Lovie Rallying Around A “10-Game Tournament”

October 25th, 2014

raheemrockstarHere’s little known Bucs history for you. It was former Rays manager Joe Maddon who was the reason Raheem Morris went public with his famous “Race to 10” slogan back in 2010.

Frankly, that mentality-before-reality approach worked for Raheem that season.

Now it seems Lovie Smith is channeling the power of the last Bucs head coach to have a winning record. In his weekly video chat with Scott Smith for Buccaneers.com, Lovie revealed he’s been drilling players on the mindset of a “10-game tournament” to close the season.

Joe gets what Lovie is thinking, and rallying cries can inspire, but slogans sure are losing their luster around these parts.

Greg Schiano was famous for refusing to acknowledge the team’s record and only wanting to talk about the “one-game season” of the current week.

Joe’s got an idea: How about “Three For The Fans.” It sure would be soothing to see the Bucs play good strong football for three consecutive weeks.

20 Responses to “Lovie Rallying Around A “10-Game Tournament””

  1. JonnyThumper Says:

    but sadly, I don’t think I care anymore

  2. NewTampaChris Says:

    There’s a natural disconnect between players and fans. Players are solely focused on the next game. Fans are calculating potential records and we’re wringing our hands over the team’s overall dreadful performance.

    There’s really nothing we can do except watch for 3 hours every week — and complain. I long for the days when there was no sports talk radio, Twitter or web sites. Then our bitch sessions were for a couple of hours on Monday with colleagues, and we forgot our awful team for another six days.

    Back in the 90s, I would be paying attention to my kids instead of posting on JBF.

  3. Bird Says:

    Jump off the bucs band wagon then. Bucs had there stretch run but have been bad for a while. The day will come when they make another run when they get the pieces back. And when they do u can brag about being a true bucs fan! People deal with it. Things are bad and really tuff to watch. I feel bad for my bro who went to UF. He has the bucs and gators to cheer for. Now that’s tuff. We’ll still be bucs fans til the day we fall. And all this complaining about the owners is ridiculous. They are spending some serious scratch. Gm and coach need to do better job of drafting and bringing in the right free agents.

  4. Tempcopest Says:

    Joe’s got an idea: How about “Three For The Fans.” It sure would be soothing to see the Bucs play good strong football for three consecutive weeks.

    Amen Brother

  5. OB Says:


    I think we need to go to a one quarter at a time plan, most of them can’t get one game at a time, let alone 10 games. They don’t seem to remember where they are supposed or how to play on almost every play (I said MOST not all). Has any one checked the water or Gatorade, how about the food that is catered?

    I have been a Bucs fan since Carol Rosemblum (sp) drowned and his wife took over the LA Rams because I knew John McKay and thought he was a great person, so I suffered with the Bucs till one day they blossomed. Since football is a business and a team, some of these players should be fired and sent to the Peanut Gallery on the side of the field for every game for the world to see, maybe that would wake them up.

  6. Ray Rice Says:

    3 games???? $hit! How about 3 quarters? Better yet 3 series. Or no more consistent 3 and outs on offense. How about 3 and outs on defense? How about 3 sacks? Or 3 good play calls on offense and defense. 3333333333333333333. Anything with 3. FUK 3 games that’s asking too much of them right now.

  7. Flmike Says:

    3 positive yardage plays in a row would be a nice start, then maybe we can aspire to a good qtr of football before we get all crazy and hope for a solid half..

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here’s a number 3 for you…..3 years from 1976 to 1979……went from 0-26 to hosting NFC Championship……don’t give up hope.
    Bitch, gripe, moan, vomit if you want….(and you have reason)….but keep than sliver of hope alive…..the Bucs will return to power…..and…..believe it or not as far-fetched as it seems…..I think it will be with Lovie Smith!!!

  9. Stevie Blart Says:

    Joe thats completelyidiotic. You bash Lovie for this 10 game BS and then schiano for his 1 game slogan and then you suggest a 3 game alternative. In fact the only one that makes sense is schiano’s…

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    I used to think listening to Raheem talk was painful, listening to Lovie’s press conferences makes me want to shove screw drivers in my ears until they meet in the middle. This dude is going through the motions and collecting a check.
    He has done nothing in his career to be able to walk through the door and demand respect, however that’s how he carries himself. The next original football idea he has will be his first. Coaches that run around the NFL trying to re-create the past fail because special players that made it work the first time arent there anymore. He flew down to Tampa and found one of Monte’s old playbooks and blew the dust off of it and thats what he’s running, come hell or high water.

  11. 1bucfan88 Says:

    “Joe’s got an idea: How about “Three For The Fans.” It sure would be soothing to see the Bucs play good strong football for three consecutive weeks.”

    Is this what we’ve come to? Hoping and praying our team doesn’t get embarrassed for a few weeks? Smh….

  12. TAC Says:

    How about just a competent looking game by all 3 phases, players in the right position, even if they get beat. Tacklers, who just make a tackle, with the rest of the D swarming to the ball instead of looky loo who is making the attempt at the tackle.

    Gerald McCoy needs to start grabbing some face masks of his lackadaisical crew on D, poke them in the eye, give them a real excuse to suck.

  13. Eric Says:

    I still believe in Lovie.

    Go bucs. Dont give up. I feel a run coming starting Sunday.

  14. Zam Says:

    How about, “We’ll win or your money back!” They’d never be willing to put their money where their mouth is. So talk is cheap.

  15. Tye Says:

    It sure seem strange how the Bucs have went from a NO-experience HC to a 9 year veteran HC in just a few years and the present HC is no better than the former!

    With each HC comes more failure and more evidence of just how special Jon Gruden really was as the Bucs HC…

  16. Ray Rice Says:


    Yea I feel a run coming Sunday too. A run on 3rd and 5. Or a run being 20pts down in the 3rd quarter. Or the famous run we do that smashes right into the backs of our O-Line. That was an easy guess. Lets think of something else.

  17. buc4lyfe Says:

    On plays when everyone does exactly what they are supposed to do this team is unstoppable which is about two or three times in a game yea that’s about right. They have pieces so if the offense gets more consistent and the defense actually knows what to do when the play is called we’ll have some tolerable games on Sunday, 10 weeks, 10 Sundays that just seems to Damn long to look lost on defense something’s gotta give and I can’t wait until the bucs switch the flip

  18. kevin Says:

    Until this team starts playing like they give a crap….I DONT give a crap. And that is being fair. When the fans care more about the team than the team themselves do….nothing on this earth warrants me from sitting back and saying screw it. I really dont care right now. I will always be a bucs fan but I will not not continue to be the supporting voice of an organization that cant get it right. I am a fan of anything tampa. But just because something comes from our city does not mean it deserves its suppirt automatically. You must earn your keep and right now this team has shown me it does not want my support. Im done giving a crap until this team proves that they do

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m with you bro. I think Lovie will get us there and mist things are hard before they are easy.

  20. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    How about just one win this afternoon vs the Vikes? If the Bucs can accomplish that then its time to start talking about winning at Cleveland or stringing together 3 good games; I’d take a win today for starters because the simple truth is that the Bucs have yet to play 3 solid quarters back to back yet and are a play in Pittsburgh away from being with the Raiders in the winless column….