Pros And Cons Of QB Change

November 7th, 2014

Though Lovie Smith may argue to the contrary, for Joe, the benching of the quarterback of the future Mike Glennon for turnover-prone journeyman Josh McCown is a move reminiscent of the French army in 1940.


Look, what the hell is the point of that unless Lovie has also given up on Glennon. Right now, Lovie’s words are growing hollower by the day.

Like others, Tom Krasniqi and Ronnie Lane of WDAE-AM 620 shared thoughts on the move and their discussion turns heated with name-calling an insults lodged at each other. You can catch the duo weekdays from 9-noon on WDAE-AM 620.

22 Responses to “Pros And Cons Of QB Change”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    Ronnie Lane seems to have gotten a hold of the Kool Aid. Easy part of the schedule is over – the Bucs could very well go 1-15. Not likely, but I wouldn’t say it definitively like Lane did.

  2. DB55 Says:

    Yea and he’s not the only. Somebody else said they would win six out of the last eight games. OMG!

  3. The don Says:

    Fricken good radio. Love it.

    It’s a bucs life. Fire liar lovie

  4. port richey george Says:

    I don’t understand why mike glennon was benched.
    it seems stupid. as your previous posting mentioned tony dungy doesn’t understand it. their are only 2 reasons I can think of for mccown starting this week:
    1.lovie is in fear for his job. 2. lovie only let glennon play so he could showcase his skill set to other teams to trade him in the offseason.
    if the reason is 2. he plans on drafting a QB next spring.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie thinks a win or any wins will quiet the fans discontent. He may be right. It does’nt take much to get or keep the fans on his side. A couple of wins Lovie and they’ll be back singing your praises. Others will continue to think your hiring is just flat out wrong. I’ll never be a fan of you Lovie. You are just blah.

  6. Bannor Says:

    the cons: both QB’s suck.
    the pros: McClown has no trade value and every time Glennon plays his diminishes. So the switch makes sense.

  7. Rob Says:

    If you’re thinking long term and not just about desperately trying to win a game or two more in this worthless season, there are NO pros that justify a quarterback change at this point. The team either feels Glennon is the guy or not, and if he is he should be getting experience. The only reason I think it would be worthwhile to roll McCown out is if he’s more likely to LOSE games, so you can be in a position to draft Winston or Mariota. There’s no point in trying to get to 4 or 5 wins at this point so you can pick 10th instead of 2nd and miss out on those guys.

  8. jo_mama Says:

    I did not listen to the link.

    Ronnie Lane has his head burried so far up the Bucs organization Arse that you can not get anything objective out of him which might be viewed at negative.

    He sucks worse than lovie.

    McCown has throw more picks than TD’s in a season 6 different times.

    McCown has twice as many picks than TD’s this season.

    How can lovie ever go back to Glennon no matter how bad McCown Plays.

    Lovie either wants to get fired and collect 20 million.


    Lovie wants to blame everything on lack of QB and thinks Jameis will save his job.

    If we do get Jameis Lovie will get 2 more years as head coach.

    I think we have a shot at get Brian Hoyer.

    We trade Glennon We get rid of McCown. We draft O-line and Defense in the Draft.

    We ride Hoyer for a year or two to see how he pans out and then either get a QB in the draft or pick up a re-tread.

  9. Dean Says:

    It appears to this sad soul, that the change is based on very simple principles, The Bucs need a win. Change might bring that. The Bucs need a spark. Change might bring that. The Bucs would have won last week with better QB play. Change might bring that. Honestly, I don’t think either QB is the long-term answer. Lovie is trying to generate all of the above, with sub-par talent. We need Winston to start us in the right direction. Lovie needs to also make critical evaluations the next 8 weeks, to see who stays and who goes this next year.

    They tried hard through Free agency and most of us would admit….it failed. Next year could be more of the same. The only positive I can give L & L is that at least they tried.

  10. billy buckaroo Says:

    Putting McCown in to try and get a few wins tells me that they are likely to go for a QB in the draft but not worried about a top pick.
    I think he wants to see what McCown has now that the line is operating at least reasonably as compared to the disaster line in the first two or three games McCown was in.
    Taking a look at Mccown for a few games and then possibly another look at Glennon later will help them decide how high they want to draft a QB.
    If they draft a QB then likely they will need to make a decision on both qbs they have now for next year.
    Lovie covets pass rush linemen above all else and likely his first pick next year.
    Glennons fate will depend on if they put him back in sometime the rest of the year for another look regardless of McCown winning or not.
    I think Lovie is undecided on Glennon as a starter-backup-or trade material
    he has 8 games left to figure it out

  11. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Maybe there is a hint of misdirection here. Just because McNown starts does not mean we will not see MG play against the ATL. Right now the ATL defense is game planning for McNown and his lack of being able to stretch the field; perhaps the Bucs put MG in and just try to launch a couple of deep strikes to Evans? Look I am just grasping at straws here, trying to find the logical where all is gibberish and nonsense but it looks like the ATL will be able to score points and its rather doubtful if the Bucs can but hopefully I am wrong and the Bucs get their 2nd W of the year against a bad ATL team just like last season, just one game earlier in the schedule…..

  12. Eric Says:

    I’ve been catching a lot of trout out on the flats on Sundays between 1:00 and 4:00.

    I cant take anymore aggravation.

    As for QB, does it really matter at this point?

  13. NewTampaChris Says:

    Things are usually exactly what they seem in the NFL. Last year, Josh Freeman looked terrible in the preseason….and he was terrible when the season started. This year, we thought the OL would suck….and even with the addition of Mankins, it struggled in the early going.

    Lovie has given up on Glennon. He won’t say it. (Why would he?) The starter got hurt (after playing badly), the backup had the chance to rip the job away (he didn’t play well enough), and now the starter is back. Pretty simple.

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    LovieDovie’s McStake

  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Bad Hire Bad Team Badddd sundays

  16. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Shiano was a terrible coach for the Bucs for 2 seasons and Lovie with his (Shiano) “STUDS” are terrible but getting better on defense and Bucs fans are clamoring for Lovie’s head. Look there are either trolls from chicago who just hate Lovie or 1 to 2 people with multiple names commenting on here. Because some commenters are arguing about who did a better job coaching a terrible team and developing a back-up quarterback.

  17. bucs4lyfe Says:


    your point is no different than lovie’s mentality, you’re stubborn to a fault. Glennon is garbage and most people think does it really matter. players And coaches go for wins, fans and media are the only ones who discuss tanking, glennon was given a chance to win and he couldn’t. lovie is trying to get a win not thinking about macro year but next week, if you’re to stubborn to look at it from Amy other view than you’re own or if you can’t understand that simple approach then you lose what little credibility you have. great website even though it doesn’t mean you actually know what you’re talking about. ronnie lane gets it, dumb to talk about the coach losing his job and dumb to say glennon gives us the best chance to win if we’ve only won one game, the offense is bad it matter who is quarterback

  18. Joe Says:


    Please explain in great detail what a 5-11 record serves. Wins are meaningless unless you are in a playoff push. Losses mean more than wins when you are out of the playoffs.

    Juvenile mentality like yours is why the Bucs had to settle for Gaines Adams instead of Calvin Johnson or Joe Thomas.

  19. iamkingsu Says:

    These morons are about to screw our draft status all up smdh. We can’t even lose right. You’ll morons would rather be 3-13 rather than 1-15 with the number 1 overall pick?? Mccown had weeks to sit back and watch glennon at times just throw it up to Vjax and Evans now hes going to add that to his ability to complete short passes and extend drives and we are going games and probably pick 9th smdh. Other smart franchises are about to start mailing it in and we’re going to “finish strong” like a bunch of damn idiots

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    A good argument to be made for “finishing strong” would be Dungy’s 1st year.

    After starting 0-5 then 1-8, the 1996 team finished the year winning 5 out of its last 7 games. They “turned the corner” in the 10th game of the year and “finished strong”. Even though the overall record was 6-10, that positive momentum and winning attitude carried over into 1997 when the team started off a red hot 5-0 and won their 1st playoff game in 18 years which was the start of a winning culture that continued from that time on and culminated in the 2002 Super Bowl win.

    Could that happen again? Maybe – probably not. But just sayin….

  21. tweezydakidd Says:

    Love is an idiot!!

  22. Thomas Says:

    Here’s the thing. Lovey said initially that the players will tell you who will start and who won’t be around at the beginning of the season. He is right and has been right all along. However what people have to understand is lovey will let you fail to prove a point. That is what he is doing now. All of a sudden guys are playing that you’re not familiar with at all.

    The players are playing themselves out of their jobs just as he said they would. The problem is that they never should have said anything about being competitive right away. Personally I think that was a company line. It is clear to me as a bears and bucs fan that he knew exactly what was going to happen this year and was told by ownership to do the ‘competitive and possibly playoffs’ thing

    This team will be much better under lovey. However don’t let the disdain for Raheem and schiano get in the way. It’s not love us fault that the bucs have sucked for a decade. However it will be his fault if he can’t affect change in his generally allowed three years.