Jason Licht: Draft Boards Are Set

December 22nd, 2014


Man, Lovie Smith wasn’t messing around last week when he said, “We feel like we know our roster right now, know exactly what we need to do going forward.”

Yesterday, Joe learned general manager Jason Licht already has his draft boards set and expects little to change.

“We just got done with our first wave of draft meetings this week,” Licht said on the Buccaneers Radio Network. “We spent seven days grinding it out with all of our scouts, setting the [draft] board initially that I don’t forsee it changing a whole lot. My personal belief, I don’t like changing the board too much after the underwear olympics of the [NFL Scouting] Combine. Just because a guy jumps high, we don’t need to move him up. So that was very valuable time for us this week.

“I don’t want to say tentative,” Licht said of the current draft board. “We rank the players from top to bottom at every position. And then, you know, as soon as the season’s over, we’ll have the coaches get involved and they watch the top players, too. Then we have more meetings and we get together and figure out what exactly do we think we need and what players make the most sense.”

Licht went on to say 300 potential rookie Buccaneers have been identified. He said the front office will “whittle that down to probably about 90 guys that really, legitimately, we want on our team.”

Prompted with a Christmas-spirit question by Gene Deckerhoff, Licht said, “There’s a lot of checking who’s naughty and nice between now and the draft.”

Of course, the Bucs don’t know where they’re picking yet (Lose, please.) and, per Licht, it seems Lovie Smith has yet to watch film of college prospects in great detail.

Man, Joe would love to watch the Mariota-Winston bowl on New Year’s Day with Lovie or Licht.

67 Responses to “Jason Licht: Draft Boards Are Set”

  1. Name Required Says:

    If they screw this draft up, I’m out. Heck, if they screw up the OC hire, I’m not watching one more game.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    They already screwed up hiring anti-offense, mediocre without using talent brought in by others Lovie Smith. I just hope he doesn’t wreck the roster too badly before he gets fired.

  3. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Man I hope Licht sets his 2015 draft board a bit better than he set his 2014 Free Agency wish list……

  4. OB Says:

    Most of the coaches have proven they don’t have a clue on offense. Some of the coaches on defense have done the same, the ghost still is playing.

    I shudder to think what they are recommending, just fire Lovie next Monday.

  5. ufcguy Says:

    At this point we can’t fire him. But he needs to be warned if he doesn’t bring in nfl coaches on offense and Keep his hands and philosophy out he will be fired. Even midseason. He needs to know it’s not acceptable what happened.

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    Frightening, simply frightening….simple as that

  7. Supersam Says:

    Winston is clearly on the naughty list

  8. T in Orlando Says:

    I beginning to think this whole thing needs to be blown up, Lovie and Licht, and everyone else gone. Should we really accept accept 2 successive years of double-digit losses (which will be the case) from a guy who came in saying the team is ready to win now.

    Bring in a HC who has a track record of successfully working with young QBs, and have him draft his guy. Bring a 4-3 DC; since the two best players on the team are best suited for some form of the 4-3, and not 3-4; and let him put his own mark on the Defense, getting out from the Dungy/Kiffin/Morris/Smith/Fraizer influence this team has been under for 18 years. We started going that direction with Schiano, but he was cut lose (deservedly so) before we really broke that association.

    I don’t like the idea of having a rotating door at the HC position, but there’s nothing Lovie has done, either with the Bears nor the Bucs, that makes me feel confident he can turn things around, even with his choice of QBs coming out this year.

  9. RCH Says:

    It better be Mariota

  10. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    ufcguy: I agree the Glazers will not fire Lovie as they will not pay 3 head coaches at once but why not Licht? I mean sure he is tied to the hip with Lovie but perhaps the message sent to Lovie by sacking Licht would be along these lines: “You failed in the offseason in free agency, the coaching staff made numerous errors that led to at least 5 losses that should have been wins with a competent head coach and support staff, so it behooves this organization to bring in a GM that supercedes you in authority and reports directly to the Glazers and will hire all new coaching staff and handle all player personnel issues as well. Any questions Coach Lovie Hot Seat Smith?????”

  11. Bucfan4life Says:

    How do you have your draft board set without an OC yet? Shouldn’t he have a say in who we take? Lovie has been busy coaching the team to a 2-13 record so at least he hasn’t been involved in much of the process and that is a very good thing. The glazers should ban him from all draft discussions.

  12. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    The only thing the Bucs have going for them is to just have another big free agency and draft year… at least the first 9 months of the year can be somewhat enjoyable… I mean, you can’t lose in the off-season… or you can, just it would take a real screw up to do so.

  13. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m sure that they have them stacked by talent levels and I would imagine that the defensive guys are a little closer to being written in sharpie. I think those minor changes will come in the way of interviews, seeing who actually naturally fits in the new scheme that’s coming in and, to a lesser degree, combine results.

  14. BucsQcCity Says:

    Licht isn’t the problem. I believe he’ll get it right but Lovie is concerning.. They needs to draft a 1st round QB talent this year. Glennon will be a very good cheap backup and that’s it. You can put a brick wall in front of him and he would still be average.He had its chance and he blew it. We can rightfully blame the OL, the OC, the RB in pass pro but its lack of awareness of the game situation, the lack of leaderrship, the poor decisions on pressure and the tendency to take a -15yards sack is alarming.

    Licht we need a QB.

  15. lightningbuc Says:

    Much talk is made of Arroyo being in over his head.

    So are Licht and Lovie!

  16. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    I am on the fence with Licht….Lovie on the other hand has a long established track record….the game has passed him by…I don’t believe he’ll turn ANY offensive coordinator loose….hence cut Lovie loose ! I don’t care about the Glazers dead coach salary budget…or giving Lovie another year….Lovie simply is not an 2014 going forward NFL Coach…he is grounded in the past.

  17. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    All defense. Watch. Or they have 1of 2 QBs at #1 or #2 and then all defense from there.

  18. MadMax Says:

    One if not both wont be in charge of the draft…..its all good…..keep doing what you do best….lose baby lose! To help us win….shhhhhh!

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    Is it me or does McCown always look like he just woke up during the 1st quarter of games.

    Whenever the camera pans over his face during the first quarter his eyes look very sleepy or he almost has that hungover look about him.

    He did say he lives like a bachelor.

  20. ufcguy Says:

    1st round qb
    2nd online
    3rd mlb
    4th dine
    5th online
    6th safety
    7th line
    free agency def. End. Resign clay borne
    Corner nickel. And oline

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I suspect Glennon won’t be our backup…..a restructured McCown will backup….Glennon will be traded for a 2nd or 3rd round pick….This draft is not rich in QBs….there are several teams that need QBs……..Bucs, Jets, Bills, Titans, Bears, Arizona and perhaps more looking for cheap backups……

  22. MadMax Says:

    Trade the #1 (or Mariota pick) to Philly for their 1st and 2nd plus Nick Foles!

    Spend the rest on O line and pass rush/DB!

    Many problems solved Immediately!

    You’re welcome 🙂

  23. Kelvin Says:

    Right now we better be ready come draft season. We need to nail it down on the best players we can get. I guess after Mariota, a strong young Guard, a tackle and safety should be priority.
    My wish list:
    1. Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon.
    2. Baylor or La´el Collins, OT, LSU or T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh.
    3. Gerod Holliman, S, Louisville.
    4. Laken Tomlinson, G, Duke.
    5. Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland or Tyler Lockett, WR, Kansas State.
    5. Deon Barnes, DE, Penn State.
    6. Max Garcia, C/G, Florida or Brandon Vitabile, C, Northwestern
    7. Best Player Available (return specialist).
    7. Linebacker depth.

  24. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Max – Is Foles worth having? I mean, it looked like the league figured him out before he got hurt. Would it be worth giving up the opportunity to get a potentially legit good player, rather than trying to figure out how to use Foles

  25. Architek Says:

    Foles is a one trick pony and not worth giving up a first pick for.

  26. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I don’t see Philly trading. They’d have to sell the house.

  27. SteveK Says:

    Nick Foles is not better than Glennon.

    Certainly not better enough to justify dropping some 20 odd spots for their services.

    Either get a King’s ransom to trade the top pick, or take the BPA.

  28. MadMax Says:

    behind this horrid Oline? Yes! We’re rebuilding and need to trade for more hole filling….starting with the trenches. We’ll probably see rebuilding in the upper ranks too….Im sure the Glazers arent going to let this current crapfest ride out w/o some kind of change!!

    Who would you rather have? Foles or McCown? Or spend the 1st on Winston or Mariota behind this current O line?….sure, they can blow up the O line and replace it with 2nd and 3rd tier talent from off season signings….and also with late round draft picks as a gamble. Or they can trust Lovie with the O line (Carimi, 1st rounder by Lovie, later traded here for our 6th If I recall correctly,,,,,but never worked out)

    Its a $hit storm as long as Lovie remains in charge though. Foles is still young! So he’s that figured out? Really?

  29. MadMax Says:

    How Fn awkward is this…draft boards are set, and no OC, and some of the players may not even leave college yet for the draft…smdfh!

  30. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Tells me that if they’re going to bring the list down to 90 that they already have an OC in their hands and will hire him before they get to the 90.

  31. Tye Says:

    Either this means Arroyo will remain OC or they are making future plans without next seasons OC… NOT a good sign either way…

    Signs of more Losing w/ Lovie…

  32. BirdDoggers Says:

    No need for Lovie to watch film on any offensive draft prospect. The team needs a QB and O-lineman in a bad way. These are two areas Lovie has no business having an opinion on. Hire a solid offensive coordinator and supporting staff and let them put together the offense.

  33. ihateloviesmith Says:

    they fired gruden and he had 3 years left on his contract, I really do not care about any dead money contracts owed to former head coaches, the glazers could pay em all off at once and sign a new combination coach GM, yep they got deep pockets, probably wouldn’t bat an eye about it. all I know is L&L aint the answer. with every decision made this year by these guys are team has digressed, not improved. how bout we fire this tandem and staff going forward and bring in harbaugh, let him wear both hats if he wants GM and HC, he is a damn good talent evaluator, and ya’ll know his record. combine that with the number one pick, and his defensive philosophy we may have a winning record next year, maybe not playoffs, but damn sure respectability. if they retain their current tandem of L&L you better expect just more of the same B.S. we will win 3 games next season, hey but do not worry true football fans will see that we are on the verge and with another 8-10 years we might be in contention.

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Any Quarterback would struggle under the following conditions

    Outside of Trading one most dangerous weapons in the NFL (DJAX)-The Teams only true deep threat-

    Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line was Completely Decimated by Injuries

    Case In Point

    Sept 2014

    Starting Left Guard
    • All Pro Left Guard Evan Mathis missed several weeks with an MCL sprain.

    Starting Center
    • Jason Kelce had surgery to correct a sports hernia injury-Missed 6-8 to start the season

    Starting Right Guard
    • Todd Herremans (bicep) was put on IR.

    Starting Right Tackle
    • Lane Johnson was suspended four games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing …

    Note: Key Reserve Matt Tobin T/G-Missed time because of a concussion

  35. ihateloviesmith Says:

    merry Christmas everyone, except for you stoneface

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Outside of the hue of their skin, and likeness to napelon dynamite

    Can someone please breakdown the similarities between

    -Foles vs Glennon

    Lets take it to the tape:
    Nick Foles Highlights 2013-14: Making Plays Under Pressure

  37. MadMax Says:

    @Luv, You mthrfckng genius, you’re so damn right in your factual posts!!! Keep posting!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Soggy Says:

    @Buc-O’s 82, Good point they may have the OC ready..

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    You know how we do bro…lol

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Remember Andy Reid drafted Nick Foles for his West Coast Offense

    As Rookie (2012) Nick Foles went into New England and Beat Bill on Monday Night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC0eoDFIK2s

    Prime Time Baby!!

  41. Eric Says:

    Lovie will turn this around.

    He took over utter disaster. Have a little patience.

  42. armchairGM Says:

    How do you not evaluate everything from the wonderlic to background checks, measurables etc. Not sure if this is a good sign or bad.

  43. MadMax Says:

    @Luv, Yup, and its all there to be pointed to for free…..and to think phuckers get paid big money for it in scouting and decision making….wheres our payment? Nah, no payment needed, just Love for our team and in hopes that someone higher up is reading/listening/ingesting! And its all good even if they dont.

    They’ll figure it out or they wont….but its there for the taking!

    Sick of this inept bs Luv….has to change! and it starts up top!

  44. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Me 2 Brotha…And Hopefully it will

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie’s record in the first 3 years in Chicago, when it was mostly players he inherited and when he had little involvement in personnel: 29-20, two playoff appearances, Super Bowl appearance

    Lovie’s record in the last 7 years as coach, with his involvement in personnel becoming much larger to now where he has full control: 54-57, 1 playoff appearance.

    The more we let Lovie make decisions, the worse off we’ll be in the long run. Swallow your pride and fire him before we have to dig out of another hole.

  46. Danati74 Says:

    We will def Have L&L for another year. Last years draft was not that bad at all. Hoping this year will be the same. FA was the worst. I really did like the Db’s we signed and DT Mcdonald, but to give all that money to DE Johnson and LT Collins just gave everyone a bad taste in their mouth. I’m sure L&L can’t believe what busts they produced in FA, hopefully they don’t make the same mistake this year. Then and only then….after next season will they be fired for another bad year

  47. ScratchingMy Head Says:

    I don’t know how they can have their draft boards ready when you don’t have a OC hired to give his input. Please tell me they hiring another OC please!

  48. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    We don’t need to trade down for more picks. We already have at least 8 picks, and spent right, that is enough when combined with free agency.

    The challenge is in not creating too many new needs in the off season. Obviously, Goldson, EDS and Koenin have to go. There are several players going off the books as well.

    Clayborn should be resigned…as depth, not as a starter. Foster should be signed to an incentive deal that pays more for games played at the starting role and has an easy out after a year.

    The simple truth is that we cannot productively replace all the average to below average players this off season. Its impossible to do and find success across the board.

    Immediate Needs
    Defensive End
    Replace Baron

    Secondary Needs
    Replace Goldson if cut
    Middle Linebacker (if Foster is not resigned)

    Optional Moves
    Bring in a young, tall wide receiver to develop that will eventually replace Vincent Jackson. Heck, we may even release him this year for cap room, so this might become a more immediate need. I think it should wait a year though

  49. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    One problem with your theory Luv, Foles had a running game by the name of Shady. Bucs don’t have any of that. When defense have to worry about a RB breaking for a big one then that is a problem. When people face the Bucs they never have to worry about our RBs because they aren’t going anywhere. I don’t even know why we try to run anymore we should just go spread offense and air it out. Which brings me to Mariota. Perfect example.

    Anyways, If Foles comes here and does what he did this year (throw a ton of interceptions) then it is going to be disappointing.

  50. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I don’t see Philly trading because that would just be stupid to trade that much to move up to #1. Skins have proven that it doesn’t work and Philly isn’t that stupid. Well, not twice anyways (djax trade).

    I’m hoping they cut McCown and let Glennon actually have the preseason to get ready and then let whichever QB they draft sit until they decide to put them in. 4-5 games maybe unless Glennon does alright with a true full preseason to prepare and with the confidence of the coaching staff.

  51. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    All of you are assuming Jason Licht can work a trade without us getting it in the bunhole…which he has not done to date.

    And, btw…Mike Glennon cannot get a 3rd round pick. 5th at best, 6th more likely.

    Trade Goldson, get his whole contract off the books.

  52. Zam Says:

    maybe Lovie’s TV will mysteriously break

  53. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Currently, we have the following picks:

    #1 – RD 1
    #36 – RD 2
    #67 – RD 3
    #107 – RD 4
    #151 – RD 5
    #160 – RD 5
    #171 – RD 6
    #195 – RD7

  54. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Here is a conspiracy theory for you: Saints will sit their starters because the “season is done” just so the Bucs can win. This will prevent them from getting a #1 and possibly the best QB available. They do this so that they can trade up to #1 and take a QB. Competition in the South….don’t think it wouldn’t happen.

  55. bucrightoff Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    December 22nd, 2014 at 1:40 pm
    All of you are assuming Jason Licht can work a trade without us getting it in the bunhole…which he has not done to date.

    And, btw…Mike Glennon cannot get a 3rd round pick. 5th at best, 6th more likely.

    Trade Goldson, get his whole contract off the books.

    While I agree Glennon can’t get more than a 5th (mostly cause Lovie has crushed any value he had), suggesting they can trade Goldson is ludicrous. Everyone knows the Bucs are highly likely to cut him, and his contract is badly overpaid. He’s being cut, the odds are much greater Glennon gets a third than Goldson gets anything.

  56. T REX Says:

    The Lovie Smith experiment was a bad one.

    He should be put out to pasture and forgotten.

    The Glazers screwed this franchise up so badly. Stop hiring defensive coaches in an offensive league..,morons.

  57. D-Rome Says:

    So Joe, do you still see John Manziel as a “special talent”? What happened to him yesterday is exactly why you can’t take guys like him in the draft.

  58. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston

    These is why I’ve suggested the following coaching Staff (Attack Mentality)

    • Rob Chudzinski – Offensive Coordinator
    • Chan Gailey – Senior Offensive Asst.
    • Jim Zorn – Quarterbacks Coach
    • Bill Callahan – Offensive Line Coach

    Chudzinski & Gailey challenges Defensive Coordinators to outthink them.

    Rob Chudzinski
    Prior to joining the Browns, Chudzinski spent two years (2011-12) as offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. In 2011, the team set club records for total yards (6,237) and first downs (345), one year after experiencing franchise lows in both categories. Carolina scored 48 touchdowns overall after recording 17 the year before his arrival.

    Chudzinski had two stints with the San Diego Chargers, where he served as the assistant head coach/tight ends from 2009-2010 and tight ends coach from 2005-06. He coached tight end Antonio Gates, who recorded both of his 1,000-yard receiving seasons under Chudzinski in 2005 and 2009.

    Chan Gailey
    Gailey spent two seasons as the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator improving the team from an 11th ranked offense in his first year (1996) to a 7th ranked offense the next. In comparison, the next three seasons without Gailey saw their offensive rank dip to 28th, 17th and 17th.

    From 2000-2001 Gailey served as the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator. His first season saw a middle of the road offense that ranked 16th in the NFL. The following season the team improved to the 8th ranked offense. Both seasons the Dolphins posted 11-5 records.

  59. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Jim Zorn QB Coach
    Zorn was the Seahawks’ & Baltimore’s quarterback coach for a few years. During his tenure with both organizations, he developed MattHasselbeck & Joe Flacco into a Pro Bowl players.

  60. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *He developed Matt Hasselbeck & Joe Flacco into Pro Bowl players.

  61. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    For the right price martin, vjax, gholdson, collinsand glennon will be packaged on draft day. Bucs are set at CB, 1 saftey position, LT, DT, 1 DE, and a few backups, the rest will be addressed this offseason, guaranteed. Offense still need a lot of help but maybe not so much if they move EDS to guard and Pamphile to RT. Then the Bucs would only need a center and guard with a speedy wide receiver. They would also need a MLB preferably from FA to start and a rookie to backup and learn from.

  62. bucrightoff Says:

    Set a CB? We just allowed two 100 yard receivers yesterday. We are far from set at CB.

  63. Kelvin Says:

    Just forgot we need a nickel back badly! In rounds 3-5 we should address.

  64. J Moné Says:

    Licht I love him the man is a gangsta he going to get this draft right 100% faith in the guy

  65. tbaybuc Says:

    As a Noles fan and trying to be objective at the same time…i can see Winston and Mariotta both being busts and both being stars or one of each. With that said, what scares me about Winston is one of his best qualities. He really will sit in the pocket, step in to his throws and take a beating until the last second to release the ball. I’m not a scout or analysis, but i have watched every throw Winston has made and at least half of those picks this year look to be on the receiver and a few more were really awesome plays by the defender that could have gone either way. I haven’t watched nearly as much of Mariotta but i am impressed with his poise and arm-strength. A positive to him is that he got beat up early this year pretty good and took it pretty well while delivering the ball pretty accurately from what i seen. A toss up really between those 2. Their is just something about Winston though with the way he wills the Noles to victory and leads the team. His leadership ON the field is hard to teach.

  66. Roberto Says:

    The Glazers need to open the red drawer and take out again the
    poison pill and let go of this coach. He is a paycheck collector with
    no vision or passion. Licht is guilty by association and keeping quiet.
    Another year of this and the stadium will be filled with goats, not fans.

  67. bucfan78 Says:

    Okay lets get a QB first round, but wait could have had a solid O-lineman but no we have to go for it all.So tell me again how a QB is a better choice when he has to run for his life. Come on people think. I would take a road grader lineman over a QB in a heart beat, with a solid O-line Glennon could sit back there and throw all day, but no everyone wants a QB that may or may not be a bust/savior to this team. Think before reacting.