The “Den Of Depression”

November 9th, 2014
Den of depression

The “Den of Depression,” otherwise known as the home of the Bucs.

NFL fans have heard of the “Factory of Sadness” on the lake in Cleveland, otherwise known as the home of the Cleveland Browns.

After the franchise was ripped out of the city and moved to Baltimore, the Browns were reborn as an expansion franchise, and have been miserable.

So bad have the Browns been that locals referred to their home as the “Factory of Sadness.” Well, the Browns are in a playoff push and there is rejoicing in the streets of one of the better football cities in America.

The same cannot be said of Tampa.

Since Chucky was jettisoned following the 2008 season, the Bucs franchise has never been the same. The team has more often lost than won, especially at home.

The Bucs have combined for a truly horrible 14-31 record at home since 2009, as of today’s loss to the Dixie Chicks. That is just horrible. There is zero home field advantage.

No, there no longer is a Factory of Sadness in Cleveland. But in Tampa, the locals have the “Den of Depression.” It’s where other teams come to shat on the Bucs home game after home game.

For those scoring at home (lucky mofos), the Bucs have not won in the “Den of Depression” since Dec. 8 of last season, when the Bucs beat the Bills 27-6.

24 Responses to “The “Den Of Depression””

  1. RealityCheck Says:

    Most of the home games feel like away games anyway with all of the other team’s fans in attendance. The Packers’ game is going to be cheese head central.

  2. sho-nuff Says:

    Not unlike the Rays they will find a way to blame the fans for their gutless play…it’s what poor leadership does….You can’t say enough on how Vinik runs the Lightning…

  3. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    Lol…joe i love the name!

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe we have 3 more losses for the home field. I nominate that we go ahead and add these losses to the stats!!!

  5. Flmike Says:

    Oh yeah, a losing record at home over a 8 year stretch an dwindling fan base and a growingly apathetic media, yeah…that’s a recipe for a franchise to pack up the uhauls…

  6. The Ether Says:

    “The Packers’ game is going to be cheese head central.”

    It’s gonna be more embarrasing than our national beatdown on TNF… This game will be the wake up call for the Glazers to MAKE A MOVE for a FRANCHISE QB! Winston or Manziel!!!! TIME TO WAKE THIS CITY THE FUCC UP AGAIN!!!

  7. Joe Says:

    Joe we have 3 more losses for the home field. I nominate that we go ahead and add these losses to the stats!!!

    Was told that is the correct number, 14-31.

  8. Flmike Says:

    20 people from my office and their families are making the trip from Ft Lauderdale for the Packer game, that’s 40 plus people all rooting for the Pack just from one business, and this side of Fl isn’t the Midwest side, Tampa is, I can’t imagine the number of Wisconsiners who will be there for that game.

  9. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am actually happy for the Browns fans that their suffering is at least not so bad this season. Bucs fans know the feeling. Our team is so lousy and not remotely entertaining to watch that I wonder what causes anyone other than opponents fans to spend one cent going to a game this season. I watch and laugh at them on TV but would not waste my time or money going to the CITS to see this crap. What an inept team and the defence has no dog in them. They are soft as a marshmallow. Maybe we should nick name them stay Puff.

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    50,000 Packer fans at least. It will be hilarious to see

  11. jb Says:

    I’ve been going to every Buc home game 38 years and never, ever seen it this bad. Raymond James is now a complete JOKE!, I’m not talking about the team or coaching either. Evidently Moe, Larry & Curley have decided to do things THEIR WAY, Not Daddy Malcolm’s. Remember what Ray Jay was like in ’99, ’00, ’01, ’02 ’03 etc.?
    Of course we had a much, much better team. But…do you remember them blasting music and the PA announcer screaming about one thing or another….WHILE WE’RE IN THE HUDDLE TRYING TO CALL PLAYS? And what is this crap with the PA guy screaming, “FIRST DOWN, TAMPA……” and casuals screaming “BAY”? We need these kind of crap PR gimmicks now? The PA guy needs to STFU and let us watch the game! We paid hundreds of dollars to be there. We don’t need some clown telling us what we’re seeing on the field! Do you really think they do this crap in Foxboro? Green Bay? Denver? Chicago? Of course you wouldn’t!

    This team won’t be any good until the mindset changes at the top. These fools think this is simply entertainment like Sea World or Busch Gardens! IT’S NOT! It’s PROFESSIONAL Football! Until they start running it like one, we’re gonna keep getting this pathetic excuse for an NFL Franchise. This is ALL on the Glazers. I can take losing, Lord knows I’ve seen enough of it over the years. BUT THIS?????? Busch League entertainment for people that would rather get on KISS CAM, or the Battle of the Songs, than watch a REAL NFL TEAM!

  12. Connor Says:

    Jon Gruden where are you?

    Anyone who tells me firing Gruden was a smart move, come to the front of the class for your whipping.

  13. The Buc Realist Says:

    The question needs to be asked? are the Bucs or the raiders THE worst team in football?

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Den of Depresion”
    What are we, Bears?

    Desolation port?
    Heartbreak Harbor?
    Apocalypse bay?
    Port Doom?

    Gotta stay a pirates life!
    Even in sorrow

    Sorrow bay?
    Kinda like that one

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’ll go to the front.
    Gruden friggin sucked, after the Super Bowl.
    He started our long king of crappy drafting.
    His refusal to coach young players- plus inability to draft them- was the beginning of the nightmare we are living now!

    He inherited a team with 12 all-pros
    When he finally got fired- there wasn’t one young pro bowler. Not one.

    We are paying for
    1) 8 years of Lousy drafts
    2) years of rookie GM/coaching Screw ups
    3) and perhaps the worst. 4 years building a team around a QB- who promptly suffered a huge meltdown- and ended up out of the league.

    All that together leaves you with pure crap.

    Lovie is burning the Mutha down, and rebuilding it.
    It’ll get better. It’s sucked for a long time

  16. MR_T_5150 Says:

    My favorite name for this team would be THE GAFFE BY THE GULF.

  17. Java Says:

    I’d do anything to make this team relevant again. The depths of ineptness is getting out of control

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    The Lagoon of losing isn’t nuthin compared to the 80.s sittin in the ole’ sombrero

  19. oldfart Says:


    I agree with you 100%.

    Did the fan base really expect this to be a good year? I figured 5-7 wins at the most; not playoffs!

    What do you expect management to say? We will be lucky to win 5 games?

    You trust the media?

    The draft and FAs is a crap shoot. So what if we get another QB?

    Who is going to protect him?

    What’s the real story with Tedford?

    So far, the FAs have been a bust, but I’m waiting for the year to finish before I freak out.

    In all the games except for two turkey shoots, we had a chance to win.

    Look at the blowouts around the league. Unbelievable. The Packers stomped the Bears.

    It’s going to take time.

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yup. Except I got caught up in the hype, and predicted 9 wins.
    Lovie bluffed me. I’m not playing him in Poker.

    We’ve been horrible for a long time. I don’t know why everyone is freaking out this time. Lovie inherited an expensive, and totally unproductive offensive line. No pass rushers. Only one defensive lineman. A horrible secondary

    It was a gut and rebuilt.
    He talked very optimistically. But he knew.
    And really, down deep- so did the knowledgeable ones of us

  21. Brent Says:

    @captn Tim – couldn’t disagree more. Lovie inherited a young defense with 2 of the best players in the league that was ranked #15 in the league. Plus he was given all the money and power he wanted too add players in fa. You have pro bowlers in verner and golston. Now were ranked dead last after his leadership. You can’t spin that the numbers are indisputable..

  22. Brent Says:

    Gruden got fired after back to back 9 win seasons with one pro bowl player. This guy has 5 pro bowlers and is 1-9.

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    Haven’t really watched the Bucs, have you.
    Gruden inherited 12 pro bowlers. Since you haven’t watched the team- let me name a few- Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, Ronde Barber, Keyshawn Johnson, Ken Dilger, Mike Allsttot, Brad Johnson, Keenan Mccardell, and Simeon Rice- to name a few.
    That’s a team.
    When he left, he had drained the team of all talent, by refusing to coach young players. He left with no allPros.

    Lovie inherited a talented young defense? Lmao
    You base that on their 3-13 record last year?
    Or the 7 years of losing and last place finishes before that?

    Yeah- this defense has been in the bottom 10 for years!
    You might wanna actually watch the team.

    This team sucks and has sucked for years.
    No amount of ignorance or daydreams can change that

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ever seen a great team built on free agents??
    Never will. Teams don’t let great players leave