Jameis Watch: “Impeccable”

December 16th, 2014

jameis 1216Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Yes, Joe has made no secret he would do cartwheels down Dale Mabry Highway — or, in lieu of gymnastics, drink many, many beers — if the Bucs somehow got Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston on their roster.

For Joe, the guy just looks the part of a pro style quarterback, not a gimmick-offense quarterback who doesn’t know if he can play in an NFL offense.

Oh, Joe loves Winston’s gun, his unbelievable clutch habit of rallying late, his unblemished record on the field, and most of all his accuracy.

Joe remembers watching Winston’s inaugural college game against Pitt with Pitt fans. Winston threaded needles where Joe literally had to do a double-take. At one point, Joe exxlaimed out loud, “He completed that?!”

Obviously, that season, Winston had a magical year, putting the Seminoles on his back to the national championship. Ben Kercheval of BleacherReport.com believes  Winston set such an unreal bar, that anything less than perfection and people want to rag on Winston. He says that’s not fair.

Winston’s ball placement is impeccable. He makes some difficult throws look easy. There’s something to be said for that. He’s not a gifted runner like Mariota, but he’s athletic enough to move around in the pocket and make plays with his feet when he has to.

In short: Winston didn’t magically morph from the most outstanding player in college football a year ago to a nobody. In fact, Winston went from his worst game of the season against Florida to his best against Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game (21-of-30 for 309 yards and three touchdowns).

80 Responses to “Jameis Watch: “Impeccable””

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    But he said a naughty word in public! Off with his head!!!

  2. MadMax Says:

    Oh I was watching that game too Joe, if I recall correctly, his only incompletion in the first half was a dropped catch by the WR. I was like you, jaw dropping.

    Im all for spending the 1st on him if thats what we do and we’re not going to get paid a kings ransom for our #1 by somebody else. I would take my chances with him over Mariota. But this O line had better get addressed or he’s going to be running for his life!

  3. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    MadMax it wasn’t a drop…caught out of bounds. I don’t think he threw a pass that day that actually hit the ground

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    I wonder what excuses people are going to make about Winston when / if he lights up Oregon? I am sure there will be some creative excuses if he beats mariota.

    The IT factor matters and his intense sideline leadership has been missing from the bucs since Sapp.

  5. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “But, but, but, he threw three WHOLE interceptions in one half”

    Dur, dur, dur

    2 seasons:

    533 /806 66.1% 7616yds 64 td/27 int 165.0

  6. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    He could beat Oregon and Bama, and the same people will still hate him.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Bingo, thats what it was.

  8. Pelbuc Says:

    The only way Bucs pass up on Mariota or Winston is if some team offers a kings ransom. Otherwise, I’m good with either but be careful JBF, last year you were pleading for Johnny Football and he may turn out to be an epic fail. Question is can Papa Brooks mentor Winston or will he be a loose cannon. I do like his passion which is something sorely lacking on this team

  9. Architek Says:

    Truthfully, we control to a degree how successful a young QB would be by the protection and help we give him. Winston with Mike, VDrops, and Murph with a better OL could be dangerous.

    I don’t trust Lovie to develop a QB. He has a hard enough time getting veterans to stop committing stupid penalties.

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This really comes down to what you like to support in your athletic teams. Is winning everything? Is character anything? Remember if it’s either of the Heismans they become THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE.

    One is in the class of Andrew Luck off the field, the other is in the class of Johnny Football…arrogant young prik who thinks he’s great and $$$ because of a gift from God.

    I remember the SB Bucs. I tolerated Sapp as a fan because Dungy largely kept him under control, But everybody knows Sapp is a total loser off the field, a bankrupt jerk so full of himself as to be obnoxious. Can you say Jameis?

    Meanwhile DB55 was THE CLASS ACT. He was sooo easy to cheer for…as were Ronde, Lynch, Alstott and especially Warrick Dunn. These guys made you want to root for them. That’s Marcus Mariota.

    Since both are gambles on the field and have experts almost evenly divided, why do we want the jerk. There is something sick about a MAN…21 next month…who is such an attention whre that he has to make a scene in front of everybody at FSU. Yeah yelling crap is only immature but it shows an amazing lack of judgement and an incredible need to be the center of attention.

    All things being this close I still do not get why people want the jerk instead the class act.

    It’s easy to imagine BOTH Marcus and Jameis being successful in the NFL.
    Jameis will be Cam Newton II with a more accurate arm. He’s more physical than Mariota but not quite as fast and not nearly as smooth. Mariota will be Aaron Rogers. Bright, pick his spots, and move with grace and fluid motion.

    Both players are great ON the Field. ONE of them is GREAT off the field while the other is a total embarrassment to anybody who remains objective.

    I do not want an arrogant attention whre as the face of our franchise!

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    What QB want’s to be drafted by Lovie? I imagine they all cringe at the thought.

  12. Bryan Says:

    I agree he is not gimmicky…. Like Johnny Football is.

    However, I have trouble imaging him with millions in his bank account.

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    I don’t care what he does in the playoffs this year. I’ve seen enough. You draft this kid and don’t look back. We need talent at the QB position. Period.

  14. Yar Says:

    The interviews will be the deciding factor on Winston, he could be great if he grows up. But what will he be like making a whole lot more money in the NFL?

  15. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    StPeteBucs fan doesn’t like players on his team to say naughty uh oh boo boo words 🙁

    Jameis might as well be stealing pain pills from high schoolers right next to Ryan Leaf

  16. armchairGM Says:

    Joe I cannot understand why you bash Mariota for being a system (gimmicky) QB but you were begging the Bucs brass to draft Manziel who at A&M played in a system? Based on these articles your praise of Winston and dismissive words about Mariota (given no credit at all) leads me to believe you prefer players that have a flair for the dramatics. Maybe it will give you more to write about? Maybe Mariota is to quiet? Well this is the era of reality tv and sensationalized drama so I guess it makes sense.

  17. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I don’t think to many people do care how well they do in the playoffs, it is a matter of if one craps the bed. If Winston plays like he did all season then he will look terrible as always. However, if they both come out and do very well you are still stuck with the same opinion you had going in to the game. However, if Winston throws interceptions and only throws for 200 yds and they lose the FSU fans will still say he is a gift from God and it was everybody else’s fault except Winston. I really don’t care about the playoffs because it is one/two games out of their career. I’ll look at the body of work while you look at one game.

  18. Brandon Says:

    I prefer Mariota due to not being an off-field concern…that being said, Peyton Manning sat his naked genitals and butt in the face of a female trainer while at UT. Cam Newton was involved in more scandals in his 3 years of college football than even Winston (laptops, eligibility, etc). None of what Winston has done or allegedly done proves he will be a bad guy. There are legitimate concerns…but if for some reason the Bucs find they think he is clean, I am absolutely fine with him.

    Though I still prefer to suck for the duck than to win none for Winston.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    That was a lame retort…couldn’t add ALL the other crap could you.

    Listen I’ve conceded Jameis is a clear talent. Anyone without prejudice will also see that he’s behaved in alarming fashion for a kid who was destined for millions and millions of dollars since high school.

    He’s freaking 21? Does he EVER have to grow up. Will ANY of his moronic behavior ever be held accountable.

    This is not complicated. If you go to Walter Football they have a compendium of mock drafts…82 different mock drafts from the so called “experts” Apparently not enough of them went to FSU.

    30 had Mariota going first and 6 had Jameis first. That’s Mariota by a 5-1 margin!!!!!! No my math is not off. I said 82 and listed only 36 because all the rest were NON QB’s. This means people can stop making fun of the folks who are clamoring to trade down. There were almost as many first round picks for Leonard Williams. Williams had far more picks than Jameis and I didn’t count but he is close to Mariota.

    Do you folks think Lovie might be more interested in a dominant rusher who gets almost as many first round pics in mock drafts as both QB’s put together?

    I’m OK with Mariota. I’m OK with trading down and going for a QB in the 2nd or 3rd.

  20. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Moronic behavior? Yea, he’s acted like a moron. So freaking what? He walked out of Publix without paying for some crab legs and yelled a naughty word. Is that seriously reason to pass on the most talented QB in the draft? No

    ANYONE who has spent any time with Jameis will vouch for him. I don’t give a damn how many mock drafts have Mariota going first. Jameis is a better QB, better football player, better competitor, and his “character concerns” are blown completely out of proportion.

  21. stratobuc Says:

    Joe should listen to Dick Vitale and stop harping on this felon-in-waiting. Unless he is just trying to stir up a mess to get his clicks…..??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  22. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Oh, and StPete — you ask if he’ll ever have to be held accountable. He was suspended for the remainder of the baseball season after the crab legs and was suspended FOR AN ENTIRE GAME FOR SAYING A NAUGHTY WORD. How is that not being held accountable? Do you think he should have been kicked off the team? Flogged through the streets? Drawn and quartered in front of the masses?

  23. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    The thing is, no one wants to report on this stuff, which he does often


    That gets no clicks.

  24. Stu Laake Says:

    Build around the Crab Demon…welcome to Tampa Bay JW!

  25. Buccfan37 Says:

    Winston is the tougher QB of those top two. Can’t you see this gunslinger is the better QB?

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo sees no problem with alleged rape….kleptomania, profanity in public….these are things that Pablo has done more than once…..Pablo thinks Jameis simply needs to be spanked….if you know what I mean….and I, Pablo am volunteering to do the spanking!!!”

  27. gatrbuc17 Says:

    24 tds/ 17 ints
    10 picks in his first yr and 17 so far in his second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Mariota has thrown only 12 ints his Entire Career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    102 tds / to 12 ints. NOW THAT IS ACCURATE

  28. port richey george Says:

    first the bucs have to rebuild the offensive line. then they can run the ball to set up the play action pass. no QB can succeed on the bucs as the o line stands today. they stink. penalties… poor pass blocking and run blocking. I don’t think even peyton manning could succeed with the bucs current o line. jameis is great, but I think if the o line improves mike glennon could also be great.

  29. MadMax Says:

    Winston is 64 tds / 27 int over 2 years

    but the way he comes back from behind in a game….its not all stat based.

  30. gatrbuc17 Says:

    They wouldnt BE BEHIND if he didnt throw 14 first half ints.
    Fla St is a LOADED team and they can Barely beat lesser opponents with all of Winston’s boneheaded Ints.

  31. Nose Tackle Says:

    I take it you and Johnny fooseball broke up…

  32. MadMax Says:

    @gtrbuc, stop trolling dude.

    you’re also comparing Mariota’s 3 years of stats to Winston’s 2 years….at least get your facts straight and “try” to “attempt” to ba fair when you’re posting comps between the two, smdh.

  33. Cascade Says:

    Think Winston has character issues now? Just wait until somebody dumps serious millions in his bank account. I don’t want to be the guy signing those checks.

  34. Matt Says:

    Well Well Connor Cook just announced that he’s goimg back to MSU for his senior year. The price for the #1 pick just went up some more. Imagine if FSU doesn’t win the NC and Winston wants to stay and is able to. We almost have to take Mariota, which I dont think will be the right choice. I have to admit he was very calm during his Heisman speech and our team needs a leader like that. We have our dog (ME13) already on offense. Im just worried bc he’s a system guy from a gimmick offense and that doesn’t bode well for his NFL future.

    If Winston does come out, plays well against Oregon, shows improved maturity in the draft process, and we can’t get a StLouislike deal for the pick then I say take him.

    I really want to see Kevin Pamphile and Danny Lansanah play well these last couple games so we won’t have as many holes to fill.

  35. CC Says:

    Take Winston. I really don’t care to see another qb cry after a loss.

  36. DallasBuc Says:

    “CC Says:
    December 16th, 2014 at 7:51 pm
    Take Winston. I really don’t care to see another qb cry after a loss.”

  37. bucbucbuc Says:

    I’ll take Mariota over Winston any day. Winston had an FSU team absolutely stocked with talent and barely scraped by laughable teams. He is a king at FSU and treated like one, able to skirt the law and get away with his childish antics. Mariota faced more adversity in his career, and even though he is soft-spoken, I think he will prove to be a better leader.

    I’m sick and tired of this hype around clowns like Johnny Football and Winston. Those types of guys NEVER make it in the NFL.

  38. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Cook said he was staying when the season first started.

  39. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    2014 Jadeveon Clowney DE
    2013 Eric Fisher OT
    2012 Andrew Luck QB
    2011 Cam Newton QB
    2010 Sam Bradford QB
    2009 Matthew Stafford QB
    2008 Jake Long OT
    2007 JaMarcus Russell QB
    2006 Mario Williams DE
    2005 Alex Smith QB
    2004 Eli Manning QB
    2003 Carson Palmer QB
    2002 David Carr QB
    2001 Michael Vick QB
    2000 Courtney Brown DE
    1999 Tim Couch QB
    1998 Peyton Manning QB
    1997 Orlando Pace OT
    1996 Keyshawn Johnson
    1995 Ki-Jana Carter RB
    1994 Dan Wilkinson DT
    1993 Drew Bledsoe QB
    1992 Steve Emtman DT
    1991 Russell Maryland DT
    1990 Jeff George QB

    Just to provide a little perspective. The #1 pics for the past 20 years or so.
    Some good players…some HOFers and some real mediocrity.

    And so if we pick one of the Heismans and they play as well as Drew Bledsoe
    or Carson Palmer would we be happy. Let’s just hope we don’t get a Tim Couch or Sam Bradford.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    StPeteBucsFan –

    I agree with you Winston has been a dumbarse at time that being said at what point does a young man get a second chance. Derrick Brooks whose moral compass is unquestioned has given him another chance. Look if he raped that girl, he does not deserve a second chance but that has not be proven. Although, I don’t practice it as much as I should forgiveness is a virtue. did i get that saying correct. Not trying to be confrontational.

    Skyline —

    If Winston plays like he did all season then he will look terrible as always.
    Sir I will take a terrible 29 and ZERO over what we have currently. again if 29 – 0 is terrible, sign me up. With McCown and Glennon it would take over 25 years to hit 29 wins. I know he did not win by himself but like always the QB leads the team and receives too much credit with a win and too much crap for a loss.

    Please people don’t point out FSU botched the investigation and all the same crap that has been going on for a year it’s all been said but until someone is convicted of a crime or there is clear evidence he did it. He should be given the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. Innocent until proven guilty. I’d be the first one to stone his arse if its proven he raped anyone.

  41. Bucnut2 Says:

    This is obviously a lively debate. The best argument I have heard is that he is a winner which he definely is. Sounds strangely like the case Florida fans made for the tebow.The problem is he plays poor competition and hits the wrong team in the numbers too much. Qbs get less accurate at the nfl level, not more. Forget character concerns, this guy is unlikely to be moe than a backup at the next level. Sorry FSU fans, this guy is not the answer. I don’t like marriotta either. He is a system qb and needs to be drafted by the Eagles to have a chance. All major talent evaluators agree, there is no Andrew Luck in this draft. We’re debating qbs who will very likely disappoint in the nfl. Bucs should trade down and draft Cooke

  42. Bucnut2 Says:

    @bucbuc- totally agree

  43. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Don’t disagree Bucnut but Cook has announced he’s returning for his senior year.

    If people seriously had Jameis interests at heart they’d talk him in to returning another year if able. He’s going to be just 21 next month. Again he could stand a little improvement on the field…better ball security cutting down the INT’s. He’ll be surrounded by top talent once again thanks to Jimbo Fisher’s awesome recruiting. They lose their RB before Florida and the Freshman comes in and outplays the starter. They do not rebuild at FSU under Fisher they simply reload.

    And of course another year could give Jameis the chance to clean the slate.
    The kid has an award winning smile!!! Get the right PR people and he would not only be a slam dunk #1 next year he’d be an endorsement gold mine!!!

    And he’d have another year to decide if he likes baseball better. He’s only 20 and a freaking sophomore. Another year would do him well. IF he stops the off field nonsense.

  44. Dave Pear Says:

    Tom Brady’s career stats at Michigan-
    Passing- 30 TD’s 17 INT
    Rushing- 90 Attempts -150 yds
    On face value alone. Not really too impressive.
    All he did was win.
    Case closed.

  45. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Could you tell us when Brady was drafted? Maybe we should look in that round for a QB.

  46. Tiny Tim Says:


    What adversity has Mariotta faced? You mean having a winning point differential of 28 pts? That shows he faced a lot of adversity on the field? Give me a game winning drive you can point to where Mariotta showed up and I can give you 15 for Winston. Every week, trolls nationally have hounded Winston and called him all kinds of names and yet this guy does nothing but perform in the spotlight, in the clutch and keeps his teammates believing they can win. Say what you want, but Winston is by far the better qb.

    And those who don’t believe Mariotta is a product of the system…………..Darron Thomas in his two years as a starter threw for 66 tds and 17 ints with a completion percentage of 61.5%. He averaged the same amount of TDs per year with a couple more ints. Winston has looked 10 times better than EJ manuel and Christian Ponder who both played in the same system. Take Winston!!!

  47. ClearwaterBucsFan Says:

    Yes, all great. But Winston is a CRIMINOLE. Lovie will not tolerate him. Period. End of discussion.

  48. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    I prefer Mariota, but only slightly. He hasn’t made dumb on-field mistakes or dumb off-field mistakes like Winston. Winston is not afraid to throw the ball, both a strength and a weakness. He throws a lot of questionable passes and a good bit get picked off, but even afyer throw in 3 INT’s he is still fully confident in his ability to throw and isn’t afraid to put his tean on his back to win.

    I will gladly take either.

    But please, Liar Smith, draft ONE of these guys.

  49. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Awaiting moderation

    Guess I made the naughty list, Joe?

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If we draft Famous

    • Rob Chudzinski – Offensive Coordinator
    • Chan Gailey – Senior Offensive Asst.
    • Jim Zorn – Quarterbacks Coach
    • Bill Callahan – Offensive Line Coach

    *Bill Callahan is in the last year of his contract with the Cowboys

  51. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If I’m the Bucs and I have the #1 pick on draft day, the very first thing I’m going to do is call the Eagles and see if they want Mariota to run that offense for several 1st and 2nd round picks. Then I can start building my team

  52. DB55 Says:

    A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

    Great debate but it doesn’t really matter bc neither will play defense. Neither can keep players off of IR. Neither can stop players from making stupid penalties or make them not fumble or drop passes or stay onsides or break tackles, etc. only the HC can control these things by having the right staff and system in place.

    Love the debate every night but it’s mute as long as Lovie is in charge. Neither can stop Greg Olsen from catching 12 passes for 100+ yards or stop Suh from decapitating the QB. Trade Lovie and the #1 pick for Suh. Then we can go from getting ice cream in the PS to eating dirt and nails.

  53. Deminion Says:

    would love if we draft this guy, I have never seen a spread O QB have success in the nfl ijs

  54. DB55 Says:

    *eating ice cream

  55. tmaxcon Says:


    Great list of coaches.

    Why would such accomplished coaches come work for the OC killer Lovie. No state taxes only goes so far. 2 of the guys on the list are better coaches than Lovie. Again, I love your list but, I just don’t see any OC with any experience working for Lovie based on his 10 year track record of blowing up OC’s. It’s career suicide to be Lovie’s OC.

  56. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Sure you have deminion. Drew Brees was in a spread offense. Manning, Rodgers, and Brady all run spread offenses in the NFL.

  57. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Great post. The right coaching staff may actually be more important than which QB we take.

    @tmax All excellent points. We can only hope Lovie is more concerned about job security than his ego and he can somehow sell these guys well enough to get them to come. Perhaps if he dangles that #1 pick and listens to their desires?

  58. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    You guys are way to hung up on 29-0. How many games did Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Luck, Wilson lose in college. How many Championships did they win? How many Heisman trophies? My point is Winston isn’t better than these guys, yet you talk like he will never be beaten. I hope they lose to Oregon and Winston decides to stay.

  59. tmaxcon Says:

    Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston – I am confused. If the object of the game is to win why is it wrong to get hung up on that. Look, you make some valid points but at the end of the day winning is all that matters. No franchise has more UGLY wins than the bucs do especially back in the dungy days but a win is a win. Some people just have that IT and makes players around him better and Winston has that. I just want to win and I feel he gives the bucs the best chance out of the options available.

  60. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Amen Skyline. Apparently FSU has a really crappy football team with this amazing QB who WON all those games singlehandedly.

    In Tallahassee football is not an eleven man sport much less 22 if you count O and D and we haven’t talked about special teams.

    All that stuff we’ve read about Jimbo being one of the best recruiters in the land must be hokum..except of course for the fact that he landed Saint Jameis.

    And so this report from the Noles hometown paper in Tallahassee…

    And now that he’s brought the Seminoles back to an elite level on the field, the recruiting trail is more fertile than ever. So much so that Fisher and his staff aren’t just putting together another ho-hum, Top 5 class this cycle, they might just be putting together an all-time great collection of talent.

    With defensive end Josh Sweat’s commitment on Wednesday, the Seminoles now have at least five five-star players in the fold for the 2015 class.

    Fisher may be the best recruiter in America. Yeah Saban fans have a right to contest that. OK one of the top two or three.

    Jameis has NOT done this all by himself. Get a grip Noles.

  61. MadMax Says:

    @tmax, and we barely squeaked by Pitt with Glennon.

  62. gatrbuc17 Says:

    I see that reading comprehension is not one of Max’s strong-points.
    When I said the Mariota has only had “12 ints his Entire career” I was illustrating the point that Mariota HAD played longer and STILL has less picks!! Did you get it that time??? Or did that go over your head again?
    And btw. This is a discussion board AND this article is about Winston. Learn what “Trolling” means.

  63. MadMax Says:

    gatrbuc17 Says:
    December 16th, 2014 at 7:06 pm
    They wouldnt BE BEHIND if he didnt throw 14 first half ints.

    Posting inaccurate facts like that is what I consider trolling….but thats over your head obviously so keep at it…smdh!

  64. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I think everyone knew he was sarcastic it that 24 int. Nole fans are worse than SEC fans.

  65. DallasBuc Says:

    Debating between Winston or Mariota is fair. Debating whether we take one of those two or not strikes me as delusional. We are in this position of having a crack at the 1st overall pick largely because of how awful the QB play has been. The 2 best years since Gruden left were 10 and 7 win seasons which happen to coincide with Freeman’s best 2 years. Take a chance on a great QB and don’t think twice. This is not hard folks.

  66. Howard Cosell Says:

    Mariota has only 12 ints his entire career.
    That’s because he has blue-chip receivers who completely
    outplay the pass defenders on every down. They can leap 12 feet
    in the air.
    Winston has bad receivers. Winston has to adjust his throws for
    their bad routes and hit them in the hands as they’re falling down.



    Lol, just kidding.
    Mariota is this years Bortles and Winston is this years Manziel.

  67. Howard Cosell Says:


    Start McCown and Collins and Michael Johnson.
    Lovie is saving the Cannon from this debacle because he’s
    the QB of the future 2015 where he can back up Mariota.

  68. BUC IT Says:

    Joe, I usually like your stuff but the Jameis Winston talk is just crazy. He has a ton of talent but he is a problem child. There is no way we should take a chance on a guy like that. We are going to draft #1 hopefully and we will draft Mariota.

  69. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On Mariota from article

    Granted, Mariota played well in both of those games, throwing for 318 yards and three touchdowns against Michigan State and 258 yards with four total touchdowns against Stanford. The results, however limited, indicate he’s not a quarterback that thrives only on weaker competition.


    What makes Mariota so good is his decision-making. Mistakes are a rarity for Mariota, but when he does show signs of being human, it doesn’t affect him.

    “He’s freakishly smart, especially when it comes to football,” Ducks offensive coordinator Scott Frost told Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com in November. “He sees things and processes things so quickly that he just doesn’t make a ton of mistakes.”

  70. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I honestly have not made up my mind on either. I’m leaning toward Mariota because of the mobility and off field stuff.

    I have their games to review before I decide. Got plenty of time.

    I do think this daily article should be entitled Franchise QB Watch though. Because if the Bucs take Mariota or another qb, Joe will have a ton of proof he didn’t want that qb here. Might make things awkward. Of course, I could be wrong.

  71. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    This from the same artícle, the writers verdict
    “Throw out the season stats mentioned above because this one is a close call. A month to prepare might be Winston’s best friend. However, there just hasn’t been anything this season that indicates Mariota will be anything other than brilliant.“

    So the article writer prefers Mariota. Funny this post doen’t mention that. 😉

  72. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Howard Cosell Says
    “Mariota is this years Bortles and Winston is this years Manziel.“

    Not accurate. Mariota is the mobile QB. Winston is a pocket passer.

  73. Phil Says:

    Jameis Winston is the best player in college football and we should do everything we can to get him on our roster.

  74. SlowBucs813 Says:

    I pray to the football gods that we draft Jameis. I personally dont care how much he get in his bank account Im not picking up the tab. Just Win Baby!!

  75. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    From the same article “It’s true that Winston has made some bad decisions this season. Though interceptions are a team stat in that a number of things can contribute to them, Winston’s four interceptions against Florida last month were mostly, if not all, on him.”

  76. Miracle Says:

    So I’m okay with drafting either qb or another player, but I am alarmed about some of the comparisons that we are making about Winston.

    I’ve seen comparisons to newton and freeman but there is no relatable on field value to either of those qbs. Cam is a one read then run qb. Freeman was a one read throw deep qb. Neither is particularly accurate and only cam is really a gamer. These are the opposite qualities of winston.

    The best qualities of Winston are that he is accurate, can read defenses, will throw to his 2nd or 3rd recievers, and he is a winner. His best qualities are his intelligence and accuracy.

    So how does that relate to newton or freeman at all?

    Let’s be honest, winston should be the best prospect since Luck or even better due to his ability to put teams on his back and win. Anyone who says that winston is not an exceptional on-field prospect is delusional. There is no question about his ability to lead and play as a pro qb.

    This was and is not newton or freeman at all..

    So I ask why are we comparing him to either of these qbs?

    I can honestly think of only 1 reason and that really is race..

    Please feel free to prove me wrong

  77. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “This was and is not newton or freeman at all..

    So I ask why are we comparing him to either of these qbs?

    I can honestly think of only 1 reason and that really is race..”

    Don’t forget JaMarcus. He’s nothing like lazy and fat JaMarcus. I have also seen people say Vince Young. Who is also a one read and run QB. So, still nothing like Jameis.

    So, yeah, there’s some people who won’t come out and say it, but, there’s clearly something they want to say.

    Once again, he compares most to Big Ben.

  78. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Winston’s four interceptions against Florida last month were mostly, if not all, on him.”

    You guys love talking about that one game….that they won. Don’t great QBs ever have bad games? Do you think one bad half is somehow more indicative of his play, than actually looking at his entire body of work?

    That’s like me just using the 2013 Pitt game as the sole way to judge his career.

  79. MadMax Says:

    @miracle, not everyone pays attention to race…..but boy the race baiters sure do.

  80. Mortimer nah Mickey Says:

    Don’t think race is an issue,off the field problems are.He could be from any ethnic background and these problems would be an issue.