Be Vigilant, Team Glazer!

December 24th, 2014

Glazers2013Joe can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the Bucs to score the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Bucs have the No. 2 pick locked up, but that’s nowhere near good enough.

Joe made this often overlooked point on the radio yesterday, but it bears repeating. Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston could blow a knee next week, or in the national title game.

Then what?

All those Bucs fans content with beating the Saints on Sunday and having just the No. 2 pick will be banging their heads against a wall — unless they’re in the lunatic fringe that doesn’t think the Bucs should draft Mariota or Winston. (Joe repeats, a left tackle never led his team to a game-winning scoring drive. Solid left tackles can even be found on the street. Just ask the Raiders.)

Joe already wrote about how there is no elaborate con game out there that can fool Bucs fans or Team Glazer. The Bucs must lose Sunday because it’s in the best interest of the franchise. Period. There is no middle ground.

Joe hopes Team Glazer is being vigilant and demanding that Lovie Smith find a way to lose. Please, Team Glazer. Please.

Thankfully, Josh McCown is starting Sunday. That’s a good start. Joe would start Garrett Gilkey at center, Josh Allen at right guard, sit Mike Evans, and re-sign Sabby The Goat to play safety immediately. And why not see how Leonard Johnson can match up man to man on Jimmy Graham.

Nobody should be satisfied with winning Sunday. A win Sunday is a loss.

Simple as that.

47 Responses to “Be Vigilant, Team Glazer!”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Bucs 27 Saints 10. The Saints absolutely don’t care and will start Luke McCown. The Bucs players don’t care about the draft pick and want a win. People need to be big Titans fans Sunday if they want #1. Colts do have nothing to play for so there’s that.

  2. Ray Rice Says:

    Hey Kafka!!! You’re up!!!

  3. bosscantworkmytoehurts Says:

    I am 5ft 8 inches and i weigh 175 lbs. i will start at center for the bucs on sunday. That will help us lose. The only thing i ask for in return is that the bucs pay my medical bills! 😉

  4. Soggy Says:

    Can’t wait for sunday to see if we are really going to try and win the game, you know to mess up our draft.. Are the saints going to let us win for the same reason?

  5. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    One QB could blow a knee and the other could stay in college or tear a rotator cuff or get arrested in the offseason…too many what ifs to even worry. #2 pick still gives the Bucs the ability to draft one on the highly touted, more than likely NFL bust (especially if Lovie is calling the shots on offense), franchise killing QB’s that so many fans are claouring for. Personally I’m not as enthralled with Kapernick 2.0 or Newton 2.0 as some here, but things really can’t get much worse for Buccaneers fans

  6. Harry Says:

    Lovie has screwed with us all year. Watch him do it again on Sunday with a Bucs win. Just got this sinking feeling…

  7. MadMax Says:

    Im 6’1 220, and should be able to play one hell of a left tackle to protect McClown, wink wink…

    lol, at least I’ll be faster at getting out of the way than the guy in front of me….maybe Ill even be able to scream “Run Josh RUN”

  8. MadMax Says:

    BTW, whats the success rate of Heisman winning QB’s picked first again? Or even 2nd or top five?

    EeeeYa, trade down and go O line!!

  9. JMN Says:

    Afraid to say it because I don’t want the Bucs to win to get the #1 pick but they probably will. A lot of guys on the Bucs will be playing hard to keep their jobs in the NFL.

  10. OB Says:

    I have my money on Josh McCown being the worst QB in the division so even Luke will win, Josh is a turnover machine that can’t see very well.

  11. BoJim Says:

    I’ll just sit quietly Sunday.

  12. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Colts said they are playing their starters, hopefully for just a half at most to give the Titans a chance. But it does look like Tennessee wants that first pick as well. They simply folded in the second half of the Jags game kind of like the Bucs in Cleveland or the offense in the whole Green Bay game. But go Tiitans and win then Sean Payton can tank his team to 6-10 and the Bucs still pick 1st…. Too bad Tony Dungy is not still coaching the Colts he was good at letting his teams rest in game 16’s in the NFL: his last home game as Buc head coach vs Philly was a real nice tank job, even Steve Spurrier said he would have at least tried to win that “meaningless” game right before he bolted the Sunshine state for DC….

  13. SAMCRO Says:

    I don’t see where it matters. If we have the #2 pick and there is only one QB on the board then we just trade into #1. Give up the farm. I don’t see why that has anything to do differently than last year when Joe suggested we trade up to get Manziel. Plus, there is no guarantee, no matter how much Joe predicts, and helps to orchestrate a mutiny of all proportions, that a QB will be selected with our first pick. The only reason I think possessing the #1 pick is monumental for us is for the King’s ransom in picks that can be had by trading down. We’ve got a lot of holes to fill, and that #1 pick could help to remedy that probably twice the bounty that the #2 pick could get us. I know one thing, that Rose Bowl game will help me make the decision between Mariota/Winston or whether to pass on both.

  14. ihateloviesmith Says:

    I am really disappointed, aggravated, depressed, grieved, annoyed, stressed, and in disbelief, of how over the jest of my, buccaneer loving, rooting, watching, praying, screaming, life, of the total disregard, ineptitude, and absolute failure of this organization its ownership and the people under its employ, from the head coach, his player selections, his coordinators on both sides of the line, all the way down to the equipment manager. I REALLY DO BELIEVE THAT WITH EITHER PICK, THEY WILL TOTALY SCREW THE FANBASE AGAIN!!!!!!

  15. Nick2 Says:

    Joe its great that Josh McCown is starting Sunday but what has me nervous is that the Saints might play his brother Luke!! Do we really want to have our fate tied to the “McClown Bowl????”

  16. OAR Says:

    1.Denial 2.Anger 3.Depression 4.Acceptance……the 4 stages of our Lovie’s Bucs.

  17. Dean Says:

    Absolutely agree. This season has been a colossal failure and a last game win would just add to that horrible record.
    Now, what to do with that first pick. I am in total agreement that we need to get a top OC in place first. Then, go with the talents of the Qb’s available, matched with the system. I prefer Winston, but if it goes to Mariotta, I won’t be that upset.
    The big decision will come staying at #1 or trading the pick for a boatload of picks.

    If we could get 1,2 and 3 this year and next…that would be too much to pass up. That would give us 5 picks in the first 3 rounds this year and 6 next year. That’s a lot of firepower. However, any offer less than that is just not worth it. We have to have a franchise QB to ever get anywhere.
    Don’t blow it and don’t let Lovie anywhere near the new QB.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Lovie’s draft is not on a par with Schiano (who was the best I have EVER seen), but really, it wasn’t so bad. Evans, Jenkins and Sims are all good players, with bright futures.

    Kadeem Edwards & Kevin Pamphile may just need development under a good oline coach (which we do not have right now).

    The way I see it, we need a QB, a Center, Guard and Tackle in the off season on offense, and a DE & Safety on defense.

    Between the draft and free agency, we should be able to fill those holes well.

    As far as talent evaluation, Lovie, by choice, had a lot of people replaced. It’s impossible to strike gold on that many. Mainly because the talent was not available.

    It can be fixed this off season. Hate on him all you want, but I still believe.

  19. port richey george Says:

    Marcus Mariota according to mel kipper jr. will be picked 1st in the draft. MEL also said Jameis Winston will be picked in the top 5 spots.
    I think Winston will be available even if the bucs pick 2nd. course if lovie is still coach next year who knows what is going on in his head. he might pick a kicker with the 1st or 2nd pick. LOL. 🙂

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I do think Luke is better than Josh, and given how backups have beaten the Bucs so much, I don’t think a McCown Bowl would be horrible.

    EVEN if we end up with the #2 pick, I can live with that. We’d still get a QB, assuming Lovie picks one.

    Honestly though, I don’t hear anyone talking about another position worthy of being the #1 or #2 pick.

  21. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Ironically, fans are afraid that the coach who picked ALL OFFENSE last year might not pick offense with his first pick this year.

    Who expected him to pick all offense last year? Anyone? No one did.

  22. bucrightoff Says:

    ASJ and Sims were wasted picks considering we need OLine upgrades and everyone knew it. Sims in particular is inexcusable considering we had 3 NFL ready backs on the team. So we drafted a 4th who literally can only catch passes and is a poor runner and poor pass blocker. Could have had a Oline starter in Justin Britt in the 2nd.

  23. DB55 Says:


    If we have to lose then Lovie should start mccown, let arroyo call plays and play a basic T2 zone defense. That SHOULD ensure a loss.

  24. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Not only would I start McKnown at quarterback, I’d sit Jonathan Banks and make McKnown play corner also. Who knows, maybe he’s a cornerback in quarterback clothing. Let McKnown punt also. Danny White made a career as QB and punter.

  25. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Geeze just doing whatever the Bucs have been trying to do all season long has a 87% chance of losing. True Buccaneers fans can see there really is no need to mess with a formula now that clearly has the team on the verge…of the #1 pick anyway.

  26. Nose Tackle Says:

    Lunatic ? You wanted Johnny football. How well has that worked out ? Bortles ? Whom I believe WILL make it in the NFL. Even so, I will not engage in name calling over personal opinions. I simply disagree wholeheartedly unless you have a true once in a blue moon franchise QB. Neither of these young men fit that description Joe. Merry Christmas and all the best in the future for you ,your Family and Sincerely, Lunatic.

  27. Espo Says:


    So you want the owner(s) of an NFL franchise to order the team to lose? Either while addressing the team or just Lovie? You don’t see how that might become a problem? If they do, I sure hope the media never ever ever find out about it, much less Warden Goodell.

  28. buddah Says:

    “They will mess up the pick.” So you’re not happy with the selection of Mike Evans. Like Joe, you would have preferred Johnny Football.” So many posters are merely here to find an outlet for the anger they have over their lonely and miserable lives. Get off Lovie’s back. Give him another year. If things don’t improve–at least to 8-8, then you can shout from the rooftops. Only Seattle, Detroit, and Buffalo held Green Bay to fewer than 21 points. The defense has improved dramatically, even without their middle linebacker and McCoy. The offense has struggled mightily. Is that Lovie’s fault? No. he wasn’t planning on Tedford’s illness and subsequent betryal. What was he supposed to do? Change the offense on the eve of the season. There will be many changes to the offense this offseason. If there are no signs that L&L recognize what needs to be done, then you can bitch.

  29. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs are so bad I can’t tell whether they are trying to win or not.

  30. Espo Says:

    Amen Buddah!

  31. Jim Says:

    You cannot sit Evans and rob him of he 1000 yard season!

  32. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    8-8 is good enough for next year? Damn for me Lovie better hit 10 wins min. or keeping him was an epic failure. Broken record moment…ownership didn’t bring in a veteran NFL HC to make the team worse than the guy learning the ropes of NFL HC’ing. Year one…FAIL. Ownership (as well as fans) really shouldn’t be satisfied with said experienced coach merely tying said “college coach” in wins over two seasons, otherwise why did you waste the Glazer’s cash and the fans time and money?

  33. Soggy Says:

    @buddah, Maybe you can come back as lovie in your next Oh and thanks for the permission to

  34. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Saints tank so we win. Saints trade up for the #1 pick to take a QB in order to learn from Brees. I’m thinking Mariota as they run a spread type offense. We still get Winston, but now we have the same 2 QBs in the same division. Let’s get it on!

  35. DB55 Says:

    Oh budda budda budda

    When is your next battered wives therapy group session? I have a few more people to invite to go with you.

    “It’s not his fault, he loves me and he’s a great father”.

    Yes tedford the washed up college coach was definitely going to show out in the NFL. I mean didn’t you see the preseason? The offense was playing lights out high power offense before tedford left. That damn guy cost us the season. Fker.

    You and two others I won’t mention (Brandon and Ddneast) are a complete joke. Merry Christmas.

  36. "TheKevin" Says:


    You are wasting you breath trying to reason with a bunch of idiot commenters on here that I have to share my air with.

    They know nothing other than their miserable crap filled lives.

    So no matter what the bucs do they will come in here and demand everyone be fired as if these fools know anything about anything.

    The toilet paper is use to wipe my asxs has more sense than these f ing
    Morons with a computer.

  37. Soggy Says:

    DB55, Woops you forgot one of lovies marshmellows..^^lol

  38. "TheKevin" Says:

    Here’s one of the village idiots now ^^^^^

    And db55 is the leader

  39. Soggy Says:

    Kevin flattery will get you no where, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.. Oh and this is my world and my air and I just let you live and breathe in it..

  40. J Moné Says:

    Lmao Leonard Johnson!!!! Joe you Kill me rofl
    I was surprised when LJ had that TD pass deflection I was like damn did this guy finally learn to play then I think he gave up another TD or something like big in the game and I think to myself I still hate LJ isn’t he part of that terrible historic bad secondary ?

  41. cmurda Says:

    The difference between a very good team and us is about 4 plays a game. How many games did we lose by 7 points or less? I haven’t seen anything official about who the Saints will start at QB but I can tell you they are as motivated to lose as we are. I really think we are going to win this game. I’m expecting the 2nd overall pick in the draft. I do agree with Joe that it is a big deal. If Marriota goes to the Titans then we either get Winston or have to go in another direction. I’m just sold on the fact that assuming neither one of them get hurt and both declare for the draft, then the Bucs absolutely have to draft one of them. Barring a trade down, anything else would be lunacy.

  42. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Saints coach’s name has been mentioned on the hot seat. He has no incentive to take a long-view approach and tank to keep us from #1 overall pick.

  43. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    We can have our Heisman and a franchise tackle too.

    Take that top pick in the second round, package it with another top pick and Mike Glennon and simply move up a dozen spots to pick a franchise tackle.

    Take the new two rounds and pick guard/center. Surely with two picks that high at least one of them would pan out.

    There it is…new franchise QB….a franchise Tackle to pair with Dotson who is certainly a competent tackle still getting better. Get a really good guard with one of those other pics and you replace 60% of this horrid line. You keep the two guys who actually had success with other teams. Surrounded by the new linemen and working under a new OC we could turn things around by next year.

  44. Buccfan37 Says:

    Bucs draft: Might as well be picking lottery numbers out of a hat.

  45. mikeh Says:


  46. DB55 Says:

    The Kevin

    The you for the endorsement. If you disagree with me I must be doing something right. Jesus told me to tell you “I love you” and to have a merry happy birthday Jesus day.

    BTW the battered wives will be meeting on Friday at 2p at metropolitan ministries. Do you need someone to pick you up and give you a ride. Brandon has a minivan that all of youz can’t fit in. Let me know.

  47. BringBucsBack Says:

    Once they blow it with a win on Sunday, Lovie will boast at his news conference, “how nice it is to go into the off-season with a win and something to build upon for next year!” ??