Sapp Changes Mind, Joins Glennon Mob

September 29th, 2014
Warren Sapp danced far away from his previous firm stance on Mike Glennon today

Warren Sapp danced far away from his prior anti-Glennon rant

Man, Bucs icon Warren Sapp has done one massive about face.

Back at Super Bowl Media Day, Sapp and Joe sat at a round banquet table talking Bucs and Sapp was adamant, table-pounding emphatic, that Mike Glennon was not the right quarterback for Lovie Smith and the Buccaneers.

Here’s a flashback of the exchange, which came after Sapp ranted about how defenses don’t win championships any longer: With that much emphasis needed on offense, do you think the Bucs need to address the quarterback situation this offseason?

Warren Sapp: So you’re telling me they’re going to win with Glennon? Are you asking me if they can win with Glennon?

Joe: Yeah, that’s what I’m asking. Do you think Glennon can become the guy for the Bucs?

Sapp: No. That kid, it’s too big for him. It’s too big for him. I can see it.

But after watching Josh McCown and studying yesterday’s thrilling Bucs win against the Steelers, Sapp said he’s seen enough. ‘

Sapp is now all-in with Glennon.

“That’s my new quarterback,” Sapp said of Glennon on SiriusXM NFL Radio today. “When I first got Josh [McCown], he taught Kurt [Warner] how to throw the back-shoulder fade to Larry Fitzgerald. So I’m figuring with our Dunkaneers down there, we got 6-5 [receivers] this is tailor-made for [McCown]. Man, after those first two weeks watching Josh throw that ball around, I wanted Mike Glennon bad. I mean, please give me this kid. Because I know this kid understands you are carrying the hopes and dreams of the football team in your hand. So act like it when you make a decision with the football.

“Josh wasn’t doing that. It don’t take long for your quarterback to play bad, and for you to pull that switch.

“Mike played well enough to have the job. More than enough. Because last year he was playing game manager and whatever Schiano wanted him to do without any reason. I know Lovie can give him the reasons why he’s doing what he’s doing and how to get to this point. I know Lovie is teaching. I know that coaching staff is teaching, and I watched it yesterday come to fruition with a great win.”

That’s quite an endorsement of Glennon by Sapp, and quite a eulogy for McCown.

Yes, Sapp is the latest general in the Mike Glennon Mob.

50 Responses to “Sapp Changes Mind, Joins Glennon Mob”

  1. Skyline Crew Says:

    Get out of here

  2. ManzielMadness Says:

    Evans out 2-3 weeks

  3. RastaMon Says:

    That commerical the kept playing with #99…was SO PHONY…Sapp never cared about fans…and that is perfectly fine with me….just don’t come back in that role for money…

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glad to see Sapp has come to his senses and is backing MG8. What took you so long?

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    And here I thought that all of us MGM folks were dumb. Hold on a second and I’ll make some room on the bandwagon for all of the new folks

  6. Ray Rice Says:

    F(B)UCK Sapp. JOE knows as well as everyone who has been around him knows…. This guy treated us fans like $hit when we asked for an autograph. Always liked his play. Never listen to $hit he says. GO MG8!!!!

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    I feel like Joe looks at the MGM hierarchy as something along the lines of scientology where when someone with any sort of public status is converted they are automatically given senior leadership status.

  8. RastaMon Says:

    Oh..PtvA…Joe had to feel that……

  9. robert9 Says:

    sapp was one helluva player, but einstein he’ll never be.

    nice to here him admit he was wrong.

  10. DB55 Says:

    “I know Lovie can give him the reasons why he’s doing what he’s doing and how to get to this point.” – Lovie teaching QBs, who knew? I thought Lovie didn’t do offense? That’s obvious when you choose mclown and Grossman as your starting qb.

  11. "that guy" Says:

    im tired of glennon haters joining the mgm.

  12. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic for Glennon. However, I saw a run on 3rd and 14 at least once yesterday. I’m not sure Lovie trusts him, not yet anyway. I’m actually more concerned with the pass defense versus Drew Brees in the upcoming game.

    Glennon has proven better than inept but there is no way he wins a shootout against Brees. The way we allow opposing tight ends to do whatever they want in our secondary is going to be huge problem. I hope they can fix it.

  13. Jeagan1999 Says:

    The Glennon bandwagon is starting to fill up quite a bit! Those of us who wanted to see MG8 as the BUCS starter all along are happy to make a little room for all the new members of the MGM! The kid played well yesterday, but remember this…..there are likely to be ups and downs with Glennon as he continues to learn and become a better QB. “Mikey Cannon” has got the physical tools to be a top QB, but we can’t forget that he still has less than 1 full seasons worth of experience as a starter…there may be a few growing pains over the remainder of the season! Don’t get too up or too down while he learns how to succeed as an NFL signal caller! That being said, the future is bright with MG8 leading the team! Glad to hear that Evans injury was not as bad as it could have been….out 2-3 weeks, but he will be back! Louis Murphy will fill in well during his absence.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I don’t consider myself in the MGM…..I’ve always supported & defended Glennon from unwarranted attacks. I was, an am, a supporter of McCown…..because I am the type of Buc fan that wishes all of our players success and I leave the coaching to coaches….
    That doesn’t mean I have no opinions. I always thought that Glennon showed he can succeed in this league, especially as a Buc Quarterback…..that is a QB that will have to learn multiple offenses, will have few tools (at the same time)…and will play against strong division opponents.
    Joe is perfeclty welcome to join & lead the MGM….after all, I think he actually created it!!!

  15. stevek Says:


    Were you in Josh Freeman’s corner? Did you suppory JF% undoubtedly?

    Can you give Glennon the same support? If not, that is ok, because you and other “draft a QB” fans just don’t see it.

  16. dick2111 Says:

    Amazing how one (1) win has all the pundits falling all over themselves for Mike Glennon. The biggest reality of yesterday’s win is that the Bucs played better, but Pittsburgh imploded.

    Rothlesberger throws for 331 yds (29 of 40 for 73%) and 3 TDs, they hold the ball for almost 35 mins, get 1 INT … and lose.

    Forgot to mention a few details: they had 13 penalties for 125 yds (6 of those being personal fouls … for 1st downs). Their QB got sacked 5 times (and fumbled once). They missed 1 FG (out of 2 tries). But the biggest gift of the game: the 27 yd punt at the end which gave the Bucs the ball on Pittsburgh’s side of the field with less than 1 minute to go and no time-outs. Murph and VJax made 2 great plays I thought to get us into the end zone.

    The Bucs played a LOT better than they did in Atlanta the week before, a LOT better. They gave Mike Glennon very good protection all game long (OK, except for the 1 time he got sacked). He threw 2 nice TDs, but was only 21 of 42 (50%).

    Mike’s still got a long way to go to earn the title of ‘Savior of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’. The same people who are all gaga for him this week (yes, like Warren Sapp) will be the first ones to throw him under the bus if he stumbles and the Bucs return to their losing ways. Hopefully that doesn’t happen and the winning continues.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We had another QB that had some of the same characteristics as Glennon…..Vinnie….but Vinnie wasn’t as good as he thought he was….he would try to squeeze the ball to a reciever only to be intercepted all too often.
    Glennon has that slight hesitation that keeps him safer….but it also limits him….I think he will lose some of that going forward…..we’ll see more downfield success…but also some mistakes…

  18. Bryan Says:

    Much better endorsement than Joe gave Glennon. Sapp deserves some rank among the mob. Joe? Not so much!

  19. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    I hope EVERYBODY joins the MGM, because that would mean he’s performing well and we are winning. Go ask the Peyton Manning Mob and the Tom Brady Mob and the Aaron Rodgers Mob and the… well, you might want to steer clear of the Ben Roethlisberger Mob for a few days.

  20. RastaMon Says:

    Joe & Dawg are licking each others………wounds

  21. "that guy" Says:

    Sapp: No. That kid, it’s too big for him. It’s too big for him. I can see it.

    those are some strong words….. he didnt question his ability to play football, he questioned him as a human being. thats kinda fhcked up.

  22. Bryan Says:

    Nice RastaMon!

  23. Joseph Mamma Says:

    I’ll take this endorsement for what’s it worth, absolutely nothing. Sapp predicted Freeman to be a MVP candidate in 2011. We know how that turned out.

  24. Architek Says:

    Man this stuff is absurd and there are two people that continuously parade a player that don’t need any promotion.

    Let Glennon play speak for itself not empty I told you sooo’s. Last time I checked Glennon also orchestrated the last ranked offense for 13 weeks last year.

    Let the kid make the journey and make everyone respect him.

  25. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Glennon is our best option at this point. That’s not saying much but it is true. I support Glennon 100 percent right now. (I’m not ready to be sworn into the MGM just yet.) I support the entire team 100 percent because I want nothing more than a 13 win streak and playoffs, however unlikely that may be.

  26. lightningbuc Says:

    RastaMon Says:
    September 29th, 2014 at 1:58 pm
    Joe & Dawg are licking each others………wounds


    LOL! Don’t forget, dogs like to lick themselves too!

  27. Bobby Says:

    Glennon is doing what he should be doing with more weapons….having success. He still has a long way to go but I think he showed those who questioned his ability to throw long passes that he can put it on a rope if need be. that throw to Murphy at the end of the game was a strike. I don’t care about his completion %. There were plenty of drops during that game that could have increased his %. What I care about is that he ended up with the W. Big Ben had better numbers but lost. Which QB would you rather have this morning? Glennon made the throws when he had to and that’s all that matters. Our defense got the 3 and out at the end when they had to and that’s all you can ask….give us a chance to win, and we did.

  28. RastaMon Says:

    Bingo !…Bobby…

  29. 911bucs Says:


  30. Bill T Says:

    Yep, haters bringing up 50% completion fail to mention 6-7 drops of course which brings him closer to 65-70%. Yes, every QB gets a few drops, but not 7!

    The 2nd to the last drive, he wish he had back 2 passes in the end zone (the last one to VJax off his fingertips) that he wishes he could have had back. But he did not force one pass or make one “Josh terrible decision”.

  31. Bill T Says:

    nice proofread by myself….wish I could have had that back doh

  32. RastaMon Says:

    What the over & under on BD…calling out internet folks hiding behind a keyboard..then laughing as he announces there goes another Twitter ..just banned…bully…bully..

  33. Buddhaboy Says:

    qb coach and the cannon! love it

  34. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    @ rasta… Can’t wait to here the little dawg start crying
    On the radio shortly

  35. Broy34 Says:

    Gotta love the moronic “I don’t like the new mob members” ya that’s it buddy, the fanbase getting on board with the QB you guys have been asking to start over McCown is a bad thing…only Bucs fans could make sapp and Joe turning into mob generals into a negative thing

  36. RastaMon Says:

    Ever seen a Dawg walk backwards…me neither…it’s only radio……

  37. Bill T Says:

    Big Dork is a total embarrassment. The guy should be run out of this town. His opening bfirst few mins a joke

  38. Bryan Says:

    Since Joe called himself a general of the mob then refused to stand on the front lines with him after last night’s game, I thought it might be fun to have a discussion about what a mob member would have to do to achieve a certain rank. Joe is not a general by any means.

    General – Believed he is the man since before he was drafted.
    Colonel – Believed he is the man since he was drafted
    Major – Believed he is the man since he took over the starting job (last year)
    Captain – Believed he is the man since the Pittsburg game
    Lieutenant – Not ready to call him the man but believe he probably is
    Sergeant – Not ready to call him the man but believe he might be (This is my rank)
    Private – Do not believe he is the man but believe he should start over McCown. (Joe)

  39. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Make him a major in the MGM. we already have a general. private joe and private Sapp. lol

  40. RastaMon Says:

    you left out

  41. Chef Paul Says:

    That loser sounds pissed we won. He’s bitching about the Steelers. WTF is wrong with him. WTF is wrong with people NOT enjoying a win. GTFO you f*cking posers!!!

  42. RastaMon Says:

    He is trying to discount the fact…that what makes hios show the #1 in his time slot is ….The Listeners…..

  43. pick6 Says:

    still hopeful that he is 2014’s Nick Foles. the checkdowns are frustrating, but i always see his eyes go downfield before he settles for the dumpoff. i’m optimistic that he will leave fewer opportunities on the table as he gets more comfortable. i’ve always felt success as a pro QB is mostly about what’s going on above the shoulders. that’s why freaks like freeman and ryan leaf couldn’t convert their god-given talents into a credible pro career while unassuming physical talents like drew brees or tom brady can become all time greats. sure, you need a base level of physical skill to have a shot, but after that the difference between a great career and a forgettable one is the quality of your decision making on and off the field.

  44. Phred Says:

    Glennon 1-0. McCown 0-3: in a quarterback-driven league. Unless your mom makes you wear a helmet to school, the answer to who should start is obvious.

    Although I didn’t agree with it at the time, Lovie had a plausible case for bringing in a veteran QB with whom he was familiar to run a “don’t screw up” offense.

    That decision turned out to be a mistake.

    If “Big Dog” can’t see that, he should be wearing a helmet while doing his show.

    I miss Chris Thomas!

  45. buc4lyfe Says:

    Lol if one game makes you a super star then mgm is the ex freemanites crew after watching on a comeback victory against super bowl champs in his first game ever. If I don’t like I don’t like it, don’t mean I’m hatin. I’m not as desperate as mgm that’s all. Maybe I shouldn’t have been sober while watching bucs games last year. We all want a glimmer of hope to finally have a winning season but Damn

    people seriously he’s not Brady. He’s a good quarterback. Watch SOBER, can’t be on a acid trip talking about him like he’s a top 15 quarterback and if he’s not top 15 it means he’s a good average quarterback

  46. ddneast Says:

    Say what u will about Sapp, but he has always loved and embraced the Buccaneers. Also, unlike some people, he appears to be. Man enough to admit he can make a mistake. See Little Dog.
    The one thing that struck me about Glennon’s game yesterday was how cool and collected he looked through 60 minutes playing in front of the roughest fans in the NFL.
    He played the same way in Seattle against the loudest fans.
    Can’t say I saw that in Freeman.
    Even on the final play with a blitz trying to get him, Glennon just took his time and waited till Jackson was open cause he knew he had him in one on one coverage.

  47. Trubucfan22 Says:

    typical overreaction to a win. At half time everyone said glennon sucked, then we win and he’s the savior we’ve been waiting decades for. It was gloom and doom and now we could do no wrong. Enjoy the win, the bucs certainly earned it. But crowning this kid the future based on 1 game against a mediocre team just seems like huge overreaction.

    I hope glennon does well and does become the future of his franchise. It will mean great things for this franchise and for us fans. But I’m not ready to commit to him yet. He hasn’t proved he can be a good qb in this league. Time will tell but I’m not falling for it.

    Everyone thought freeman would be the franchise after he beat the undefeated packers in his first career start. It’s euphoric and a complete overreaction to make an emotional response like that.

  48. Nate Says:

    What else do we have????? Just because he is the best option this year doesn’t mean sapp is in this mob cuz i tell you this come next draft bucs are in position 4 a franchise qb named mariota n we stick with glennon …..SLAP YO SELF!!!!!!!!!

  49. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Phred, I too miss Chris Thomas, man that guy had a good and humorous morning show. Ian and Diaz (from the good old YNF days with Bennington and Fez Watley) are damned funny and the birthday challenges are innovative and bring a bit of pop culture to sports radio as well but Chris Thomas really really was a pleasure to listen to, he did a wonderful job during the 9-11 tragedy. Can’t believe he has been gone for a decade, time flies and cancer sux….

    As for the afternoon guy: lets face it: controversy makes for good radio and normally there is more controversy when a team loses than when it wins thus the host seems to thrive after a loss. Dude takes a position (often a not so popular one) and hopes it riles up the listeners and man it has done that: dude knows how to touch a nerve with the radio audience and it gets him the ratings big time. If anyone ever wants to watch a movie about a real controversial radio host: find “Talk Radio” on Netflix or Hulu: semi-true story about a shock jock back in the ’70s and ’80s; talk about a love hate relationship with the listeners…..

  50. Bogiedr Says:

    Fort Myers Dave you get it. Why is it everyone here misses the point about sports radio? By the way kudos for remembering “Talk Radio” outstanding movie. Go Bucs.