“We’re Still Looking For That Answer”

October 26th, 2014
Glennon big

Mike Glennon is mystified

The Buccaneers average less than four points in the first halves of games this season.

That’s damn hard to do at the professional level, and Mike Glennon was willing to talk about it after the game.

Of course, Glennon is as mystified as the next guy and had nothing to say.

“We’re still looking for that answer,” Glennon said. “I think if we had an answer for it we’d be better.”

Actually, Glennon is pretty well qualified to solve the mystery. Last year, the Bucs started well in games but averaged only five points in the second half. So at least Glennon should be able to identify what’s different.

Regardless, this slow-start reality is on the Bucs coaching staff and thoroughly inexcusable.

Lovie Smith really should hire an offensive guru to come in now and study this team. Another professional set of eyes, in the wake of losing Jeff Tedford, could only help.

56 Responses to ““We’re Still Looking For That Answer””

  1. Ray Rice Says:

    I can say for certain the answer is not at One Buc Place that’s for sure. Weak sacks of $hit!

  2. ChanEpic Says:

    Answer: Stop throwing picks in the 1st quarter and throwing what little rhythm this offense has off right from the get go.

    You’re welcome.

  3. John Sapp Says:

    Mike Martz WHERE ARE YOU???????

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Still looking for a professional coaching staff…..not recycled sons of great fathers…nepotismotic…listless Lovie…

  5. Andrew 1 Says:

    Mike Glennon won’t be your starting QB next season, take it to the bank. We will most likely have a top 5 pick, does anyone really believe we’ll pass on one of those top QB prospects? Sorry Glennon, nothing personal.

  6. John Sapp Says:

    First things first – Current Buc game plan Run, Run, Throw, PUNT.

    How about we try Throw, Throw, Run? Or Throw, Run, Throw?

  7. Matthew Says:

    Suck 4 The Duck! Mailing it in 4 Marriota!
    Time for the MGM to return to their homes.

  8. John Sapp Says:


    If Lovie is in charge our first five picks will be all Defense. Count on it.

  9. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Hopefully Simms will help because we don’t have a running game. At least defenses have to worry about him. They won’t know if he is in for a pass or run.

    I think two more games like this from Glennon should makes us aware of the need of a QB in the draft. I would bring back McCown. Hopefully he won’t come back with more rookie mistakes.

    Maybe we have seen enough to trade Glennon before Tuesday.

    They need help from God not a guru. lol

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our offense was pitful in the first half…

    Playcalling…..too many 1st down running plays
    Oline…..protection & penalties
    Glennon….off target….uncertain
    Recievers…..not getting separation…drops
    No running game

    Everybody contributed.

    Defense….good enough to win….but folded on the last series….knowing the pass was coming….putrid pass defense…..no pass rush….

  11. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ John Sapp

    I keep hearing that, and think it’s bs. No way he passes on a QB this time. If he does then I’ll be the first one with a fire Lovie sign. But he won’t.

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks should all be used on offensive line. No QB can succeed with the offensive line we currently possess.

    Not saying Glennon’s the answer, just that no QB can be the answer with such an awful offensive line. Maybe the single worst unit in the NFL.

  13. P'cola Buc Says:

    I’m officially coining a new phrase which should be the new buccaneer mantra to help us through the next 9 games ” Play Not an IOTA to get Mariota”!…. We have earned this opportunity for our first franchise quarterback….all this pain deserves finally getting one…then we can work on the rest of the team.

  14. trox Says:

    Its really not that hard to figure out. The current OC was calling plays against the Air Force last season. Arroyo is overwhelmed and reality it isn’t his fault. However, I totally disagree bringing in another set of eyes.

    This season is lost. Why lose draft position and pick up meaningless wins when this team has no chance of making the playoffs? Finish crappy, and pray they are able to draft high enough for a stud QB.

  15. 1trubuc Says:

    We need better Lineman

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    P’COLA…Mariotta yes…Jameis no. Trade that number one for as many picks as we can get.

    We are not a player or two away from winning…we need at least a dozen more good players.

  17. ruggyup Says:

    Oh sure, we’ll get a high first-round draft pick next year. Exactly how do you think that will work out for you(us)? Learn up the new dude by Lovie and Lovie’s strategies for offense and defense. Each is a business decision frequently marked by “an open door policy”. That is, no blocking and no tackling.

  18. lurker Says:

    we need a qb! we needed to draft one last year and are beyond hope this year.

    mariota sucked last year and is just ok this year. prescott or winston should be the pick.

  19. buc4lyfe Says:

    Of course I get it…. I mean why would he say the issue is quarterback play isn’t good enough, he had an awful game with two throws worth notice. What is the issue we need a quarterback

  20. Patrick Says:

    This whole team of misfits needs to be blown up. What is with the horrendous football we’ve been seeing for the last 4 seasons? Nothing has changed!

  21. P'cola Buc Says:

    It is rare to be in a position to get one of the top QBs in a draft…I say if we are in that position…grab him then… The following season we may win 6-7 games and the opportunity can allude us for years to come. Yes we need other players as well….but let’s not lose what could be a rare opportunity.

  22. ihateloviesmith Says:

    well imagine that, I have been saying the same thing since tedford (bailed out) medical situation. what a great defensive coordinator we have though, really makes up for our minor lack at offensive production, we have been spoon fed for half the season. lets see one stinking sack. what is GMC’s total this year 4 ,hell did not the lions have 8 against teddy? if GMCmoney keeps this pace up he might have eight at the end of the season. why is incognito still not on this squad? reverse discrimination, maybe, who knows. Oline can’t block -RB can’t run – QB is inadequate- receivers can’t get open – and the defense better be glad they were not playing TCU, or they might of had 100 put up on them. have a wonderful day!!!!!!!

  23. Tom Edrington Says:

    Woeful simply woeful. Woefully woeful.

  24. Patrick in VA Says:

    Could be a glazer budget issue. They’ve been known to be tight with their purses and they didn’t start spending until the nfl mandated that they do. Perhaps they’re compensating by keeping coaching costs fairly low. Especially with schiano still on the books

  25. deminion Says:

    @Joe can u do a Winston or Mariota article or poll? @Lurker Prescott are you serious? I wouldn’t dare draft him

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon didn’t have a good game…..but…..you do realize he has given us a lead in 3 of the 4 games he’s played in….

    We need some better playcalling…..sick of “we’re a running team” and “we need to establish the run”

    Only a fool doesn’t see that its when we abandon the run is when we move the ball and score.

    I’m OK with drafting a QB…..but we need a lot more than that…

  27. The Buc Realist Says:

    The only “trade” that Licht should be asked by the media is for Lovie for a conditional 7th round pick.

  28. RealityCheck Says:

    Can you morons please shut up about a QB. Do you really think there is ANY QB in college that can come in and play well with the horrid offensive line and awful playcalling?

    Just watch the plays over again. There is no protection, no receivers with separation, and no routes over 5 yards to give our guys a chance to make a play. It is some of the worst “football” that I have ever seen in my entire life.

    The offensive line makes or breaks football teams. Any NFL QB can play well with all day to throw and any NFL RB can play well with huge lanes to run through. It ain’t happening here. Our offensive line is horrid and our offensive coordinator is a joke.

  29. buc4lyfe Says:


    So your solution is drafting a bunch of rookie on the offensive line? Do you have like one of those tv’s from back in the 80’s cuz the lineman is all you would see, they don’t throw the ball you know that right? Glennon had a bad game and if your trying to say Vikings defense compared to the ravens when he threw for over 300 yards then I hope you’re run out of town with Glennon

  30. Buccfan37 Says:

    If the Bucs could find a way to lose the game, they’d surely find it. None of those college QB’s will help this team, not even Winston. I still say MG played OK with what surrounded him.

  31. buc4lyfe Says:

    He’s not a franchise quarterback lol just like at his photo here, he looks like pinky And The brain all in one

  32. lurker Says:

    pinocchio makes a play or 2 and people think he is a real boy/qb. lol

    glennon is called “the mirage” for a reason!

  33. bucrightoff Says:

    There are no Andrew Luck’s in this draft, only guys with wide ranging possibilities, from great to absolute bust. When you’re picking top 3 you can’t afford a bust. All QB prospects this year carry risk. And when you have needs at probably 18 of 22 positions, you take the best player who will definitely be good, particularly if it’s on the lines.

  34. The Ether Says:

    I am now an official member of the MMM… the Marcus Mariota Mob!!!

  35. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Wow. Ricky Reynolds a former DB said that our receivers do not scare him at all.

    Yeah they’re big and can position themselves but they are so slow DB’s feel free to ignore them deep and they jump routes. One of the reasons MG8 holds the ball too long is because our receivers have trouble getting any separation.

    Look at the two great passes MG8 did complete…to Evans…he was not wide open Glennon laid it in there perfectly…the TD to ASF…ASF was double covered and MG8 put the ball the ONLY place ASF could get it and not the two defenders.

    We need some speed on the outside. Love Evans…believe ASF will survive his rookie growing pains but we need more than “Dunkaneers”!!!

    Wonder if Joey Galloway can still run. Who are the scary wide receivers playing in college ball right now? Are there any who can run and CATCH the ball. We’ve seen enough of Herron and Demps.

  36. dusthy rhothdes Says:

    trade #1pick to eagles get sanchez get a couple #1s and 2s from eagles…. i know sanchez isnt answer but its better than the bs we got out there

  37. Matthew Says:

    These MGM apologists are hysterical. Everyone knows O-Lines win Super Bowls right?! GTFO, Brady’s Oline worst in the league this year yet he’s carrying them, Rodgers is on a mediocre Packer team yet they are in EVERY game cuz of Rodgers. Does the O line need improvements? Absolutely, but all these MGM fanboys are blind to the fact if you get a legit Franchise QB (which the Bucs have never had) they can cover up for a lot of weak spots. It’s the one position on the team that can change an entire franchise if you nail it.

  38. lurker Says:

    “There are no Andrew Luck’s in this draft, only guys with wide ranging possibilities, from great to absolute bust. When you’re picking top 3 you can’t afford a bust. All QB prospects this year carry risk. And when you have needs at probably 18 of 22 positions, you take the best player who will definitely be good, particularly if it’s on the lines.”

    cut and paste from april?

    disagree, though. we need to draft a qb badly, just like last year. any other position can be bought in freeagency.

  39. RealityCheck Says:

    @Mathew – Duh dude, duh. The point is there are no “legit franchise QBs” to get. Everyone on here acts like a Brady, Manning, or Rogers is just a simple draft pick away. This team is filled with holes that are fixable. Getting a franchise QB is a pipe dream that the Bucs have never in their history been able to achieve.

  40. bucrightoff Says:

    Do any of you pay attention to the actual good teams in this league? The vast majority of them built their lines through the draft. You do not win in this league through free agency. We keep trying it and it keeps failing. We all know what insanity is right?

    Hows EDS and Anthony Collins working out as far as “signing oline in free agency”? Looks mighty horrific to me.

  41. The Ether Says:

    “Are there any who can run and CATCH the ball.”

    Did you Not see that INT that set the tone for the rest of the game???

    Can we get a QB who can RUN & THROW the ball HIGH to a wide open 6’5 WR being covered by a midge- 5’10 DB???

  42. bucrightoff Says:

    And New England’s line is playing very well this year, Brady isn’t carrying anything. Tim Wright and a 4th for Mankins, another example of why you DRAFT Oline and don’t acquire it. Awful trade.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We need to trade down….we can still get a QB later in the 1st or in the 2nd….we need extra picks.

    Time to start Edwards & Pamphile…..give them some experience…..

    Trade, Goldson, Martin, Jackson and anyone else that is tradeable…….I don’t care if we get a bunch of late round picks….we need many players….and cheap players…

  44. Buccfan37 Says:

    The anti Mike Glennon Mob has resurfaced with all the vim and vigor of a pack of disgruntled spoiled brats. I know losing sucks and where else can the blame be placed. Wrong place!

  45. Incognito Says:

    Does anyone really think mcClown will make a difference?

  46. Andrew 1 Says:

    Has nothing to do with the “anti Mike Glennon Mob”. I like him, but would I take him over Winston? heck no!!! anyone who says otherwise must have a crush on the guy then.

  47. The Ether Says:

    “The anti Mike Glennon Mob has resurfaced with all the vim and vigor of a pack of disgruntled spoiled brats. I know losing sucks and where else can the blame be placed. Wrong place!”

    Yeah… Where else can the blame be placed? Other than the most high-profile position of sports in the history of sports… ever. …the QB.

    But at this point, f***k Glennon! Dinkin and Dunkin like his last name was Dilfer…. Throwing Dilfer-like/McCown-esque INTs… F***k Lovie Smith for not having the BALLS to get his Coaches & Soldiers Battle Ready!… Lighting a Fire under their pampered asses…

    Somethings gotta change!

  48. ItsDookie87 Says:

    This game reminded me of the Freeman era, do nothing for 3 quarters then give the defense the lead with just enough time for the defense to blow it.

  49. Matthew Says:

    Pats Oline playing great?! Okay cross you off the list of informed NFL fans. Go read any article prior to these last couple wins be NE. All “Oline is in shambles, Brady has no time, Brady pissed at front office due to lack of protection”. No one is saying Peyton Manning is in this draft but Winston & Marriota absolutely have top 10 QB potential (again something the Bucs have never had). Do they get there, that’s of course unknown hence the draft is a risk! All these cliche “you win in the trenches” bs that passes for analysis around here is depressing. Go look at the Dolphins, Bucs, and others who’ve spent big draft picks on OL they aren’t the powerhouses. Olines are practically as unpredictable as finding good QBs so guys screaming just draft Oline & it’s fixed are dreaming. There is one position in the NFL that can change a franchise if you nail it & that’s QB. The Bucs need to swing, and swing and keep swinging till we hit on one. Thinking you can replicate Bucs Super Bowl run with an Avg QB & dominant line play trying to win games 17-10 is fools gold in the modern NFL. MGM members take things way too personal, I’d love for us to have hit Brady or Russell Wilson luck with Glennon but we didn’t. He’s a nice kid with a couple NFL skills & a fringe starter, but a franchise QB he is not.

  50. BoJim Says:

    lurker Said:

    “disagree, though. we need to draft a qb badly, just like last year. any other position can be bought in freeagency.

    FREE AGENCY??? How’s that working out for us this year? smh.

    Yeah but we should draft a QB that can run cuz that’s all he’ll be doing til we fix the O-fXXking-line.

  51. ItsDookie87 Says:

    I’ve been a Glennon supporter and I don’t think he’s in the top 5 of problems on this team but I’d be happy to draft a QB high next year. I know it won’t make a difference and with our bad play and horrible play calling. We will probably ruin them like we do but it would at least be exciting. This is such hard football to watch. “Franchise” QBs selected the last few years aren’t faring too well today. Bortles threw 2 pick sixes today, Johnny can’t get on the field, Bridgewater beat us but that’s not saying much, EJ is riding the bench, geno threw 3 picks and got benched, Zach made his first start and led the Titans to a 14 point home loss to the Texans and Carr is leading the team that rivals us in futility as they already fired their HC. Gonna live and die with awesome rookie plays and facepalm rookie mistakes.

  52. Coach randy Says:

    QB is the least of our issued.
    The people that comment on this site, as well as the writers are pretty clueless
    Ten years in the league and I shiykd know
    3 coaches in 4 years.
    I would tell u dopes to hang in there, but Why? U r reading, writing and venting so, u all know too much. They are turning a f’D up situation around and when they do, all u band wagoners will jump on

  53. The Ether Says:

    “Coach randy Says:
    October 26th, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    QB is the least of our issued.
    The people that comment on this site, as well as the writers are pretty clueless
    Ten years in the league and I shiykd know”

    yeah… you’re right… we shiykd know better. QB is the least of our “issued”… word.

  54. Matthew Says:

    Coach Randy take off your tinfoil hat the mothership is calling you home!

  55. lurker Says:

    hey bojim,

    i never said lovie was good at talent evaluations/personnel decisions.

    we need more than a mediocre qb drafted in the third round of a craptastic qb-poor draft. we have spent high draft picks and $$$ on the oline and dline. we need to use our fist rounder on a qb this year, as we did last year.

    oooooo, but it is just the oline? the one lovie totally revamped? the one with 2 probowlers on it? were you for or against dumping last year’s oline?

  56. buc4lyfe Says:

    Atleast Freeman would throw down field, he’s scared to try lol unless it’s in the game plan you gotta force this guy to even attempt to pass it deep….. He did though like 3 times the whole game against those tiny corners.

    Forget the Winston watch who will be the next coordinator