Day After Contract Results

October 26th, 2014
A day after signing the richest contract in the NFL for a defensive tackle, Bucs DT Gerald McCoy recorded two tackles and a half-sack. Photo courtesy of

A day after signing the richest contract in the NFL for a defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy recorded two tackles and a half-sack. (Photo courtesy of

Yesterday, Joe wrote about how Gerald McCoy hit the lottery by signing the richest contract for a defensive tackle in the NFL. Joe is truly, genuinely happy for GMC, one of the best dudes Joe has ever dealt with. A true professional and stalwart of the locker room.

But as Joe also warned, signing such a contract comes with high expectations. If one is to be paid like the best, then it is not outrageous to expect results commensurate with the salary.

Joe cannot say that happened today in the gut-punch of an overtime loss to the Vikings.

Playing against a truly porous Vikings offensive line, GMC had two tackles and a half-sack. Not exactly what one expects from the highest-paid defensive tackle in the game.

The tackles Joe isn’t so worried about. Again, who the hell is going to actually run at GMC? Sacks are another matter. Joe didn’t think it was untoward to expect GMC to get Teddy Bridewater down for two sacks today. That didn’t happen.

Fellow defensive lineman Michael Johnson had two tackles as well, and he even got his hand on Bridgewater. Joe was so shocked, he jotted down the date and time for prosperity. It happened on Oct. 26, 2014 at 1:46 p.m.

The very next play, GMC got his half-sack.

Johnson, who is often approachable, was like a lot of his teammates this afternoon and was quite bitter about the loss. When Joe asked him if the Vikings changed something up on the final drive of regulation, Johnson snarled and advised Joe he would have to ask someone else because he was not on the field. Johnson also snapped at Joe when Joe asked about his problematic ankle.

Joe knows when a player doesn’t want to talk, and after that short exchange, Joe thanked Johnson and walked away.

31 Responses to “Day After Contract Results”

  1. MadMax Says:

    I dont think he’s worth the highest pay, but he’s the best we have other than LD….but once again, over paying to make up for the slack in other positions….

  2. RealityCheck Says:

    McCoy is far from a game changing player. Sorry, I don’t see it. I tried to specifically watch him a lot today on defense and he wasn’t getting double and triple teamed like is so often mentioned in response to why he doesn’t have a lot of sacks. The whole line is a stinkfest.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    McCoy wasn’t our problem today… was FAs, EDS Collins & Mankins….and an OC that has probably been told to run the ball on 80% of 1st downs….

  4. silverfoxx7 Says:

    GMC is totally overrated on a lousy defensive team. Great players make game changing plays and GMC has not done that one time this year. He is not the quality player that Levonte David is, who plays great every game!!

  5. Robert7 Says:

    Tim wright 3 Td’s in the last 4 games. Asj lost the game and has yet to show his worth

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    If McCoy is worth 98M then Lavonte David is worth double that.

  7. Ray Rice Says:

    About dam time someone sees what I’ve been saying all along. Geraldina does not get double and triple teamed all game as some argue he does. This guy is good but not a player who makes us better at the moment. Could have easily gotten the same production from anyone else without overpaying. Oh! Verner looks a mess as well. This dude has been getting beat week in and week out. All off season signings besides McDonald suck balls.

  8. Jason Says:

    “Joe was so shocked, he jotted down the date and time for prosperity.”
    Think you mean posterity, and yeah Johnson’s production has been little to none this year.

  9. Robert7 Says:

    The front four looked decent when goldstone was in……lot of pressure just not the sacks. The coverage is loose enough the Qb gets the ball out

  10. jyraun Says:

    It’s official. …. The buccaneers are the worst team of the NFL! This loss provides a strong indication we will have the#1 overall pick in the draft 2015. SMH

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    This a team built out of mercenaries. The guys with the fat contracts are going through the motions and those that don’t are either waiting for their absurd contract or counting down the days till they can get the hell out of town.

    Its time for a fire sale.

  12. Richmondbucsfan Says:

    Collins might be the worst of all the signings. He is busted for holding constantly. Or just getting man handled.

  13. FloridaGirl Says:

    Should have traded him for draft picks..

  14. BoJim Says:

    Man, I hope David re-signs.

  15. CB Buc Says:

    GMC couldnt be traded this year (contract year) or next (franchise tag). Now he can be traded…but with a cap hit.

    He’s not going anywhere… But he can

  16. tha truth is... Says:

    blow this $#_ t up while u still have time. Top 2 bottom this organization sucks minus a few and I mean very few players. Owners suck. Gm suck. Head coach suck. Coordinators suck. Scouts suck. Scheme suck. Uniforms suck. Hollywood couldn’t write a script on how 2 lose like this. It’s truly sad 2 be a Bucs fan. I turned down a ticket 2 tha game because I knew what type of performance was going 2 be presented and it was a $hiittiiee 1.

  17. ihateloviesmith Says:

    Gerald MCcupcake, over paid, and nowhere near elite. this club has to have someone on their putrid team to be the face of their franchise, largely because as of this moment their is no one that can carry that burden, MCcupcake was smart enough to realize this and instead of testing the market like suh he jumped on the sure thing, knowing tampa had to have his services to even look credible. so if their totally inept coach, blindly lands a new face of the nation, this draft year, offensively or defensively, you can expect MCCUPCAKE TO BE ON A SHORT LEASH. because honestly, his production will have to be on par, or close to other players of his pay grade. but what the heck I do not blame you MCcupcake I would have done the same damn thing!

  18. MTM Says:

    The Bucs just committed to 7 yrs of quarterback pressure not sacks. McCoy almost sacked Bridgewater all day. The Bucs almost won again. This ain’t horse shoes.

  19. ForgotAboutDre Says:

    If I was McCoy and I read the comments on this site I wouldn’t have signed with this team again. On the Vikings passing touchdown against us, people were bashing him because he blew by the lineman and got to Bridewater in 2-3 seconds, but that “wasn’t fast enough”. No, if you get to the QB that quickly, it’s the fault of the coverage for losing the receivers so quickly. Imagine how good we would be if the rest of our lineman pressured the QB like Gerald does!

    Gerald Mccoy earned his contract. He’s arguably the best player on the Buccaneers, and he probably will be for the next 7 years. So time to stop hating on our players who are actually making plays, and start hating on the 8 other starting defensive players who are playing like bums.

  20. sam Says:

    I honestly didn’t think he was worth that amount, but who am I too say. He is no where near jj watt level.

  21. MTM Says:

    @ ForgotAboutDre

    Your logic doesn’t make sense. He’s the best player on the team so its ok to overpay for him. Glennon is the best QB on the team so lets pay him top pay. That thinking has killed this organization over the years.

  22. Commentator Says:

    Never understood the hype about this guy; I wish I could not show up for work and get paid $100,000,000! Who’s playing soft now, McCoy? We can’t hear you!

  23. ForgotAboutDre Says:

    @MTM A player who NEEDS to be double teamed is a luxury in the nfl, but he’s the best DT in the NFL. It was a lot of money, but it costs money to retain talented players, the deal was fine. He’s a great player to build your defense around, which clearly doesn’t apply to all of the players we got off free agency market.

  24. buc4lyfe Says:

    Let’s not do the is he living up to his contact thing please…. He doesn’t have the stats through 7 games to justify the contract…. No one wants to admit it was an emotional reason he got paid otherwise he got j.j. watt money because of elite get off lol and one pro bowl. He’s a great player no doubt but do they look that much different with him off the field or injured?

  25. mac Says:

    And look at what JJ Watt did today… He dominated and earned his bloated contract… GMC? Half a sack… But he did help several people up so he should earn a few “nice guy” points… Oh brother, what a joke…

  26. sho nuff Says:

    mcsniffles needs to just shut up and play…

  27. iamkingsu Says:

    @Joe I probably post weekly for the rest of the year. Tell the two damn L and L idiots to wait until the 2nd and 3rd weeks of free agency and fill out this damn roster! Stop trying to make big splashes with these overrated and overplayed players that they’re bringing in. You don’tqwin in the 1st week of free agency unless Andrew Luck is coming out and Peyton Manning is for sell

  28. Dave Says:

    Joe gets paid to write and doesn’t know the word posterity. I think Drudge Report has an opening.

  29. christopher Says:

    Kind of a dumb comment, with due respect. Suh is about to get PAID as well, & he’s averaged a sack every 2.23 starts. Gerald’s at a sack every 2.73, while the supposed standard for the position (UT) is Sapp, at a sack every 1.86 starts (John Randle however had a sack once every 1.30 starts). I’d argue Suh & McCoy are both better against the run than Sapp, albeit not by much. My point is, the UT just is not known as a sack-laden position (except for secret legend Randle), & in my opinion, McCoy (even in college) has never proven to be a sack master, but he’s pretty clearly (?) a top-3 player at his position in the NFL.

    Give or take, Sapp, Suh, & McCoy all average about a sack every 2 games, with Warren sitting at a sack every 2.05 games, because he started 179 but played in 198 (while McCoy & Suh have started every game they’ve played, 56 for Gerald, 60 for Ndamukong. Randle played in 219 games, starting 178, which still leaves him at a sack every 1.59 game PLAYED. Amazing. I love me some Sapp, but Randle came 1st in that Dungy UT/cover-2 (I know Mean Joe came 1st in a similar system), & when I hear Sapp is THE UT, I always remembered him having 2-3 great years maybe, while Randle wrecked sh*t year after year).

  30. christopher Says:

    *69 games started for Suh, my bad.

  31. Oingo Boingo Says:

    I don’t know whose stat sheet Joe adheres to. The play by play stat sheet on Yahoo had the new rih kid as the only offensive starter without a solo tackle.