Jeff Tedford Released From Contract

December 5th, 2014

Jeff Tedford is officially out as offensive coordinator

Below are statements from both former Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford and Lovie Smith, by way of the Bucs media relations department, concerning the just-announced news that makes it official: Tedford’s Bucs days are over.

“Throughout these difficult circumstances, our primary concern was for Jeff’s health and well-being,” Lovie said. “After speaking with Jeff in recent days, it became obvious that a mutual decision to release him from his contract was the best way forward. We wish Jeff continued success in the next phase of his career.”

Tedford added:

“My wife and I want to thank the entire Buccaneers organization – from the Glazer family, to Head Coach Lovie Smith and General Manager Jason Licht – for all the faith and confidence they expressed in me. I will always be grateful to them for the opportunity to participate in the off season program, the draft, free agency, training camp, the preseason and the beginning of the regular season. I have built friendships here with administration, coaches and players that will last a lifetime.

“When my health issues arose, I simply tried to ignore them and then I made the mistake of twice trying to come back too early. At that point, the organization proposed, and I agreed, that an indefinite leave of absence would allow me the proper amount of time to rest and rehabilitate myself. I am happy to state that I’m healthy now and feeling great.

“The Buccaneers have been very accommodating to me and my family during this time and, while they left the door open for a possible return, I feel that coming back at this point would disrupt the trust and continuity that builds throughout the season in offensive meeting rooms and on the sidelines. Quarterbacks Coach Marcus Arroyo, along with the rest of the offensive staff, had to step up and shoulder the load and they have done a great job under very difficult circumstances. I simply could not, in good conscience, become more of an obstacle to Lovie, to Marcus, the offensive staff and the whole organization – after all they have done for me. You just can’t go backwards. I can see that they are so close to turning the corner and I don’t want to hinder that progress.

“Therefore, I have decided – with the organization’s blessing – that it would be best if the Bucs moved forward without my return and I, now healthy and stronger for having gone through this temporary setback, will pursue other opportunities.

“I would also like to express my deep gratitude to all of the Bucs fans who expressed their support, best wishes, and prayers for me during this season. I wish the entire Bucs organization and fan base great success and there will always be a very special place in my heart for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “

This was just about as secret as Christmas falling on Dec. 25. Joe obviously wishes Tedford the best of health and good fortune in his future endeavors.

This is why Joe is convinced Lovie will return as Bucs coach. Losing Tedford screwed up the offense for the entire season. As we sit here today on Dec. 5., it is the Bucs offense that is the team’s albatross, not the defense.

One can only wonder what kind of difference Tedford would have made? Pethaps the Bucs would be leading the division with Tedford fully on board? We are left to dream.

115 Responses to “Jeff Tedford Released From Contract”

  1. flmike Says:

    From what I have heard, HE wanted out and they obliged…

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    Obviously. Surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

  3. Todd Says:

    Wonder if he wanted derrick Carr ?

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    I also wouldn’t be remotely surprised if this is your next Oregon State head coach.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We may never know but something went dreadfully wrong here…

    We can only hope that the new OC will be given autonomy over the offense and great latitude with respect to the QB & Oline decisions.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Would be nice to know what really happened with Tedford. I’m not buying the theory that he didn’t come back because of health reasons the way this has gone down.

  7. Todd Says:

    It’s lovie never can stay with any oc always had many of them with the Bears

  8. BlakeJohnson Says:

    Well, I’d say this means Arroyo definitely won’t return next year.

  9. Joe Says:

    Would be nice to know what really happened with Tedford.

    Very simple. He had a heart condition that needed immediate care. He never fully recovered physically to handle the rigors of 16-hour days-plus that is needed from an offensive coordinator.

    There is nothing sinister here, folks. Just an Act of God.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Now that its “official” – the primary concern for this team is to spare no expense and leave no stone unturned in finding the best possible OC to move forward with. I would assume and certainly hope that process of evaluating and targeting who best fits that description has been well underway for some time now.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    The press release would have said more if they just released the Charlie Brown School teacher
    ” whamp whaamp wa wa wha whaammp!”

  12. Joe Says:

    Well, I’d say this means Arroyo definitely won’t return next year.

    Unless the new offensive coordinator needs a ball boy.

  13. bucrightoff Says:

    Joe, if he walks right into the Oregon State job, it’s pretty impossible to argue health concerns are why he stayed away. Head coach at a major college is as taxing or more so on one’s health than OC for a NFL team. We’ll see.

  14. ddneast Says:

    Coward. Quitter.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yeah, Lovie is to blame for this mess. He probably put some bacon grease in Tedford’s food while they were in his basement, so that he could slowly give him a heart condition and wreck our season. You’ve got it all figured out, Congratulations.

    Stupid people, SMDH.

  16. DallasBuc Says:


  17. Joe Says:

    Joe, if he walks right into the Oregon State job,

    The 16-hour days don’t start until next July. If he and his doctors think he can recover by then, Joe has no issue with it.

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Well – now that it’s “official” – priority 1 for this team is to spare no expense and leave no stone unturned in identifying the best possible OC to move forward with.

    I would hope that process has been well underway for awhile now.

  19. OB Says:

    Could it be that they disagreed on the way the offense should go and Tedford said screw it? No offensive Coach would do what is being done to the offense this year.

  20. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    Hawaiian Buc..where have you been this place is teeming with them lately?

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    In Tedford’s defense, if you got a chance to see our 2 QB’s play, would you want to come back?

  22. bucrightoff Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    December 5th, 2014 at 3:34 pm
    In Tedford’s defense, if you got a chance to see our 2 QB’s play, would you want to come back?

    Welcome to Lovieball. You better get used to this level of QB play.

  23. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    Joe says :

    “Very simple. He had a heart condition that needed immediate care. He never fully recovered physically to handle the rigors of 16-hour days-plus that is needed from an offensive coordinator.”

    “There is nothing sinister here, folks. Just an Act of God.”

    He had a stent put in right?

    If so. Ruth Bader Gingsburg the Supreme Court judge just had a stent put in recently, she went back to work in 2 days. She’s 81 years old.

  24. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Back to the basement …..

  25. Joe Says:

    “There is nothing sinister here, folks. Just an Act of God.”

    He had a stent put in right?

    Cannot confirm that was all. And Joe doesn’t have the medical background to proclaim one-size-fits-all when it comes to stent procedures, if that is the only work Tedford had.

    Look, if you want Joe to hammer a guy for having a bad heart and not being able to return to work, you are at the wrong site, sorry. Not going into detail, but Joe heard from someone who spoke with Tedford at his California home about two weeks ago and it reinforced everything Joe had previously heard of why Tedford was not working.

    If you believe Tedford milked his medical condition to get out of a job, go ahead. Joe has zero evidence of that.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t follow you. So Lovie is the reason McClown isn’t any good? Lovie is to blame for Glennon not becoming Peyton manning? Oh I know, it is Lovie’s fault Rex Grossman isn’t in the hall of fame. Lovie instructs all of his QB’s to play poorly, that way his defense can look good. Is that about right?

    I guess you could blame him for not having a QB in Chicago, even though he didn’t have GM power there. You could certainly blame him for bringing in McClown. However, it’s stupid to blame “Lovieball” for the QB’s he’s had playing poorly. Funny, the same thing was said about Tony Dungy. Peyton Manning seemed to do pretty well with Dungy at the helm.

  27. Tom Edrington Says:

    Does Jeff get to keep all his free Buc gear? I kinda like that white pullover he’s wearing at the podium……

  28. Zach Says:

    I’m imagining the possibility of drafting Marcus Mariota and bringing in his OC/QBCoach Scott Frost, who played his last NFL season in Tampa.

  29. ufcguy Says:

    I call bs. This team needed him. If he had a conscience he would come clean up the mess he left the team in

  30. bucrightoff Says:

    Mike Garafolo ‏@MikeGarafolo 29 mins29 minutes ago
    The word I’m getting is Jeff Tedford is interested in heading back to the college level as a head coach. Opportunities are there. We’ll see.

    It’s really hard to say health alone is why he’s not here anymore if he’s back as a college HC next year. If he’s back coaching then we’ll know there was more to this.

  31. ItsDookie87 Says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying Tedford didn’t have a heart condition or that he didn’t over do it too soon. It’s been known that he wasn’t coming back and the statement about why just feels like fluff. Can’t disrupt what’s happening here…like we are an offensive juggernaut in the middle of a playoff push? People are just curious as to what happened that led us down this path, that’s all.

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No Joe, you are completely wrong. Tedford left because Lovie poisoned him. He’s been through so many coordinators in Chicago, so it is obvious this is all Lovie’s doing. Besides, Tedford would never want to come back, since Lovie coaches his QB’s to play poorly, and refuses to bring in a good QB. He insists of having mediocre QB play, so that he can force turnovers on defense.

    Sound about right guys?

  33. Robert 9 Says:


    Tedford is ready to get back to work and they wanted him to admit he was the fall guy.

    Reality: yeah, he had a stint, but it was the stink that did him in. His head in hands while watching on 3rd and 7 for the TD and they run the ball for the umpteenth time.

    haert conditions are funny things and can’t be judged from person to person or procedure to procedure. stress is the biggest factor, and i am sure he was stressed out of his mind. best of luck to him.

  34. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I agree, this sounds like he wanted out. Otherwise, he would have stayed on and been the OC next year.

  35. DallasBuc Says:

    I should fake a heart attack the next time want to back out of a bad contract. Tedford probably didn’t want Trash McCown and he was forced as the starter by LovieDovie. Tedford saw enough after the the first half of the 3rd preseason game and either faked a heart attack or feigned one, same blessing either way.

  36. DallasBuc Says:

    …faked or suffered…

  37. max Says:

    No doubt about the major health issue, no doubt about it. BUT, as the season wore on, one can assume he witnessed what the product was turning out and perhaps…just perhaps, said “To hell with this, OMG, this is way too ugly to take to the dance now.”
    Kinda like showing up for a blind date…and the team with the great personality (free agents) turned out to be a sweathog with bad breath.

    But, yeah, if he cruises right into another job next year…there’s your answer.

    Let’s just get a seasoned effective OC and let Lovie run the damn D, once and for all.

  38. Robert 9 Says:

    who wouldn’t have a heart attack with mcclown running the show and a bunch of numbnuts on the o-line and lovie playing to lose.

    tedford was sold a bill of goods from “never admit his mistakes/take your lies to your grave” lovie smith

  39. Gooberville Says:

    My only issue is that he wouldn’t want to come back and finish what he started and that he is willing to be a College head coach. That’s the BS part. Thanks for nothing.. We get stuck with Arroyo and he doesn’t want to comeback and screw anything up?!! Huh.. Things were screwed when he had to leave regardless the reason.

  40. lion Says:

    So it took 13 weeks to say this? Was he just milking pay checks or what? I don’t understand. He had to have known this all along and just made things worse by doing this way earlier in the season.

    “Quarterbacks Coach Marcus Arroyo, along with the rest of the offensive staff, had to step up and shoulder the load and they have done a great job under very difficult circumstances.”

    This is hilarious. Where is this so called great job that the offensive staff has done? I sure as hell haven’t seen it…

  41. Bear the Bucs Says:

    So…Let me get this straight…He feels healthy but he doesn’t want to come back and upset the PROGRESS we are having on the offense….Read between the lines as: what a crappy team and I don’t want to be associated with it. so I am bailing.. Have a nice life !

  42. BucBob1 Says:

    “I am happy to state that I’m healthy now and feeling great”.

    Does that mean he’s 100% but he still doesn’t want to return?

    “I can see that they(offensive staff) are so close to turning the corner, and I don’t want to hinder that progress”.

    The offensive staff will be hindered by his return?

  43. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovieball, Hawaiian, is when the offense “does enough” to win. 17-21 points is what Lovie believes he needs to win in this league. That’s why Josh McCown or some other vet is a virtual lock to be QB next year. Mentioning Peyton is absurd because Dungy had his choice of job…so did Lovie allegedly. Wouldn’t Stafford and Megatron be more appealing than us? I would think so. But Lovie’s not about offense at all, never has been, never will be. He needs a competent offense that can move the ball between the 20s and kick FGs with the occasional TD.

    It’ll be 6 offensive co-ordinators in 11 seasons next year. I doubt Lovie can get a high quality OC. It might be Arroyo again next year for continuity’s sake (plus he might be one of the few interested). But no high quality candidate is walking into a place where the coach changes OCs less than 2 years on average.

  44. Robert 9 Says:

    this is his F you to lovie.

    being so obviously sarcastic and all.

    I love it! wish the guy the best!

  45. lion Says:

    Really you guys are talking about him becoming a head coach at a major university next year? That is a bit far-fetched wouldn’t you say? Any major college football program would be taking a massive risk to bring him in for a head coaching job after seeing what happened with him this year. I see very little chance of that happening.

  46. Robert 9 Says:

    and no competent OC in their right mind would come to work for lovie unless he steps down to be DC and we get a real GM

  47. theodore Says:

    Maybe a Shula is available.

  48. Robert 9 Says:

    Really you guys are talking about him becoming a head coach at a major university next year? That is a bit far-fetched wouldn’t you say? Any major college football program would be taking a massive risk to bring him in for a head coaching job after seeing what happened with him this year. I see very little chance of that happening.


    really? behind the scenes the people in the know would give him a high 5 for getting out early. if anything it improves his chances simply for making a good decision which was displayed in our horrible offense

  49. Robert 9 Says:

    when highly qualified people get sold a bill of goods from a $hit company and go to work there and then leave quickly it does not reflect badly on them.

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So if Lovie drafts a QB early this coming draft, will you come on this site and say you were wrong? I doubt it. Now if Lovie doesn’t draft a QB, I’ll be right on this site calling him an idiot, as well as myself. You have my word on that.

    I don’t for one second believe Lovie wants to score 17-21 points per game. If he did, he wouldn’t have gone all offense in the draft. Explain that. He was obviously enamored by what McClown did last year. To his defense, there wasn’t many other free agent QB’s available. Most considered McClown the best available, but crap is still crap, even if it’s the best. I hope, and believe, he has learned his lesson. As for drafting one last year, I’m not sure any of those guys are exactly all-pro material. Maybe he was right in passing on them. Only time will tell.

  51. TheCalBucsFan Says:

    I’ve got the real scoop. I know a guy with inside knowledge (take that as you will). First of all Tedford is a horrible human being, a real A-hole to work for…Anyway, The bucs/Licht told Tedford they weren’t going to pay him, he got in a tissy and they told him to walk and “released him from his contract”.

    Mark my words, the man will never coach in the league again. He could have returned earlier, but didn’t want to associate himself with our horrendous offense.

  52. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:


    “If you believe Tedford milked his medical condition to get out of a job, go ahead. Joe has zero evidence of that.”

    You don’t know that’s what I’m saying. That he milked it to get out of a job.

    Nice retort.

    Joe says :

    “Look, if you want Joe to hammer a guy for having a bad heart and not being able to return to work, you are at the wrong site”

    No I’m not on the wrong site. I was just throwing that out there to the wolves on your site nibble on. You’re welcome BTW!

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  53. crazy Says:

    Evidently working for Lovie wasn’t rewarding enough to want to come back.

  54. Kevin Says:

    Tedford is basically saying that he does not want to be associated with the crap pile that is the Bucs right now. Its a better career move for him. I don’t think things could get much worse with our offense so for him to say he doesn’t want to be a distraction is a cop out.

    At least if Schiano gets the Michigan job we can fire Lovie so we dont have to pay for two fired coaches.

  55. Robert 9 Says:

    I don’t for one second believe Lovie wants to score 17-21 points per game. If he did, he wouldn’t have gone all offense in the draft. Explain that.


    you can’t, but you can’t deny his lack of aggressiveness from game one on the offensive side of the ball.

    nothing lovie does makes much sense. I think he is on drugs.

  56. Pickgrin Says:

    BucBob1 Says:
    December 5th, 2014 at 4:06 pm
    “I am happy to state that I’m healthy now and feeling great”.

    Does that mean he’s 100% but he still doesn’t want to return?

    “I can see that they(offensive staff) are so close to turning the corner, and I don’t want to hinder that progress”.

    The offensive staff will be hindered by his return?


    Exactly!!!! Thank You. He’s healthy now and our offense sucks. Even if Tedford came in a few hours a day to be of whatever assistance he could without taking over the offense – that would be appropriate and probably help the offense play better on Sundays. Its HIS SYSTEM we are running as a base. WTF???.

    Either Tedford no longer wants to be here – or the Bucs don’t want him back. Its one of the 2 – perhaps both.

    Just tell it straight.

    Fans don’t like it when they can easily sense they aren’t being told what’s really happening with the team they love and follow. Stuff like this has nothing to do with being tight lipped in order to gain some perceived advantage over the next team(s) on your schedule. Somebody doesn’t want to ‘fess up and the other side is respecting that and not ‘fessing up either….

  57. Robert 9 Says:

    he got paid to keep his mouth shut.

    simple as that

  58. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think Tedford realized taking on the Bucs job of offensive coordinator was detrimental to his health, not that another opportunity might work. Goodby Jeff Tedford, we hardly knew you.

  59. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah Hawaiian and how did going all offense work out? We have one good player, 2 guys who look meh and a bunch of unknowns. Oh and he got skill position players we didn’t need! We had Wright, we had 3 running backs…and a horrible line that didn’t get selected until round 5. It was a weird draft that didn’t really focus on need at all.

    Lovie isn’t drafting a QB until round 4 at least. He needs to win next year, and he doesn’t trust young guys. What good is a QB who’s gonna sit on the bench AND be a non-stop source of controversy from the fans demanding he play? It won’t. Lovie will select defense early and maybe a QB later. But people expecting Mariota or Winston are in for crushing disappointment. Lovie can’t afford to wait for a QB to get better. As such, he’ll trust a vet to get it done.

    Make your case as to why he’ll draft a QB though. I’d love to hear it. And remember you have to view it from Lovie’s perspective, as I am, and not what you as a fan wants.

  60. Louis Friend Says:

    With or without Tedford, this OL would’ve screwed anyone calling plays this year. Glad the old guy got out, seems like a good idea. As for Arroyo, he got a great chance to show his stuff this year. He shouldn’t keep his job, but as a life experience this will go a long way to helping his career.

    Too bad the Bucs offense was doomed from the start.

  61. Joseph Mamma Says:

    This guy was sold as the one of the whole reason’s we hired a coach that know’s absolutely nothing about offense. To say that he just had health trouble is bs. Why is he not coming back next season at the very least? He was suppose to be this great OC, right, because Lovie needed one? What the F happened? This football club is a joke.

  62. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    @bucrightoff….I’ve made my case numerous times as to why Lovie will draft a QB.

    In 3 simple as that words.

    Bryan and Joel.

  63. Robert 9 Says:

    I always wondered why coaches have state troopers standing by them when the game is over.

    i finally get it. thanks lovie.

  64. theodore Says:

    Enough already. The Bucs offense was doomed the second Lovie listed offense behind defense and special teams in priority.

    “If you have great defense, create turnovers and great special teams, you can win 10 games. From there, the quarterback comes in,” he said.

  65. Robert 9 Says:

    lovie will get a rookie qb… word sums it up, well maybe 2

    scape goat

  66. Robert 9 Says:

    lovie makes forrest gump look like steven hawking

  67. Soggy Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc, Take a chill pill, we all know you got your head up lovies as$..

  68. Phillip Says:


    Do you ever just shake your head at how stupid some of our fans are?

    Reading some of the comments on here sure made me do it…

    Best of luck in the future to him!

  69. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    If I had a second look at this offense, and saw what my head coach had done to it, I’d get out of dodge too.This was old news waiting to become official.

    To be honest, I am glad we do not have to hear about that stupid “mystery offense” any more. Everything about the damn man was mysterious. His offense, his condition, his recovery, and especially his decision to come to this terrible team.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if guys like LVD, Mike Evans, or Johnthan Banks started getting “mysterious” health issues so they can get off this team too.

  70. Hawk Says:

    “At that point, the organization proposed, and I agreed, that an indefinite leave of absence would allow me the proper amount of time to rest and rehabilitate myself. I am happy to state that I’m healthy now and feeling great.”

    That statement makes it sound like this was really Lovie’s call. That also makes Lovie’s decision-making process even more enigmatic. As soon as McCown was healthy, he got his job back. He wasn’t ‘allowed’ to be released from out of his contract or sit on the sidelines. As soon as he was healthy, he had to fulfill his obligations. You would think that IF he really is 100% healthy, the Bucs would ‘ask’ him to finish the season (as OC), and THEN they would let him out of his contract.
    NOTHING about this smells right.
    And I don’t wish to sound callous. I know Tedford (and family) went through some very traumatic times. They had (and have) my prayers for a continued healthy outlook. The heart issue (coming when it did) was not anyone’s fault. IMO, the repercussions are another story altogether.

  71. biff barker Says:

    The offense would look completely different if Tedford were here.

    But, he didn’t want to return.

    For obvious reasons.

    Thanks Lovie.


  72. Tbeartbb Says:

    So now there is no OC. – what is new?

  73. BucN Enough Says:

    I wonder if the Buc’s will let me out of my season ticket obligation for experiencing a heart attack when they take the field.

  74. OneLove Says:

    YES! This means were going to have Lovie for AT LEAST another 2 years!

  75. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess you could call anything an act of GOD…..but from my perspective Tedford likely smoked and did other things that contributed to his heart condition….perhaps years of stress or it could be hereditary….we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt….but this seems to be more his decision than the Bucs.

  76. Todd Says:

    Lovie should just call the plays from the madden 15 playbook! Get ready for jay cutler next year guys!

  77. biff barker Says:

    So Arroyo keeps his floppy hat as a souvenir and reunites with Tedford wherever he lands.

    Another new offensive staff and system to learn.

    Next year is pretty much sunk too.

  78. Todd Says:

    Wonder if lovie hires treistman ? If he gets fired ?

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Soggy panties,

    I’ve been critical of Lovie many times before. However, I don’t pile on. Apparently you are too stupid to know the difference. Every damn thing that goes wrong in the world isn’t Lovie’s fault. I couldn’t stand Schiano more than any coach we’ve ever had, but even he didn’t get the blame from me for everything. Some of you are just out of control with the blame Lovie game, and the comments in this article is Exhibit A.

  80. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    If you really had any knowledge whatsoever of anything you ever typed, you would know we aren’t getting Cutler. Cutler signed a ridiculous contract with Chicago that even we aren’t stupid enough to take over. Second, Lovie didn’t want Cutler in Chicago to begin with. That was the GM’s call.

  81. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’ll give you a reason Lovie will draft a QB – that’s the best option. A rookie QB will be better than anything we have, period. That is his best chance to win right away. Rookie QB’s have turned teams around in this league lately on more than one occasion. Keep in mind who said rookie would be replacing. There is no way in hell Lovie is going to sell to ANYONE (that includes ownership and the fans) that we don’t need to draft a franchise QB. Lovie isn’t stupid, even though so many like to believe he is. Again, if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. You still haven’t said the same.

  82. biff barker Says:

    Hawaiian Buc, much of the beating Lovie is taking is because of his own actions. The OL is the epicenter. The FA busts and QB situation are issues too.

    My humble opinion.

  83. lightningbuc Says:

    Phillip Says:
    December 5th, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Do you ever just shake your head at how stupid some of our fans are?


    Yeah, there’s some real stupid people on here. A few months back there was a guy that posted who chastised another poster about spelling and used the word “spelt” (which is NOT a word) in the same sentence. Hey, wait a minute – his name was Phillip too!

  84. BucBob1 Says:

    @ Phillip
    You come here, call us stupid, and then proceed to try and earn, brownie points from Joe. If you are so enlightened, Why did you not, give us your take?

  85. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @biff barker,

    Yes, I realize the mistakes Lovie has made. I’ve noted them many times. That’s not what I’m arguing about. I have a problem with creating more things to blame him for. It’s stupid, and takes away from the fact that he has made legitimate mistakes. But contrary to what so many post, everything is not Lovie’s fault. Tedford getting a heart condition isn’t Lovie’s fault. Not even 1%. Not even for not having a replacement, because you don’t normally have to have a backup for your rookie OC. It’s kind of like having a backup punter dress for every game, just in case. Lovie is responsible for the free agent misses, but everyone knows building through free agency isn’t the way to go. He had to rebuild a bad roster full of bad draft picks, and he did a poor job of it. However, he deserves more time. I would say the same no matter who is the coach (I wanted Schiano and Raheem back after year one). So again, I’ve go no problem with criticizing Lovie for what he has done wrong, but it’s stupid to pile on for everything else.

  86. bucrightoff Says:

    But Hawaiian, you know Lovie doesn’t believe that. He just doesn’t. And that’s all that matters. Lovie will not trust a young guy over McCown, he’s already shown us he won’t. And don’t say Glennnon was worse, because he wasn’t. If they’re equal, then playing the younger, less known quantity is what anyone would do. Anyone, that is, except Lovie. Lovie isn’t stupid, he’s stubborn and set in his ways.

    As to “being wrong” if he drafts a QB and sits him, I’m going to be right on that one, so drafting a QB makes me wrong…but sitting him makes me right. So it’s a wash?. But again Lovie needs to win next year, 2-14, 6-10 is fired, the fan base will be so apathetic after that towards him he’ll have to go. Lovie needs impact players next year, not someone to sit on the bench. Never, ever, forget the immortal words…

    “Rex Grossman is my quarterback”

  87. Phillip Says:

    What take is there to give? He had a HEART problem… It was a mutual decision for him to stay away till he got fully healthy… He’s fully healthy now with 4 meaningless games left this season and has opportunities to become a college HC again, which is clearly what he wants to do? Why hate him for that? He was on a 2 year contract and with one being down the tubes with a heart condition it left him with one year to try and prove himself with this offense? Are people gonna rag on Jim Harbaugh if he goes to Michigan(or anywhere) with a year left on his contract? Tedford doesn’t have to do anything till Jan as recruiting is closed till then…

    For people to rag on him and blame him for everything going wrong with the offense is who I was talking about.. I’m not trying to get brownie points from Joe I just asked a question…

    Does anyone else on here shake their head at how stupid some fans are on here? Is that better?

    There are more important things in life than Bucs football..

  88. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    We’ll just have to see, but I completely 100% disagree with you. I truly believe we are going QB, and will start a rookie QB next year. I believe he thought McCown was better. By all accounts, he was better than Glennon in training camp. He was better than him in the preseason as well. Peter King wrote about how great McClown looked. Everyone was fooled. Glennon sucks too, don’t get it twisted.

    As for Rex Grossman being his QB, who was his alternative? Brian Griese? Give me a break. It is convenient to forget that Grossman played well for the majority of that season. He was even player of the month for one month. He struggled late, but they were still winning. I wouldn’t bench him either, not for Griese. Lovie isn’t the only coach who sticks with his QB, believe it or not.

    Obviously since I’m saying it 3 times now, you aren’t going to admit if you are wrong. That’s the problem with so many, they refuse to admit they were wrong. They believe it makes them less of a man, when in fact it takes a man to admit he was wrong. I believe we will start a rookie QB next year (probably week one), period. Note that comment, and throw it back in my face if it doesn’t happen.

  89. Phillip Says:

    Actually, spelt is a word, look it up moron… Not the correct term I was going for but it is a word, and if autocorrect on my phone chose that word when I’m typing the letters s-p-e-l then I’m not going to look it over… I called someone a moron because they tried to spell my name a couple times and couldn’t spell it correctly when it’s clearly listed every time I post..

    It was also last season…. But you hold onto things for awhile… Do you get bullied or picked on in real life and feel the need to talk sh!t when literally no one is talking to you? But I get it you’re an Internet bad@$$ typing away on the keyboard…

    I feel very bad for you kid..

  90. Phillip Says:


    I wasn’t calling your comment stupid BTW… Just the people who came on here and
    Complained that he was milking it.
    Ragging on him for not coming back.
    The ones complaining that he is healthy enough to be a HC in college again but not an OC for our team.
    The other asinine comments that were negative about him.

  91. BucBob1 Says:

    @ Phillip
    So thats your take? Tell me something I don’t know. What you don’t seem to get, is that we are being sold a false bill of goods, and we don’t like it. Everything about this guy, since the beginning, isn’t right. The mystery offense, the mystery illness, and now the BS press release. I’m sorry but the guy is a weasel. If you have better things to do, then why are you still here? BTW, thanks for joining the ranks, of the stupid people.

  92. SAMCRO Says:

    I don’t think Tedford would have made any difference with this atrocious offensive line, and I also think Tedford knew this before the regular season started, and with the unexpected heart procedure, it gave him a calculated out, of what inevitably would become, a finger pointing train wreck, without leaving a lasting stain, on his illustrious, if not impeccable reputation. Smart move.

  93. bucrightoff Says:

    Rex Grossman had two more turnovers than TDs that season. That counts as playing well to you Hawaiian? I sure hope not. They won in spite of Rex, and ultimately lost because of him. Remember that Super Bowl was 22-17 in the 4th quarter with Chicago having the ball. And then Kelvin Hayden goes pick 6 and that’s that. But that’s ok to Lovie, the defense and special teams were excellent and that’s what Lovie believes wins you games. He’s not a fan of 35-31 games. 17-14 games are his Cialis.

    If Lovie drafts Mariota I will admit I’m wrong. I feel fairly confident it’s not happening so we’ll see. But if he drafts him and goes McCown to start the year, we’re going to be 2-7 before we know it, so of course he’ll play the rookie when all is lost. I strongly doubt the rookie starts meaningful games . I do not see him starting a rookie, or if he does he’ll have a remarkably short leash. That’s not how we want to groom our QB of the future is it? With the mentality that three mistakes will get you yanked?

    Lovie has to win next year. Drafting a rookie to start, and having him fail, dooms Lovie. He knows this. He also knows he won’t have much involvement in a QB, unlike a defensive player. He’ll roll with some pass rush or a linebacker instead because that’s more instant impact.

  94. Buccfan37 Says:

    All you anti Glennon bashers don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground.

  95. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Best of wishes to Coach Tedford & His family.

  96. Phillip Says:

    Congrats on becoming one of those stupid people I was referencing…

    You are mad because our OC didn’t show the world his playbook? Or that he had a heart condition and tried to come back TWICE and only made things worse? Would you like to see his doctor and have him/her tell you what was going on with him? Also you are mad because he has an opportunity to become a college HC again? I mean you really want him to come back with 4 meaningless games left this season when we clearly are not running his offense? How do you know we didn’t do a settlement with him like we did with Carl Nicks? You don’t support people working where they want to work or getting promotions?

    I applaud them for doing this now instead of waiting till the end of the season it makes it better not just for Tedford but us as well… Lovie can now go out and look for another OC that he feels comfortable with.

    The guy is such a weasel that spent all this time with Lovie in his basement going over football stuff when there wasn’t a guarantee that Lovie would even be a HC this year…

    Btw lay some blame on Lovie as he is going on his 6th OC in 11 years of being a HC I believe…

  97. Wes Says:

    I guess we start fresh again next year so I don’t see them getting any better because it will be mid-season before they really understand the new offence.
    Kind of pissed off that he quit like that when the team really needs his guidance now.
    I really feel for Arroyo that he came for Tedford and got hung out to dry and will be looking for a job next year.

  98. cmurda Says:

    Some of you are having problems reading the story. it isn’t if he’s coaching next year it is for who. He said he’s perfectly healthy now. He clearly didn’t want to be here and nobody seems to know why. There may be some very private matters here but as fans, we deserve better than having 2 offensive coordinators hired in 6 years that never called an offensive play in the regular season. Hopefully the truth eventually filters its way around. The team makes money because of fans and when you get duped by an offensive coordinator and are left with Arroyo and a 2-10 record, it just adds a cherry on top to the embarrassment. Go Bolts

  99. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Grossman had 7 games with a rating over 100. That’s pretty good. His turnovers were skewed by a few HORRIBLE games. He also played well in the playoffs. Again, I’m not saying Grossman was good. I am saying that he was Lovie’s best option. It’s hard to argue, since they did make it to the Super Bowl. He wasn’t the GM, so I don’t know how much you can put on Lovie. He is very loyal, which has bit him many times. However, sometimes loyalty isn’t a bad thing, and he has been rewarded for it.

    If we go into the year with Glennon or McCown as the starter, I will bow down to you and beg forgiveness. Obviously I don’t want to do that, and I really believe I won’t have to. If I do, I’ll take it out on Lovie, which should make many happy.

  100. Curse of Gruden Says:

    We’ve seen this before. Urb Meyer had a “heart condition” before he left UF. I call BS.

  101. Jim Says:

    He was probably cleared to work 40 hours a week. Unfortunately its a 80 hour a week job.

  102. bucrightoff Says:

    I don’t want you to bow down to me Hawaiian lol, I just think Lovie has shown little to no change so far from his Chicago days. The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour. So having looked at Lovie’s past, I’m very skeptical he’ll tie his boat to a rookie QB (and Winston is a non-starter for Lovie) when he badly needs to win next year.

    You mentioned loyalty well…you know he’s loyal to McCown. Even if drafting a rookie in the 1st round, McCown will be the higher paid and more veteran, known QB to Lovie. As much as I wanna be wrong, I don’t think I will be. Lovie might have gone QB had this season not been a disaster, but 2-14 or 3-13 puts a ton of heat on him next year. I doubt he’s patient enough to grow with a rookie QB.

    Using Rex is validation for Lovie sticking with McCown. He strong believes, whether you or I do (and we don’t obviously), he can win 10 games and go to the playoffs with strong defense and Josh McCown.

  103. tmaxcon Says:

    No offensive coordinator in the right mind would even interview for the bucs job. I bet Lovie keeps Arroyo.

    I would wager a fair amount of money that most reasonable folks would consider being the Bucs OC under Lovie one of the top 5 worst jobs in ALL of sports not just NFL….

  104. destro44 Says:

    You know what F Tedford. I was excited to see what he could do this off-season, but this sounds like he quit. It sounds like he is healthy now but “doesn’t want to interfere with theories” our offense has made. Did he lose his vision as well? Good bye quiter. I how you’re healthy, but you can kiss my A.

  105. Todd Says:

    Hoyer and mccown will be here

  106. Todd Says:

    Or cutler lovie won’t get Winston or mariota unless the glazers make him

  107. SSG Mike Says:

    What is it with the Bucs and Offensive Coordinators? Jagz a few years back with Coach “Radio” and now Tedford. I’m tired of so much promise and good intentions with no results. We need a strong OC that has a large say in the running, drafting and FA of the offense. Make it happen Glazers! Boy don’t we miss the days in which Malcolm Glazer ran the team and not the “Three Stooges”.

  108. MTM Says:

    Tedford’s heart condition certainly didn’t get better watching McClown, Glennon and the O-LINE play. It probably made it worse if fact. This team has caused a lot of liver damage as well.

  109. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I agree with you SSG Mike; things have gone downhill since Malcolm had the stroke and the “lads” took over operations….. The need of a strong OC is necessary and perhaps its time for the Glazers to man up and veto anything less suggested by L&L; I just hope Lovie doesn’t try to bering a Mike Tice in as his OC as you are right; Lovie needs to simply get an offensive mind in who is given full autonomy of the scheme and let Lovie concentrate on his HC responsibilities along with helping his buddy Leslie out with what appears to be an improving defense. Whether this happens or not will tell us a lot about the direction of the Bucs in the next 5 years as the new OC hopefully will be able to use the high draft picks in next spring’s draft to bring in some help in the trenches and in all likelihood a new qb to fit his scheme….. This O has been garbage since Chuckie got the heaveho and even then it was not a juggernaut; just productive enough to win 9+ games a season with support of a stellar defense.

  110. Todd Says:

    The glazers kids have no clue how to run a nfl team I agree 100 percent

  111. Connor Says:

    LOL. Another flop by the Glazers. 2 offensive coordinators they’ve hired that didn’t even make it to the regular season.

  112. CC Says:

    Lovie “I didn’t want to put points on the board before the half. ”
    How do you defend stupidity?
    Keep drinking the koolaid.
    Bucs fans deserve better.

  113. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I told people 1 1/2 months ago that this announcement was coming.

    No one takes me serious, but guess what? I was right. AGAIN.

  114. DB55 Says:


    I take u seriously. The whole situation reminds me of an old song. It goes s
    a little something like this,

    “Take this job and shove it
    I ain’t workin’ here no more
    Derrick Carr done left
    Took all the reason
    I was working for
    Ya, better not try to stand in my way
    As I’m walkin’, out that door
    You can take this job and shove it
    I ain’t working here no more”

  115. bringbucsback Says:

    Jeff, it’s not a corner, it’s a cliff.

    Seems a little strange that he doesn’t want to return NOW THAT HE’S HEALTHY?!?

    I’d like to here from Cal-fan. As I recall, he didn’t leave Cal as a fan-fav.