Is Marc Trestman The Bucs’ Coordinator Fix?

November 11th, 2014


The cold reality is the Buccaneers better be damn ready to hire an offensive coordinator when “Black Monday” comes in 48 days. That’s not much time.

Jeff Tedford can’t be counted on, and de facto offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo simply is nowhere near the best coordinator money can buy. Lovie Smith needs to make a change.

Back on October 14, Joe asked Lovie whether he would take time during the bye to explore a replacement offensive coordinator for Tedford.

Lovie’s response? “Absolutely not!” Lovie explained that his sole focus is winning football games this season.

Well, now what?

Bears head coach Marc Trestman sure seems like an ideal potential fit for Lovie. Yes, Trestman has a head coaching gig, but the growing consensus is he’ll be fired after the season, as the 3-6 Bears are circling the drain at the bottom of the NFC North.

For Lovie (not necessarily Joe), Trestman seems downright perfect. His offense suits Josh McCown, who helped guide the Bears to the No. 2-ranked offense in the NFL last season. Also, Lovie could hand over the offense to Trestman and not have to get involved. That’s how Lovie likes to roll. In addition, if the Bucs do the smart thing and draft a quarterback, Trestman has a heck of a track record developing and reviving quarterbacks.

What? Keep McCown? Yes, as Joe wrote last week, that’s surely Lovie’s goal.

Again, the Bucs have to be ready to pounce on a new offensive coordinator in 48 days. It would be downright irresponsible to not be ready.

And if Lovie continues his McCown obsession, then hiring a guy that got McCown looking like the quarterback he never was sure makes a lot of sense.

78 Responses to “Is Marc Trestman The Bucs’ Coordinator Fix?”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bears are keeping Trestman and getting Rex Ryan as DC next year. So why would they fire Trestman?

  2. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll get excited about coaching moves, or potential moves, when they turn in to wins in The Bilge

  3. Keith Says:

    If you think Trestman will last in Chicago, you’re really not paying attention.

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    So, are they ditching Cutler or Trestman? Or both? haven’t kept up with them

  5. billy buckaroo Says:

    Interesting idea
    they are not happy with Trestman as HC in Chicago.
    they are stuck with Cutlers contract
    stranger things have happened

  6. biff barker Says:

    I’d be all over both Trestman and Ryan coming here.

  7. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I doubt he’ll be fired after this season. If Trestman repeats this year to next year, mos def. But definitely not this year. Imo. Im no expert nor do i follow Da Bearss

  8. Patrickbucs Says:

    So Lovie would hire his replacement? The NFL has figured out his offense in year 2, they have more talent then we do and can’t move the ball. What a horrible thought Joe.

  9. biff barker Says:

    Joe, I don’t believe for a second that Lovie is hands off the O. Sorry. I know Dungy ball when I see it.

    Forte’s not in the coaches meetings.

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    So, if Lovie gets Trestman and Marinelli then I don’t know what could be said about next season if it ends up being anything other than a remarkable improvement. Those will be huge upgrades to his coaching staff, he’ll have another offseason to draft and fill holes in free agency. I really don’t know what he’d be able to say

  11. Joe Says:

    So Lovie would hire his replacement? The NFL has figured out his offense in year 2, they have more talent then we do and can’t move the ball. What a horrible thought Joe.

    Trestman is a seasoned and successful NFL offensive coordinator. Again, he is the lone person to ever get anything from Josh McCown. Why is hiring the only guy to make McCown into a decent quarterback a dumb idea?

  12. bucs55 Says:

    This would be a great hire for the offense a offensive mind that knows what he is doing especially with weapons that are similar to the ones he has in chicago

  13. Makie Lovie Says:

    I just heard the fat lady sing today – Monster Jam Advertisements. This is the signal every year that the season is over, as the MJ at Raymond James is scheduled during the playoffs… Just sayin

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    Getting Marinelli is also laughable. The Cowboys can and will pay more than the Bucs, plus he has job security in Dallas. He comes to Tampa, the team starts 0-4 and Lovie will get fired and he has no job security. Marinelli is pure pipe dream.

  15. DB55 Says:

    Its actually very creative and logical joe, good for you. Which means Lovie will have no part of it.

  16. Joe Says:

    Caution: Mike Tice will likely be looking for work as well.

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucrightoff – can’t argue with that.

  18. DB55 Says:

    What’s monte kiffen up to nowadays? Lol

  19. Jim Says:

    Just get the guy to a cardiologist before you hire him.

  20. Jim Says:

    I think Marinelli and the Glazers aren’t on good terms.

  21. MTM Says:

    The Bucs will wait until the last minute to find a offensive coordinator. Then acted shocked because all their candidates are taken. I don’t think Lovie is a bad coach but I find it odd that all the position coaches on this team are horrible. Which makes me wonder if Lovie doesn’t want to hire his potential replacement if things continue to circle the drain.

  22. RastaMon Says:

    If we get Trestman and Marinelli…..what would Lovie do ? 🙂

  23. RastaMon Says:

    Jim Says:
    November 11th, 2014 at 3:25 pm
    I think Marinelli and the Glazers aren’t on good terms.
    I think the Glazers and the fans are not on good terms…….

  24. MTM Says:

    @RastaMon- Too funny

  25. RastaMon Says:

    and Trestman is from Uof M…who will upset the Crab Wagon this weekend….

  26. Pierce Says:

    48 days? I wish it was 48 hours

  27. buddhaboy Says:

    gary kubiak

  28. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Somehow I just can’t envision Trestman wanting to answer to the guy he replaced nor Lovie wanting to work with the guy who replaced him. ‘Chud’ would be a more realistic candidate if he’s out there available and willing to flush any future hopes of another NFL HC gig by working for this current coaching staff.

  29. HeinousJameis aka delson Says:

    No to trestman

  30. DB55 Says:


  31. RastaMon Says:

    OK…this is something I have been thinking about….where is the passion on the defensive side of the ball….I was looking forward to having Hardy Nickerson doing what Hardy does best on the sidelines….does Lovie not want to share the spotlight…I really can’t remeber a Buc’s coaching staff that was under such tight microphone/camera wraps… this Lovie….hard to believe

  32. MTM Says:

    I would like to see an offensive coordinator that incorporates a fast paced scheme and Chris Weinke as quarterbacks coach to help develop new or existing quarterbacks on this roster.

  33. Zam Says:

    That would be nice but I think it’s fantasy.

  34. buddhaboy Says:

    No emotion on sidelines ever. Just blank stares from Lovie in to the replay board. Shoot, anyone can do that. He hasnt coached anyone up on gameday all season.

    Opposites of all successful coaches, Harbaughs, Sean payton, etc…
    Mike McCarthy. Very active on sidelines.

    This Lovie guy just stares blankly all game. WTF is going through his head. he isnt even communicating thorugh the headset

  35. Johnny Dejay Says:

    One would hope that the Bucs give all their potential coaches physicals before hiring them, those are very active and stressful jobs. If that’s the case, then Tedford’s heart condition developed (or worsened) during training camp. After seeing the offense for 9 games, I can definitely understand why he may have developed heart problems. The talent on offense is terrible…

  36. thegregwitul Says:

    Hey, I’m fine with bringing in Trestman as OC if he’s canned and hopefully Marinelli will come over, as his contract will be up and he’s close with Lovie.

    Regarding the QBs; if McCown stays, the Bucs need to draft a QB with their first round pick, assuming a top target is within their reach (Manziel didn’t count last draft) and trade Glennon while he still has a little bit of value. There is no point in having a first round QB, McCown and Glennon on the same roster.

  37. Brian D Says:

    Trestman or Chudzinski would be awesome. Lovie may not be investigating options at OC, but Jason Licht better be.

  38. Nick2 Says:

    Im ok with Trestman but keep McKown as the starter? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Say it aint so Joe!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Patrick in VA

    I see you like “The Bilge” as the new nickname for the Ray Jay….

    As for Trestman….good Idea but probably won’t happen…

    Many coaches would jump at the chance to take this team from the bottom….they would look like heroes….can’t get worse than worst!!!

  40. Patrick in VA Says:

    If Trestman can get McCown to play like last year then I’m fine with him getting another year as a starter and letting the new kid learn. If we don’t need to throw him to the wolves out of the gate then why do it? If we’re rebuilding and trying to do things the right way from the ground up then why not develop a QB appropriately.

  41. Patrick in VA Says:

    @TBBF – I think it has legs. I’m going to go with it and hopefully it catches on. I knew someone on here would have a clever idea for a nickname for the place that aptly described the foul product emanating from it

  42. bucrightoff Says:

    McCown’s play last year was a complete fluke, a total anomaly of 5 games that do not represent anything other than that: 5 games. He will never, ever play as well as he did last year again. Plus last year he was playing with house money, got to come in with no pressure and just play. As we’ve seen this year with the pressure of being the man, McCown has looked like the norm of his entire career: A backup QB.

  43. bucs4lyfe Says:

    what kind of nonsense are you selling joe? this isn’t a leslie frazier situation and the guy still has his job, think the head coach is in a rush to take a job working for lovie…..your worse than lovie sometimes, what a horrible article…only media non affiliated websites put out rumors like that, picking an offensive coordinator that’s still has a head coaching job seems real pathetic being ready to pounce on a guy to hire him as soon as he gets fired, it would be the perfect losing mentality for us and besides their offense sucks

  44. HeinousJameis aka delson Says:

    U guys are giving coordinators n coaches all the success of their players handy work. Put them in tampa n u will cry coaching change after the first 3 weeks. This roster needs to be bottomed out with only a handful of returning players.

  45. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Heinous – So, which coach would you suggest as a solution that isn’t benefiting from the talents of their players? Pretty sure that’s the essence of coaching

  46. kevin Says:

    I think that fact that we didn’t explore a trade for manziel shows we are tanking for number 1 pick

  47. Ray Rice Says:

    48 is the magic number Aunt Geraldine disappears in minutes from a game. The other 12 are all in the 1st quarter.

  48. bucrightoff Says:

    Manziel can’t beat out Brian Hoyer. Why would anyone trade for him? The Cowboys almost certainly will this offseason as insurance for Romo/getting Jerry lots of attention, but that has more to do with the Jerry part than anything. No one has any interest, supposedly he can’t make more than one read in practice before dancing around trying to make something happen.

  49. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucrightoff – That’s why I’ve been so opposed to getting one of these scrambling QBs. having a QB that can move when necessary (see: Luck, Brees, etc) but is primarily a pass first guy is great. The RGIII’s, the Manziel’s and the Vick’s of the world have to relearn how to play the position when they’re asked to play QB properly. No thanks on Manziel.

    I don’t know about the college kids coming out but if there’s one that has a solid arm, a great understanding of the game, a desire to win and can move some when needed then I’ll take him. Don’t show me a guy that takes off and runs for 50 yards at a clip in college. Show me the guy that tries to pass and can make his way to the first down marker when needed. Those guys haven’t learned the nuance of the position because they’ve been looking to run so much since they were little kids.

  50. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thought McCown looked good last Sunday

    I’m good with Trestman.
    Think Trestman is the perfect guy to coach up our Franchise QB- when ever we get him

  51. billy buckaroo Says:

    This should easily make the upcoming Bucs/Bears matchup more interesting anyway.

  52. SAMCRO Says:

    I totally agree that this team needs an experienced OC. One who has a great knowledge and understanding on how to attack all the different defenses that are being used in the NFL.

    Arroyo will undoubtedly be a fine NFL OC one day, but this is his rookie year as an OC, and not just his first time being an OC but in the NFL no less. Arroyo has limited knowledge on NFL defenses and it shows. It also doesn’t help that he only practices against a very passive Tampa 2 defense. Bring in a true tried veteran, and keep him here longer than a year.

  53. Phillip Says:

    I’d take Trestman in a heartbeat dude is a QB whisperer…. Literally that is what they call him lol… If Jay Cutler wasn’t so hard headed he would be playing like last year.

  54. Justin Says:

    I’m with the guy who said he will get excited when he sees the team win. Until then, I don’t really care who is OC/DC or HC for that matter. I fell for the trap this year in believing the Bucs would improve. And hiring a new OC in the offseason won’t lead me to believe anything will be different than this year.

    I’ll have to see it with my own eyes in 2015.

  55. SAMCRO Says:

    Another name could be Mike Shanahan. His offenses have always done well. He maybe looking for another HC job, but at this point in his career, he may accept an OC position.

  56. Connor Says:

    Why would Marinelli leave a DC position for another DC position?

  57. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucrightoff Says
    “Getting Marinelli is also laughable. The Cowboys can and will pay more than the Bucs, plus he has job security in Dallas.”

    Not the case. Lovie tried to convince Jones to let Marinelli out of his contract a year early, and Jones refused.

    Marinelli was so peeved at Jones that he turned down an extension soon after, saying that he planned to move on.

    Rod and the Glazers also have no bad blood. That’s a myth.

  58. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucrightoff Says
    “McCown’s play last year was a complete fluke, a total anomaly of 5 games that do not represent anything other than that: 5 games.”

    You are right there. And, to top it off, McCown didn’t even win all of those five games. I was completely against hiring him.

    That said, after he WAS hired, there was no point protesting. I do currently believe he is the best chance of winning that the Bucs have…which is probably why he should be benched.

  59. bucrightoff Says:

    Connor Says:
    November 11th, 2014 at 6:14 pm
    Why would Marinelli leave a DC position for another DC position?

    Especially to join a coach on the verge of getting fired versus staying with a coach on the verge of an extension. Terrible move from a job security perspective. It’s a pipe dream, and Marinelli would be taking all the heat if the Bucs don’t improve. He’s not that dumb.

  60. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    This is a very fascinating idea. I am not much of a Glennon fan, but if we were to get Trestman for OC I would love to see what he would do with our current QBs and weapons. I would have no issues if we passed on Jameis for OL or DL.

  61. Chef Paul Says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Trestman. I agree so much, I think I was thinking about the idea earlier today!!!!

  62. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ DB55

    Sorry…Rob Chudzinski was who I was referring to as ‘Chud’. Not sure what his exact deal is with the Colts, but I think he’d probably be a good OC.

  63. deminion Says:

    Yes please Trestman is a guru

  64. Architek Says:

    I think we are putting the cart before the horse – first the Glazers need to decide if Lovie indeed is their guy.

    Drafting a young QB and changing coaches on him and systems will surely fail any quarterback.

    Second we need to decide on a proven OC that has a track record for developing QBs and get in here right away.

  65. DB55 Says:

    Tell the glazers I’m available if they need an OC. How much worse could I be?

  66. tmaxcon Says:

    marinelli is not going to be stupid enough to leave dallas after the success. He is now has all the leverage in the world and will stay in dallas. dallas is a much higher profile job and a bigger stage every week. I’ve said it before, marinellis leaving the cowboys would be like leaving the Yankees for the Bad News Bears.

    Bonzi I don’t care how upset Marinelli was with Jones there is a dollar amount that will make it all better you can bet on that.

    If were lucky lovie will be out the door in 48 days. I know its not going to happen.

    As far as Trestmen the team could do worse. I am not excited about him partly because I don’t want McCown getting another chance and causing the team to pass on Winston.

    I am sick and tired of people wanting to reach in the past to fill positions. Look at what reaching to the past has done for the bucs this year. Lovie who was once loved in the area is getting bashed repeatedly and justifiably on every bucs site ont he web.

  67. rob1069 Says:

    Imagine how sad it will be when L&L completely screw up this draft and free agency, when we actually have the ammo to right the ship. Lovie will not draft a quarterback until round 3, unless the owner’s give him no choice. Fire them all!!!

  68. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Can we bring back les steckel?

  69. Mike J Says:

    I have noticed over the years that the NFL is a proving-ground for the Peter Principle; Norv Turner is the most obvious example. Trestman might be just the ticket, plus, he has a J.D. & I am prejudiced about that….He worked in Tampa before. Plus, if the Bucs draft a QB, he won’t be learning a ”new” NFL offense, as will Glennon for the third straight year. & McCown is a big bonus. I like it!!
    Nice thinking ”outside the box,” Joe.

  70. RichBucsfan Says:

    OK, where is Tedford? Are we not allowed to know? Or does the local media not know either?

  71. Patrick in VA Says:

    @richbucsfan – he’s not coaching so it doesn’t matter where he is. We don’t need tmz coverage on him. They said they’re proceeding as though he’s not coming back. That’s as far as we have a right to be in his business. Unless tedford is actively coaching then he’s just living his life and, hopefully, recovering

  72. mike Says:

    YES THATS HOW LOVIE LIKES TO ROLL! he don’t do didlie and take the credit when things are good. piece of dudu!

  73. mike Says:

    KEEP DREAMING PEOPLE! I cant see this pinhead coach picking a QB in the draft cuz after this year he will need to win games for his job. he wont start NO ROOKIE THATS for sure.

  74. buc4lyfe Says:

    November 11th, 2014 at 3:11 pm
    So Lovie would hire his replacement? The NFL has figured out his offense in year 2, they have more talent then we do and can’t move the ball. What a horrible thought Joe.

    Trestman is a seasoned and successful NFL offensive coordinator. Again, he is the lone person to ever get anything from Josh McCown. Why is hiring the only guy to make McCown into a decent quarterback a dumb idea?

    Everyone even Mccown knows he’s a bridge to another qb

  75. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    NFL means “Not For Long”. Trestman has been figured out by the NFL.
    His Canadian style offense was once new, and worked for awhile, but it don’t seem to be working very well anymore.
    Maybe we get lucky, and Tedford comes back to us next year ?

  76. 87ForJameisOrMariota Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    November 11th, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    “That said, after he WAS hired, there was no point protesting. I do currently believe he is the best chance of winning that the Bucs have…which is probably why he should be benched.”

    Dayum Bonzai now you want them to tank the season as well…

    Go figure.

  77. flmike Says:

    I keep going back to this, and it’s for a reason, we’re going to have a top 3 pick, we might have to move up to number 1 depending on who holds it, if it’s the Raiders we’re ok, as they love Carr and would not take another QB, they are RB starved and frankly Reggie and Marc Davis don’t care what other teams/people think, if they value a RB they’ll take him first or trade back and take him 10th, they just don’t care, if we’re competing with the Jets it may be a toss up, because you just don’t know who will running that team next season, for the most part it looks like Rex and Idzik are both gonna be gone on Black Monday, so, there’s that wildcard to deal with, I love Marcus Mariota, but I also love the way Chip Kelly is running the Eagles, well, best of both worlds is draft Mariota and hire Helfrich as Asst HC/OC and you hand him the offense, thats it, you just say here it is, these 28 guys are yours, create it, build it, teach it, coach it, we have the skill guys already to run the Oregon offense which is what Kelly is running, where we need the help is in the trenches, but from the looks of the Eagles O-Line, you just need guys to get in the way, not even really block, the passes are either snap throws or the QB is moving, there is no real pocket being developed as that takes to long for that offense, the ball is gone before the pocket develops. Point is, we must draft a QB, without one your just not going to succeed in the NFL, but you also need a coach who can coach that QB, Lovie cannot, he just doesn’t think it’s important enough, literally, he doesn’t think QB is an important position. It boggles the mind…Draft Mariota and hire Helfrich!

  78. C. Alaka Says:

    My question to you Joe & maybe this one of your future post ideas. Why do you believe Tedford will not be back next yr as the OC? Is not possible for him to come back from this heart attack or heart issue he had? Every case is different but we have seen (more recently last yr) where coaches & athletes have come back from heart issues. So if Tedford is healthy & stable then he will be the OC without question! Till further or due that’s what I think will happen, but it’s good convo on your part lol