Gerald McCoy Injured

November 9th, 2014

gmc 1026

This could be nothing. Or it could be something. It explains why Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was not always on the field in the fourth quarter.

Joe was in the locker room after the game as one would expect from Joe. GMC had his right thigh taped with an ice bag attached. Joe wasn’t sure if it was a hamstring or a hip issue or a groin.

GMC was limping noticeably. Of course, Joe would be limping too if he had an ice bag wrapped around his sack.

Joe spoke with a Bucs media relations staffer who wasn’t sure what specifically the injury was or how severe it may be. But this is something to watch for in the coming days, if GMC can practice or not in preparation for the Redskins.

16 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Injured”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Feel bad for McCoy. He gets tripled so often. I personally hope he gets a week off to recover

  2. Name Required Says:

    Expensive loss… just saying.

  3. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Just sit him for a couple weeks.

  4. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Don’t worry folks, real football starts in November, so we’re only 0-2.

    What a joke.

  5. RealityCheck Says:

    GMC was limping at half time going into the tunnel and coming out.

  6. The Ether Says:

    This guy needs to back hand the rest of the d-line, one dude at a time…. Have em line up in a row in the locker room, then just bitch slap em, one after the other… While LVD follows up by spittin each guy in the mouth after taking their bitch slap… Sorry ass line…

  7. rayjay1122 Says:

    What? A Bucs staff member Did not have an answer? Isn’t that the problem with this organization in general? No one has any answers. Well at least I have a game of interest to watch now as I pull for the Raiders. We deserve the 1st pick.

  8. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Whatever can go wrong will in Tampa bay this year. I expect McCoy to miss some time as it will ensure that the Bucs D simply becomes garbage next week for the Deadskins. Look for RG3 to pick our pathetic secondary apart. Feel bad for GMC as he appears to be one of the few players in the locker room who has no quit on Lovie this year: just like last year with Schiano (not sure if this is true but it is this fan’s perspective)……

  9. DB55 Says:

    This dude is always hurt. 1 tackle today and a $5mil check. Sounds about right. Go bucs #mvplol

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    1-15 here they come. I don’t think this team wins another game. Confidence has to be near zero. Was this year actually called an easier schedule than last year? Two London games in a row? Some team is moving there soon. Will the Glazers steal our team?

  11. Pelbuc Says:

    Look, I realize the Glazers aren’t gonna fire Lovie, but at the very least, they should fire the entire offensive coaching staff, fire the special teams coach, fire Frazier (hire Marinelli), fire the GM, fire the Dline coach , strip Lovie of all personnel decision and leave Lovie to coach. That way, he’ll either resign or be exposed to all as to the sorry coach that he is. It should be about eliminating all of Lovie’s power and getting rid of all the crap FAs he brought in. This franchise needs to get nasty. McCoy will never be close to Sapp.

  12. ruggyup Says:

    My Da often told me, put up with it, enough tough discipline and you can even get used to hanging. Now used to Bucs do whatever it is they show on Sundays but it grieves me greatly to see McCoy injured. There is no quit in the man and he’s earned every bit of respect there is.

  13. Joe Says:

    but at the very least, they should fire the entire offensive coaching staff,

    Pretty safe bet there will be a new offensive staff for 2015.

  14. DB55 Says:

    Joe you told Lovie to find a replacement for tedford and he laughed at you. You should give him the old “I told you so”

  15. sho-nuff Says:

    go figure another just getting paid “baller” out…

  16. sho-nuff Says:

    Offensive staff! how about a defense that didn’t win a punt until the 3rd quarter! against the 2nd worst line in the league!…This entire staff is absolute GARBAGE led by an arrogant, stubborn autocrat…who IMO just listening to him doesn’t seem real sharp…this team is screwed because of ‘hubris’ and “the puppet’