Harsh Words For Michael Johnson

October 7th, 2014
michael johnson 0928

“Tissue paper”

Look, Joe is not going to rag on an injured guy, and if you trust the words of Lovie Smith, Michael Johnson will never been 100 percent this season.

Joe waited for Johnson, the high-priced free agent signee, to make his first appearance as a Bucs defensive end, which he did last week in Pittsburgh by dropping Ben Roethlisberger twice.

Sadly, Johnson, playing with a bum ankle, could not replicate this performance against the Saints. Michael Renner of Pro Football Focus studied the video and wondered why the Bucs even brought Johnson into the fold.

Breakdown: This is the exact opposite of what the Buccaneers had in mind when they signed Johnson over the summer. The hard edge that Johnson routinely set in Cincinnati looked more like tissue paper on Sunday in New Orleans. The Saints tight ends had their way with the defensive end all day long on runs designed to get to the boundary. Johnson didn’t make a single tackle, but instead missed three.

Signature Play: At 11:28 in the overtime period, Johnson appeared to quit on the play after Josh Hill got a solid initial punch on a pin-and-pull play.

Again, Joe is not going to rag on a guy playing on one good wheel. It shows a lot of guts and heart to play through pain. Early in the Pittsburgh game, Joe noticed how there was a pileup on top of Johnson’s ankle and he was in some agony, but sucked it up and played and played well.

That did not happen Sunday in New Orleans. So Joe has to ask, a lot of players want to get on the field despite an injury, but coaches prevent them from doing so for several reasons. If Johnson is too hurt to play, and thus cannot make an impact, then he shouldn’t be on the field. That hurts the team.

If Johnson’s injury is truly the reason why he was invisible Sunday, then it is up to the coaching staff to get him off the field until he is healthy enough to contribute.

19 Responses to “Harsh Words For Michael Johnson”

  1. SAMCRO Says:

    Now, we’ll get an announcement before Sunday that Johnson is out for the season.

  2. HorseForce Says:

    I’d quite like to se us draft a (another) defensive end next year. I’d love Randy Gregory from Nebraska. Two quality rushers switching sides, left and right.

    Its a different position I know but we’d have four quality rushers then with some depth too.

    We may actually have a feared pass rush outside of McCoy then

  3. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Maybe if the refs throw a flag on o-linemen holding him and McCoy maybe they get a fair chance to bring down Brees. Is not easy when you are going against the refs also.

    This was a solid game for Glennon. Too bad stupid penalties by us and then the refs not calling penalties on the Saints allow the Saints to rundown our defense by the 4th qtr.

    Only if our receivers/tight end had caught the catchable balls thrown to them we would had a fair chance to beat the Saints AND THE REFS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hawk Says:

    It hurts the team twice. Once while he’s playing injured, and then when he should have been healed by not pushing himself.

  5. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    This should have been another 300 yds passing for Glennon and a win for us.
    Go Refs!!!

  6. dick2111 Says:

    Quickness and speed are obviously critical at all defensive positions, and playing on a bum ankle like Michael Johnson has been trying to do seems dumb. It obviously negates his effectiveness in sealing off the edge against runs and limits his ability to pressure the QB. But I don’t put that on Michael. That one belongs on the Bucs coaches.

    Johnson played 82 of the 86 snaps on defense. Gholston played 61, Solomon 11, Smith 23 and Bowers 30 (mostly at DT). I know that with Clayborn on IR and English out, the Bucs DE’s are hurting, but putting an obviously-hurting player out there for 82 snaps doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Macabee Says:


    You have my vote for Randy Gregory. We need a true speed rusher.

  8. Destinjohnny Says:

    Don’t play him till he is healthy.would rather have someone else @100% then him at 60. We need him Down the stretch when we are going for 5 wins

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie’s got an eye for talent, or does he?

  10. Zam Says:

    Perhaps he just stinks.

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    Should have thrown that money at Michael Bennett and apologized and begged him to come back. Johnson is what he is, a guy whose play is likely to go south now that he’s gotten paid. Getting $15 more million than his career sack total was always going to be a risk. So far it’s backfired.

  12. biff barker Says:

    Starters injured.

    3T DE

    No OC.

    Pop Warner play calling.

    Antiquated Defensive scheme and horrid coaching.

    It’s a Bucs life.

  13. NewTampaChris Says:

    If the man played 80 snaps with zero tackles, how much worse could a healthy backup play?

  14. Brandon Says:

    iff barker Says:
    October 7th, 2014 at 9:40 am

    Antiquated Defensive scheme

    Yeah, same scheme Seattle used to lead the league in defense and win the Super Bowl and same scheme Carolina used to finish 2nd in defense and win the division. Same exact scheme Dallas used to shut down New Orleans the week before. STFU!

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    BS excuses. If his ouchie is preventing him from getting the job done then he should not be on the field. Wonder what the excuse will be once his ouchie is all healed up? Oh wait, it will never be 100%…how convenient!!! Permanent excuse to take the money and not produce.

  16. NJBucsFan Says:


  17. ddneast Says:

    Perhaps Lovie knows Johnson at 70 percent is better than any of his backups 100 percent. All three of Bree’s’ nits came from pressure on him. One of those was caused by Johnson. We had good pressure on Bree’s thru the game.
    Unfortunately our DBS still stink in coverage. Especially Golston and Baron.

  18. 37champs Says:

    If you want to watch some give up on plays just watch Bowers…on a consistent basis

  19. Bucamania Says:

    Barron actually had his best game in a long time against the Saints. He was all over Jimmy Graham. Defended several passes.