Is Whip-Cracking On The Way?

October 17th, 2014

lovie 0912The most verbal, in-your-face coach on the Bucs’ staff might be high-energy cornerbacks chief Gil Byrd. Joe can still hear his spring and training-camp intensity.

Byrd was visibly and passionately teaching the finer points to Alterraun Verner from Day 1 back in April.

Joe remembers Byrd screaming “not good enough” at Johnthan Banks during offense-vs.-defense work.

For those who like hearing football coaches and/or strong men stand up and be accountable. This is the audio of Byrd talking to reporters on Wednesday.

One things Byrd suggests is that me might need to be tougher on his players.

Fun stuff. Enjoy via the WDAE-AM 620 audio player below.

11 Responses to “Is Whip-Cracking On The Way?”

  1. ruggyup Says:

    That’s nice. What’s our record? That’s nice too. Atta boy Lovie, coach ’em up.

  2. andres Says:

    I find the title of this article somewhat racist LOL

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Too late for that… Lovie has already established the coaching culture…changing tactics at this point would be taken by the players that “this is on you”….and they know collectively the team has the talent…they have been directed to play exactly the way they have been playing……

  4. feelthepewterpower Says:


  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    That whip cracking is only touching air, can’t get that right either.

  6. buctebow Says:

    Maybe he’d be better at herding cattle?

  7. Adrian Says:

    We need to whip some cracks agaist the Vikings next game.

  8. Mike10 Says:

    I heard nothing in that at all.

    “It’s on me” and “I need to do a better job coaching” is the new age go to excuse from any coach, especially Bucs coaches

  9. Louis Friend Says:

    Words mean nothing. They get paid a lot of money to do more than talk.

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    Lol. Man coverage > cover 2. The league figured it out a long time ago

  11. A.P Says:

    Whats wrong witha little whip crackin??!?!!!!!!!