Stopping Ben Roethlisberger No Secret

September 25th, 2014
Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's ability to evade tacklers to extend plays allowing receivers to get open is what makes him so special, said Bucs S Dashon Goldson.

Evading tacklers and extending plays, allowing receivers to get open, is what makes Ben Roethlisberger so special, said Dashon Goldson.

Joe is frankly scared to death of what Ben Roethlisberger might do to the Bucs on Sunday.

If Matty Ice can shred the Bucs, imagine what Roethlisberger could do?

For a defense that has yet to demonstrate an ability to shut down a third-string scrub, much less Matty Ice, now comes the best quarterback the Bucs have faced this season, Roethlisberger, on his home turf no less.

Bucs safety Dashon Goldson is a big fan of Roethlisberger and cannot wait for challenge. He noted that there is no secret to stopping Roethlisberger, in theory. In practice, it’s a whole lot more difficult.

There are a lot of quarterbacks who have a gun. There are a few more that can run. Combine the two on a big man like Roethlisberger; that’s a different sort of animal.

“Roethlisberer is a seasoned vet,” Goldson said. “Everybody is looking to him to beat us of course, single-handedly. Of course you get up for these games with big names.

“His athletic ability — he is a big guy with athletic ability. He can extend plays. Right when you think you got him, here he comes making a big play down the field. He can break tackles. Just extending plays allows him [to get the ball deep]. Discipline is going to be key.”

This is what frightens Joe. Roethlisberger can dance around and dance around and dodge, all the while looking down field and then — BOOM! — hits a receiver 30 yards downfield.

Yes, Joe knows team leader and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is set to return to the starting lineup Sunday. But the Steelers offensive line has really improved under new offensive line coach Mike Munchack, and frankly, outside of GMC, the Bucs’ pass rush is pretty much a rumor.

Joe does not like this match-up, Roethlisberger vs. the Bucs secondary, at all.

To hear more from Goldson, click the red arrow below. Audio courtesy from Joe’s partners in crime, WDAE-AM 620.

24 Responses to “Stopping Ben Roethlisberger No Secret”

  1. rayjay1122 Says:

    Do not be afraid of Big Ben dancing around because he wont have to. The 30 yard completions is another matter. 🙁

  2. Buddhaboy Says:

    he will prolly get bored in the nice warm pocket created

  3. Zam Says:

    Big Dumb Ben will pick us apart on third down, believe that. Cover-2 can’t handle a QB who buys time and has vision which he does.

    I had Pitt super bowl bound before the season started. Here’s hoping for the big upset.

  4. robert9 Says:

    “he will prolly get bored in the nice warm pocket created”

    RFLMAO. he’ll probably have a smoothie on his helmet with sipping tubes. maybe a recliner

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Big Ben is not mobile, in fact he is less mobile than MG. Pittsburgh’s game with Carolina was not indicative of each teams actual strength. Carolina was banged up, missing players, and Pittsburgh was coming off the beating at Baltimore, the Thursday night game, giving the Steelers a longer rest time before facing the Panthers. The matchup was more a bad game comedy of errors by Carolina. This coming game will be the worst D the Bucs have faced yet. Whether the Bucs win or not, it will be a close game scorewise. The extra rest has and will help the Bucs for a chance to pull out the win.

  6. buc4lyfe Says:

    GMC called his teammates out as of he would made a difference like he didn’t in the first two games and first quarter blowout he was part of. If he’s so dominant yes big Ben will get chased to the outside where our invisible ends are bit so far no one has had to scramble much against us… Does mccoy realize that has as much to do with him as it does the end

    Now I understand what some fans have been saying for years. We always say he’s a beast and what he can do but not what he actually does, he proclaimed himself the leader so lead your defense to a dominant performance because one thing about Brooks and sapp comparison is those guys would never let their defense check out of a game, they held everyone accountable. We lost that when we lost Brooks

  7. Howard Cosell Says:

    I’ve revised my predication since we got ASJ and McCoy back.
    I think the Bucs will do better than I originally predicted.
    Steelers 35
    Bucs 10

  8. bucs911 Says:

    They need to get up for all remaining games not just premiere players

  9. Joe Says:

    Big Ben is not mobile, in fact he is less mobile than MG.


    We’re talking Ben Roethlisberger, not Tommy Maddox or Byron Leftwich.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The key to stopping Big Ben is to let your hair grow long and then bend over….that alleged serial rapist will take the bait…..

  11. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Glennon is Roethlisbergerlite 😉

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    Big Ben and his Steelers are a bunch of over rated chumps. Super Bowl worthy? What a joke!

  13. ddneast Says:

    The offensive line has gotten better because it is healthier. Still, they didn’t look that healthy against the Ravens. Not that the Bucs are better, but the steelers failed to score a TD for seven straight quarters this season.
    The ravens shutdown the steelers rushing attack which is why they won. Carolina, on the other hand,allowed two running backs to each get 100 yards, which is why Carolina lost.
    The steelers have also taken to throwing the ball on shorter routes and 3 and 5 step routes cause Ben was taking such a beating
    I think they did this despite being afraid that the Hawk may one day dig up some nondescript quote and refer to Ben as “Checdown Charlie.”

  14. RastaMon Says:

    00:01 4th quarter….

  15. buc89 Says:

    I just hope we keep it competitive. I can’t handle another game over by halftime

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Stopping Ben Roethlisberger!

    Right now the Bucs defense couldn’t stop Hernando High School.

  17. Destinjohnny Says:


  18. Buddhaboy Says:

    no, Bortles is Roethlisberger Lite. Spitting images, minus the decent team

    The way to stop Big Ben is to put a drunken co-ed in the locker room bathroom before the game. He will surely get in to some kind of trouble. Dude is a dirtbag, even though we have short memories of his seedy charachter.

  19. Hillary_BlowsGoats Says:


    Dude Rapestberger is one of best all time throwing on the run. All time.. He also has 2 superbowl rings so please dont compare a mediocre backup to a champion. Cement Shoes 8 mobile. Really. The only thing on the field that 8 is more mobile than is the goal post. I just spit up all over my monitor reading your post. Please seek a mental health evaluation ASAP. It’s one thing to stick up for a player you like but dude seek help please.

  20. phattitudes Says:

    Joe you are such a panic merchant. You spew out your bile all week long and then hint your expectations are optimistic. Everyone in the world expects an ass kicking. They expect a defensive collapse with no continuity or fire having been displayed all year. Offensively they expect a total melt down due to a man eating defense and a leaderless offense with no sense of direction. This is a game were indeed you look for some improvement somewhere. Forget about a victory. A penalty less offensive line would be nice. Limiting the sack count against to 2 or less would be nice. Picking up a sack or two would be nice. Having time of possession with 5 minutes of Pittsburg would be nice. Just a glimpse of progress would be nice.

  21. Jeff Says:

    Dear phattitudes, listen to yourself, you are happy merely with a better effort. Joe, along with the rest of us, want fracking wins! It’s that simple, stupid! We haven’t won a playoff game in 12 years. Only the playoffs matter. Everything else is unacceptable failure. No excuses. And only wins matter.

  22. Hillary_BlowsGoats Says:


    WELL SAID!!!

  23. buc'd Up Says:

    Wouldnt winning be an improvement?

  24. Celly Says:

    phattitudes Says:
    September 25th, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    Everyone in the world expects an ass kicking

    please don’t speak for me.

    i never go in to a week expecting an ass kicking. i actually go into each week expecting to somehow pull out a win, so guess what? my prediction for the rest of the season: 13-3.

    I’ll modify my prediction if we get another loss.