result. Can’t stop 4th quarter drives, can’t cover the middle of the field.
    It has been the same story since week one with no positive adjustments.
    I am worried about Lovie making draft picks at this point.
    ZERO Confidence.

  25. C. Alaka Says:

    I love Lovie but I don’t want us winning the next 2 games. We know the issues w/ the team already so public opinion shouldn’t change but our draft position will! 1st picks in the 1st 3 rounds! Can’t get better than that sorry!