Rush Defense Will Be Tested

November 28th, 2014
Bucs DT Gerald McCoy and the defense will have their hands full with the Bengals rush attack Sunday.

Gerald McCoy and the defense will have their hands full with the Bengals’ rush

Earlier today, Bucs coach Lovie Smith stated his team has “improved in so many ways.” No, he wasn’t doing schtick. Joe doesn’t think.

Well, one area of improvement, for sure, has been the defense.

Earlier this season, the Bucs were the laughingstock of the NFL defensively, getting boatraced by Atlanta and Baltimore a in four-week peroid. It was gruesome.

Since, the Bucs have righted that ship, and are now 19th in the NFL against the run, averaging four yards a carry. Let’s just say the Bears, with Matt Forte in the backfield, were held to less than that last week.

On Sunday, Bucs will have their hands full. The Bengals will have running backs Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill, their second appearance together in five games. In Houston last week, after a three-game interval when Bernard sat out with hip and clavicle injuries, the duo racked up 163 yards against a strong defensive team.

It’s one thing to focus on a bellcow back. It’s another to handle a pair of good runners.

This will be a good test to see if the Bucs defense had just been taking advantage of weaker opponents, or if the Bucs defense has truly turned the corner.

23 Responses to “Rush Defense Will Be Tested”

  1. jo_mama Says:

    Hats off to Joe for trying to come up with daily stories about this sorry franchise.

  2. Ray Rice Says:

    Wow! Not only will Aunt Geraldine have to deal with double and triple teams all game but now he has to deal with this two headed monster. Lmfao… Aunt Geraldine is a joke. Yea yea he has 8 sacks but it does no good to get them in the 1st qtr then disappear the rest of the game.

  3. jo_mama Says:

    I have been watching the UFC women fighting all day. Not only is it better than buc football some of the girls are hotter than our cheerleaders.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Don’t forget the saints game joe. 11 points in the 4th when we only had room for 5. But mg8 sucks so that’s that.

    DC db55 says. Protect your gaps and send LVD up the a, all day. Banks will lock down aj green. Simple as that. If goldson get get some legal hard hits on the RBs and we take our cialis we should last long enough to pull out a win. Id like to see wright and Verner get an int in this game.

    Here’s to hoping the bucs can live up to the same standards set by Arkansas and Missouri.

  5. abdominal snowman Says:

    Ray Rice we would be far worse off without Gerald. You should direct your hate where its more deserved.

  6. DB55 Says:


    I’m tuning ag out. Just like mj and eds. Trying to focus on LVD, banks, Ja smith, McDonald, Vjax, glennon and Russell Shepard. I think its safe to hate on Lovie but not ag. But you already know that. Did you see the lions game yesterday? Psst, double-teams, YEARIGHT!! HAHAHA! ROTF
    Hummm dommm domm minding my own business here people. Nothing to see here. Move along please.

  7. Ray Rice Says:

    Hey guys I just got reinstated. I don’t hate Aunt Geraldine but expect more from our “Captain” and highest paid player. By the way the double and triple team comment was a joke.

  8. DB55 Says:


    Btw, let me tell you something (you UNGRATEFUL bastard) he made 2 plays in the second half last week. One in the 3rd, he tackled forte on the 2 or 3 yard line, he was bottom of the pile, he appeared to make the tackle so I just gave him credit for it. The second was a better play, I think it was forte for zero gain w maybe 4 mins left in the 4th. I even want to say it was on 3rd down. Whoa big time there boy let me tell you.

  9. DB55 Says:

    Reinstated? What?

  10. Ray Rice Says:

    Lmfao I’m glad we are on the same page. Yes. Reinstated. Haven’t you seen the news. I won my appeal with the NFL. Ray Rice has been reinstated by the NFL.

  11. DB55 Says:

    ha. Yea. Idk only belli got the balls to dance with fire. Like Dungy said too much of a distraction. But what do I kn0w

  12. port richey george Says:

    rush defense will be tested. yeah it will. the bucs run offense during weekly practices has poorly prepared the defense to stop a real running attack like cincy’s. of course the bucs might have an edge. because as the bengals prepare during practice this week the players are laughing so hard at the thought of playing the bucs they might not run for 200 yards this week.
    still waiting for lovie to sign ray rice now that he has been reinstated. also, bring on Richie incognito!

  13. Ray Rice Says:

    @port richey

    Lmfao. Thanks for the endorsement. I will be waiting on Lovies’ call.

  14. Howard Cosell Says:

    Ray will be the next Michael Vick.
    The media so wanted to make Vick into this great redemption story but
    Vicks body was too old by that time. You could see that he had
    a changed attitude after Father Dungy but his body couldn’t
    answer the call to complete the redemption story.
    I think that it Ray Rice they’ll have their gripping redemption
    drama. Ray will go on tho become media personality too.

  15. Harry Says:

    WTF? How are the Bucs better? When they were totally inept at the beginning of the season? Maybe, but anything looks better than that.

    How about from last years team Lovie? You loved to say “but we were 4-12”. Are you even going to get to 4-12???

  16. HairlessHenry Says:

    30-13 Not in our favor.. Another loose for Lovey the looser. And many felt Schiano was crap. The Glazer boys will not forget that Lovey really screwed up the tribute year for Malcom (you know the MG patches), Hell Raha, Taleb, Freeman and K2 was pure heaven compaired to this SSit!

  17. J moné Says:

    Draft franchise QB Mariota = Dominate NFC South for years.

  18. Mike10 Says:

    I refuse to commend this Defense on anything other than being as soft as those wonderful baby wipes. Our top 20 ranking (lol) is bogus coming from a crap division + having lost against sorry teams that aren’t even in a playoff hunt; “The Browns” excluded… Until we play at least 3 quarters of football or our $100 million DT “takes over” a game and I don’t feel like our defense gives up the second half booty worse than some of their cleat chasers.. do I want to hear “improving”. We suck

  19. BucRayfan Says:

    I think we have improved quite a bit.
    We are just a really bad team now.
    Up from horrific

  20. Cannon Fire Says:

    The best Defense is a good offense. Lovie Smith has never had a decent O-line in his head coaching career.

  21. Phillip Says:

    Even though it took 23 carries Forte still had 89 yards (3.9 avg) and 2 TD’s… I wouldn’t say we limited the Bears or Forte… Especially when the Packers defense held him to much lower numbers(17 for 54 for 3.2 avg) and I wouldn’t call the Packers defense anything close to special. I know they got up big but he still got 17 carries in that game.

    Btw if he had 4 more yards his avg would’ve been 4.0 against us… Really pulling for something there Joe.

    Forte – 23 – 89 (3.9 avg) 2 TD
    Morris – 20 – 96 (4.6 avg) 0 TD
    Jackson – 16 – 81 (5.1 avg) 1 TD
    Cleveland RB’s(West and Tate) – 15 – 48 (3.2 avg) 1 TD(receiving) and 10 -3 (0.3 avg) 0 TD
    McKinnon- 16 – 83 (5.2 avg) 0 TD
    Forsett – 14 – 111 (7.9 avg) 0 TD
    Robinson – 21 – 89 (4.2 avg) 1 TD

    Outside of the CLE game I don’t see any improvement..

  22. Brent Says:

    Looks like Lovie is getting d going. If smith is legit we have the makings of a good d line with McDonald and McCoy. Lbs look good and cb’s. all the sudden this talentless d looks fairly talented. Guess you dopes can forget about the fire sale you were squealing for a few weeks ago..

  23. ddneast Says:

    Jo mama, after reading your inane comments, the fact that you like to see women fight doesn’t surprise me in the least.
    If it’s getting to cold in that trailer your sucking down beers in due to the recent cold snap, why not drag that mini Wal Mart grill in and spark up a charcoal fire to warm up by.
    I understand they provide a wonderful source of heat.