Defense Is Not The Problem

December 25th, 2014

(Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The Bucs defense was horrifically bad early in the season, and Joe isn’t using hyperbole here. The absolute seal-clubbing at the hands of the Dixie Chicks and Crows was proof something was very, very wrong.

Well, the Bucs made changes. Guys got used to Lovie Smith’s defense, and there was an addition by subtraction by unloading passive Mark Barron onto the Lambs.

The offense? Well, that is a special kind of trainwreck. No offensive line, little running game, no quarterback. Other than that, no problem.

Andy Benoit went over the film of the Packers-Bucs game yesterday and unlike the horror show he watched that was the offensive line of the Bucs, Benoit, who types for, had high praise at times for the Bucs defenders.

Benoit also lauded the goal-line stand, when the Bucs who had four stops inside the Bucs-7.

No, the defense is not an issue. Oh, sure they could use upgrades. Joe gets the sense the Bucs are going to move on from Mason Foster at middle linebacker, so there is a cog that will need to be filled. And, of course, the Bucs could use a right defensive end to put heat on the quarterback. Joe wouldn’t be shocked if Michael Johnson haunts some other roster.

The defense, with the right additions, could be special next year. They are not that far away.

10 Responses to “Defense Is Not The Problem”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    It’s easy to get antsy expecting a top 10 Bucs defense or better like many expected to be the result this past season. Fix the downtrodden offense with all available options. That in itself will do wonders for the defensive showing. Less three plays and a punt series will invigorate and propel the Bucs defense to the level fans expect.

  2. TAC Says:

    This future OC hire will be the most important off-season upgrade. Can he hire an all star group to help him?

    Tedford whatever he was, never really inspired confidence. He was a complete unknown.

    Bring in a rookie QB to the current “offensive” mess, and his career is over before it begins.

  3. kevin Says:

    Your absolutley right joe. But the sad reality is this offense has no hope in sight. Expect to see the same crap next season.I bet they get rid of vjax and keep murphy. If it were me I would sign randall cobb for sanders money and beef up the line while keeping vjax. But that is me not Lovie. Lovie will get rid of Jackson sign someone worse and get one new face on the oline. They should just start scouting now for the 2016 first round pick cuz its coming!!!

  4. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Best defense in the nfc south next season but the 7th best defense in the conference behind the: every team in the nfc west, lions, and maybe the cowboys. Which would make them the 12th best defense in the league also behind the: bengal, bills, texans, ravens, and patriots in the afc. Still pretty good and this also depends on how well the offense is next season for the Bucs because they could be better if the offense can stay on the field and score points. 21 points at least I think is what it would take and special teams will also have to contribute. Meaning the Bucs need an awesome punter and return man that can at least return the ball back to the 40 or 50 yard line on occasion.

  5. BucsQcCity Says:

    I will believe it when they will be able to defend the middle of the field. Greg Olsen is having HOF stats against us with Derek Anderson as QB

  6. Brent Says:

    Gotta do a better job defending mid field I agree and add a de and some depth. Why get rid of Mj? I heard Lovie say he wants 5 de that he can rotate. You need decent depth in this league too.. Why create a new hole. Money isn’t an issue next year why be misers. I think de rotation of smith Johnson gholson high draft pick would be solid. Why not give Mj (5.5 sacks) a 2nd year in Lovie’s rotation? Unless you wanna pinch pennies? Why should we as fans wanna pinch pennies? Again we have no money issues next year. Cut the bums and keep everybody else..

  7. Brent Says:

    Also, I would resign foster. We can add another MLB in fa or draft. Lansanah can be depth. Foster can play outside or inside if necessary. Why cut a good tough guy whose in his prime and wants to be here. We can still get another MLB cheap and use lansanah as rotation guy and depth. Again money no prob next year. Just dump bums like Collins mankins mcnown plenty if money. We as fans media need to push glazers to keep good players.

  8. Brandon Says:

    No, they aren’t far away at all… unless of course the 22% of the fans from a recent poll get their wish and Lovie and his staff are fired. New coach, new scheme, new players, not a good thing. Quality starters across the board and depth take a long time to build.

  9. Piratic Says:

    Joe Says: “Joe wouldn’t be shocked if Michael Johnson haunts some other roster.”

    –This is MY Christmas wish! I know that Lovie recently mentioned that #90 is finally healthy, but his lack of effort, on NUMEROUS occasions, is enough to make me want to break something!! He had, by any measure, a pathetic season.

  10. BucIt941 Says:

    I believe are defense is already special. They just end up playing for far to long every game. Eventually no matter how good you are, the game is setup in favor of the offenses and they will score. for our defense to reach it’s true limits the Offense must become at least mediocre in production or all is nil.