Lovie Irritated With Offense

October 27th, 2014

????????It is hard for an offense to get on track when a quarterback forces a gruesome pick.

It is hard for an offense to get on track when it cannot run the ball.

It is hard for an offense to get on track when its quarterback drops back and gets swarmed.

Those are among the problems for Lovie Smith and the Bucs. They need correcting — in the middle of a season, no less. Lovie sounded off about the Bucs offensive offense yesterday.

“Eventually, we have to win a game here at home,” Lovie said. “It’s kind of hard to win though, just talking offensively, when you wait that long to get anything going. I think we went about five series of three-and-outs, that’s hard to get any type of rhythm. Part of it was them, but most of it was us. Defensively we played better at times, but at the end, when you have a lead, you have got to be able to close it out, especially at home. Offensively, third downs really killed us. Again, stopped drives. Turnovers, I think they had two, of course the last one – great play by their player to get the ball out. So just a tough game for us. We an opportunity to gain some ground in our division today before we started and just didn’t get it worked out that way.”

Again, Joe is convinced part of the problem is no true offensive coordinator. Acting coordinator Marcus Arroyo is over his head. It’s just a bad situation when your offensive coordinator had to leave with health issues. This is the hand the Bucs are dealt.

It’s naive to say the Bucs should lure out some offensive coordinator out of mothballs sitting on a beach in North Carolina. What, it would take him until the end of the season to install a full offense. What’s the point? It’s not like the Bucs are playoff bound.

May as well lose and get a good draft pick.

To hear more of Lovie from his press conference yesterday, click the button below. Audio courtesy of Joe’s friends at WDAE-AM 620.

32 Responses to “Lovie Irritated With Offense”

  1. Arealbucsfan Says:

    The problem is the whole team!

  2. MadMax Says:

    Please for the love of GOD, DO NOT dismiss holding Leslie and this Defense accountable!!!! We had the lead with 2 mins left and the D let them come back!

    Blame can be laid at almost every position, but this INEPT D led by Leslie is a freakin JOKE!!!

  3. MadMax Says:

    Bryce Petty…..we will be picking top 3, trade down and pick him!

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    Lovie should be irritated with himself ….. he’s the one who hired this staff, which is just as underperforming as the players they coach…….

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    The only reason this game wasn’t a bigger blowout is Bridgewater is not particularly good and the Vikings dropped many passes. Most other days with a a better QB would see that game be another blowout loss rather than a blown lead late.

    This is a very bad team from top to bottom. I doubt they beat the Raiders or Jags. This is the worst Bucs team in a very long while and it starts and stops with the coaching. The product is a disgrace. Lovie needs drastic improvements the second half of the year, otherwise I doubt anyone wants him being involved in a top 3 pick.

  6. CC Says:

    Lovie’s hand picked team from GM, coaching staff to players.The blame should fall directly on him. No excuses.

  7. billy buckaroo Says:

    Unfortunately virtually every aspect of this teams plans hasn’t worked out so far.
    Every bad scenario that you can imagine has happened.
    You cant blame Glennon or the line or the def or the kicking game or the coaches singularly- they are all performing badly.
    On top of that we have much tougher opponents on the horizon so it may get even uglier.
    These players DON’T BELIEVE in their coaches or their system or their team mates or themselves but regardless they don’t believe they can win with the way things are now and are just going thru the motions.
    Nothing is going to change until that is fixed regardless of how good or bad a player is.

  8. Upthegut Says:

    Marcus Arroyo is not the only coach in way over his head. Start with Lovie.
    He picked this staff. Leslie is his clone. Their philosophy is lets keep the score down and try to eek out a win. He picked him. He picked Tedford – onforyuanted situation but also UNPROVEN. Then George Worhop (offensive line) , What scheme is he teaching? How about the talent evaluation? We were supposed to, per Lovie, win the turn over battle and excel on special teams I’m surprised Lovie didn’t cut LVD and GMC. I thought Raheem was an AssClown but the only difference is Lovie is an
    experienced AssClown.
    Lovie for the sake of the fans and the community have the decency to resign and let us start over. We have suffered too long. You have taken a bad team and made it so much worse. Look in the mirror man and admit what you see is a portrait of incompetence. You have delivered on NONE of YOUR promises.
    The honeymoon is over chump…..I’m filing for devoirce .

  9. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    So now the D had ONE decent game and he is pointing fingers? How many games did the D blow or could not stop a wet tissue? This is ALL on Lovie, these are HIS guys, the O line was hand picked( except for Dot) The high priced Johnson got benched for some dude who was selling sand last week. Now you see why Zimmer gave Griffin the cash and NOT Johnson, even when he coached him In Cincy. Looks like he also got the wrong veteran QB, Orton is doing awesome in Buffalo ( this is just a dig because I am fed up). Your hand picked O coordinator is gone, now you have to get another one for next season, and start ALL OVER AGAIN. SELL,SELL,SELL. Get picks for VJAX, Martin, and anyone not named McCoy or David. And yes, your D could have stopped the Vikes’ on the last drive, but no pressure, and bad play calling, so blame ALL AROUND.

  10. phil Says:

    It would be nice to see some “FIRE LOVIE” billboards.

  11. NJBucsFan Says:

    I’m irrateded with Lovie

  12. Incognito Says:

    When the bucs went up 13-10 with 1:56 to play you knew there was no doubt in my mind the sorry defense was not going to make the stop.

  13. GO We are worse than the 1976 BUCS Says:

    How can a coach be mad at an offense that has a fill in OC? Why is Lovie not reaching out to fill the void left by Tedford? Can someone please explain this to me?

  14. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Joe was right last week. If Lovie would have named Glennon the OFFICIAL starter this game would have spell W-I-N for us.

    Glennon looked lost and confused out there. It was like he was thinking about Amendment 2 out there. Joe was right. Giving Glennon a title would have grounded Glennon and his long pass would have been on the money. He would had ran not just for the first down but for an additional 10 yards.

    Damn Lovie! Now we might as well trade Glennon and sign Connor Shaw. Glennon’s mental status will not recover from this long wait to be named the STARTER. Now is to late….Joe was right is all Lovie’s fault.

  15. Incognito Says:

    How about a billboard that says “Glazers please sell the team”

  16. Chef Paul Says:

    You know what is more irritating than the offense? Watching the other team throw the ball while the receiver is just standing there waiting for it. Waiting… waiting… waiting… catch… turn around to run. Oh there’s the DB. He’s finally coming to tackle. He’s been 20 yards downfield this whole time. Why are they always so far downfield? ALWAYS!!!

  17. Incognito Says:

    Lovie looks like he’s on crack.

  18. flmike Says:

    This franchise will go nowhere as long as Snuffy Smith is in charge, he’s the problem, the game passed him by, not yesterday, not last months, but years ago. He see’s no need for a franchise QB, it’s part of his stated philosophy, so if you think he’s gonna change his stripes over night and take a QB with a top 3 pick you’re delusional. Admit the mistake, fire Lovie on Jan 3, and make your play for Sumlin, Davis, Helfrich or Harbaugh, my personal choices are Harbaugh or Helfrich, either of those pretty much guarantees Mariota lands with the Bucs, stick with Lovie and we’ll get a DE and a LB with our first two picks, maybe a QB in the 4th or 5th rds.

  19. buc4lyfe Says:

    Wait as bad as his defense has been all year and he hasn’t said much at all about it unless it was an excuse but the is invisible for one and he’s upset? I don’t like lovie at all

  20. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Someone has to be held accountable for the Tedford/Arroyo trainwreck Joe! If not Lovie than who???? This garbage OC Arroyo has cost the Bucs at least 2 games (Lambs and Vikes) and probably cost the team a win in New Orleans to boot. If you want anyone to show up next sesaon to any games at RJS Glazers you need to make a statement: fire a scapegoat, do something besides sitting on your ****ing hands!

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    Glennon is a joke. He will be joining his brother on the radio in a very short time.

    Glazers please sell. ASAP thanks

  22. theodore Says:

    The problem is you, Lovie. You don’t want to win with offense. From the very start you made it clear offense doesn’t win games. Dungy 2.0 indeed.

  23. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    tmaxcon said: “Glazers please sell. ASAP Thanks

    Amen; how about Eddie Debartolo owning the club; then a rebuilding year may not involve double digit losses almost every ****ing season and continuous ineptitude as we have dealt with since Man U got into the Glazer portfolio and Malcolm had the stroke….. GHTG (Glazers have to go) before anyone can really expect this team to rise off of the bottom…..

  24. Brent Says:

    Ive lived in Chicago, Nyc, Jacksonville and id say tampa has a really stupid media. We shouldn’t have panicked and fired schiano. Could have just kept him and started looking for a good new coach to hire next year. Now we have Lovie signed to 5 year deal and schiano is still getting paid. It just gives our organization a bad look always turning over coaches and personnel. Like the raiders. All that just to get worse? All I heard from tampa media was how great Lovie dovie and his staff were and how they were going to turn it around.

  25. Buccfan37 Says:

    Did’nt Lovie invent quicksand? Should have hung them up Lovie, for the sake of football fans everywhere. You should have stopped coaching when fans thought you were a so so coach. Your dream is over, do us Buc fans a favor, turn around and admit you are in over your head and walk far away.

  26. tmaxcon Says:


    The only group of people who are more delusional than the “Media” are Glennon Fans / excuse makers. The media in Tampa would not know a good coach or quarterback if they were hit in the face by one or both. Pretty sad actually. The Tampa media is just a clique of small town wannabees lost in the glow of big city lights of real NFL cities… Feel sorry for them! In the industry theTampa market is like purgatory…. Not big enough to matter and to big to considered small town cute.

    Glazer clowns must go!

  27. Brent Says:

    Glennon is the only reason we got a w this year and you want to dump him?? How bout dumping Leslie, Collins, every guard, Mj, bowers first? Based on glennons performance we should have 3 wins: Pitt, New Orleans, Minnesota. All he led us to late scores to hold a lead. I think he would have beaten rams too. How are we gonna fix this thing if we don’t fault the right people. Joe just wants hits on his blog. But you guys wake up!

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    I am all for dumping them all not just Glennon. Glennon is what he is a backup…

  29. Brent Says:

    @tmaxcon, you may be right on mg. I was just saying he’s probably low on the list of guys I’d be blaming. Joe gets a lot of hits with that topic. Surprised everybody all worried about mg? He’s been ok. Plus no oc or o- line..

  30. sho-nuff Says:

    then go hire a coordinator…your boy you picked is broken and aint coming back…

    where have I seen this tune before…defensive minded coach who has FULL CONTROL of the team can’t bring in an O coordinator if his life depended on it…another branch off of overrated dungey’s tree…..

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    The team is tanking it everyone…the sooner you figure it out the better your mind will be for doing it.

  32. sho-nuff Says:

    Buc1987 we know…that’s why “smart” doesn’t waste beautiful Florida Sundays on this hot garbage….nope this is about looking in, getting disgusted and making sure THEY know that it’s on them….unlike the Rays who always find a way to blame the fans for having cheap ownership, a former gutless manager who scrubs every ounce of swagger off his team and an organizationally philosophy that produces THE most boring game in baseball…

    THANK GOD for Joe for giving us a vine to vent and let our frustrations fly…