“I’m More, You Know, More Conservative Back There”

December 12th, 2014

Birds of a feather

Six weeks ago, former Buccaneer Mark Barron took all kinds of heat for saying the safety position in Lovie Smith’s defense was too “passive,” following his trade to St. Louis.

Even Lovie Smith took exception to that.

Now it seems Barron has a peer with a similar assessment of the safety position under Lovie.

Speaking last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network on WDAE-AM 620, former All-Pro safety Dashon “Hawk” Goldson talked about how he hasn’t been fined by the NFL this season. Hawk said it’s a combination of not being “targeted” any longer by NFL officials and suits, “trying to be smarter” and, dare Joe say, a more passive role.

“I’m at a different scheme to where I’m more, you know, conservative back there. I gotta play within my scheme,” Hawk said.

This was very intriguing, especially considering how Lovie has raved openly about how Goldson is like another coach and has a fantastic football mind — yet Hawk offered a take similar to Barron’s. Hmmm.

Joe could dissect this in all kinds of directions but will refrain from guesswork. What’s clear is that Bucs’ opening-day safeties had a massive adjustment and eyebrow-raising takes on their roles.

As for Hawk’s rough day on the field in Detroit, he said a major factor was taking “bad angles,” aka channeling Sabby The Goat.

12 Responses to ““I’m More, You Know, More Conservative Back There””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The “Squawk” needs a pay cut next year or hit the road!!!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Barron made 1 tackle last night…..

  3. bucs1991 Says:

    Just another excuse to why he’s sucked this year, I mean straight up if you’re a good player you should be able to adapt. “The Hawk” I’m pretty sure has 0 picks this year, more like “The Duck” to me. I’ve seen Goldson miss tackles several times this year, that’s not schematic.. You SUCK.

  4. bucs4lyfe Says:

    more conservative……which is why your never around the ball, can we stop calling him the hawk please because he’s the duck, he’s prey in pass defense. don’t take a pay cut, just take a cut and go destroy someone else’s secondary. he’s had 3 years to make an impact and the only time anyone talks about this guy is when he gets a suspension and he’s not even doing that anymore

  5. Rick Says:

    This is all the bombast of players looking for the big hit to play to the fans and the analysts.

    The safety, in any defensive scheme, is the last line of defense – the man that has to make the stop or it’s 6 points in the other direction. That’s why they call him the safety!

    By definition, safeties must play conservatively so nothing gets past them.

  6. Greg Schiano Says:

    Performance reflects leadership! Last year at least the defense was hitting somebody! The safeties play this season reflects their coach – – Lovie!

    Jim Harbaugh would put forward a brand of tough, hard nosed play! We need Jim Harbaugh. Kiss the #1 pick good bye and any talent that comes with it if you have this brain (fart) trust coaching them.

    None of it matters unless Team Glazer pulls the trigger and starts over from the top! I can’t believe anyone would hesitate if Harbaugh was available. What he heck is a “lovie??”

    Greg Schiano

  7. BoJim Says:

    Hawk. STFU and play.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Rick- I agree with you. I think that you could probably read too deeply into that statement. It’s like an offensive lineman with technique. You cannot just fly with reckless abandon all over the field.
    However, it would be nice to see some big plays from time to time.

  9. ddneast Says:

    As a clever wit said on the NFL when he sees a player purposely miss a tackle, he’s making a business decision on the football field.
    Golden made his money and doesn’t have the heart to play this game now. This is what happens to a lot of NFL FA’s.
    I’m do over this guy. When his show came on last night, I turned it off. I’ll listen to a hypocritical preacher before I listen to him.

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Count the number of games we could have actually won this year. Our talent clearly didn’t put 12 men on the field…that’s totally on the coaches!!!

    When you can pick a half dozen games that the Bucs lost as opposed to getting beaten by the other team physically, in some games we had no chance talent wise and I concede that, but in a significant number we were in the game until very late when some boneheaded move would give the game away.

    Seriously. Based on simply the talent on the field we could have easily won 4-5 more games. What makes it even more galling is that 7-6 is usually mediocre but in this year’s NFC South we’d be odds on favorites to win the division and then get blown out in the first round due to our lack of talent.

    Bottom line is that coaching is just as responsible, actually far more so than our talent level. Does anybody believe that this team’s talent is truly inferior to Schiano’s teams? 4 wins and 7 wins.

    I’m not Schiano fan but facts are facts. To this point…

    Greg Schiano has been a better Buc HC than Lovie

    Notice I said “Buc Coach” not NFL coach. I’ll give Lovie his props for the Bears. But perhaps he’s lost his fastball…if he ever had one.

    Many coaches ride a great QB to a good record…Lovie was blessed to be able to ride a great MLB…if Urlacher wasn’t a Bear I suspect Lovie’s record would be far worse.

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Wow there’s a question guys. Would Lovies’ Bears have made the SB if he had to play Mason Foster at MLB instead of Brian Urlacher?

  12. "TheKevin" Says:

    ^^^^^stupid question.

    You can ask that about any coach on any team that had a great qb that led teams to Super Bowls.

    Would they have won without those qb’s