Lovie’s Talking Mentality

October 20th, 2014


Gerald McCoy held court with the Tampa Bay pen and mic club this afternoon and shared that Lovie Smith’s post-bye address focused a lot on mentality.

McCoy wasn’t specific but made it clear Lovie talked about players delivering an intensity that’s been lacking consistently.

Joe asked McCoy whether that message applied to him. McCoy said it did — to a point.

“That’s a good question, man. At times. At times. I think I’ve had the right mentality all season, but there’s times where I’ve had lapses,” McCoy said. “Clearly, since our defense is where it’s at, our record is where it’s at. Everybody across the board has had lapses.

“But as far as my mentality goes, it’s been in the right place.”

“For what [Lovie] named, I feel like my mentality has been in the right place.”

Joe talked to defensive end Will Gholston about Lovie’s message, and Gholston said he’s applying it to doing more on and off the field — from advance film study and practice, to little things like preparation and not repeating old mistakes.

Yes, there was a lot of accountability talk in the Bucs’ locker room today. An historic beating and a weekend off leads to soul searching.

34 Responses to “Lovie’s Talking Mentality”

  1. rayray1 Says:

    This game will tell a great deal about the players and the coaching staff.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Perhaps we need to bring on the scary looking Williams Sisters/Brothers……for some toughness….
    Hope the Hawk can play Sunday…..say what you will but some good old fashioned “head-hunting” wouldn’t hurt us at all.

  3. Bill T Says:

    The Bucs next 3 opponents: Minn (home), Clev (away) and ATL (home). If they have any chance for anything, they can and should win all these games. All 3 lost last week. We’ll see what they (and Lovie) are all about

  4. Robert 9 Says:

    lobama smith talking about intensity. LOL

    probably as he sips his chia tea and groups them in a circle holding hands

  5. NJBucsFan Says:

    Is it me, or does Lovie have the excitement level of Ben Stein? On top of that, he speaks in broken cliches and really gives Raheem a run for his money in lack of content.

  6. Louis Friend Says:

    Talk talk talk. That’s all this is.

    Let’s see it on the field.

  7. HawaiianBuc Says:

    “Talk talk talk. That’s all this is.

    Let’s see it on the field.”


    I agree I want to see it on the field, but I always think it’s funny when people criticize players for talking – as if they have a choice. Do people seriously expect the players to just not do interviews? They are asked questions, they answer it. I don’t hear of too many players calling reporters over to them, because they want to talk about things. Do you think they should only do interviews when we are winning? If so, what does the record need to be to justify being able to do interviews?

  8. Brent Says:

    Lol nj bucs fan, at least Lovie hasn’t uttered the classic Raheem phrase “we need to play fast and play buc ball”. Buc ball during Raheem’s time meant getting your ass handed to you and then subsequently quitting. It was actually “Raheem ball”! Thanks glazers for that. I have hopes Lovie is better. But im losing patience. If this doesn’t get a lot better soon I’m going to need fraziers axed head on a platter.

  9. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    “they” say a team takes on the personality of it’s head coach. If true we can look forward to the intensity level of a nursing home nap time

  10. HawaiianBuc Says:

    As for people criticizing Lovie for being too laid back (thus not getting the player’s attention), I don’t know about that. My buddy played for Lovie for 2 years, and he told me from the beginning that’s not true. He may not yell and scream, but he’s a very demanding coach. The players don’t take advantage of them because he lets it be known he WILL replace you if you don’t do your job. Just because he’s the way he is in interviews doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the way he really is.

  11. lightningbuc Says:

    Did anybody happen to see the Rams-Seahawks game yesterday? Great example of great coaching helping a less-talented team beat a more-talented team. The Rams preparation for the Super Bowl champs was impeccable, down to knowing exactly where a ball will be punted. The Bucs can only dream of that type of coaching right now.

  12. Brent Says:

    No Hawaiian but if you are a dumb person learn not to say much. If I hear a player say they weren’t playing hard enough or intense enough just shut up. How is that possible? You’re making a million to go 80%.

  13. gt40bear Says:

    Don’t care how many souls they search, unless they find some talent, things are not going to change.

  14. Another J Says:

    It’s gonna take more than a bye week to fix the mess that is our current Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We’re 7 weeks into the season, It’s time for the excuses out of One Buc Place to stop. It’s time for all 53 men on our roster to play like the highly paid professional football players that they are. There shouldn’t be any change mentality this late into the season.

    Now that we’ve made it past the bye week, All failures from now until the end of the season should fall on team management, coaches, and coordinators.

  15. Robert 9 Says:

    they need to bring in a real motivator like swami ken so he can bring his bowl and chimes and get to their inner selves. having a clear mind and cleansed sole could do wonders

  16. ItsDookie87 Says:

    McCoy also gave the tired Father Dungy comparison smh. That team won 5 of their last 7, if you can do that then maybe you can start talking about it. Gerald McCoy, leader of the 32nd ranked defense.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    So true….walks softly but carries a big pink slip…..

  18. Skyline Crew Says:

    Let’s see if our Defense can stop a backup QB this week. They haven’t done so twice. Maybe third time is a charm.

  19. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Any bets on how many yards/TDs Teddy Bridgewater lights us up for in the First Quarter and the Game?

  20. Skyline Crew Says:

    I’ll go with his avg/g yds…200 in the 1st.

  21. buctebow Says:

    Sounds like it is time to bring in the sports psychologist and teach the team to visualize great plays and wins. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    My anonymous source told me. That McCoy is okay with tanketh for Jameth.

  23. Chef Paul Says:

    “I feel like my mentality has been in the right place.”

    That right there just pissed me off. “Look in the mirror” don’t mean look into it and say “looking good.”

    No, GMC it hasn’t been in the right place. Your mentality has been LAZY. Just like the rest of the team. I don’t care what you did in the rain 6 months ago. No fire. No motor. No get off, in the games. Remember the Bills preseason game, Gerald? Haven’t seen that yet during the regular season.

    If the GAWD DAMN leader says he’s fine, no one else will try harder either.

    F*CK HIM!!

  24. Skyline Crew Says:

    Jameis is Manziel 2.0 = too much trouble, but hey whatever, waste a 1st rd pick on him.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Draft Jameis and the very next day after he’s drafted. The Bucs ticket office switch board will be lit up like a Christmas tree. It will go on for days, they’ll have to hire a few more sales reps to field all the calls.

    He’ll sell twice as many jerseys than Manziel. Not only because he’s MUCH more accurate then Manziel, but because he’s FSU and in state.

    Mark Barron was drafted in the first round too. How’s that working out for us?
    Doug Martin…how’s that working out for us?

  26. Skyline Crew Says:

    Waste your money on him. We will more than likely take Mariotta if we were taking a QB. Jameis will probably fall down the boards like Manziel did. Nobody wants to babysit their 1st rd pick. I’m not from Florida so I could care less if the QB drafted is from Florida or not.

  27. Buddhaboy Says:

    should win all 3 gaames. Did you see what atlanta did to us last time.

    Really? typical goober fan. what a joke.

  28. Chef Paul Says:

    You draft a player based on how much he helps you WIN. You don’t draft someone based on how many tickets and jerseys he sells, or he is from Florida or not. Isnt Leonard Johnson a home town boy? Hows that working out for us.

  29. Skyline Crew Says:


    If we do go QB in the 1st rd I would go Mariotta based off of his mobility and arm. He is quicker than Winston and has about the same accuracy. Size wise there is only a 10 pound difference so that is a wash. Both win, but Mariotta has good leadership and doesn’t get in trouble off the field.

  30. MTM Says:

    There has been a soft mentality at One Buc Place some quite some time. Teams come in and push the defense and offense around at will. I still believe GMC is good not great. He was anointed way before he ever did anything and hasn’t done much. Nice guy but D tackles aren’t typically “nice guys”. Gerald needs to stop worrying about picking up opposing players and saying coach speak. Just show up on the field!!

  31. lightningbuc Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    October 20th, 2014 at 3:15 pm
    Draft Jameis and the very next day after he’s drafted.


    Draft Jameis and the very next day the Rape Crisis Hotline will have to double its staff size.

  32. Skyline Crew Says:

    Let’s see if the D can handle a backup QB this week. Haha….we already know the answer.

  33. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Several NFL Experts have broken down what is wrong with Tampa Bay.
    Our Coaches are failing us, because players don’t even know where they are supposed to be at, 1/2 the time!
    We keep insisting on unproven and inexperienced General Managers, and trusting them to build us a team.
    Mark Dominik really hurt us, and Jason Licht’s evaluation of free agent talent so far sucks.
    And to say Lovie is a great coach is far from accurate, since his players seldom even know where they should be.

    Sorry, it is not the Mentality, it is piss poor free agent talent evaluation, combined with terrible coaching, that has Tampa where we are at now.

    Lovie’s team of poorly coached Choir Boys ain’t scaring anyone. Tampa stadium has a home field advantage allright, for the opposing teams.
    The Ravens game was a case in point, it was a big party (in our stadium) for all the Raven’s Fans.

    The Green Bay Game is already sold out, and I guarantee, all the Cheese Heads will be partying at Tampa Stadium, at our expense.

    Things must get worse for us, before they get better, and hopefully a few more blowouts on National TV will cause the current clowns we have hired to get shown the door.

    Tampa needs a real, proven, Football Man for our General Manager.
    Someone who knows how to build a winning football program.

    Sorry, but Jason Licht has spent plenty of our money, and made us worse.
    He just made a terrible trade with New England for an over the hill Logan Mankins, who gave up a safety that cost us the game with the Saints.

    Plus, it cost is a 4th round pick we really could have used!

    Licht is turning out to be exactly what we all feared, Lovie’s Lap Dog 🙁
    A REAL General Manager would not have allowed Lovie to waste 6 million of our dollars for Josh McClown, then name him the starter, w/o any competition first!

    Talk about Mentality, WTF does that say about our team ?

  34. FanOfBucs Says:

    Robert 9, you should try getting out more.