Vincent Jackson Talks Fumble

November 23rd, 2014
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Vincent Jackson skies for a pass in the Bucs’ loss to the Bears Sunday. (Photo courtesy of

One could say it was the turning point. The Bucs, down 21-10 late in the third quarter today, looked as if they had the play of the game when Josh McCown connected with Vincent Jackson on a 24-yard pass down the right sideline.

Jackson was tackled at the Bears-4. But the ball popped loose and the Bears recovered.

Was it a fumble? Replays Joe saw in the press box were awfully close but seemed to suggest the ball came free just an instant before Jackson’s arm hit the ground.

It was really too close to determine. The play was reviewed and the zebras saw a Jackson fumble, granting the Bears the ball.

What would have been a first-and-goal was instead Bears ball.

Jackson spoke about the play after the game.

“From what I heard on the sideline, they thought it was going to be overturned,” Jackson said. “So, when it is bang-bang, I’m sure it is tough [to determine]. “I just, obviously, don’t want to put our team in that position and just try to lock it up and secure it, but it is just tough.

“[Turnovers are] something that every team in this league probably harps on, and we probably talk about it more than any team. Taking the ball away as a defense, and as on offense, taking care of it. When you are on the road it is tough when you give them more opportunities.”

Joe agrees with Jackson sides more with Gerald McCoy. Just because the offense coughs up the football shouldn’t mean it is an automatic six points for your opponent. Too often, that happened today.

And that is why the Bucs suffered yet again another loss.

23 Responses to “Vincent Jackson Talks Fumble”

  1. JJV Says:

    Best thing that could happen to V Jax is to be mercifully released from this hopeless team to a contender to join the others that Lovie got rid of. Most are doing quite well and relieved to leave this misery.

  2. passthebuc` Says:

    Run the football more. Maybe we could average a yard per carry

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    Can’t wait to see the Bucs get a second round pick for VJ. The rebuilding starts again!!!

  4. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Nice pass on that play, however there were so many Poor passes by Mccown that the loss isn’t on Jackson but on our terrible qb.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Look at the good news….Michael Johnson didn’t turn it over today…..why, because he didn’t get close to the ball….

  6. Espo Says:

    His left elbow was down. I guess beside they made the wrong ruling on the field and it was too close to overturn. We still didn’t deserve to win though.

  7. gatrbuc17 Says:

    I am Absolutely Loving all of you that say ” if we don’t draft a QB in the first round, then Im not watching anymore”
    Bye bye bandwagoners

  8. Mike10 Says:

    Resign/renegotiate V Jax – 2 year, $11 mil

  9. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Espo…………you are right. His left forearm was down. They got the call wrong but the game turned out right. We didn’t deserve to win that game mostly due to McCown’s INEPT play

  10. Orlando is watching Says:

    Winners wanted! Need new ownership!

  11. Orlando is watching Says:

    Winner’s wanted in Tampa please apply at JOEBUCSFAN.COM

  12. Jim Says:

    His elbow was down and that was a catch. Two weeks in a row the the refs screwed us. Last week it was the phantom hands to the face, both were game changers.

  13. Jim Says:

    errr…two weeks ago.

  14. sho-nuff Says:

    evry game jackson has a huge disappointeng game changing moment…a drop, fumble even pass interference….this team needs “solid” and jackson is far from that for a veteran making his money….sorry dude youre just not worth it

  15. DCBUCFAN Says:

    its really sickening to see the results of the league’s booth review not to overturn most obvious bad calls.. Bucs have always been getting the short end of the stick going back to Dungy’s era. Hell they even changed the rule that a ground cldnt cause a fumble at the end of the season, after Bucs paid the price for it vs Rams in the ’99 NFC conference playoff final. Sad!!!!

  16. ryan Says:

    that wasnt a fumble, ball didnt move until Jackson’s forearm was on the ground.

    even the FOX NFL expert ref said he was down but called it correctly that the refs wouldnt overturn it because it was too close.

    In the end, keeps us one step ahead of the Jets for first dibs on QB.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It was a close call, but clearly not a fumble. That being said, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there was no way we were getting that call, especially on the road.

  18. Owl Jolson Says:

    The league is taking and has been taking more and more control of these games. The more the refs are allowed to make judgment calls the more they influence the outcome. It used to be the poorly timed holding penalty now it’s anything and everything. It’s a business and there is too much money on the line not to have some kind of control over whose in the marquee game. The media makes more money as a result so their not saying anything. Football was one my favorite things. Now I’m just as bad as the league I put my seats up for sale each week and count the money I make when a big name team comes to town.

  19. Simpleasthat Says:

    Good thing we made the switch to McClown.

  20. Gt40bear Says:

    Can’t blame you Owl. With the economy what it is AND the quality or lack thereof of the product the Bucs and the NFL are putting in the field, I’d sell my tickets too.

  21. Connor Says:

    “bye bye bandwagoners”

    Yeah like we’re going to miss out on anything! lol. I think anyone who even dares watch a Buccaneers game is patient as hell!

  22. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    This loss is not on the defense. The Bears had only one significant drive the entire game to speak of and that was the first series in the 2nd half. When McClown coughs it up twice (fumble and INT) inside the 20, that’s pretty hard for any defense to stop. Hang another loss on McClown.

  23. evo Says:

    @Conner please don’t confuse our patience with lack of wanting a winner. I’m a loyal fan and I will watch this mess week after week. I’m not going to say if they don’t draft a qb 1st round I’m done with them. A smart fan knows we have too many holes to fill.

    But I will say bye bye bandwagoners bye bye to the highlight watchers. I hate talking football with those guys anyway. All they do is parakeet what the media says or some other bandwagoners opinion. If not drafting a qb makes you stop watching. We don’t need you anyway.