Pawlowski: Is Lovie Foolish Or Lying?

November 6th, 2014

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Joe just wanted to do a facepalm yesterday at One Buc Palace. It was bad enough that the quarterback of the future and quarterback of the past is no longer the quarterback of the present (again). Then, Lovie told the Atlanta press corps Mike Glennon was “great.”

What. The. Hell?

One man fed up with Lovie’s shenanigans is Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski, “The Commish.” The former Buccaneers Radio Network voice banged out a story for that insinuates either Lovie has been caught in a con or he simply doesn’t know any better.

As soon as the news of Mike Glennon’s benching was released by Glennon himself, it was easy to speculate that Glennon’s future as the Bucs quarterback of the future was in doubt as well. What quarterback of the future for any team gets benched twice within a calendar year? That’s what Lovie has done to Glennon despite what his words might say.

This is hard for me to grasp. The Bucs are 1-7 with any shot at post-season play a laughable proposition. Why would you turn back to a 35 year old career backup QB to be your starter when you can gain more experience for your supposed “quarterback of the future?” Honestly, it makes no sense.

Sorry coach, but Bucs fans are getting tired of you insulting their intelligence. If Mike Glennon is truly your quarterback of the future, then you are being an absolute fool by not playing him to let him learn through mistakes while gathering experience. If Mike Glennon is not your future, then just focus on who starts currently and drop the whole “quarterback of the future” crap.

Either this is some elaborate ruse by Lovie — the motivation behind it, Joe has no earthly idea — or Lovie doesn’t know any better.

If it is a ruse, to what end? No, the whispers Joe hears seeping out of One Buc Palace are that a quarterback is not foremost in the team’s draft plans. But that is not factoring what Team Glazer wants. Finding that out, well, you’d have better luck breaking into the Kremlin.

As Joe wrote yesterday, it’s not like Team Glazer never ordered the drafting of a quarterback, and heads seemed to roll when said orders were not followed. The franchise has never been the same since.

54 Responses to “Pawlowski: Is Lovie Foolish Or Lying?”

  1. CC Says:


  2. Harry Says:

    Come on guys, it is pretty clear to me. Lovie is going with McCown to tank games and improve our draft position in order to draft Winston.

    “The aim is Jameis”

  3. phil Says:

    We should do everything we possible to get Jameis Winston. We should also get rid of Lovie and find a real coach.

  4. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Future trade is coming in the off season. This time Licht will not say no. So why devalue “The Cannon?” Lovie & Light have a team to build and must do what is best for the team/fans NOT THE MEDIA.


    Yeah Baby keep the fire going!

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – are you suggesting they’re trying to “aim us toward Jameis”

  6. flmike Says:

    Th easy answer is, he has nofuknclue…he did the same crap in Chicago, he’s incompetent and it shows with every misstep, blunder and mistake he makes. The sooner the Glazers admit the mistake, take their financial limps and move on from this moron and his incompetent staff the better…

  7. MaHaBoNe.D Buc Says:

    I’ll go with “Lovie doesn’t know any better”…. Yeah, I’ll stick with that.

  8. Shawnbucfan Says:

    This organization is in quicksand every move it makes the worse it gets

  9. Chef Paul Says:

    Call me crazy, but I’m buying Lovie stock right now. This whole season sucks yeah, but the way everything is getting reported is very similar to everyone’s over-reaction last year with Schiano.(especially mine)

    I said in the summer, I’m giving him 3 years no matter what. I intend to stick with that.

  10. Jim Says:

    How long is everyone going to keep repeating this “QB of the future” crap. What is Lovie supposed to say, he sucks and he is gone next year? Really?

  11. mach Says:

    Lovie is a buffoon.. everyone can see it but him. I don’t think he lasts the year to be honest. its time to call the lovie experiment a bust.. get a new coach in here, same issues as Chicago he will never learn.

    Vincent Jackson needs to start practising both days of the week instead if taking days off.. the more you practice the better you hold on to ballad. love needs to stop treating these guys softly. they are paid to do a job not take time off and fly first class.

    as for licht well he is worse than

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    Hasn’t he answered this question a thousand times already in his career? Ask a Bears fan how happy they are to be rid of him. If he truly believes that Glennon is the future at the position then this benching makes Lovie the biggest moron in the NFL. At this point Glennon is our future starter, much like Geno Smith is the future in NY.

    We’ll be drafting a QB in the first round, Team Glazer will demand it if our draft position is good enough.

  13. bucrightoff Says:

    If you looked into Lovie’s time as Bears coach, you would know his attitude towards fans and media is quite annoying. And it appears like many other things involving Lovie, he really hasn’t changed at all now that he’s here. At 1-7 he should be dishing out useless, 1 word answers that say nothing. Instead he just keeps lying to the fans. Just appears he learned literally nothing from his first coaching stint.

  14. Tom Edrington Says:

    “Great”? Seriously???

    John McEnroe needs to be at one of those Lovie pressers, stand up and scream “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS”……..the way he used to blast the guy in the chair at major championships….

    Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are great……Glennon is a career backup…..if Lovie is serious about Glennon, then he can’t be serious about his talent evaluation which puts the franchise in deeper jeopardy than it already is……..

  15. Bucfan4life Says:

    Jim I think you are spot on. However, at some point he needs to try and reenergize the fan base. No fan wants to hear that QB of the future stuff. However in the quotes I read and heard Lovie was somewhat vague and did not actually say he is the QB of the future. It was more along the lines of him going back to the place he was in when the season started. I didn’t hear him actually say “he is still our QB of the future.” If he did he shouldn’t have because the real fans are praying for the team to move on from this debacle. I am predicting that they have decided that McCown will be the one that remains next year to help groom the guy they draft 1st next year. Glennon has put a lot of good stuff on tape but I am predicting they are hoping to try and get a 5th or 6th round pick for him.

  16. Bucfan4life Says:

    Sorry I meant to say Glennon has not put a lot of good stuff on tape.

  17. sho-nuff Says:

    I would love to hear you 2 on the air together…I know I know you “took your talents” somewhere else… I just wanted dream of a day where 2 rational media types that speak for the fans have a spot…

    …but that being said I have noticed that you’re coming off your front foot not taking any more “you’re a p***” attacks on your back anymore….keep swinging you speak for many

  18. Glennon Sucks Says:

    Glennon is the QB of the future. He is the future backup. Nothing wrong with that.. Move on JOE and your whispers are incorrect. The team will draft a QB next draft. They will carry 3 next year with Glennon being 3rd string. McCown will start while teaching rookie and the following year McCown will move to QB coach and Glennon being the backup. See no lies from Lovie.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    The sooner the Glazers admit the mistake, take their financial limps and move on from this moron and his incompetent staff the better…

    Mike I get your sentiment and do not disagree. But it’s nevuh gonna happen!


    They’re already eating Schiano’s salary for what 2-3 more years? Lovie has 4 to eat. Then there’s the issue of the boatloads of cash it would take to get a “name” coach to clean up this mess.

    Does anybody really believe the Glazers are going to pay THREE HEAD COACHES for the next two years?

  20. Walter White Says:

    Lovie Smith has accomplished one thing this year – no, 2 things:

    1. He’s somehow managed to make a really bad underachieving team considerably worse while insulting the intelligence of the fan base over and over.

    2. He has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is in way over his head and is hopelessly clinging to the past. I’m a car salesman – it’s like when that old guy comes in and tells me about how his old ’65 Mustang would ‘give these new ones a run for their money!” lol. No, sir, it would not. In fact a modern Mustang, even a base V6 would destroy and humiliate your old car! Not that your old car doesn’t have a place in history and should indeed be appreciated – but it is what it is! History! Like Lovie’s way over hyped defense.

    Please fire him asap.

    Joe, what do you think about giving Bill Pollan a call for gm duties?

  21. Walter White Says:

    *Polian sorry auto correct

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    It would actually make more sense to bring Schiano back for two more years if you need to fire Lovie. He’s under contract and would’t cost the Glazers a single dime more.


    And so how about this for a poll. Who has been a better coach for the Bucs?
    Schiano or Lovie. At this point I think that’s a legitimate question.

  23. SAMCRO Says:

    Glennon was benched because of the unusually high amount of bad press, former player insults, and hateful fan comments. Unfortunately we’d like to think that a professional franchise would tune out all the white noise and run things as they see fit but when you have certain media personalities badger Lovie weekly (in print and radio) over why that McCown (his handpicked starting QB) is healthy and sitting on the bench, Lovie felt compelled to sit Glennon thus saving his credibility, value, and his possible future career. He’s turning back to his veteran QB to take this dysfunctional unit the rest of the way, letting McCown absorb all the future criticism. L & L will either try to move Glennon this off season or keep him and insert him when they feel the offense can protect him better and give him a better chance to succeed.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    If Lovie was going to tank games leaving the cement shoe’ed giraffe in is your best bet to lose. Worse part is the league now sees how horrible Glennon is therefore no trade value. Hopefully his brothers ratings are good and he has room in the studi for another complete loser the leader of the worst offense in the league 2 years running.

    Wake me up when Lovie is gone. Nothing will change until then.

  25. lightningbuc Says:

    Chef Paul Says:
    November 6th, 2014 at 8:17 am
    Call me crazy, but I’m buying Lovie stock right now.


    Might as well, shares are trading for less than a penny!

  26. Greg Schiano Says:


    I cannot figure out what is in Lovie’s mind? As a HC, I made several mistakes but everyone knew exactly where I stood and what I thought was the correct path. Lovie has tossed Glennon under the bus and backed over him now for the second time, and for what? McCown is not the future and that seems to be clear for everyone but Lovie and the Big Poodle.

    I cannot stomach that Johnny Football is sitting on the bench because the Browns did have a starting QB and the Bucs have a locker dividing QB crisis at 1-7!

    My question is after Glennon getting sand bagged by making his own benching public instead of the HC or his lap dog the Big Poodle, what does Lovie say to motivate him when McCown gets injured and Glennon is the starter again?

    The Buc’s have eight more games and if anyone thinks McCown starts all of those games, they are not being realistic. Hey Mike….grab your helmet…you are the QB of the future again! Give me a break!

    Greg Schiano

  27. willie d Says:

    how would you like a boss like Lovie in charge of your future? I have a feeling TB is not going to do well in the free agent market. He couldn’t even score hester.

    1-15 with McCown=on purpose and season ticket holders should get refund

  28. Buctank Says:

    Jon gruden “Shaun’s future is so bright in Tampa, I got to where shades” gruden went on to win a Super Bowl that year and king was 3rd string after 2 years of starting. King never started for Bucs again. If lovie could say the truth (which makes no sense because it alienates his players) he would say, glennon had his shot, he started 5 games, was 1-5 with a miraculous comeback and in crucial times, the offense had long lapses of horrible play. Also, glennon has almost no mobility and will not fight for 1st downs while on the run. Lovie would also say, look- mike glennon lead the bucs to the last ranked offense last year while started 13 games, he has started 65% of games this year and offense is last again. Lovie would also say, “hey, we spent 8 months with Mccown as starter before he played a snap, he threw 3 bad picks in 2 games vs the vaunted Panther and ram d-line with a suprise offensive coordinator and could and maybe should have won both games without a rainey fumble and a defensive collapse in last minute. I was in the georgi dome when mccown got hurt, that place was to rocking and we had no defense, but on our 1st drive glennon dropped a perfect wheel route pass to rainey that was dropped and it was game over. Joe, I just don’t understand why you want glennon in, he is not the future and to expect lovie to say he sucks doesn’t make sense. There is a reason why all his great former player love him

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    The only thing Stupider than some fans, is the majority of the media.

    Really Justin??Lovie is benching Glennon, starting McCown.
    And your question is” does this mean Glennon is Still our QB of the future?”
    Did you have your finger up your nose when you asked??

    It’s obvious that-After two lenghtly looks- Glennon is NOT the Answer.
    He is inaccurate over 15 yards. More importantly, he is scared in the pocket.
    Any Pressure( or perceived pressure), Glennon goes to his check down. His average per pass is to low. His run out of bounds- before picking up the first down.

    What does Lovie gain, by calling a press conference” guys, we are benching Glennon. He sucks as a starter.”
    He alienated his Backup QB. And his players.he provides info to our next opponent
    Why should do this?
    Because the Media believes they are entitled to know. When they have to wait-they act like little brats, and throw Tantrums.

    McCown can help the team, by running the offense the way it was designed!
    Stretching the Fieid. McCown has a superior arm, and can buy time with his feet.
    We need to start utilizing our talent correctly. Even if it means winning a game or two-we need to start seeing how this offense performs with an NFL QB

    Lovie doesn’t owe the Media anything! Their job isn’t at stake! Plus, when are they on his side?

  30. Louis Friend Says:

    Agree with the poster above – I’m buying Lovie stock as well. This is as bad as it’s going to get – and he will be here next year. In light of all the negativity around this franchise it’s too easy to jump on the bandwagon to see the man kicked to the curb. Not this time. He’s going to get his chance to fix things and I’m going to keep following without resorting to opening my jugular with each and every loss. I did that with Schiano and Morris. Not this time.

  31. Louis Friend Says:

    And as far as Lovie’s praise of Glennon goes – he’s praised a lot of people right before cutting or trading them too. I don’t think they’ll do that with Glennon, but his ‘QB of the future’ label might be misunderstood. He may now be ‘Backup QB of the future’. To Lovie they may as well be synonymous terms.

  32. OB Says:


    Only you know what the Glasers do in running their team, so here goes, have you seen them at any of the games since the season started?

    Are they saying anything at all to anybody about this team?

    I think this void for the fans is the opposite of the over the to owners and because of it, we don’t have a clue if Lovie has lost his mind or is blowing smoke until the draft. Either way it makes life interesting.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The job of a head coach is to remain firm and steady during adversity. Do you expect Lovie to say “We’re screwed”?


    IF they lose the next game we might see a change. But he isn’t lying. The way the division is playing out atm, we are still in it (which is amazing). As long as there is even the smallest chance, Lovie has to say so. No other good coach would do differently.

    Once they are officially out of it, he will switch to “finishing strong” and “evaluation”.

    I really don’t get you people. You expect any coach to act differently? Totally unrealistic.

  34. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie sucks, there I said it. What about the tale that there were offers for Glennon from other teams. Then the one that other teams scared Lovie and company by wanting Glennon, so that’s why the Bucs kept him. Those supposedly wanting Glennon and what they were offering was kept a secret. It all was a bunch of BS I think. Lovie sucks, there I said it again.

  35. lightningbuc Says:

    The only thing Stupider than some fans, is the majority of the media.


    Capt Tim is right. There are some stupid fans. There’s one on here even that watched the Falcons-Bucs game from earlier in the year TWICE and then critiqued the play of Mason Foster in said game, even though Foster didn’t even play in the game. Hey wait – that guy’s name was Capt Tim too!

  36. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    @lightningbuc – You got to love this. I remember that! lol

    Who needs OJ when the Budweiser is nice and cold….lol

  37. Soggy Says:

    You stepped in that one capt tim Lol..

  38. biff barker Says:

    Capt.Tim Says

    “The only thing Stupider than some fans, is the majority of the media.”

    Short bus, all the way in the back…….

  39. ChargedCBH Says:

    CAPT TIM, I’ve been saying the same thing for years about Bucs fans.

  40. biff barker Says:

    Captain Obvious meet “Captain” Smith.

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’ve reserved that seat on the short bus since I was a kid.
    I was in the big sombrero during season one . I was just a kid

    To follow a team that’s been bad, faaarrr more often than its been good- definitely some damage there.

    If course- if you’ve watched this season- and are still arguing about this team,
    You probably need a seat saved too.
    I got a cooler- fulla Busch and old Milwakee.
    Gourmet stuff for the Buc short bus

    And I did say I had reviewed”both” games.
    Not that it matters, once you admit to being a Buc fan

  42. lightningbuc Says:

    I got a cooler- fulla Busch and old Milwakee.


    Capt Tim,

    You know I’m just giving you crap.

    But I do like your taste in beer – don’t forget the PBR!

  43. ItsDookie87 Says:

    I keep hearing people like Booger bringing up the Hoyer/Manziel and relating it to our situation except they never bring up the fact the the Browns are WINNING! If they were 1-7 then Manziel would be in there. Then I hear what if we go 5-3 in the second half of the year…..who in their right minds believe that 5-3 is possible?

    Glennon = young hot garbage. McCown = old hot garbage. There is no reason to go back to Josh “Pick Six” McCown. It’s mind boggling.

    My greatest fear is that Lovie truly believes that Glennon is still the future but not playing him to figure it out. Lovie doesn’t have to say Glennon sucks but he doesn’t have to keep talking about him being the future. When we’re sitting there with the 2nd pick, there will be so much anxiety with this fan base because I’m not sure anyone trusts Lovie to make the QB pick.

    It’s going to be a long 2nd half of the season and off season.

  44. Walter White Says:

    Lovie Smith sucks. There I said it too!

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol- Gawd, I remember go fishing with a buddy of mine.
    His turn to buy the beer, and he cleaned out the back fridge of all cheap beer.
    Open two coolers fulla old Milwakee, PBR, etc.
    every discount/ low buck Beer there was- at least one or two of them were in there!!

    I just sit there- staring at him.

    He sqirms around , and finally says ” I’ve had some of the best days of my life- drinking these beers!! After 10-20 of them- they taste just as good as anything you’d a brought along!!
    Bought fell of the boat.
    Never looked down my nose at cheap beer again.
    It’s not a matter of taste- it’s a matter of volume.
    Apparently, after 2 gallons,it’s all good! Lol

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    Think I’m gonna re-create those coolers, to get me thru last games of the Season.
    By the time the Beer starts tasting great- Bucs can’t be playing too bad, can they??
    ‘Cept for that sneaky Mason Foster guy!!

  47. lightningbuc Says:


    I always say the good beer is for those that are lucky enough to be able to limit their imbibing to 1-2 per day. The cheap stuff is for us alcoholics.

  48. LargoBuc Says:

    Obviously Lovie is desperate. He’s hoping he can milk out a 4-5 win season with McCown rather than have Glennon learn en route to 1-15 and possibly getting fired. All just bull spit to hold us over til the draft. I’m disgusted that we are again talking draft in early November.

  49. AmbushBuc Says:

    People seem to forget that Martin was pretty disappointing early in his rookie season. He turned it on in game five and overall had a great season, but still had some real stinkers sprinkled in amongst the gems. he’s never been a model of consistency right from the start. For example, here’s a string of 5 games in Martin’s “good season”
    Game 10: 24 carries/138 yards/5.4 yards per carry
    Game 11: 21/50/2.4
    Game 12: 18/56/3.1
    Game 13: 28/128/4.6
    Game 14: 9/16/1.8

    In other words, Martin had occasional flashes of brilliance that make people overlook that he sucked most games.

  50. AmbushBuc Says:

    oops, posted this in the wrong thread!

  51. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Lovie Smith rocks! There…I said that 😛

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    LightningBuc- lol
    I’m sure my buddy was right. I just usually don’t remember when the cheap stuff turns the taste corner.
    But there is evidence that it must!

    Wish the Bucs were like that! The more you watch- the more tolerable they get.

    As many games(seasons/years) as I’ve sat thru- every year would be A SuperBowl season!

  53. Chef Paul Says:

    NNNNOOOOOO NOT PBR!!! Didnt you see on Morning Cup of Joe a few weeks ago, those pesky commie Russians own PBR. You wouldn’t want to fund communism would you? Stick to Old Mil…. Heavy!!


    ‘Glennon is our QB of the future. However, we’re definitely drafting the best available QB in round 1.’ Just like ‘Revis is going to be a big part of what we do here. However, we’re definitely getting rid of him as soon as possible.’ —-> I seriously can’t even listen to this dude speak any more. I feel like I literally get dumber every second that allow his noise pollution to invade my cranium. #FireLovie