Johnthan Banks Leads NFC In Interceptions

December 1st, 2014

TCDominik11Damn that former rockstar general manager Mark Dominik.

How dare he even live in Tampa any longer after drafting guys like Johnthan Banks and Lavonte David in the second round, plucking a practice squad slug like Danny Lansanah, and signing a safety off the street like Bradley McDougald.

Of course, Joe’s having a little fun on this Monday morning, following another mind-numbing defeat at the Den of Depression, where the Bucs have lost seven consecutive games.

Yes, Dominik’s stamp is all over the currently surging Bucs defense. With nose tackle rock Clinton McDonald out yesterday, second-year man and 2013 fourth-round pick Akeem Spence stepped up well in his first start since 2013. Spence was credited for a half sack and, per, had three tackles and four assists.

Banks’ first-quarter interception gave him four this season. That ties him for the most picks in the NFC. The only other cornerback with four is Perrish Cox of the 49ers.

Damn that Dominik.

29 Responses to “Johnthan Banks Leads NFC In Interceptions”

  1. Simpleasthat Says:

    Hopefully we can stop talking about the redicilous idea of going to the playoffs now.

  2. Patrickbucs Says:

    I’m a big fan of his, was excellent on MSU as well. Not the fastest guy but big, athletic, and really starting to learn his position.

  3. meh Says:

    For every Banks Dom had four Myron Lewises.

    Still, I’m very happy to see Banks improving rapidly (and he is). I thought he was a good pick at the right spot. Early he looked so-so, but he’s really starting to understand the game better and looking like a really, really solid corner.

  4. mac Says:


    Joe, I respect your loyalty…

    But Mark Dominik was a bad GM… Possibly one of the worst in recent NFL history next to Matt Millen and Bruce Allen…

    I’m not going to sit here and name all of Mark Dominiks horrific busts but if you want to name two players over a 6 season span then go ahead…

    Dominik did a solid job keeping the salary cap friendly but outside of that he was just a really bad GM…

    Be careful of losing credibility by throwing this kind of BS up on your site…

  5. AK Says:

    Good thing this article was written about the hits from the Rockstar’s era….writing one about the misfires would be like unfurling a Torah rather than just putting out a pamphlet.

  6. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Banks…yet another reason to bring back Greg Schiano for GM.

  7. ander Says:

    @joe do you think banks has a chance to be a pro bowler this year because he is definetly playing like one lately?

    No, the politics won’t favor a no-name like Banks, unless he can take over the NFL lead in picks. That would help him get the player and coaches vote. –Joe

  8. Scott Says:

    Fact is through Dominik we only had one great 1st round pick (McCoy) most players we drafted in the first 4 rounds are no longer on the team. Pretty obvious he didn’t deserve to be a GM

  9. DB55 Says:

    Ja Smith

  10. Brandon Says:

    I hated Mark Dominik. The Revis trade was among the worst in history. His free agent signings of B rated players for A rated contracts (No OG is higher in the realm of football than a B)..that being said. He was very solid at finding hidden gems. He struck out royally with Adrian Clayborn and DaQuan Bowers, but he hit homeruns with David, Banks, McCoy, and the signings of Michael Bennett, Wallace Gilberry, Chris Jones, George Selvie (Schiano let all of these guys go but Dominik brought them in and combined they had more sacks than the entire Bucs team last season), as well as Lansanah, McDougald, and who can forget the 2010 OL/DL injury bug? Dominik assembled a starting OL that featured Derek Hardman, Ted Larsen and a DL featuring bags of popcorn and still the Bucs had an excellent offense and played well enough defensively to win 11 games (I haven’t forgotten the bad call against Detroit).

    I hate Dominik for giving the Jets a 1st and 3rd for a clearly blemished former superstar and then paid him $1 mil a game to be slightly better than average. I hate him for spending another half mil a game on Goldson, for Derrick Ward, re-signing Michael Clayton, signing Koenen, breaking the bank on a freaking offensive guard, and finally, for bringing in Schiano…but the guy did have an eye for collegiate and street free agent talent. And for that, I still respect Dominik.

  11. Brandon Says:

    DB55 Says:
    December 1st, 2014 at 10:53 am
    Ja Smith

    Smith was picked up after Buffalo cut him in week 1. I’m pretty sure Dominik didn’t have anything to do with that.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There must be an ulterior motive for Joe to constantly prop up Dominick……because Joe’s football acumen is pretty high with good instincts.

    Perhaps his support is for one of these two reasons:

    1. Joe has a strong media related relationship with Dominick & wants to protect it going forward.
    2. Joe likes to provoke his readers and it generates hits.

    I suspect the latter.

    Stop ascribing motives, especially in such ridiculous fashion. Joe writes about what Joe finds interesting. And Joe tries to deliver that to readers in compelling and unique ways. Simple as that.–Joe

  13. Keith Says:

    Dominik didn’t coach, guys. Just like Jason Licht doesn’t.

    The D-line talent Schiano rejected is incredible. Chris Jones, Michael Bennett, Wallace Gilberry. We’d have a division title this year if Schiano wasn’t a moron.

  14. AK Says:

    I hated Dominik too but as far as Schiano is concerned, I believe that is all on the Glazers…they get the final say on coaches.

  15. Mike J Says:

    What the Bucs need to right the ship

    * Fire Licht as GM
    * Remove Lovie’s player personnel decisions. His job is to coach. As we saw in the last minutes in the Bengals game he needs to focus on that part of the job.
    * Hire a new GM that makes all personnel moves.
    * Remind Lovie in the offseason he is to coach only.

    * To steal a line from Parcells. Lovie was given a chance to shop for the groceries, but he has chosen the wrong ingredients. He can’t be trusted with shopping.

  16. AK Says:

    As far Schiano is concerned, I believe that is all on the Glazers…they get the final say on coaches, I doubt he had much of any role in that. I couldn’t stand Dom either but for other reasons outlined above by others.

  17. Jerome Says:

    Good call, Joe. He definitely had his misses as a GM, but what GM doesn’t? I was pissed to see him let go with the regime change.

  18. BlakeJohnson Says:

    Yeah it’s great that he drafted LVD, McCoy and Banks. But when you look at all of the bums he drafted along with them, like Barron, Bowers, Josh Freeman, Roy Miller, EJ Biggers, Jeremy TrueBlood, Arrelious Benn, Adrian Slowborn, Luke Stocker, the list goes on and on. So out of 5 season’s of drafting, only a handful of picks are starting on our team, and a large portion of them aren’t even in the NFL! Mark Dominik was an exceedingly terrible GM, who destroyed our roster, and had One, One winning season. Which stunk of fluke if you ask me, but that’s beside the point. I’m glad the Glazer’s got rid of him as well as Schiano. I have infinitely more confidence in the first draft class of the L&L regime than I ever had in one of “Rockstar” GM Mark Dominik. Oh and just for fun, lets take a look at some of the players the rockstar could have drafted. Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner, Cameron Jordan, Stephen Paea, Randall Cobb, and many others. And that’s just from the 2011&12 draft classes. Mark Dominik can lick a toad.

  19. BlakeJohnson Says:

    Oh yeah we could’ve had Justin Houston, or Demarco Murray. Who, respectively, lead the NFL in sacks, and rushing yards.

  20. Celly Says:


    What do you mean? Since he’s a good player, he’s obviously someone Schiano drafted. Dominick only drafts the bums.

  21. JMN Says:

    Banks and Evans are the only bright spots on this abysmal team this year.

  22. Brent Says:

    @brandon – ditto on Dom, I blame coaches more. Rah was a joke and schiano let a lot of talent go.. Wish he was here.

  23. DB55 Says:

    NO guys, Banks sucks remember? He’s no where near as good Revis. Don’t you remember all that garbage you were talking during OTAs and at the beginning of the season especially after the saints game. NO Banks sucks, glennon sucks, Tim wright can’t block, etc etc etc

    Talking football with some of these fans in mind-numbing. Absolutely amazing how little they know about how winners play ball but it’s understandable considering most are life long bucs fans.

    And for the guy who said Revis was playing great last night BAHH getting burnt for the game winning TD does not constitute great play.

    Carry on.

  24. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    Spot on with your observation my fellow Buc fan, but I figure if Joe goes to the trouble of writing pieces to generate some traffic on his site the least I can do is oblige and take the bait 🙂 Rah + Dom = epic poo drafts, Schiano + Dom = very good drafts…what is the variable here…hmmm?

  25. Another J Says:

    Dominik was smart enough to include little to no guaranteed money into his free agent signings while he was the GM to the Bucs.
    Unfortunately our current regime is going to be stuck paying for Johnson, EDS, and Collins just to go away.

  26. Yungry Says:

    Collins, Sims, Gilkey, Cousins, EDS, Pamphile, Herron, Brandon Myers, Mike Jenkins, Major Wright, Thigpin, Larry English, Michael Johnson, Josh McClown and Omameh in 1 year makes Dominick look like a REAL Rock Star….This has got to be a record # of strike outs for a gm in the history of this team… Dominick>Light

  27. Todd Says:

    Terrible gm what about mark Barron ? Can even say Doug Martin now ? Clayborn bowers busts

  28. richardtyson Says:

    When it comes to interceptions I look to see if the defender had to make a break on the ball or if the ball was just poorly thrown. Yes, it’s good that Banks has put himself in the right position to make a play but I wouldn’t crown him as a success just yet. And as far as Joe praising Dom, I would say Joe is a “glass 1/16 full” type of person.

  29. Dawgy Says:

    Mississippi State improved tremendously when Banks left for Tampa Bay. We went from 6-6 to 11-2. Banks was ALWAYS getting beat downfield.

    The sooner y’all trade him the better off y’all will be.