What Happened?

September 15th, 2014

rams beat bucs

It was a litany of chaos at the Bucs game yesterday, the loss to third-string never-been quarterback Austin Davis. The immortal Austin Davis.

Joe is sure fans were so upset by the second half, beer wasn’t enough and they began foraging for hard liquor. Understandable.

In this TBO.com video, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune and TBO’s Olivia Stacey break down the bad — and the good! — from the latest debacle at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

48 Responses to “What Happened?”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    The Dismal Abyss

  2. billy buckaroo Says:

    What Happened is the team was just not ready.
    The players are playing hard but unorganized
    Play calling isnt ready on either side of the ball.
    Injuries have already hit hard.
    L&L didn’t understand you have to be ready by a certain date,
    Opening day.
    They simply blew it time wise and are now trying to catch up and get wins at the same time.
    Pretty formidable task.

  3. robert9 Says:

    MGM MOB is alive and will be growing in droves!!!!!!

    Floppy hat club now assigned their own zip code.

    those are the only positives.

  4. Skyline Crew Says:

    Lovie happened!

  5. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Joe and the rest of you fair weather fans are pathetic. You guys are going to give up on the season after two games. I’m done with this site and the A-hole jerks that post on this joke of a fan site. Hey and also Joe where’s your message board that says would be up in 2013. You and your idiot followers can find a new team. Lovie will have this thing turned around and win 3 in a row, then what will you say. I won’t know because I’m done with your stupid site!

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    I’d never heard of Austin Davis, so I googled him to get a little info. He was a WALK-ON at Southern Miss. The Bucs lost to a guy not even offered a scholarship in college.

  7. robert9 Says:

    ^^ who pissed in her wheaties?

  8. RealityCheck Says:

    Each time I hear, “they want to be a running team” or something along those lines, I die a little inside. The only thing I want to be is a WINNING TEAM! WTF is with the obsession that your team needs an “identity” and blah blah blah. Do whatever it takes to win the damn game. That’s the whole point of evaluating match-ups and exploiting them.

  9. Skyline Crew Says:

    Technically, the Bucs lost to the STL kicker who scored all their points.

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s always amusing when people have to announce they are leaving the site. No announcement is necessary, just leave – trust me, no one will notice.

  11. RealityCheck Says:

    @WyomingBucsFan….LOL. I needed that, adult temper tantrums are the best. When do we get those 3 wins in a row? 2015 or 2016?

  12. Espo Says:

    Joe, half of Wyoming hates you. I wonder what the other resident thinks.

  13. Skyline Crew Says:

    Yeah, I have no faith that Lovie can turn around his own mistakes. The players sure, but his own are numbered. Until he fixes his coaching we won’t be winning any games.

  14. jb Says:

    It’s pretty obvious WyomingBucsFan hasn’t invested literally Tens of Thousands of dollars over the years on tickets, only to continually have your heart ripped out by coaches and players, that really shouldn’t have the jobs they have. Then to have Sally Homers start whining about how mean we are…is pretty funny, and does help lighten an otherwise pretty somber mood amongst real Buc fans.

  15. The Ether Says:

    What happened?? We played scared… Hate to say, but Lovie is soft. His Defense looks soft. With Tedford still out, his playcalling is soft.

    Starting to think Lovie’s overrated… Yeah his players respect him, but what does THAT have to do with winning… And they may respect him, but apparently theyre not learning a damn thing from him!

    Bottom line, our HC is soft and scared…

  16. Ray Rice Says:

    Lmfao. I would be mad too if I was from Wyoming. Being from Wyoming means….. Your sister is your lover, your uncle raised you and is your dad, and your mom collects child support from your real dad.

  17. robert9 Says:

    he lives in WY….not like there much else to do other than feed cattle or pet sheep. prolly watches the players a$$es. lol

    c’mon we need some humor

  18. Espo Says:

    I’m with Wyoming, sorta. I think they’ll get this turned around.

    Austin Davis, whatever route he took, is an NFL quarterback. That’s a pretty elite class. It stings like hell to lose to the Rams regardless of their qb situation.
    We still almost won. Just imagine how good we’ll be when we stop doing stupid ish.

  19. robert9 Says:

    great thing about wyoming is you can fart in public and it’s still considered cool

  20. lightningbuc Says:

    What is the definition of safe sex in Wyoming?

    Placing signs on the animals that kick.

  21. ruggyup Says:

    Oh, RealityCheck Says- I’m giving you 2018 as earliest 3 wins in a row season. Pre season and scrimmage games do not count. L&L may not be gone gone but well on their way to becoming one of the less flattering Bucs stats.

  22. robert9 Says:

    ROFLMAO lightin. good one

  23. OB Says:


    It is basic, you have big, tall receivers you either drafted or obtained through free agency and you don’t use them because your QB has proved untrustworthy and/or can’t seem to throw the ball when he should. So why did you keep the receivers you kept and draft the ones you did and get in free agency the ones you did if you are not going to use them? Because you think/know you QB is the wrong one? Or are you scared of doing anything because it might not work that time, yet you keep running the ball, play after play and it evenually doesn’t work?

    Of course you have to wonder what happened to our defense, where did the interceptions go, the stopping them go, anything go? I looked and the two papers I looked at showed that Bowers did not make a tackle in the game, how is that possible for a DE? The DBs had the most tackles, something is rotten in Tampa, what is it Joe?

  24. Ray Rice Says:

    Q: How do people in Wyoming celebrate Halloween?
    A: Pump Kin!

    Q: Why do ducks fly over Wyoming upside down?
    A: There’s nothing worth shitting on!

  25. buddha Says:

    The game in Atlanta will tell us a great deal. Obviously, this is not a playoff team. Most fans are blaming everything on McCown and the offensive line, but really and truly it’s the defense that has been the major disappointment to me. Also, I felt that both of our opponents, judging from body language, were better prepared and played more relaxed. Perhaps they felt they had nothing to lose because they were supposed to get beat. Overall, I thought McCown played a good game yesterday–aside from the one major blunder. He had the team in postion to win. The two blocked kicks were not on him. He completed 16 of 21 and averaged about 8 yards a pass. That’s winning football from your quarterback—(see e.g. Drew Brees who threw a pick six and another interception and Matt Ryan who had three interceptions).
    This defense has picked up where the one last year left off. They aren’t getting beat deep for the most part, but they can’t stop the bootleg and they aren’t making big plays or creating turnovers. The time-of-possession differential is striking. Teams are just eating up the clock against us. We’ve lost two games by beating ourselves. You can blame it on McCown if you choose, but if you do, you’re not really paying attention to what’s happening on the field. I’m not excusing his blunders–they are real, but if this defense had come out and played the way we thought they would we would be at least 1-1 and probably 2-0. As for Lovie-ball, this is who he is. I have confidence that he will build a great foundation and then we’ll get smart in a couple of years and hire an offensive-minded coach in the mold of Gruden to put us over the top.

  26. TheBucsOptimist Says:

    Since there is always so much fan pessimism on these comments, I have a new spin:


  27. biff barker Says:

    WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Joe and the rest of you fair weather fans are pathetic. You guys are going to give up on the season after two games

    Actually some of us gave up on the season a week ago.

    Adios you wanker.

  28. Spirit of '76 Says:

    The definition of insanity;

    Doing the same exact thing and expecting different results.

    We are Buccaneer fans. Our team is constantly underwhelming us. We still support them. We expect/demand they win. They lose again. We are Buccaneer fans, therefore we are insane.

    I rest my case.

  29. D-Rome Says:

    Joe is sure fans were so upset by the second half, beer wasn’t enough and they began foraging for hard liquor. Understandable.

    Right Joe….they began foraging for hard liquor once they left the stadium. There were many empty seats at the start of the 2nd half and they stayed empty.

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    billy buckaroo Says:
    “L&L didn’t understand you have to be ready by a certain date,
    Opening day.”

    Actually, the media and the fans assumed things would be ready. Lovie Sith, Barber, Brooks, and a slew of other people wanred it would not be the case.

    Just none of you listened. Now reality is hitting the fans upside the head.

    Things WILL get better. It will just require patience. I imagine the bandwagon fans will take off, which suits me fine. At least we’ll hear less whining.

  31. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    until “things get better again” they just need to make going to the game more exciting. Maybe Lovie can wrestle a bear at halftime or something!


  32. Buccfan37 Says:

    WyomingBF… Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  33. Ray Rice Says:

    Q: Why couldn’t the baby Jesus be born in Wyoming?
    A: Because they couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

    Q. Why do they sell so many button-fly jeans in Wyoming?
    A. Because the sheep can hear the zippers a mile away.

  34. bucrightoff Says:

    Biff barker with post of the year material on how some of us gave up last week. I’m glad people are keeping hope but there’s hope and then there’s delusion. There’s absolutely nothing at all from the first two weeks that suggests the Bucs can win @ Atlanta, @ New Orleans, @ Pittsburgh (Hello 0-5…). Dare to dream though.

  35. Soggy Says:

    If all you have to do is have a mattress in the front yard to be released to a winning team we might start seeing mattresses all over the place..

  36. RealityCheck Says:

    Lol @ BuccaneerBonzai…you said the same thing last week. Duh, dude, duh. When you’re winless, things WILL get better, eventually. Stop repeating the same thing like it’s some kind of secret insight you have. But until then yes please keep talking about bandwagon fans and true fans and blah, blah, blah.

    Hint: Teams that haven’t been relevant for the last decade don’t have any “bandwagon fans” left.

  37. lightningbuc Says:


    Why don’t you just head down to Jamaica with your newfound “don’t worry, be happy” attitude? Relax, smoke some ganja, and be with like-minded people.

  38. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “I didn’t want to put points on the board” – Lovie Smith

  39. pick6 Says:

    there no undoing the fact that the bucs have pi$$ed away the 2 most winnable (on paper) games of the season, but all is not lost. if josh mccown could just be as responsible with the ball as 2013 glennon, we are a 2-0 team today. after we take our beating thursday we get a mini-bye and the coaches can make the switch. Our poised veteran is responsible for a nearly 6 TD swing after just 8 quarters of the season. Opponents have racked up 23 points off (completely boneheaded) turnovers, and those plays took somewhere between 9 and 21 points off the board by throwing away the ball in scoring position. that is an incredible record of ineptitude for an NFL QB, and that’s before we get into how completely outplayed McCown was by a QB who probably considered himself lucky to even make the Rams roster

  40. pick6 Says:

    as frustrating as the defense has been, they’ve kept 2 teams under 20 points, which was the old Buc standard. the story is that offense and special teams seem to be aggressively violating Lovie’s core principles with their sloppy play

  41. DB55 Says:

    @ lightning

    The fans in Colorado and Washington are happy and it’s not bc of manning n Wilson. If you know what I mean… Hello? Is this thing working? (Drops mic)

  42. JBuc Says:

    The Ether Says:
    September 15th, 2014 at 3:45 pm
    What happened?? We played scared… Hate to say, but Lovie is soft. His Defense looks soft. With Tedford still out, his playcalling is soft.

    Starting to think Lovie’s overrated… Yeah his players respect him, but what does THAT have to do with winning… And they may respect him, but apparently theyre not learning a damn thing from him!

    Bottom line, our HC is soft and scared…

    So Ether, the Bucs are starting an entirely new offense with almost an entirely new line, new QB, new TE’s, and basically all new receivers except one. New defensive philosophy with several new players and a new kicker to boot. With that comes an entirely new coaching staff. All that change in less than 6 months and in your opinion he is soft?

    Ask Derrick Brooks if he’s soft or Warren Sapp or Tony Dungy. They were competitive in both games against two stout defenses with a good opportunity to win both. If they were 2-0 after they way played, which was entirely possible, people would be praising Lovie up and down this site. Do you watch the NFL? Almost every game comes down to one or two possessions.

    They are learning what about what they have and who they are. When it is all said and done I am sure this team will be anything but soft.

  43. JonBucFan Says:

    Bucs optimist: if we go 14-2 this year I will buy season tickets until the day I die. Do I see this happening god I wish but unfortunately I am a realist and there is no possible way we can do that especially with all of our injures. GMC out with a broken hand who is our main pass rusher on the D line. I can only pray things get turned around

  44. Mort Says:

    Relax. Loves first year in Chicago they were worst in division, allowing 331 points ranking 13th in the NFL. next year allowed 202, 1st in NFL.

    THE DEFENSE TAKES TIME. DB has said it, Sapp has said it, GMC has said it and Steve White has said it. This year doesn’t matter, what do we do to build on from this year.

  45. BucFan20 Says:

    Hope the Birds Defense gives up penalty after penalty to help our offense sustain drives again. Seems we forgot about those. Otherwise it will be a looooong night.

  46. Brent Says:

    Glad to see love stepped up and admitted the main problem has been poor defensive play across the board i first 2 games. That’s not to give mcnown a pass but if you thought that offense was going to be good early in the season you must have ignored training camp news and the preseason. The o-line was a mess and neither qb is a quality starter. Oh yeah, we’re thin at receiver. Letting scrub qbs put up 20 pts on us was awful for our d which was supposedly “great”. Yeah right. Sad when you know both scrub qbs are going to march down the field on our vaunted defense on the final drive and finish the game. Wussy defense.

  47. the realist Says:

    half of you guys commenting sound like you want college football in the pros…. and brent well said.

  48. Owlykat Says:

    Did I not tell you guys about how many running yards the Tampa Two gave up under Dungy and Frazier and how vulnerable it is especially to power running games? I haven’t been surprised to see two power running teams run all over us. Little Foster made a big mistake losing weight! We looked better against the run with our bigger backup, who also is faster too, in the second half with Foster gone. However, the best Tampa 2 was under Lovie with Urlacher in the middle. Had he drafted Mad Max, the Urlacher Clone, we would have won both of our close games because we would have made them one dimensional and we could have pinned our ears back and came after them. Now you know why I kept pushing that pick! We need to trade off high paid Golston with the stone hands and get us a good Guard for him. Tandy did great last year subbing for him and would be a better playmaker. The defensive backs includin our safeties have to make plays on national TV Thursday to overcome Atlanta’s firepower in their dome!