Where Do You Stand On Lovie?

November 18th, 2014

Tomorrow, Joe will compare results here to those of previous weeks.

19 Responses to “Where Do You Stand On Lovie?”

  1. OB Says:

    This week against the Bears will tell the tale of the Bucs, if they win or they lose but are greatly improved, then Lovie is doing his job better, they lose like they have been and he is toast.

    I can’t understand him not seeing that with ME13 getting 200+ yards alone and this doesn’t open up the running game, there must be something wrong with his running plays or the coaches and players or both.

  2. DB55 Says:

    ME13 is calling his own plays out there, even he has no confidence in the coaches.

  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    So far, 58.24% have average or above confidence.

    41.38% have little or no confidence.

    So far.

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    OB Says
    “…they lose like they have been and he is toast.”

    I just love how people say things like they run the team.

    The Glazers make the decisions, and there is zero chance that they fire him and have three coaches on tab. Not to mention, no one could realistically expect him to fix things in one year.

  5. clafollett Says:

    My opinion has changed from “little confidence” to “confident”. I’ve see stead progression in this D. Dare I say I’m excited to see how they finish? I dare… I think the D will finish lights out.

  6. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    Even though Lovie only spent a year out of football, perhaps he needed to shake off some rust, regardless of what he was telling us last off-season.

    Let’s hope all the rust is gone. I voted confident again this week and it has nothing to do with Sunday’s win. I’m still coupling next season with this season and looking forward to a better future. So essentially I don’t need a poll on a first year HC until maybe 1/2 way through next season.

    Hell if Joe had done a poll on Schiano in his first season as the Bucs HC after 7 weeks of football, MOST of you would’ve checked off Totally Confident. Then going into his 2nd season 7 weeks in, MOST of you would have checked off No Confidence.

    I think it’s too early for this poll, but it’s Joe’s site and I know why he’s doing it weekly. Because people were so high on the Lovie hire when we got him, he wants to see how low fans are now on the hire. Judging by Joe’s articles before we hired Lovie, Joe was not big on the hire to begin with. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I remember Joe mentioning that he wanted an offensive minded coach a few weeks before the Lovie hire.

  7. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    @Chef Paul…if you come in here. Yes I’m a little bit better now after some sleep, I won’t abandon this team. So you were right to not believe what I was saying about selling off all my Bucs gear. It must have been the combination of no sleep and wanting a potential franchise QB really bad.

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    This poll is basically “Did the Bucs win last week?”. When they do, the top 3 choices are the big vote getters. When they don’t, the bottom 2 dominate. Like if they go to Chicago and win 21-17, the top 3 will dominate. If they lose 45-10, they bottom 2 will dominate. Does it really mean anything? Only that most fans are pretty fickle.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Obviously a win will raise the confidence level a little bit.

  10. Another J Says:

    No change in my vote from last week. The win was nice though!
    Would like to see more wins before he gets a vote of confidence…

  11. DB55 Says:

    Winning don’t mean jack. Go Lovie. Yey!!!

  12. Eric Says:

    Totally confident here……………

  13. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    The Buc’s are 2-8, so still the same “little confidence” vote as I submit each time. However I am happy to see some improvement and if the team keeps playing better each week and can at least win 4 out of the last 6 I may sleep better being confident in Lovie (seeing as how I always expected 6 wins this season)

  14. Kevin Says:

    What’s the difference between 1 win and 2 wins? Not very much from where I’m sitting. If he can squeeze 3 more wins out of this next tough stretch of games, without any more major blowouts, he’ll have my attention. Otherwise I still hope they fire his ass after his season ending presser.

  15. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I am still in the “little confidence” category. Yeah the Bucs beat the Skins and that is good, but I can see the Skins finishing 3-13 and giving the rams a nice high first round pick, perhaps even higher than the Bucs 1st rounder…. Beat the Bear and then I might begin to have some more faith in L&L. I am very curious to see how the Bucs play against what appears to be a bad Carolina team as well; Bucs lost to them 20-14 at home, if the Bucs are improving and the players buying into Lovie’s system than they should have a chance at splitting the season series vs Carolina. Still chuckling over the poster who dropped the Winston Wolf line from Pulp Fiction over being 2-8……..

  16. mike Says:


  17. mike Says:

    @DB55 WOW! I want some of what these people are smoking. confidence ahaHAHAHAHAH yup 2 wins! I don’t that’s for sure.

  18. DB55 Says:


    I have no confidence Lovie can turn it around this year. You have to win some division games and beat a team with a winning record, then I can have some/little confidence.

    Until then, it’s a bucs life!

  19. mike Says:

    @DB55 I hear ya pal ditto!