Feed Bobby Rainey

November 28th, 2014

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One axiom of those with the mentality that defense wins championships is, running the ball means winning.

The Bucs haven’t been running the ball. And yes, the Bucs are losing, just one game away from the coveted No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

Lovie Smith echoed how much he wants to kick-start the running game this week, by way of Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

When they ran for just 66 yards in Sunday’s 21-10 loss to the Bears, it marked the eighth time in their past nine games the Bucs ran for fewer than 100 yards.

It’s hard for any team to win with run production like that, but especially the Bucs. In the past four years, they won only four of 35 games in which they rushed for fewer than 100 yards.

“A defense can just tee off on you if you can’t run the football,’’ Bucs coach Lovie Smith said. “When you can’t run the ball consistently in this league, it hurts.’’

Wanna know how to correct this? First, stop force-feeding Charles Sims. Joe has nothing against the rookie but it sure seems like Lovie is force-feeding the guy to catch up to the rest of the team.

Sims may very well be a fine back someday but it is pretty clear Sims is all sorts of mediocre now. Lovie claims he is not playing guys to prepare for the future. Then he needs to explain why Sims is getting the ball so much and getting so much playing time.

Then, Doug Martin should not be given the ball short. Martin is dead-last in the NFL in yards per carry. If you really are sincere about improving the running game, then Martin should not be first-option or even second-option.

Finally, Bobby Rainey is the only guy with decent numbers because he has vision for holes behind this sketchy offensive line. He hasn’t fumbled since September and we are in the final days of November.

You want to improve the running game? Give Rainey the ball more. If Joe can see this from his couch, then why can’t Bucs coaches see this from the sidelines and on film?

9 Responses to “Feed Bobby Rainey”

  1. Aceofaerospace Says:

    They see want they want to see and our record is what we are. Last place in possibly the worse division in NFL history. Now that’s an accomplishment.

  2. OB Says:

    If Lovie and crew leaves McCown in, keeps the just about most inept OL in football, and, for the most part, has challenged play calling, who expects them to do the right thing on running back?

    Except for some players, the entire offense is weeks away from a new career. Hopefully that includes Lovie moving to TV.

  3. CLW JB Says:

    The biggest issue I see is our play-calling based on formation. You see the youth of our OC as most plays you can read run or pass quite easily. When the TE goes in motion then comes back to FB- it’s a run 98% of the time. Our power running scheme with our 190 lb running backs just doesn’t work, period.

    Get some imagination in your sets, your run fits and blocking scheme and get these scat backs in space….isn’t that what this o was supposed to be, speed in space? We have two outstanding WR and no run threat, it just doesn’t make sense at all.

    Mike Shula could call better plays than this guy…Sam Wyche anyone? The offense is pathetically inconsistent and Mcclown looks like my 10 year old QB in little league, great one play and making a bone-head mistake the next play – get him the hell out of there, there is no future with him.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Why does’nt Lovie give the ball to Rainey on running plays? Good question. Is it because he thinks he might fumble or knows he won’t have the blocking needed to succeed? The Bucs can’t have an improved run game when not even trying what had some success before. Their plans are tough to figure out.

  5. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Off topic side note, but isn’t it funny how most of the perennial good franchises usually do just fine picking at the end of the first round or sometimes even trading out completely for more picks? The flip side to that is there are teams picking in the top 10 almost every year that continue to suck (two Florida franchises jump to mind as well as a team out in Oakland and until recently one in Cleveland). Now this begs the question why anyone would be so giddy about the thought of tanking for a high draft pick vs winning “meaningless games” that build team confidence? Right or wrong if the coaches think Martin and McCown give them the best chance to win then I say go for it, even if I don’t think the coaches are right on that call

  6. DB55 Says:

    It’s about loyalty Joe. Lovie doesn’t want/like schiano men so he’s going to get rid of them and play his guys if they are atrocious or not. Simple as that.

    I watched the new planet of the apes movie. In it, the new leader arrests the old leaders most loyal men. Reminds me of what Lovie is doing. That explains blowing up the oline, trading away some of our best players for a mayo sandwich and the starting roster.

    Out with the old in with the new, regardless of wins or losses. It takes time.

  7. ToesOnTheLine! Says:


    I see your point, but all we read and heard from certain Tampa media outlets is how Schiano supposedly lost the locker room and none of the players liked or respected him (oddly enough that wasn’t what players said in interviews save maybe one guy who got cut and one guy on the 49ers). I would think if that’s the case then Lovie had no need to worry about dealing with Schiano men or anyone loyal to him since (supposedly) the players hated him?

  8. DB55 Says:


    You’re right “loyal” is the wrong word. The point being Lovie didn’t hand pick these guys. But you have to figure at the very least Zuttah and Wright were loyal to Schiano, maybe even Barron.

  9. Bill Byrne Says:

    I would agree that McCown gives the BUCS the best chance to win this year, however, it’s time to give Glennon the starting job and work on his opportunity to gain experience for 2015. Next year, the BUCS must focus on developing the OL and either bringing in a “big Running back” or draft one in the middle rounds. Rainey, Sims and Martin are all about the same size and ability and short yardage situations are not their strong suits. That’s the primary problem in the red zone….the BUCS can’t run the ball!!!