Paging Michael Johnson

October 19th, 2014
Since the season opener, Michael Johnson has only been rumored to be a starting right defensive end.

Since the season opener, Michael Johnson’s numbers have really fallen off.

The Bucs jumped into the deep end of the 2014 free agent pool when the dinner bell rang to open the signing period. There was Bucs general manager Jason Licht waving around Team Glazer’s checkbook high in the air.

After six games and a pitiful 1-5 start, many of the free agents overlord of football operations Lovie Smith signed off on have been a big swing and a miss.

Perhaps none is bigger than defensive end Michael Johnson, who is doing his best imitation of a ghost — hey, it’s Halloween season, isn’t it? — since arriving here. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times documents just how invisible Johnson has been after being bestowed $24 million guaranteed per

Smith is right. A lot of players have injuries. That’s why Johnson may be the most disappointing Buccaneer during the 1-5 start. Sacks are one thing. But Johnson has failed to make any impact in five of the six games he has played.

The Bucs aren’t sure why. Sure, he only had 3.5 sacks last season with the Bengals. But he pressured the quarterback, batted passes down and was disruptive.

The glaring lack of a pass rush has rendered the Bucs defenseless against the pass. They have given up 15 TD passes and opposing quarterbacks have a 111.5 rating.

What may be more alarming to Joe is Johnson’s non-sack numbers. Per, Johnson has 13 tackles in five games (he didn’t play against the Lambs). Even more alarming, Johnson had nearly half of that total (six) in the season opener against the Stinking Panthers.

Look, Joe wrote this over the summer and will write it again. Johnson’s sack numbers dropped off big time last year. Johnson said that he was asked to do different things than rush the quarterback because Geno Atkins got hurt. OK, understandable.

Well, Adrian Clayborn, who Johnson replaced, was asked to do more than rush the quarterback, too, in the twisted Bill Sheridan Dancing Stunts defense, and Clayborn had nearly double the sacks as Johnson.

Makes you go, “Hhhhmmm… “

15 Responses to “Paging Michael Johnson”

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    Paging Michael Johnson? Stop looking for football players that aren’t there.

  2. NJBucsFan Says:


  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    The present chief cook and bottle washer, aka head coach went grasping at straws. Alas, the pickings were slim and that’s what was brought in. It matches the Bucs history and scratch your head pickups. Maybe something is rotten in Tampa’s water.

  4. Louis Friend Says:

    Every player on defense is playing beneath their capabilities right now. Might as well do an article on each one of them – and their coaches.

    When you’re historically bad, there’s a whole lot of blame to go around

  5. MGM4Life Says:

    “And with the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Tampa bay buccaneer’s select Florida State Seminoles Quarterback Jameis Winston”………..the crowd goes wild.

  6. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @MGM4life God no! Winston would be a horrible pick. I doubt he even comes out this year. He needs to really heal his image

  7. Joe Says:


    Interesting. Like last year, and this year, people freak out about drafting a kid with some baggage, even if it is incredibly minor (Johnny). But a scumbag like Incognito, Bucs fans are beating down Lovie’s door to sign.

    Guess it is OK if you are an NFL free agent scumbag instead of a college kid scumbag?

  8. DB55 Says:

    No joe

    It really just speaks to how clueless most buc fans really are. All off season we heard how clayborn was garbage well johnson is even worse. Same with all schiano men including schiano. As for character this football not a got damn synagogue. It’s obvious we need a swagger upgrade.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Guess it is OK if you are an NFL free agent scumbag instead of a college kid scumbag?


    Big difference, Joe, in a grown man “bullying” another grown man versus “allegedly” raping a coed.

  10. OB Says:


    Also a big difference between a proven NFL player and a going to be, plus the difference in what they did.

    It is just like the trooper that just had a DUI and was released, for his first time, I don’t think he should have been and he could have been a great example of what not to do and what you should do when you are out drinking, if you drink do not drive, period. Instead they let him go and now everyone will have the idea if they are caught they maybe let go and so they will try to get away from being caught and cause even more problems.

    Being Politically Correct instead of doing the right thing is just wrong. Yes Duis are bad, but they can be used as a learning experience to young people.

  11. Harry Says:


    I was consistent in my scumbag support: I voted for both Incognito and Johnny.

    I think this team has much more talent than what their record indicates. I think their is no one in the locker room getting in anyone’s face for the way they are playing (as Incognito likely would). AND, I think it is coaching.

    I read an interesting article on Dallas’ Marranelli and how he has put his “average” players in a position to succeed. And regardless of that article being a puff piece, that is what a good coach does. Lovie is apparently rigidly locked into what he wants to do without adjusting to what he has to work with. I don’t love Schiano, but I believe even he added some crazy blitz schemes bc he did not have what he needed or preferred. How in the hell does an NFL team with any talent get blown out 35-0 and 38-0 in the first half if they have any kind of coaching??

    Sorry, just frustrated and ranting….

  12. ElioT Says:

    Johnson looks the part but he sucks in real life. Tarzan & Jane type deal.

    This team could very well have taken a step backwards this season…

    How many glaring holes can they possibly address this offseason? Where do you even start? QB DE OG(x2) OT WR MLB CB FS WR DT… Oh and then they need depth as well… SMH!

    I think they are two years away from being relevant, and that’s IF they make all the right moves. Big IF!

    We are truly blessed to be Sucs fans.

  13. Zam Says:


  14. PRBucFan Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding

    MJ article number 9,999,999 bwahahaha

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Being a rapist and a thief is somehow less than
    Trying to toughen up a sissy.

    Your dinghy drifts further and Futher from Shore.
    Starting to think you’ve hung around the Bucs too much, with those great leaps of logic.
    Careful, a few more comments like that- they’ll be trying to hire you.

    You give the stupid and immature Winston a couple million dollars, and he’ll never study a playbook again.
    He’s an idiot
    Incognito would have improved the line- far more than any other move they’ve made