Finally, Real Talk From Lovie

December 1st, 2014


In the past few weeks, when Bucs coach Lovie Smith stood behind a microphone and said with quiet confidence the Bucs were only two wins from a division lead, Joe knew what Lovie was trying to do.

Still, it made Joe want to ram his head into a wall.

It was all but saying he was happy the Bucs had but two wins, and no one in their right mind thought the Bucs were a playoff team no matter what kind of hopscotch math Lovie chose to use.

Well, as upset as Joe was at how the Bucs lost (UH-gen) yesterday, Joe found it refreshing Lovie has finally come to grips that the Bucs are an awful football team.

“That’s how 2-10 football teams play,” Lovie said. “Found a way to lose it at the end. Did some good things defensively, played hard throughout, taking the ball away from them, playing hard right up until gave us an opportunity to win the football game. But when you make dumb, stupid penalties like that throughout the game it ends up biting you at the end, which it did. Again we’re a 2-10 team; not a good feeling at all. Thought we were really prepared for the game but the results didn’t show that.”

Thank you, Lovie. Bravo! Joe is happy you are finally calling out your team and being straight up and real with folks.

Now the defense is playing good. The offense? It is a freaking nightmare of the highest order.

To hear more from Lovie’s postgame presser yesterday, click the arrow below. Audio courtesy of Joe’s friends at WDAE-AM 620.

42 Responses to “Finally, Real Talk From Lovie”

  1. mike Says:

    how about the coaching mishaps! the coaching stinks! joe. period.

  2. "TheKevin" Says:

    ^^^^^^^^coaches don’t play genius.

    We need better players plain and simple.

    You can blame lovie all you want but he’s gonna be here so shut up and deal with it.

    Again other teams have better player plain and simple. It’s not rocket science.

    We need better players. Then lovie will look like the genius.

    And who would you replace lovie with genius mike? Always wanna say fire everyone but offer no solutions as to whom you would hire to replace him.

    He will be here 3 years so suck it.

  3. finishers Says:

    Oh yeah

  4. Rob Says:

    This team is never going to turn it around if we put a new coaching staff in every other season. As awful as this is compared to our expectations, you’ve got to give Lovie three full years, and you’ve got to find a quarterback at the top of the draft, period.

  5. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Finally. Now that Lovie admits, sort of, that his offense sucks, I can only hope he will realize his off season offensive moves did not work. Maybe then he’ll address personnel moves, ie quarterback, offensive line, etc again. Hopefully make far better acquisitions. If he even hints at giving Tedford another chance, I may just vomit. No matter the “potential”, he can never be depended on. It’s not rocket surgery, when you have a defensive head coach and a rudderless offense, you’re drifting aimlessly on offense.

  6. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ Kevin

    Lovie took over a Bucs team with one of the best CB’s to play the game, a two time pro bowl DT, a WLB that plays like a pro bowler, and a RB two years removed from a fantastic rookie season. A team most every professional talking head and analyst said had a lot of young talent that just needed coaching. Now add a season’s worth of draft and free agency moves that LOVIE and Licht made and this team is now a reflection of it’s head coach. Sorry, but the whole we don’t have as many good players as other teams is complete and total BS! When most of the guys traded away or let go are starting on new teams this season that is telling. And unless you are one of the Glazers you have no idea if Lovie will be here for 3 years let alone next year.

  7. NCMike Says:

    Yep you’re right…. The coaches don’t play. They teach, eval, have a hand in FA, do game plans, and so on. Lovie actually said it started with coaching( dumb penalties!). We had better talent here last season, so who does that fall on? Oh that would be Lovie who has full control over the 53 man roster. So Kev, while you throw out genius talk…. Remember it was Lovie that chose our starters. So you sir need to shut up and deal with it

  8. mike Says:

    @KEVIN- NEVER SAID! I was a genius moron! and never was one that wanted schiano fired either. genius! what games have u been watching. bucs gave at least 5 games away this year from stupid idiotic rookie coaching mistakes. like it or not coaching sucks! period.

  9. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Where is the MOST problematic positions on the team – the O line – including the 12 men on the field debacle yesterday, the entire O line that Lovie sent packing NEVER at anytime ever resembled this Bu__ Sh__ the we have on the field this year, and it’s pretty ironic that all last year’s O line departed are starting on other teams and playing damn good. Time to pay the piper Lovie & Lieght .

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie is now almost a 10 year NFL coaching vet, what we’re seeing is what we’re going to be getting for as long as he’s coach. This isn’t some rookie coach adjusting and doing poorly, this is someone with over 150 NFL games coached. His faults we’re currently seeing are the same as they were in Chicago. With the schedule remaining 2-2 is the best case scenario and more realistically 1-3 will be the result. For Lovie, almost 10 year NFL vet Lovie, to change the roster over pretty dramatically with veteran players of his choosing and to get the same or fewer wins than last year, considering what a disaster last year was? I think Lovie’s best case scenario is Chicago redux, assuming he finds another historic return man and a few Hall of Famers. And Chicago had 1 playoff win in his final 6 seasons. I’m not sure there’s a lot to be excited now.

  11. NCMike Says:

    Nope! Lovie never said he didn’t want more points before the half! Oh wait!?!?! Wrong Lovie

  12. mike Says:

    @NCMIKE- my thoughts exactly pal.i know we need some players but geez wtf this team has what 2 ex nfc north head coaches on it and they coach like rookie coaches. just sayin!

  13. Harry Says:

    @Toes, We’ll said.

    @Kevin, who to replace Lovie with? John Harbaugh with Rex Ryan as DC.

  14. BFFL Says:

    rod chudzinski for OC

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    I don’t think Lovie will be around for three years if he keeps losing at this pace.

  16. mikeh Says:

    @HARRY- harbaugh! that would be awesome!

  17. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I think Lovie is just arranging his shields for the off season purge and the meeting with the Glazers to determine the peolpe to be held accountable: his OC, coach O’Dea, the players he called out and especially some of the FA signings which should draw Lovie’s buddy Licht into the fire as he signed all these FAs and traded for a washed out Mankins….

  18. Soggy Says:

    @TheKevin says “coaches don’t play genius”. No but they call the shots and lovie said himself the 12 man thing was on the HC. So as you say – you can suck on this the HC cost us this and IMO many other games with his genius ways.. At least he is starting to admit his mistakes. Are you Mrs. Smith or something the way you come unglued because someone said lovies coaching is bad?

  19. Walter White Says:

    Lovie after the season “well, the way I look it at, we’re a 3-13 foot-bauwl team, if you think we still played well enough to finish at least second place in all our games.”

    Fire. This. Dufus.

  20. OB Says:

    We need a new head coach because the one we have doesn’t see the train wreck of an offense we have or else he would have found an OC and dumped/benched some of the players including his QB of now. The other team always adjusts against us at halftime, we only adjust to lose the game.

  21. Walter White Says:

    Just look at Lovie in the sidelines. While other credible and able-bodied NFL head coaches are thinking about the game situation or clock management or personnel etc., Lovie kooks like he’s thinking about how big that airplane was that flew over the stadium during the national anthrm. He’s thinking about how he can’t wait till the game is over so he can fix himself some more thanksgiving leftovers. He’s thinking about those directv commercials with Rob Lowe and how silly they are. He’s thinking about what he’s gonna say in the press conference after we lose again. Marvin Lewis OWNED him with that coaching move yesterday. Lovie “Darius McCrary” Smith would NEVER think of such a clever move. N E V E R!

  22. JT Says:

    The bucs arent that talented especially on offense but that fall on lovie as do all the stupid mistake every week. Lovies talent evaluation was worse than ive ever seen Every majo f1ee agent he brought in has been a liabiliity. Sure the defense is coming around but it really dosent do any good when his hand picked qb
    is costing us games.

  23. mikeh Says:

    @WALTERWHITE- too funny. I think he has alzhymers or dementia! what a idiot.

  24. mikeh Says:

    he should go back to his cellar. and stay there!

  25. calibuc Says:


  26. dmatt Says:

    Lovie is to blame as well. Had a chance to get playmakers but decided to bring in imposters. Picked up MJohnson vs GHardy/JaredAllen/JPeppers; Picked up SPatton vs DHester; Picked up ACollins vs DPenn; Picked up EDS vs JZuttah; Picked up jump around the league JMcCown vs Vick/Cassell/Weeden/Flynn; Drafted CSims vs using that pick on an OL or DL and bring out the best in talented MJames who may be as better than CSims. If Lovie don’t wake up and smell the coffee he’ll soon find himself back in the basement. This is a different football era. Play makers and play fast will bring results. His too predictable offense is the status quo.

  27. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    TheKevin” Says: coaches don’t play genius”.

    As stated earlier in this string of posts, “yes coaches don’t play, but they are supposed to ready a team for the game”.

    Meaning, Kevin who has disappeared, don’t jump off sides you idiots.

    Our defense is coming along, but even they are committing dumb penalties. Offense is jumping off sides, back up center has never started a game at ANY level and we saw how that worked, we have no one to call plays (ie. running the ball on the last play of the 1st half after taking a timeout to hopefully come up with a hail mary or something with time running out).

    So, yes Kevin it comes back on the coach you hack!

    Lovie is in charge of EVERYTHING, so it’s all on him.

    He’s not going anywhere, but he better get this working, we need an OC, O-line, more help on defense, a QB that probably wont happen, and really a better DC. Maybe Lovie should take a step back and see he should coach the D and get someone to run the O as well as call the plays for the O too.

    And, I would love to have Jim Harbaugh and Sexy Rexy as our 2 new coaches if that were able to happen, but it won’t.

  28. billy buckaroo Says:

    Coaching or players?
    Julius Peppers:
    Lovie (and Trestman) use him as an everydown defense end and he struggles last couple of years.
    Green Bay takes him and turns him into a ROTATIONAL player at Def end/linebacker and he is having a terrific year.
    Same player
    different coaches
    Green Bay recognizes the correct application for Peppers and it works out great for Peppers and The Packers.
    Not exactly the same for Lovie and Trestman usage with the Bears

  29. flmike Says:

    Playing not to lose is not playing to win…

  30. Greg Schiano Says:

    So when does Lovie call out Lovie? I am buying a few of those billboards around town to advertise that Lovie should be hitting the bricks with a 2-10 schedule.

    All I have heard this season is the Big Poodle running his slobber knocker about Lovie’s defensive prowess and how Lovie has so much NFL experience. If Lovie can’t win more games than I did as a Head Coach with ZERO NFL experience, he will not get any better next year.

    The mistakes are huge and they are all due to failure of coaching. The 12 men on the field has to go back to coaching and if Lovie and his staff can’t get these small game management decisions right, how can he coach against successful programs.

    The Big Poodle ran his yap last year about failure of leadership when my coaches could not coach the fundamentals. Yes, Lovie went 10-6 with da Bears and da Bears fired his arse because he could not coach the fundamentals.

    I still can’t believe he let Johnny Football slide past in the draft.

    Greg Schiano

  31. Brandon Says:

    This team has lost 8X in the 4th quarter, 7X the game was decided on the final drive… We’re 2-10, that’s a fact, but we’re ever so close to turning it all around. This defense is rapidly improving and this should only continue into next season as players improve, learn the system better, and the roster is upgraded. The offense has been a lost cause since the season started. You can’t win in the NFL changing OC’s before the season starts and then replacing him with a guy that was marginal in college. There were already enough weaknesses on the team (OL, QB) that going in an entirely new direction on offense is just too much to ask.

    Enter a new, or perhaps just a more seasoned, offensive coordinator, a new QB, and it would be easy to envision those two upgrades being worth 8 points a game… which if we had them now, we would be sitting at 9-3. This team is THAT close to being good or at least having a record that would indicate excellence.

  32. Brandon Says:

    Schiano, you realize the real Schiano would want nothing to do with Manziel. You are a walking, talking contradiction. Schiano doesn’t like mobile QBs. Schiano HAD his franchise QB in Glennon.

    As for coaching fundamentals and losing games. Lovie has been blown out twice this season in 12 games. The other 10 games were decided in the 4th quarter or won outright by the Bucs. The Bucs were blown out 5X in Schiano’s last season with the Bucs, including 3 out of the last 4 losses. He also lost 4 games by one score (this team has lost 7X by one score), say what you want, but this is called progress. Lovie is making a decent team out of a chicken spit roster assembled in large part by Schiano and Dominik. The AFC North leading Bengals just came to Tampa and they feel fortunate to have gotten out with a win. Cincinatti sports radio is calling it a big win and remarked about what a tough team Tampa is and how lucky the Bengals got. The Bucs beat all of ONE team with a winning record in Schiano’s 2 seasons as head coach. And there should be an asterick next to that win because it came against Atlanta win the Falcons already had homefield advantage all sewn up.

  33. BirdDoggers Says:

    Horrible coaching, inexcusable play from the offensive line, and a completely undisciplined team that can find every way imaginable to lose a game. This isn’t a problem with any one area of the team. This is a culture problem that starts at the top and trickles down.

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Brandon….tough team….not on your life. A few tough guys….yes….but tough teams don’t keep folding like a cheap suit in the second half of the game every Sunday. And that lack of team toughness is on the coach.

  35. ander Says:

    this season was over the day we mention mccown as our starting quarteback true story.

  36. Career Fan Says:

    Here I sit in Iowa. A career Bucs fan and I have more resolve than most. I fly down to attend the games when I can and will always support the Bucs. This leads me to my point… Lovie Smith. I wanted him as a coach and still do. Why? Because he will turn this ship around. He inherited a bad football team. A 4 win team at most. The goal was to weed out the bad players, start a new era, and move towards success. It won’t happen in a year. It took a very short time for Lovie to turn Chicago into a winning team. A 10 win team. I will take that. The defense is showing improvement weekly. We are gettting sacks, interceptions, the tackling has improved, and in time… wins. The OC instilled an offense and then was gone for health reasons. The QB Coach then took over. That scenario would kill virtually any team… especially a bad team with a lack of talent on the O line. I will not pretend to say that the FAs made sense. They never did. Collins, Johnson, McWho? They were a mistake. That being said, we have seen unknown players blossom. But next year, after a solid draft… a QB to LEAD us… another year of learning the Tampa 2… and actually having an OC… a real one!!! This team will be vastly improved. Just have a little faith Bucs fans.

  37. bucrightoff Says:

    When you read Brandon’s continued impassioned defenses of Lovie, you’d think he’s defending a coach with a great track record, and not one who misses the playoffs twice as much as he makes it. You’d think he’s defending a guy who produces 5 or 6 playoff trips in a row and not a coach who made it one time in 6 years. But this is where we’re at as a fanbase, a coach whose absolute best case scenario will make us mediocre is worth defending, a coach who made lead us to the worst record since the mid 80’s…

    Chip Kelly, where art thou? Damn we blew it big time not getting him.

  38. mark2001 Says:

    We’re not rebuilding…..we’re reloading…Everyone in every place but Tampa Bay knows what we are… a poor, underachieving and poorly coached team.

  39. Soggy Says:

    Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser. -Vince Lombardi.

    Lovie is a good loser..

  40. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


  41. The Wizard Says:

    I still can’t believe we blew up our solid foundation on the Oline in the offseason. When u actor in the FA busts, that is seriously some of the worst player evaluation EVER. When u combine that with the loss of our OC and mediocre coaching (at best) everywhere else, that explains why were 2-10…. If we draft Marriota, sign an innovative OC, and revamp the Oline somehow, I think we can be greatly improved next year…. Although, I’d much rather have a HC who is freakin passionate, I’m at least encouraged by the improvement of our defense. Hang in there, Buc fans

  42. The Wizard Says: