A Plea To Play “Up To Their Paychecks”

November 28th, 2014
Tough day on the radio for Logan Mankins. Will the Bucs play him $6.75 millon next year.

Tough day on the radio for Logan Mankins. Will the Bucs pay him the $6.75 million due him next year?

Man, the failures all along the Buccaneers’ offensive line are troubling Anthony Becht.

The former Bucs tight end and current film analyst for Buccaneers.com sees the same issues on the O-line week after week.

Becht joined former Bucs guard Ian Beckles for a real in-depth chat on WDAE-AM 620 on Wednesday afternoon.

Becht agreed with Beckles’ premises that Logan Mankins and Evan Dietrich-Smith are consistently overpowered and the rest of the line displays a lot of poor technique, in addition to Mankins being late when he’s pulling.

Cut down the playbook in the running game, Becht pleaded. He’s like to see the Bucs master four downhill runs through repetition, and simply mix them up in the game. The message was, “Get good at something!”

Becht also issued a plea for Buccaneers to play “up to their paychecks,” but he had very kind words for the improved Bucs defense and the rise of DE Jacquies Smith and safety Bradley McDonald.

As for the Bucs being in the hunt for the NFC South title, Becht said he’s not seeing that mentality from the players.

“You want to see the guys understand that and make it translate on Sundays,” Becht said. “We were close last week, and they you completely collapse in the second half. I just didn’t get that.”

You can enjoy the full Becht-Beckles chat below.

12 Responses to “A Plea To Play “Up To Their Paychecks””

  1. Yeah you Says:

    Robert9 would just say they suck and bring in the backups

  2. Bucsfan4lyf Says:

    Collins needs to be benched. So does EDS. Mankins has to start since he his our best OG. Omameh is ehhh but he plays hard and Dotson can pass block but run blocking is suspect.

    Our draft next year HAS to be O-line, O-line, and more O-line. As much as I want a franchise QB, I want an O-line that can block and not let him die and make our RB’s look good.

    Here is who I would LOVE to draft

    1st Pick- Brandon Scherff OT Iowa- Guy is a monster, plays nasty and can actually block, not like Collins. Plug and play LT day 1

    2nd Pick- Josue Matias OG FSU- Plug and play at RG day 1. Has good versatility so he can play OT or OG. He will would open holes up for our RB’s.

    3rd Pick- Hroniss Grasu C Oregon- Very Atheletic C that can come in and battle EDS for starting C (he would win lol)

    3/5 of our Oline would be fixed and we still have the development of Kadeem Edwards and Kevin Pamphile.

    I trust Lovie with our defense, just FIX OUR O-LINE PLEASE!!!

  3. RastaMon Says:

    There is NO pleaing in football…….

  4. bucco bruce Says:

    …got fleeced again in the mankins deal…doubt he even plays next year(retirement)…panic move, increased by ignoring the OL in the offseason…the question before camp was “who’s gonna play guard”…drafting OL next year in rounds 1-2-3 would be smart move…as bad as Bucs QB history is, I think the OL may be worse…never been a team strength…playmakers in place with 87 and 13, defense shows improvement, OL’s future should be priority #1!

  5. ddneast Says:

    Watched the rerun of the Bears/Bucs game and I have to disagree with Becht on the line being overpowered. On straight pass protection on 1 on 1 the line more than held there own.
    It was the stunts and blitzes where line protection broke down. There is a big difference.
    Biggest problem still remains McCown making TO’s at either end of the field. Those are simply game changers.

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for a well thought out post. If your talent evaluation is correct and those offensive line prospects are as you say, then your moves couldn’t hurt.

    I think MG8 can be “adequate” with a good team. He might be a hindrance in trying to reach elite status because he is not elite. My point is, he’s not killing us any more than this horrid Oline. Another year of MG8 while retooling the OL might make sense. Not because I think MG8 is the long term answer but because I do not believe we will be a great team next year. My rosiest outlook…win ten games…go the playoffs and get booted the first round.
    Glennon has enough talent to be a part of that IF the rest of the team played well. No rookie is going to come in and turn this around next year. Perhaps it’s better to get him some protection first.

  7. Hawk Says:

    Some of these O-linemen cannot play ‘up to their paychecks’. They can only play up to their abilities. Unfortunately, that is what we are watching.

  8. billy buckaroo Says:

    It just doesn’t appear to me that

    the Offense coordinator
    The offense line coach
    The offense line
    are all in sync with each other

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    LOL Billy – We don’t HAVE an offensive coordinator. That – in addition to serious lack of talent on the OLine is why the Bucs offense has been so bad this year. Oh – and we could certainly use an upgrade at QB as well. ME13 is a hell of a bright spot though…

  10. Bucsfan4lyf Says:


    Couldn’t agree more. Glennon with a clean pocket and weapons we have will be good enough to win 10 games and make the playoffs, just look at the Arizona Cardinals.

    Lovie knows defense and special teams, he will fix that with time. Just need our O-line set so we can pound the rock and use play action

    GO BUCS!

  11. teacherman777 Says:


    Just a heads up.

    Its Bradley McDougal not McDonald.


  12. Bill Byrne Says:

    I agree with Bucsfan4lyf. The BUCS focus should be on upgrading the OL and not waste a first round pick on a QB. That message would be “we need three years” to develop our rookie QB” and I for one would say good bye!!! The BUCS have been horrible ever since 2003 and giving up three more years is unacceptable!!! Glennon is a good NOT great QB and not only are the Cardinals a good example but the Eagles with Sanchez and the Dolphins with Tanneyhill as well. Brees is on the decline and Newton is never going to develop. Matt Ryan is the class of the NFC South and our primary competition in the future. The defense is improving and the OL must be the focus in 2015.