TV Map For Bengals-Bucs

November 29th, 2014

tvYou asked for it, you got it. It’s the TV map for tomorrow’s game between the Bengals and the Bucs, live from the Den of Depression.

If you are a resident of Florida or Ohio, there is a better than average chance you won’t have to run to a local bar or find someone with NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the game.

Those in areas shaded yellow below can enjoy the Bengals-Bucs live on their local over-the-air, CBS affiliates.

Outside of those areas, belly up to the bar, or as Joe does each and every day, give thanks to the Supreme Being for the magic that is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. As always, map courtesy of

Map of Bengals-Bucs

3 Responses to “TV Map For Bengals-Bucs”

  1. Mike J Says:

    Jints– Jagzz in gray area here.Fox.

  2. iamkingsu Says:

    What type of advice is this Joe?? No bar outside of FLA would show a bucs game lol and asking them to switch it to the game is down right embarrassing.

  3. iamkingsu Says:

    And let me give you the perception outside of the state of Florida. The view us as THE YUCKS AGAIN!