Jameis Watch: Jags & Raiders Don’t Need QBs

November 6th, 2014
Rookie QB Derek Carr has kept Raiders fans from climbing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rookie QB Derek Carr has kept Raiders fans from climbing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s regular nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Joe’s not among them, but there are legions of Bucs fans who will cheer for the Bucs to lose to the Falcons on Sunday. The whistle will blow and they’ll be rooting for failure, so the Bucs can secure a top draft pick next season. (Joe would love a top pick, but Joe’s all-in with the Bucs every kickoff.)

For those fans, Sunday represents a pivotal game for the future of the Bucs franchise. A win would hurt the team’s chances of drafting a stud quarterback.

Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, one of three QBs to lead the Bucs to the NFC title game, isn’t concerned about the Bucs blowing their draft position. And King, if he were Bucs GM, would snatch Jameis Winston to lead the Tampa Bay offense.

“I still think the Bucs are going to have a high pick. And the reason I say Winston is once they sort through everything they’ll see that he’s the best prospect, that he’s a guy that I think is most capable, if you don’t surround him with a great supporting cast, of getting the guys around him to play at a high level,” King told the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620 today.

“Also, Jacksonville and Oakland don’t need a quarterback. So I think as long as we’re in that top-3, we should be ok.”

One thing that will help the Bucs come April will be their poor 2014 strength of schedule. A strong schedule means losing draft-position tiebreakers the following year. That really bit the Bucs this year. Their 4-12 gave them the No. 7 overall pick, despite the same record as the Jaguars, Falcons, Raiders, and Browns.

This year, the NFC South is so lousy, the Bucs are a safe bet to win any draft-day tiebreaker that’s not with the Falcons.

70 Responses to “Jameis Watch: Jags & Raiders Don’t Need QBs”

  1. ChargedCBH Says:

    we have to watch the Rams (who beat us) Titans and maybe the Jets.

  2. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    But here’s the problem: while the Raiders and Jags DON’T need QBs, they DO need help in a LOT of other areas. Following King’s logic, that creates a scenario where another team further down the chain trades up into the #1 or #2 spot to grab Winston and/or Mariota and the Raiders/Jags walk away with a bunch of stockpiled picks to help them improve elsewhere.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    and the Bucs don’t need Flameis…or Mariota…throw the ball out to open field with NO DB round for a big play…NFL will make him the next Sanchez

  4. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ BucFanInArkansas

    That is a very likely possibility. I just hope we draft a QB. Preferably Winston, but really any QB.

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    If a team is willing to give up the farm to get a particular player then it’ll just be a loss. Atlanta and Washington both did that recently and they’re right here at the bottom of the power rankings with us. It’ll be unfortunate if we don’t get the guy that we want but I’m sure there will be another very talented player there that will fill one of the many positions of need that we have. If it’s not there we cannot reach. Don’t give up anything to move up. If we move, my preference is that we move back and anticipate a Winston fall down the list. If we pick him at up #22ish, like Manziel, I’ll be totally onboard with that. We’ll have a QB and extra picks.

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Excellent point. I hadn’t thought of that. For all we know a team like N.E. or Denver with great but aging Q.B’s and stockpiled draft choices may move up to snag Jameis/Marcus. That would actually also be the best thing for Jameis/Marcus since they could take a year of two to ease in much as Aaron Rodgers did behind Bret Favre.

    Agree with you Andrew. We can argue who is better Jameis or Marcus but I’d bet money there is a QB farther down in the draft who will also eventually become a “franchise” QB somewhere. I just hope we draft a QB.

  7. MaHaBoNe.D Buc Says:

    I see maybe 4 or 5 QB’s this year with a first round grade. Winston, Mariotta, Prescott, Petty and Boykin. I would say in that order but Petty would be the one I pass on.

  8. RastaMon Says:

    with the 1st 3 picks….
    all the QB’s you want after that…

  9. nybucsfan424 Says:

    lose at all costs!!

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    Well it’s impossible to say it didn’t work out for Atlanta trading for Julio, he’s clearly a top 5 receiver in this league. That they haven’t put up a good enough team since is poor management, but that trade was solid. Washington actually paid a much steeper price to move up 4 spots (3 firsts, and a second to move 6-2, whereas Atlanta paid two firsts, a 2nd and two 4ths to move up 21 spots), but it clearly backfired for them. St. Louis got very fat, even if it didn’t get a QB (it did end up with OT Greg Robinson, LB Alec Ogletree, WR Stedman Bailey, RBs Zac Stacy and Isaiah Pead, DT Michael Brockers, CB Janoris Jenkins and G Rokevious Watkins….what a haul).

    Honestly if the Eagles are sitting there and offer 3 firsts and more for the right to come get Mariota, it’s gonna be very difficult to say no. This is a deeply flawed team that needs a lot of help at many positions. Picking up a boatload of picks goes a long way to fixing that.

  11. bucco bruce Says:

    rather build a foundation and quantity of quality young players than rely on one player, an iffy 1st round QB at that….if he’s there and someone wants him bad, TRADE DOWN!

  12. Patrick in VA Says:

    I would say that it didn’t work out for Atlanta. They were bad last year and they’re bad this year. Ryan can’t get going because he doesn’t have a line. It could be debated that they could have found those linemen with those picks. They thought they were 1 player away and they weren’t thinking about sustained success.

    I agree that if any team comes at us with an offer that would load us up with quality picks, there’s no way we don’t entertain that very seriously. Use those picks to build up real quality depth and then you can take your pick of QBs that will fit in whatever system because we won’t need the stars and planets to align. We’ll have enough talent to compensate during the development period and then, when he’s playing his best, we’ll be ballin’

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    And so Maha and bucright bring up interesting points.

    Who besides Jameis/Marcus? I go with Prescott if he comes out. He’s a winner in the Tim Tebow mold with a much better arm. But as Maha points out there are others.

    And bucright brings up a great point. What if we pick in the top 2-3. At one point do you decide to give up the pick. 2 1sts and a 2nd + ? What would it take to keep that pick.

    I remember game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Calgary team that coincidentally is in town tonight. My wife and I had season tickets and the couple next to us were grousing about how expensive the games had grown with every round. Think the finals might have been 300+ but I forget. The woman was griping to me about the cost and I really disappointed her when I pointed out NO you didn’t pay that price, you gave up $1500 because that’s what the Calgary fans were offering out front. You gave up three grand counting your hubby. She was ill.

    That’s called opportunity cost in investment terms. What “opportunity costs” are we willing to surrender for a top 3 pick. If a team like the Redskins unloaded the cupboard and we got 3 firsts and a 2nd there is NO player in the draft I would take instead of that. We could rebuild this team in heartbeat and take a QB in a later round or a high round next year.

    What price would you Jameis lovers need to give up the pick?

  14. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @patrick You beat me to that one dude. Agree with you!

  15. RastaMon Says:

    QB in 2016…

  16. Pat Says:

    Those other 2 teams even though QB is not a big need, has current leverage to trade down if they so wish.

  17. Todd Says:

    Ya I agree the Titans Rams jets could trade up over the bucs

  18. NewTampaChris Says:

    Guys — Let’s just root hard for a win every week and worry about the draft after the season. Sitting through loss after loss is excruciating.

  19. Mumbles Says:


    Add the Bills to your list.

  20. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Amen brother!!!

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    How is it that New England has Brady AND Mallett and Garrapolo. I’d take either of those two backups.

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    @NewTampa – These losses feel like preseason losses at this point. They’re evaluating talent and a win doesn’t help us. You’re going to root for a win up until the draft and then you’ll talk about how we can’t get to any of the good players because we’re drafting too low. Then you’ll call for us to give away everything to trade up. A high draft pick means that we’re drafting highly in every subsequent round. I’ll sit through this bad season (which is already halfway over) so we can get the talent we need to make us perennial contenders

  23. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    For those of you tired of Jameis Watch I have a song for you by the Rolling Stones. “here it comes, here comes your 19th nervous breakdown.” HA!

    I’ll root for my team to win, but it’s fruitless when I’m 100% sure they are tanking the season for that high pick.

    Tanketh for Jameth.

  24. Patrick in VA Says:

    @STPete – Except that Mallett is starting in Houston now

  25. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Well Mallet is a Texan now…and I predict he will be a flash in the pan like Cousins and many others one D coordinators get more film on him than his 1 completion in 4 attempts of regular season play

  26. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Again I say to all on here: What if the Bucs beat the falcons 30+ points to 17, beat the bears and have every other game come down to the wire, how would you feel?

  27. Skyline Crew Says:

    Jets will probably be in front of us and take a QB. Raiders and Jags could trade back in the draft in order to get more players. So we are still left out unless we trade up, which we have nothing to trade up with.

  28. Tye Says:

    It seems as though Bucs fans have been so exposed to drama that now many want it and look forward to more of it…

    Winston’s character is sketchy and will likely become an issue for whatever team gets him… He is being linked to all kind of issues weekly…

    Now he is linked to shaving points and gambling…

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t need this kind of attention {IMO}!

  29. NewTampaChris Says:


    Yes, conceptually, I want the highest pick possible if we’re not going to make the playoffs. But I will NEVER root for a loss. There’s no point in being a fan if you did.

    Look, I’ve lived through Craig Erickson, Vinny T, Trent Dilfer, Shaun King, Brad Johnson, Brian Griese, Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich, Josh Freeman and probably others I’ve forgotten. I’ve learned not to bank on high draft picks.

    All I can do is root hard for 3 hours every week.

  30. iamkingsu Says:

    Guys its a such thing as other teams moving up it happens every year. So lets continue to lose even though we don’t need much help doing that

  31. Skyline Crew Says:

    *Update* As of 9:45 AM est.. IBN attempted to reach out to Chris Rabb via phone and someone did answer the cell phone, we asked if he had any comment on “alleged” gambling rumors that involved him and his former high school teammate Jameis Winston, his answer was brief “F*ck boy how did you get my number?.. mind your business boy” that’s when the phone hung up. – See more at: http://ibnsportswrap.com/article.php?articleID=1716#sthash.fXGXAKpm.dpuf

  32. iamkingsu Says:

    I didn’t read the any comments before I posted just now. Please no Mallet slander here he was easily the next best qb behind Cam in that draft. I’ve been a fan since Rich Rod shipped him out of michigan (how many yeara it took him to get fired after that?) Hes nothing like cousins or whoever else you want to name. He actually has arm talent that is second to none in this league

  33. Patrick in VA Says:

    I really think that you guys assuming we need a top 3 pick to get jameis are way off on your estimation of what nfl teams will tolerate from a player. Wait till they reinstate rice or ap and they get the blow back from the local fan base and media. And those are established stars. You think teams want to deal with that? Especially after watching what Pettine just dealt with in Cleveland. Dude will be there later in the draft.

  34. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    The article also stated that it could all just be a coincidence that Winston’s high school friend bet $5,500 on the first half of the Louisville game. I think it is just coincidence seeing how FSU had been starting off slow in MANY games this season. It is a high dollar amount to be betting on one half of a football game, I get it that,that part looks suspicious.

    BUT….that only suggests that FSU’s defense was in on the bet as well. The WR’s had to drop balls too. Also that suggests that Louisville’s number 1 ranked D is not all that good.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How about that poll Joe…..I’ll keep asking until we have one.

    Its time to find out what JBF readers think.

    No QB 1st Rd….


  36. phil Says:

    Watch out for the Jets. They are playing almost as bad as we are. Except they’re better on defense and their better on offense. We were pretty bad on special teams too last week.

  37. Patrick in VA Says:

    @joe – can we do a “monitoring Marriota” series as well?

  38. bucrightoff Says:

    Buc1987ForJameis Says:
    November 6th, 2014 at 4:26 pm
    Also that suggests that Louisville’s number 1 ranked D is not all that good.

    No need to suggest it. Before they played FSU, the highest ranked offense Louisville faces was ranked #48, and the average offensive rank they played was 85. First half decent offense they play and they get lit up. They were as overrated as a #1 defense can be.

  39. jo_mama Says:

    ToesOnTheLine! Says:
    November 6th, 2014 at 3:47 pm
    Well Mallet is a Texan now…and I predict he will be a flash in the pan like Cousins and many others one D coordinators get more film on him than his 1 completion in 4 attempts of regular season play

    Anything Bill Belicheck thinks is good I would take a run at.

    With Ryan Mallatt starting this week. This will be 4 QB’s which Bill Belicheck developed that has started a game in 2014.

    He is probably the best evalulator and developer of talent at the QB position in a long time.

    We could have gotten Ryan Mallatt at the start of the season.

    But we invested in Josh McCown.

    It I was in charge I would make a run at Brian Hoyer. And the build up O-Line and defense in draft.

  40. KJ Says:

    Jameis Winston throwing passes to Mike Evans for 10 seasons makes my soul happy. If this Bucs have a chance at Jameis and pass up on him, I am done with this franchise.

  41. Mike J Says:

    Is it a lock Carr is the guy in Oakland? 79.8 NFL Passer Rating & 46.0 in ESPN’s QBR system.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    If the Bucs don’t take him and in 2 years he’s lighting up scoreboards for another team. I don’t want ANY of you whining about how bad this team stills sucks. You’ll get what you deserve…but hey Go Bucs right!

    WTF ever!

  43. Skyline Crew Says:

    Tears for you 87′. I would go with Mariota or Winston next year, but some have a good point if someone was willing to do what the Skins did I’m not sure I could pass up on 3 first rd picks. Especially, with some of the QBs coming out in FA next year. Besides those people talking about getting rid of Glennon, who would be our backup next year if we took a QB? McCown who would have 1 yr left?

  44. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @rastamon thats a horrible draft. U dont jus draft lineman like that in the first 3 rounds

  45. Arealbucsfan Says:

    1st mariota
    2nd denzel perryman
    3rd arie kouadijio

  46. Brandon Says:

    Top 3 is great, until 2 teams trade up and grab Mariota, then Winston and then we still need a QB.

  47. bucrightoff Says:

    Let’s just hope the Eagles fall apart and Chip makes a desperate move for Mariotta and gives us 4-6 premium picks for him. That’s one very quick way to move this team forward.

  48. Mike J Says:

    Arealbucsfan, that Perryman looks like a player, doesn’t he?? All over the field vs. N.C..

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Skyline Crew…nope they’ll be tears for you as you think to yourself would could have been while the Bucs are on another 5 game losing streak and Winston’s scorching the NFL.

    I’ll be fine with it all. It would all make just perfect sense to me.

    Still waiting on ESPN to put up that reliable and credible story from a bookie. I’ve yet to see it on Sportscenter yet. Oh well perhaps later on tonight.

  50. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @Mike J yes sir! What a monster!

  51. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Imagine LVD, Denzel Perryman, and switching Foster to the SAM position

  52. Nybucsfan Says:

    This team needs a real QB

  53. Bucnnole Says:

    This article is simply an excuse to show a photo of Joe’s man crush, Donald “Fat Ass” Penn.

  54. bucrightoff Says:

    Donald “Fat Ass” Penn is badly outplaying every member of our current line.

  55. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    If the Bucs grabbed Winston with their 1st and Perryman with their 2nd I would call L&L geniuses because of their 2 drafts

  56. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    This team needs a qb, but lets face it; if the OL is not upgraded it will not matter who the qb is and it is painfully obvious that one can not get good OL talent via free agency or trade you have to build via the draft and I am not talking about drafting far reach projects with 3rd day picks; the Bucs will have to spend their 1st on a Tackle, their second and third on a G and a C….. Now if you can trade down a bit (say out of the top 3 in the first round to a #5 to #10 overall) and pick up a nice 2nd round pick then perhaps the Bucs could target a qb as wll in the first 2 days in next springs draft, but it is obvious to me that the biggest need for the Bucs are in the trenches…. Put me in the trench mob though I will acknowledge that qb is another glaring need, its just going to have to wait until the Bucs have an OL to protect their franchise qb; our Bucs may suck for awhile!!!!

  57. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    I’ll also add. I’ll still be here to remind each and everyone of you just how DUMB the Bucs were to pass on Winston if that should happen.

    I’ll remind you people every Sunday as he’s lighting up the scoreboard for another team, just what could have been…

  58. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Fort Myers Dave….franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. When they come around you have to be in the right place at the right time to get one. YES the Bucs O-line sucks balls and it’s the most important thing on a football field in my mind. Even still when you build up that line you have to HOPE that a franchise QB is available, and then HOPE that your team is in the right place in the draft to get him. I see 2-3 franchise QB’s in this draft. With 2 of them being sure things. You just don’t pass up that chance and HOPE that later on down the line you lose enough games to be high enough to draft one.

    Winston WON’T be a savior for this franchise. They WILL need to build a line around him, but he’s a very quick thinker in the pocket.

  59. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I think that the Bucs draft position will be telling in the direction they go next spring. Even if the Bucs lose out, there is a good chance that the Jets and Raiders could pick ahead of them. I remember a game I went to at the old Tampa stadium in 1988: the Bucs hammered a bad Detroit team to finish at 5-11 while the Lions finished 4-12. The Lions picking 3rd next spring got Barry Sanders, the Bucs picking 6th got Broderick Thomas; even a cheap b@stard like Hugh the Screw would’ve took Sanders, especially after the Bo Thomas fiasco…. So looking back, I remember telling my USF roommates as we left the stadium that at least the Bucs finished the season on a good note and did manage to sweep Detroit and finish ahead of Green Bay (who took Mandarich) in the NFC North; how little did I know the joy would be short-lived…. Hope that does not happen this year via a garbage win or 2…..

  60. Steve-o Says:

    Jameis Winston is the most polished QB since Andrew Luck but he has character issues. I would take the gamble best chance this franchise has at a true franchise QB.

  61. SOFIERCE Says:

    We need to Draft a Coach!

  62. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota or Winston

  63. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Do a google search for the words : Andrew Luck Jameis Winston.

    It’s there that you will find all kinds of comparisons from all different sites. Lots of stuff out there on this kid good and bad. Lots of people saying that he could be the next Andrew Luck.

  64. DB55 Says:


    How you doing man? Hey, what’s up with the point shaving allegations? #thelongestyard

    I heard it today around 7p on the fm station. Twitter said allegedly that Winston allegedly shaved points against Louisville. W^wt?

  65. DB55 Says:


  66. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    DB55 if you scroll up you will see many others already posted the link and I commented back about the article.

    ESPN has yet to report it and I know they love all things Jameis and scandal. So for now I’ll just wait until it makes real news from a real source besides outkick.com.

  67. Patrick in VA Says:

    @87 – you saw that part where it said fox sports in there right? I don’t know who outkick.com is but I’d call fox sports pretty reputable

  68. Patrick in VA Says:

    Maybe not their news station so much though

  69. Mike J Says:

    Walter Football has Perryman #22! Guy has ”Pro Bowl 4-3 mike” written all over him.

  70. sho nuff Says:

    the team needs men…not emotional r***rds…been there done that with Freeman