Who Is In Charge?

November 3rd, 2014


You know why the Bucs are horrible this year? You know why the Bucs stink out loud? It starts at the top with Lovie Smith.

The Bucs have done an awful job evaluating talent; there are way too many examples. And who is the overlord of all football operations, who has final say on who sees the field? Lovie.

The Bucs coaching staff has done a terrible job. A clear “F” grade if there ever was one. Who is the head coach? Lovie. Well, Joe thinks so, but is beginning to wonder.

Consider the curious comments from Lovie after the Bucs lost yesterday to the Browns, a game in which the Bucs ran the ball at will in the first half but all but abandoned the run in the second half, inexplicably so.

“Yes, we probably should have run the ball,” Lovie said of play selection the second half. “I’d like to have a couple of those calls back.”

So Lovie wanted to run the ball, eh? Who the hell is the head coach, anyway? Lovie cannot order acting offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo, who sure seems over his head, to run the ball? Why?

Yeah, more runs might have been nice, especially on the Bucs’ final drive that had a critical second-and-one with just two minutes to go, a drive that stalled.

This right here folks is why Lovie gets an “F” grade unless something turns around soon, which Joe doesn’t foresee.

A rudderless ship.

51 Responses to “Who Is In Charge?”

  1. Captain Stagger Says:

    A shame the glazers felt the need to pull this PR stunt known as the Lovie era in order to sell tickets to the nostalgist. Now we are stuck with him.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    I had a lot of thoughts where this season would go but I generally thought it’d be in the 6-10 or 7-9 range. I also never thought that I would kill for 6-10 or 7-9. Lovie took over a bad football team, turned over a third of the roster and it’s a worse football team. Shocking how horrible he’s been.

  3. Vincente Says:

    Give lovie some time. I know everyone wants a quick turn around but you have to build slowly. Not everyone you plug in is gonna be gold on day 1. I understand the play calling was pretty bad on that last drive, but you live and learn. As long as Lovie is here longer than 3 years this team is gonna do great. Not this roster other than a few players but I mean the organization will move forward. I mean it can’t get any worse right?

  4. 941 bucs fan Says:

    Little that you guys know, there was a run caled, BUT glennon called an audible on 3 and 1 and switched to a pass. Nobody is going to call the quarterback out though

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can’t have it both ways…..tell Lovie to lay off the offense….then come down on him when he doesn’t.
    Arroyo is in way over his head and the playcalling late in the game showed it.

    I didn’t mind passing on 3rd & 1…..but it was a very low percentage pass down the sideline….

  6. billy buckaroo Says:

    A steady stream of putting the blame on players has now changed to adding in Arroyo to put blame on.
    So far everyone else has been wrong or not doing their job.
    When everyone knew and mentioned Arroyo needed help that wasnt considered for a moment yet now its implied that they lost because of poor play calling by him
    This is not leadership.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    come down on him when he does….

  8. Frank lanzisera Says:

    The fault lies at the feet of the general. Lovie must be let go. If the owners do not let him go after this season the fault falls on their doorstep

  9. RastaMon Says:

    “Lovie is in WAY over his head….I listened to his press conference yesterday and was underwhemled by his monotoned empty words…then by chance I listened to a long interview with #55 on all sorts of subject…a stark contrast in leadership and answering questions. Lovie is an empty suit that has been swept to this point in life by his association with the greatness of others. I don’t mean to be harsh…but that is what I see……”

    10 Sept after the Carolina game

  10. Aceofaerospace Says:

    How bout we trade 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks and 8 million dollars to San Francisco for Jim Harbaugh. They’d probably be able to do something with next years #1 overall and #33. We’ll probably spend the #1 on the guy that holds his finger on the ball on kick offs on windy days. Those guys are hard to come by, what with the risk of getting your finger kicked and all.

  11. theodore Says:

    I’m pretty sure Art Shell is the coach of the Bucs.

  12. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Lovie is a coach, NOT a corporate president, CEO, or COO. He’s not a GM either. Yet the Glazers gave him all those jobs. Why? Because they aren’t qualified to perform them and they don’t know what they’re doing. I would fire him for two reasons. First he claimed we’d win now ala the 2013 Chiefs. And second, he hired an OC with no NFL experience and had zero offensive support infrastructure in place in case something bad happened. Granted, no one could’ve anticipated Tedford’s illness, but things happen in life and our top lieutenant is a guy who’d never called a play in his life at any level. WTF? Like it or not, that doomed our season before it started. That’s inexcusable. That’s a firing offense.

  13. Harry Says:

    Here is what I can’t figure out. 90% of Buc fans were (rightfully?) excited about the Lovie hire mostly because of his past success with both the Rams (as DC) and Bears. With the Bears, Lovie had 3 NFC-N Championships with one Superbowl showing. Even in his last year there, 2012, the team’s defense ranked first in takeaways, third in points allowed, and fifth in yard allowed and the Bears finished the season with a 10-6 record. We can debate whether or not the Tampa 2 is outdated or not, but the fact is it was working pretty darn well just 2 years ago.

    So, how do you go from that to this??? I don’t get it. Joe, what you correctly point out in the article is spot on, and I know I feel the same way – the personnel decisions are atrocious, the implementation of the Tampa 2 is unduly/painfully slow, the poor handling of the Tedford/OC situation, etc. It is just ridiculous. Is this Lovie Smith an impostor from the HC in CHI?? How can there be such a drastic difference in what we thought we were getting??

  14. King diamond Says:

    Bush league Lovie

  15. BucfaninMi Says:

    Exactly joe, his ego at the beginning and what’s happening now is ridiculous!

  16. brandonbucsfan Says:

    I don’t believe that Lovie is in over his head. I DO believe that I am TOTALLY disappointed by the coaching staff. Arroyo is definitely in over his head. Every defense knows by no that all pass plays will either go too VJ or ME. By my count count ASJ was targeted twice..once for a two yard gain when we needed 6 for a first down the other on an out pattern.. WHat is our wonderful Special Teams coach doing. How can Loyd Mankins an All-PRO allow that rookie play on the blocked field goal. (Maybe he just doesn’t want to be here).
    Mike Glennon although he threw some nice passes looked like the backup Qb that Brandon Weedon is. Time to go to Josh to see what we have to work with for next year. A top 4 pick will get us either Mariota or Winston. ROund 2 get me an OT>

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    With a name like Lovie criticism is like water off a duck’s back.

  18. NewTampaChris Says:

    With the exception of a handful of players, there are very few bright spots here. Most of the talent is terrible. And they are making all of the stupid plays that get teams to 1-7. The blocked punt was a stunt that we didn’t defend; the blocked field goal was a failure to seal to the inside. IMHO, those are both coaching shortfalls. I mean c’mon, what NFL team gets two kicks blocked in one game? It’s embarrassing.

    However, let’s not forget that if the Bucs HAD hung on to win, Mike Pettine would be getting blasted for poor clock management at the end of the half. I’m not sure many of these coaches are the complete package.

  19. Chef Paul Says:

    Harry, my 2 cents.

    Look at the drafts this team has had. Since 2009 the only 1st rounders worth anything are GMC and Evans. And as much as I LOVE Evans, the jury is still out on him. Except for maybe a handful, our players are garbage.

    You can’t win with that kind of drafting. I know what he promised, but IF he can turn this team around, it’s going to take a few years.

  20. RastaMon Says:

    I believe the talent is not as bad as the coaching…..proper coaching and leadership should have this roster @ .500

  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    Joe do a pole Greg or lovie

  22. CAN'T FIX IT Says:


  23. jb Says:

    RastaMon Says:
    November 3rd, 2014 at 8:57 am

    I believe the talent is not as bad as the coaching…..proper coaching and leadership should have this roster @ .500
    Jon Gruden got us in the playoffs a couple of times with suspect talent. Gruden would easily have this team @ .500, but of course he wouldn’t have dismantled the O-line only to find replacements, worse than what he jettisoned. Our special teams are a disaster, to the point Lovies’s about to start pulling fans outta the stands to return kicks. Yet according to he and his wife Devon Hester is like a son to them….yet you couldn’t sign him instead of the Falcons? REALLY? I feel like every word coming outta One Buc Place is know pure B.S.

  24. CC Says:


  25. MTM Says:

    That last offensive series said it all. Three pass plays in a row with 1 yd needed for the first down. Vomit!! The play calling at times is beyond comprehension. I could throw a rock and hit a better offensive coordinator. Everybody wants an experienced offensive coordinator brought in but head coaches don’t hire their potential replacement. London Buccaneers here we come!!

  26. tmaxcon Says:


    I admire your patience and optimism that being said 3 years is far to long. It’s been 12 long years since the bucs had a team we could be proud of.

    The only way Lovie will succeed if they bring in a “Proven” football executive. If the Glazers are smart they would contact Rich McKay (not sure what his contract status is) offer him Team presidency so that he can manage the Lovie / GM relationship. In addition, he is a proven team re-builder, if you will. With Lovie having respect and history with McKay it might work.

    The Glazers must grow a sack and redo the structure of the team and ensure its more than just Lovie making decisions.

    A lot of people have been bashing Licht and I feel that is premature. We don’t know what kind of operating orders he was under. If Lovie said Go get player x, y and z then Licht can’t be held accountable for the players. I agree Licht is just a “lapdog” as DallasBuc so elegantly points each and every post. Take a look at Licht’s resume / past teams; all winners, including 2 stints with Belicheat. Do you really think Belicheat would have brought this guy back a second time he could not do his job which was evaluating talent. He helped build the Cardinals and they currently have the best record in league.

    Lovie needs to coach
    Licht needs to GM
    and a yet to be named football executive needs to babysit.

    Uncuff the Licht and turn it on.

    Everything points back to Lovie being to darn stubborn to adjust to rule changes, tedford’s illness and adapting to his current players skill sets.

    Oh and Glennon needs to go… He can not lead a team or make players around him better. Everything has to be “Perfect” for him to be average much less successful. The bucs need to get a true number 1 QB this draft which we have NEVER had. No more has beens that never were or taking a chances with the leader of the worst offense going on two years.

    Draft Winston

  27. bucsd04 Says:

    Schiano would not be 1-7. I’m just saying…

  28. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    bucsd4 said:

    “Schiano would not be 1-7. I’m just saying…”

    Yeah he probably would have lost the Pittsburgh game and be 0-8…. Just sayin….. And I am not defending L&L here: they made 2 bad hires; the special teams coach has to go, the play of this unit alone has cost the Bus 2 wins minimum and this Arroyo crap is beyond comprehension; you succeed running the ball for 2 quarters so you shy away from it as a halftime adjustment and then with the game on the line you don’t have napolean D do a qb sneak before the 2 minute warning just to get a 1st and 10 to work from @ the 2 minute warning. Shame on the Glazers and L&L for not making some sort of adjustment when Tedford went out; bring in an advisor as its obvious that Arrojo is not in his element as an NFL OC. Counting hisyear as an OC at Southern Miss he is 2-18 as a play caller; Leeman Bennett and Les Sterckel would call that shameful.

  29. Greg Schiano Says:


    Outstanding commentary! I am throwing things at the puter when I hear fans say “Give Lovie time” or the Big Poodle stating Lovie has three (3) years guaranteed no matter how much his team stinks up the place!

    Not to beat a dead horse…but you guys fired the last guy cuz he had no NFL experience and did not turn the team around quickly enough!

    Now you bring in a guy with tons of NFL experience who sat in his basement all Winter having video chats with the Big Poodle and he can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Two years ago, the Bucs won yesterdays game!

    Pound the rock Lovie…how simple can it be. The Bucs have at least 3 serviceable running backs…yet no runs in the second half.

    Even Muschamp can learn if his job is on the line! Florida runs for 418 yards, throws 6 passes with 3 completions and stomps the Dawgs into the turf…Go Gators!

    Lovie has no learning curve….the mistakes he is making are fundamental. If he can’t set up the pass using the run, then Glennon is exposed. The Bucs go into half time and adjustments AWAY from what worked in the first half.

    Come on Joe…Splain it to Lucy!!

    Greg Schiano

  30. Aaron Says:

    We will probably be in the forming stage for awhile, but I think we are starting to hit the Storming stage…

    The five stages of team development:
    Stage 1: Forming
    Stage 2: Storming
    Stage 3: Norming
    Stage 4: Performing
    Stage 5: Adjourning

  31. jb Says:

    We are now in full rebuild mode. Name a position where we have a secure starter? Other than McCoy at under tackle and David at weakside backer…..we have NONE! Combine this with the atrocious coaching we’re seeing….we’re lucky to have won a game. This is simply a bad, bad team, with little sign it will improve anytime soon.
    When was the last time we were 1-15? We’ve been bad since Gruden was canned, but not THIS bad!

  32. BoJim Says:

    And you know this how???? Guess you were in the headset?

  33. BoJim Says:

    941 bucs fan Said:

    Little that you guys know, there was a run caled, BUT glennon called an audible on 3 and 1 and switched to a pass. Nobody is going to call the quarterback out though


  34. Skyline Crew Says:

    Time for the Glazers to sell the team to a competent owner. Only way this franchise turns around. Glazers have doomed the Bucs.

  35. BirdDoggers Says:

    Lovie was never a proven talent evaluator. It appears he essentially has control of the roster, with Licht having some limited input, and otherwise is just carrying out Lovie’s wishes. If this is the case, it needs to stop. The Glazers made a huge mistake if they promised Lovie full control over the roster. The head coach and GM need to work together but Lovie needs to stick to coaching and let Licht do his job.

  36. Greg Schiano Says:

    My record was better than Lovies!!

    Straight up…my first year as an NFL coach

    Straight up as my second yeas as an NFL coach

    I had no experience and was a college football coach from Rutgers!

    Please tell me, What in the world is Lovies excuse????

    Greg Schiano

  37. biff barker Says:

    It’s only going to be another 14 months with this coaching staff.

    A long 14 months. Very, very long.

    By then the roster will be a bigger mess than anyone might imagine.

  38. Skyline Crew Says:

    When that plan involves running the Tampa-2 and stressing takeaways to complement a run-oriented offense on a drama-free team as Smith did in his best years with the Bears, nobody complains. But when the plan allows Smith more power over personnel, history says it produces mediocrity.

    The Bears missed the playoffs in five of Smith’s final six seasons after a post-Super Bowl power play when Smith began exerting the type of influence the Bucs just granted him. It was February 2007 when Smith, armed with a new contract, proclaimed “trust me” after firing defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. A month later, Smith pushed to acquire safety Adam Archuleta. Later, he endorsed Devin Hester as a No. 1 wide receiver. Lest we forget linebacker Jamar Williams, who supposedly made Lance Briggs expendable.

    -Chicago Tribune

    Tells you everything you need to know.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    jb Says:

    “I feel like every word coming outta One Buc Place is know pure B.S.”

    Welcome to the party…been saying that on these boards for 3 weeks now.

    I really, truly think that the coach IS tanking the season. The players aren’t tanking it of course, but the coaches are and the playcalling tells me so. They can’t BE this bad. They have to make it look good though.

    It so much easier to understand the failures when you know they are tanking the season. Even if you don’t think so, come over to my side. It’s much easier to deal with.

  40. Famous Jameis or Bust Says:

    Ace I love the move to go get Jim Harbaugh. Also, bring in Mike Singletary too.

  41. flmike Says:

    @Skyline Crew

    I’ve been beating that drum since the day we hire Snuffy…he is an abominable talent evaluator and I’m really starting to question his coaching abilities. I’ve been screaming that the game has passed him by, and from the way this team is run and the putrid stank they claim to be professional football, I don’t think I’m far off.

  42. Harry Says:

    @Chef Paul Says:
    “…Harry, my 2 cents… Look at the drafts this team has had…”

    This is true. But Shiano dealt with the same lack of talent and his defenses did not give up 35 & 38 points in the first half of two games. Sometimes, its like we don’t even belong on the field. Its not just the 1-7 record. its the way the Bucs got there. Our play is at times embarrassing. IMO, the terrible trades of Zuttah, Williams, and what we gave up for Mankins, were terrible – Mankins is falling apart and Belicheck knew this (heck, everyone seemed to know this, I saw it online).

  43. Mike10 Says:

    Over-under of years it’ll take to turn this around – aka have a .500 year?
    I’m going with 3.

  44. Sick of this $hit Says:

    @ Harry
    Well, if you saw it online then it has to be true. I just saw you post online.

  45. Tye Says:

    Lovie+Leslie+Licht= LOSES

  46. gg720 Says:


    Your cover 2 or 3 or whatever defense you play stinks and one of these days you will realize that your front four can’t put pressure on the qb and you will start blitzing to give your defensive backs some help in coverage as you give the other qb all day to throw.

    Continuing to let Arroyo call plays adds to your stupidity as he runs the most basic offense seen in football. Plus your qb has the arm to make throws but doesn’t have the accuracy to make plays consistently and lead his receivers properly so they don’t have to stop and turn to catch the ball. Please get a qb who can get out of his own way and not look like he is stuck in mud all the time. He makes old Brad Johnson look like Michael Vick back there!!

    The game has passed you by and you need to start with yourself and your coaches as to why this team looks so pathetic.

  47. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    It is officially MIKE KAFKA TIME!!!!!!!!

  48. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    @Harry Says : Our play is at times embarrassing. IMO, the terrible trades of Zuttah, Williams, and what we gave up for Mankins, were terrible – Mankins is falling apart and Belicheck knew this

    I agree, most of our O-line we got rid of is with other (more successful) teams (Rams-Ravens-Cardinals). So they must not have been all that bad. And yes, Belichek knew damn good and well what he was doing. We got played!!!!

  49. lurker Says:

    “Yes, we probably should have run the ball,” Lovie said of play selection the second half. “I’d like to have a couple of those calls back.”

    where in there does it say lovie didn’t make the playcalls?

    we do not know if it is just arroyo calling plays, lovie calling plays, or what. and that quote is not clear who is.

  50. sho nuff Says:

    nothing is worse than giving a man with the arrogant hubris lovie displays full control….

  51. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Greg Schiano Says:
    My record was better than Lovies!!
    Straight up…my first year as an NFL coach
    Straight up as my second yeas as an NFL coach
    I had no experience and was a college football coach from Rutgers!
    Please tell me, What in the world is Lovies excuse????
    Greg Schiano

    Um Greg Shat-on-yo, Lovie is wading through some of your crap you and your boy Dominick left here. It’s gonna take at least a couple years to draft better talent, but we as fans don’t wanna hear that. Maybe we can bring in some talent through free agency, but this past years crop doesn’t bode well for our future free agents. We just gotta hope we can coach up these guys, but that’s another story. AND if we do play better down this stretch we lose out on drafting a QB worth taking early and then that takes 2 years to get him ready to play. By that time our good players will be getting past their prime.

    Time is always tick, tick, ticking away.