Throw The Damn Ball!

November 2nd, 2014


Nothing has pissed Joe off more than the Bucs’ insistence on either waiting until late in the first half to throw a deep pass, or rarely using the deep ball in the first half.

And don’t tell Joe nobody’s open or the defense isn’t giving opportunity.

Stop calling the game scared, Marcus Arroyo, and use the weapons in your arsenal. Make your opportunities. Use your Dunkaneers. You’re 1-and-freaking-6!

Jiminy Christmas! Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are on the same field.

And is there any reason the Bucs can’t throw slant passes to help out Mike Glennon? V-Jax caught loads of those early in his Bucs career, and that kind of versatility was highlighted in 2012, when he was a true Pro Bowl receiver. V-Jax caught plenty last year, too.

Also, Glennon is capable of the same short drop-backs other teams have torched the Bucs with. The Bucs can mix that in, too. And where’s the “up-tempo” the Bucs worked on all through the spring and summer? Glennon even talked about how much it can help the offense during his radio show Tuesday.

Joe’s going to puke at halftime if the Bucs aren’t aggressive offensively and manage to only play their typical first half of football. Tampa Bay averages just under four points in the first halves of games.

35 Responses to “Throw The Damn Ball!”

  1. McAlpinMike Says:

    Totally agree!!

  2. biff barker Says:

    “Stop calling the game scared, Marcus Arroyo, and use the weapons in your arsenal.”

    Arroyo isn’t calling his own game Joe.

    The Love Machines handprints are all over the worst offense in the NFL.

  3. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Preach on it. They really need to stop trying to play super conservative and running garbage wco routes. Our receivers strengths are jump
    Balls and mike throwing it deep. Let’s just put the gas to the floor.

  4. RealityCheck Says:

    Run for loss, run for no gain, pass in obvious passing situation. Then blame the RB and QB for not performing. Repeat until 5 minutes left in the game.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yeah, unleash the Cannon and the Dunkaneers. Let it all hang out.

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- “Stop calling the game scared, Marcus Arroyo, and use the weapons in your arsenal. Make your opportunities. Use your Dunkaneers. You’re 1-and-freaking-6!”
    How do you know LovieDovie isn’t insisting he call the game differently?

  7. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    Spot on Joe!

  8. Joseph Mamma Says:

    I’m guessing nobody on this staff knows the first thing about offense. And that’s not going out on a limb.

  9. OB Says:


    The sad fact is that we are 1 – 6 so far being careful not to make a mistake, which maybe let us win one the the fans. Now that is a 14% win rate, about the same as drawing to a straight which is why the casinos love the players that do.

    Do you think you could tell the Bucs’ braintrust that they are losing and if they try something like passing and on defense the backs go for the ball they can’t lose more than they are?

    Because they are paying the receivers more, could it be they are afraid they might get hurt and then they would not have a passing game, which the last time I looked they don’t?

    I believe we are seeing Lovie’s verison of the “up-tempo” offense, get off the field as soon as you can.

    Just turn them loose and let them play

  10. loubucfan Says:

    Lovie Ball! Got to love it! They have nothing to lose, OPEN THE DAMN PLAYBOOK!

  11. billy buckaroo Says:

    I think Glennon should do like Burt reynolds in the longest yard
    drop way back and the First defensive guy that comes bustin thru-
    Throw the ball right in his jewels

  12. Pat Says:

    Actually, BURN the playboy today. Let it go! Don’t have the FROZEN syndrome please.

  13. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Lovie and Arroyo are afraid of the turnover, but hell a nice long bomb that is picked is not any worse than a punt and considering how poor the Bucs special teams have been perhaps better, why not take the chance, who knows Glennon may surprise everyone and make a 40+ yard gain????? Of course the OL will have to give him time, obviously that’s a big issue as well….

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Agreed. We are ridiculously conservative on offense, until late in the game. The way Michael Koenan has been punting, I would rather just throw the ball deep and have it be intercepted.

    Also, any idea on what color jerseys we are wearing? We are undefeated when wearing the red jerseys. That’s clearly been the problem.

  15. biff barker Says:

    Glad to see most everyone knows Dungy/Lovieball when they see it.

    Lovie can’t change his DNA.

  16. SAMCRO Says:


    yeah, Goodluck with that!

  17. Zam Says:

    With Glennon that long ball is going to get intercepted. He’s not accurate enough. Speed receivers yes he could get them the ball because they have separation. But with our jump ball receivers, it needs to be placed perfectly so our receiver has more chance, and he just can’t do that reliably.

  18. bucrightoff Says:

    Hawaiian we lost to the Saints in the red jerseys….

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    Regardless, these jerseys have got to go. If we’re going to be this inept, bring back the Creamsicles so at least we can look stylish while losing. Instead we look like we’re wearing jerseys made in create a team in Madden.

  20. Please Says:

    Everytime I see pics from last year, I think how good those simple football-looking jerseys look. These current ones are like some attempt at eurotrash sexy that should be left for figure skating.

    That brushed up big logo on the helmets looks good though.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Did we? Oh, my bad. We actually played well in that game at least. Like Lovie, the jerseys aren’t going anywhere. Might as well embrace them.

  22. RealityCheck Says:

    @Zam…How can you use the term “jump ball receivers” and then say it needs to be placed perfectly? Do you know what a “jump ball” is?

  23. OB Says:


    I think the new jerseys look nerdy and that is contributing to our losing, they are ashamed of how they look in them, bring back the ones we won the SB in or at least maybe a red camouflage motif so we look like we are going into battle.

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    “Glad to see most everyone knows Dungy/Lovieball when they see it.”

    Amen! And D/L ball is BORING even when it’s winning. It’s just nauseating when it’s losing.

    Father Dungy got run out of town not because of his record but because of his boring teams and what appeared to be a lack of passion. The ONLY way Lovie survives long term is to win an SB within 3 years. The only thing left Lovie has to entertain us would be lots and lots of winning. Because watching L/Dball requires copious amounts of No Doze.

  25. mac Says:

    Joe what in the hell are you doing?

    If we start throwing the ball deep or do anything different on offense there is a slight chance that we can win…

    Why on earth would you want to screw up our draft position and the possibility of getting rid of Lovie Smith’s lame ass… We need to continue this awesome losing streak…

    I think the offense needs to keep on doing what they are truly good at… SUCKING!!!

  26. MGM4Life Says:

    I agree with earlier post. Better a long bomb interception than our putrid punting game.

  27. RastaMon Says:

    None of it works…run/pass…..without
    1st round OT
    2nd round OG
    3rd round Center


    Arroyo is truly a garbage play caller. Weak, timid, conservative, garbage. Tedford would have been light years better, IMO…. Just look at Cal after Tedford had to stop handling the play-calling duties; their offense went down the toilet and then he got fired…

  29. 1bucfan88 Says:

    Methinks Arroyo has the handcuffs on. The conservative play calling reeks of Lovies influence.

  30. mac Says:

    @ Rasta

    I agree. But we need a QB that can make throws under pressure… Glennon is a fine backup but he has digressed this year. His ball placement and accuracy are inconsistent and most times just bad…

    #1 – Winston
    #2 – BPA – offensive line, linebacker, safety, wide receiver, defensive end
    Picks #3 – #7 same thing…

    We are so bad we need everything except a TE… But I agree this line needs a rebuild… As does the entire team…

  31. buc4lyfe Says:

    I agree with most of that Joe but this is a pathetic display of common sense, once again football sucks because we’re invested in Tampa and I’m only interested in the other teams to see how mine stacks up to the competition now having said that

    Dunkaneers will be alive and well as soon as we get a real quarterback. Mgm would have you believe Glennon never had time to throw deep except when he throws deep, but he’s just garbage. Does everyone seem to believe that arroyo is deciding for Glennon whether he should checkdown or go deep? It’s his choice or is mgm saying vjack can’t get open until the 4th quarter? He’s garbage and if he won’t throw downfield it’s OK we’ll draft someone who’s not a coward



    StPeteBucsFan hit the nail on the head…. Where’s the fn passion?!?? That’s exactly why Dungy had to go and the main reason Gruden instantly won a Superbowl here. Passion takes talent and skill to the next level and turns it into Achievement. Lovie has no Fire, so #FireLovie

  33. Buccfan305 Says:

    @ SAMCRO

  34. Bucamania Says:

    Arroyo just got to that chapter in his OC FOR DUMMIES book. Unfortunately Lovie ripped that chapter out.

  35. RealityCheck Says:

    @buc4lyfe – We get it, you don’t like Glennon, as you’ve repeated over and over in weird diatribes. To disregard all other circumstances as to why Glennon isn’t playing well makes it hard for anyone to take you seriously. And yes, Arroyo does influence the opportunities to go deep simply based on the short passing routes called. You also need time to actually run 40 yards downfield, which is where our bad offensive line comes it. Not that hard to comprehend.