Knock It Off!

December 13th, 2014
Bucs acting OC Marcus Arroyo does "what bad teams do."

Acting offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo does “things that bad teams do.”

Going on two seasons now, especially after leaky, sleepy Josh Freeman got run off the Bucs by former Commander Greg Schiano and then-rookie Mike Glennon was knighted starter, the Bucs offense has been in turtle mode.

The lowlight was that it was dumbed down too much to prevent mistakes, that receivers were running six-yard routes on third-and-nine.

What. The. Hell?

This used to send Joe into orbit. Run the passing routes past the chains! How difficult can this be to figure out?

Well, apparently, acting offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo is taking a page from his predecessor Mike Sullivan, having wide receivesr run patterns shy of the chains, so types film guru Andy Benoit of

Good grief! If you have a linebacker covering Vincent Jackson, you want to run deeper routes in order for Jackson to get separation. Holy Clyde Christensen, Joe has never even taken a snap of college football (much less NFL football) and knows this.

The guy responsible for crafting and calling plays for the Bucs doesn’t even have this much common sense?

It’s one thing to have receivers run deep routes to clear out an area for a running back or perhaps a tight end, but when you have a receiver being covered by a linebacker, run deeper routes, not look-ins.


17 Responses to “Knock It Off!”

  1. ddneast Says:

    Joe, deeper routes mean longer protection times. 6 or 7 yard routes would be fine on first and second downs, they need that, but from my recollection, they rarely do that.
    This offense is just a mess under the direction of Arroyo. No one has any confidence or belief in it on the offensive unit.

  2. Hawk Says:

    Does the O-line give Jackson time to run that extra yard before ushering the D-linemen into the backfield? Can McCown FIND Jackson if he runs more than 8 yards away?

  3. gatrbuc17 Says:

    The title to this article is what I think every time I hear one of you guys clamoring for Jameis Winston

  4. Tomcin Says:

    Keep in mind people Arroyo was hired as a Qb’s coach not a OC. Its dumbass Dovie’s fault for not bringing in another OC. Its not like it was halfway through the season. I believe when Dovie was in his basement it was in a cage. He needs to get his head out of his ass & quit. The game has past him by.

  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    OK Joe know your dancing on our hot buttons. Yes we are all sick and tired of seeing six yard routes completed on 3rd and 8 leaving us with 4-1 and Mike Koenen.

    And yes ddneast agree with you as well. Running stupid plays on first and second down frequently get us out of synch with the chains leaving far too many 3rd and 10’s. That six yard completion on 3-10 would be far more effective on first down. And yes I get that defenses GIVE us the 6 yarders on 3-8 they would try to contest on 1st and second. But we have the element of some suspense on first down…run or pass.

  6. AnotherJ Says:

    It seems that everyone except Lovie, and Arroyo has figured that one out.

  7. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    To be so consistently bad and short-sited on offense is amazing. One would almost think that L&L want Arroyo to fail, good shield for them to use offseason when the Glazers demand accoountability and the opportunity to draft in the top 2 overall for the first time since the Bucs got Vinny and hopefully they will have better luck this time…

  8. Louis Friend Says:

    The Bucs offense is the Groundhog Day of this team. No matter what’s going on, you can expect it to implode/fail/never get going when you need it. Nearly 40 years after this franchise was founded, that’s been the most constant thing around here.

    From Steve Spurrier to Jack Thompson to Trent Dilfer to Josh McCown – this offense has been the standard of putrid performance around the NFL. It’s an unparalleled failure which no other team could probably ever repeat.

    Nearly two full generations have passed since the Bucs started playing, and we are all still waiting for a consistent, competent offense.

  9. passthebuc Says:

    @Joe. with the offensive line, your suggesting a game of Kill the QB.

    That is why if we have the first overall pick and we waste it on a QB, we will never succeed. We need a center, preferably one that does not roll the ball and knows where the QB is standing when the snap is made. We need 2 guards,left tackle. and back up linemen. Then and only then can we start thinking about a QB. Or, we just continue on our course of Kill the QB.

    Trade down with the first pick and add linemen.

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “Nearly two full generations have passed since the Bucs started playing, and we are all still waiting for a consistent, competent offense.”

    Amen brother! Chucky has been the only “offensive” minded coach we’ve had.
    But when Chucky arrived the team had been built totally on defense by Father Dungy. Chucky is smart enough to take what was dealt him and play his hand and so he cobbled together a “competent” offense. As much as I love that SB team everybody knows it was all defense. Just look at who is going into the HOF. Any chance anybody from that Buc’s offense is even considered?

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We also don’t have recievers that get YAC….especially Vjax…..other teams have pulled it off against us with speed in the slot.

    Whatever happened to “speed in space”…..the only “speed in space” we are seeing is the speed of Buc fans leaving the Ray Jay and creating lots of space for those remaining!!!

  12. Joe Says:


    The title to this article is what I think every time I hear one of you guys clamoring for Jameis Winston

    Buckle up, cowboy. Long way to April.

  13. Kevin422 Says:

    You all are ridiculous if you think you know more about football than Lovie. The likely answer is that their are issues he can’t talk about. Like lack of talent at key positions, unanticipated change resulting in lack of experience with offensive coordinator and too many changes at head coaching causing wrong talent for the schemes they were hired for. Good organizations make better long term decisions and fans don’t freak out like little school girls afraid of the dark during the journey.

  14. LargoBuc Says:

    Bad oline plus bad OC plus McCown equals the laughingstock of the NFL!

  15. willie d Says:

    there are 6 quarterbacks sitting on benches making less than a million a year that have greater upside than McClown. My only question is what kind of kickback did Lovie get to sign a 15 year journeyman to his biggest contract ever? How would you like this piece of garbage in charge of your future.

  16. Tamparob Says:

    StPete- check your facts. Sullivan’s offense in Schiano’s first year had him as the hot coordinator in line for HC. They were 2nd in the league behind Manning’s Broncos. Les Steckel also had a decent offense but couldn’t get along with Kiffin. You are right that there was never sustained success (genius gruden couldn’t figure out how to get Bryant and Galloway on the field at the same time or develop a QB) but there were flashes

  17. Brandon Says:

    It’s called YAC. That’s the goal anyway.