Report: Vincent Jackson Broke Wrist

September 22nd, 2014


Bad news from FOX Sports.

NFL editor of, Ross Jones, is claiming Vincent Jackson broke his wrist during the Bucs-Falcons game but will not miss any time.

The injury likely occurred on the first play of the Bucs’ second offensive series. Jackson fell on his wrist after taking a hit from safety Dwight Lowery. He continued to play with the injury throughout the game without treatment.

Damn, Joe’s hoping for the best for Jackson. And Mike Glennon surely needs all his weapons.

Joe surely never heard of a broken wrist not causing a receiver to miss game action. That’s hard to believe.

61 Responses to “Report: Vincent Jackson Broke Wrist”

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    At least we have that enormous talent Herron healthy and ready to drop more passes! Thanks for that one L&L…another series of great decisions acquiring this guy and putting him on the field every week!

  2. AnotherJ Says:

    If this news is true, It’s time to start looking for to the draft…
    This season is over!

  3. AnotherJ Says:

    ^ forward to the draft…

  4. Only bucs fan in ct Says:

    Maybe joe will lighten up a little on Vincent…

  5. WalkdaPlank Says:

    That’s where the Williams trade goes bad. No depth. I like Herron but has he actually brought down a pass yet? Who else is on the roster? Owusu? And Sheppard? C’mon.

  6. mpmalloy Says:

    It’s pretty obvious at this point that God hates Tampa
    worse than he hates Cleveland.

  7. mac Says:

    Play him anyway… A broken wrist shouldn’t have any effect on his level of play… He has been a non factor in every game this year…

  8. RastaMon Says:

    As long as his wrist and fore arm are lightly imobilized…and he has his fingers and thumb working…it’s his call…yeah it might hurt a bit a few times each game…he’s got all off season….McCoy !!!!!

  9. unbelievable Says:

    @Dallas, FYI, V-Jax had just as many drops as Herron in that game.

    With that said, this is Really Really bad for Glennon, and for the Bucs. To be hones though I actually laughed out loud when I read this headline. I mean with all the injuries we have already, by Week 3 no less! This is just icing on the cake. When does the injury bug not strike Tampa Bay?

    It’s really making me wonder what the hell they were doing all off-season on during training camp? They simply not prepared mentally or physically.

  10. DallasBuc Says:

    AnotherJ- this is the thing that finally indicates to you the end of the Bucs season? Nothing else in the first 3 weeks prior to this news was enough? I thought that tragedy on Thursday night might have been the last straw but what do I know!

  11. unbelievable Says:


  12. JT Says:

    Thank goodness we have Mike Williams for depth. Having to rely on two rookie receivers would just kill our offense. Oh wait a minute. We traded mike Williams cause L&L didn’t view him as having any VALUE! Just great.

  13. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    C’mon, Joe. VJax is a pro. He can watch passes sail over his head with or without two healthy wrists.

  14. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie is a biblical man…he knows this story…

  15. Voice of reason Says:

    I know Herron can drop SOME passes, but can be drop enough to make up for the loss of vjax?

  16. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    Great! If Glennon throws a bad ball and Jackson cannot bring it in, we have an excuse for it.

  17. andres Says:

    This has to be a conspiracy to move the team, I can’t think all this bad luck is just… bad luck. Crazy!

  18. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    @DallasBuc: I was thinking the SAME THING. 0-3, 56-0, McCoy and Foster out, Martin’s hurt, 7TH & 8TH best QBs in the division, sieve-like features on half the o-line, poor game/clock management, rookie kicker… no problem! BUT-OH-NO-NOT-VJAX’S-WRIST! WE’RE DOOMED!!

  19. Capt.Tim, still in Davie Jones's locker Says:

    Jackson is our best offensive player, and an incredibly tough Human being.
    He stayed in that sad excuse for a game, taking a beating- with a broken Wrist.
    Most lil prima donnas would have hit the locker room, and stayed there.

    Many of you were Complaining about Drops. That explains it. I know the good guys will apologize.
    Some won’t. But it’s because you are worthless as human beings, and are cowards- hiding behind the Internet.

    You are the example on this offensive team, Mr.Jackson.
    Much like Gerald McCoy leads by example on the Defense.
    If our other players emulate either of you. This team will someday be great.

    Hope you heal fast, Sir. And don’t risk futher injury. This team is rebuilding this year- and a lot of these Fans( not all) won’t appreciate your sacrifices.
    Let it heal, come back when it’s better

  20. Skyline Crew Says:

    Jackson has all ready said that he is going to play. Must mean that he has more faith in Glennon than McCown.

  21. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    This stretch to start the season reminds of the feel this team had during it’s ten-game losing streak that ended Raheem’s career. The worst part is those kinds of things happened towards the end of Raheem’s and Schiano’s careers, not the beginning like is happening with Lovie. This is unbearable, inexcusable and outlandish. Scandalous. I honestly cannot believe my team is this bad. Unbelievable.

  22. Ray Rice Says:

    Now if he could just learn how to BREAK his route off a little sooner and try for the dam ball instead of letting the DB pick it off.

  23. DallasBuc Says:

    Capt Tim- why should fans apologize for complaining about dropped passes? So his wrist was broken. Ok he is tough but he is not helping his team if he can’t catch the damn ball.

  24. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    Franchise is cursed

  25. RastaMon Says:

    FLBID….the talent is not that bad….it’s coaching/leadership !
    VJ is a man !

  26. Alexstotle Says:

    Terrible News, Hope all our players recover and get Better.

  27. robert9 Says:

    robert called it after the game. expect more injuries from many more players.

    injuries happen when a teams not in sync and the coach sux

  28. DallasBuc Says:

    Wonder if Herron is also playing with broken wrists? What the hell is his excuse?

  29. Snook Says:

    He probably broke it when a pass bounced off his hands.

    And who isn’t already looking forward to the draft?

    0-16. It needs to happen. Period. No more journeyman/garbage QBs.

  30. Nick2 Says:

    Ok people I know the problem. Remember the curse of the bambino???? Well I am beginning to believe Jon Gruden might have put a curse on us while packing his stuff. I am not sure what voodoo witch doctor he is in touch with but we all know Gruden is fond of cursing and well ever since he left…… ITS THE CURSE OF GRUDEN!!!!!!

  31. mpmalloy Says:

    Can we just end the season early?
    Send everyone home.

  32. PELBUC Says:

    The Tampa Bay Potato Chips strike again! Man they are so fragile. I’ll say it again, these players are physically and mentally weak. Apparently all the “experts” at evaluating players at OBP always get it wrong. VJ loss no big deal anyway, he was dropping everything thrown to him. They should have a fire sale before the trade deadline in the hope of stockpiling picks for next draft. While they’re at it, change the uniforms after this year to avoid the reminder of the stench.

  33. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Lovie has always thrived because of great assistant coaches and position coaches. With the Bucs he doesn’t have his Marinelli or Rivera on defense. He has Leslie Frazier…not exactly a world-beater as a coach, whether DC or HC. He has an OC that many predicted would have success in the NFL in Tedford, but Tedford hasn’t even been able to call a single play thus far. I suspect Lovie is a great delegator but not necessarily a great coach.

  34. Bucks_Sam Says:

    VJack was playing this season?

    Humph. How about that.

  35. buc4lyfe Says:

    Whatever it takes fellas get that draft pick. I mean win

  36. james west Says:

    if we do not land a franchise, best of talent QB with our first pick in the upcoming draft then you will understand, that it not only is coincidental, and unfortunate but outright refusal of ownership to put a competitive and winning club together in tampa. sorry for the fans and Vjax Gmc and the rest of our injured players. but this team has been set up for failure for years!!! by the way,how does captain kirk look in Washington and blake had a damn good showing for playing only one half in jaxville. oh none the less L&L probably have their plan together already. with the first pick the tampa bay buccaneers pick elmo hogsworth guard from central Idaho tech. yes all is well and getting better in the land of lovie

  37. Nick2 Says:

    I’m thinking with all of those dropped passes V-Jack broke that wrist in training camp. At least thats a good excuse. If he talked to the media he would probably be saying that.

  38. Hawk Says:

    Hairline fracture? Still wouldn’t want to gamble away the rest of the season in the hopes that a receiver with a busted flipper could still catch passes until it heals. He dropped enough passes before his wrist was broken, can this honestly make him better?

  39. JBuc Says:

    DallasBuc- “At least we have that enormous talent Herron healthy and ready to drop more passes! Thanks for that one L&L…another series of great decisions acquiring this guy and putting him on the field every week!”

    Yawn…you clearly have issues. #1 receiver breaks possibly breaks wrist and you blame the coach and GM for drafting a WR late in the draft and keeping said receiver on the roster as a backup slot receiver. Pretty sure he is not their next best option.

    It’s getting old.

  40. Bucsfanman Says:

    In Buccaneer world it’s gloom and doom 24/7!
    I can’t believe people are criticizing the only offensive weapon we’ve had for 3 years! After breaking his wrist no less! He’s not perfect nor is anyone else, especially on his team.
    Second, after only 3 games the pitchforks are already out! Did you actually think with all the turnover that this team was going to be better than 8-8? Have you ever seen a team with 4 out of 5 new starters on O-line succeed(rhetorical!)? Or a career back-up start and succeed? Be realistic about your expectations or just stop watching.
    And guess what, Lovie is a coach. He’s not responsible for the failure of players on the field ie. missed tackles, blocking, interceptions, dropped passes. Blame the players, that’s right, the guys making the mistakes.
    Remember last year it was ALL Schiano’s fault?
    Go ahead bandwagon fans , jump ship. You’ll be back when the team turns it around, we can always rely on that!
    Go Bucs!

  41. WobbleBuc Says:

    Is anyone else getting that feeling that we are going to see a lot of players go on IR this year to give that “Hey don’t blame Lovie, injuries happen” feeling for this year?

  42. billy buckaroo Says:


  43. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Caught a TD with broken wrist. Not too shabby. Glennon will still throw his way a ton.

  44. mpmalloy Says:

    that it not only is coincidental, and unfortunate but outright refusal of ownership to put a competitive and winning club together in tampa.

    You see the truth.
    We’re going to find out soon enough that if we complain too much
    then they will threaten to move the team.
    I say let them. It will be a tough project to duplicate the scam that
    they have here. However LA may be stupid enough to fall for it:
    “The Bucs signed a stadium lease in which the local government must pay for almost all of the stadium expenses while the franchise keeps almost all of the proceeds.”
    Source: Wikipedia/Raymand James Stadium

  45. DB55 Says:

    So Vjax can play with a broken wrist but mccoy can’t play with a broken finger. Allllllllrightieeeeeee then!!

  46. Kevin#1 Says:

    I am hoping this is the week where I can truly watch this team play and know what I am seeing is who they are. Tedford has not called one snap and I want to know what it’s going to look like.

    The defense just sucks. I have my doubts that even with all the right players in the zone coverage that it will be effective against anyone anymore. I would not being proven wrong but at least when they played man against Atlanta the corners were close to making plays. And that was without Jamming the receivers.

    Regardless any team that get’s handled as bad as they did should show drastic improvement the next week or they just don’t give a crap. These are professional football players something is very wrong for them to look that bad!

  47. Bucnjim Says:

    Injury seems to come easy when you have one foot already on the sideline

  48. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I would have broken my wrist too!

  49. Buccfan37 Says:

    The plan is working fine. From this point forward the Bucs will not lose by 42 points to anybody.

  50. james west Says:

    mpmalloy- yes as we lift the veil, for all to see, the glazer deception! after their championship run, the “G” men (glazers) gutted their star players(high dollar contracts) and soon their high dollar coach to fatten their profit margin and they have been playing this game since. hand pick a couple {elite} players aka GMC-LVD surround them with average players(low rent) has been coaches- or in house jokes. all the while their TV contracts, corporate sponsors, luxury suites, ticket sales, merchandising, and yes concessions and should we not forget stadium parking. make the “G” men millions annually. all the while waiting for the {elite} players contract to be up for renegotiation, that the player will seek employment with a winning club, thus moving their (high rent) salaries to whom he lands with. and the vicious circle never ends. there is no way a modern professional football team. could spend years near the top or the middle of the draft order, and not have built depth, and a winning competitive team, unless the top dog’s “G” men plan it that way. the “G” men are very astute competent businessmen. why would they want to pay a [MANNINGS] ransom at QB plus all the other(high rent) contracts associated with a perennial winner? the glazer organization does not like to lose- when it comes to the balance sheet! thus endeth the lesson.

  51. Patrick Says:

    Just wait……this incompetent team we love will get rid of him in the offseason just like they do to every good player that comes thru Tampa.

  52. Mad fan Says:

    I’ll say that defensive player from Alabama is pretty good he is worth the second overall pick. What do u think joe?

  53. CLW JB Says:

    We were bad when Dungy came in with raw talent and a new scheme, but man I don’t remember it being this bad….time makes that 0 and whatever start back then less memorable but leaves hope we will stop looking like lost puppies on defense.

    The other thing that bugs the heck out of me is reading the Bears fans comments about Lovie and how he lies all the time, is stubborn, ignores the obvious and takes unneeded risks….

    EXACTLY his behavior thus far…he blatantly told us he would lie about injuries and this Tedford mess, can’t count the lies….stubborn- what game is he watching on Sunday/Thursday- shit is blowing up everywhere and never saw him address the troops once and adjustments (Shiano) non-existent…risks- why in the HELL trade MW and release Barth when you have an ass load of cap space- I mean who can’t see VJAX,Eavns and MW as a damn good core group, WTF

    I bought season tickets…what a fool I am

  54. jb Says:

    Another in the long list of reasons that we’ll continue to suck. But they’re not excuses according to Lovie!

    Sorry Bucs, But EVERY NFL team has injuries like this.

    Trying to act like Michael Johnson & Vincent Jackson not being 100% is a reason to trail 56-0 during a nationally televised game is like a physician telling his 5 pack a day lung cancer patient, that his cancer was caused by the medical marijuana brownies he’s been eating.

  55. Zam Says:

    Gosh I hope this won’t make him drop balls.

  56. unbelievable Says:

    @Capt. Tim, I think you misunderstood my post, as evidenced by your long tirade against me. I was not complaining about his drops, I simply pointed out that he had just as many as Herron, referencing another posters comments about Herron’s drops.

    Do I think V-jax is a beast and undoubtedly the best play maker on our offense? Absolutely! Did he still drop passes? Absolutely.

    So calm down and quit lashing out at strangers behind the anonymity of the Internet like a coward ( I thought you didn’t like that? )

  57. another J Says:

    @Dallas, and Arkansas,
    I was willing to overlook, the offensive line, the terrible starting qb, the ghost of Michael Johnson, Our terrible secondary defense, an injured Doug Martin, and Gerald McCoy all while holding a glimmer of hope that things would get better once Telford got back to run his mystery offense, That Carlos Arroyo can’t seem to figure out.

    I was hoping Telford would remember to use our 6’5 receivers, and an Occasional play fake, or deep pass, but now it’s week 4, and Hope is fading!

  58. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    If V-Jack plays everyone damn well knows that the Steelers will attempt to knock him out of the game at the first opportunity and since we are talking about Tampa Bay you can almost guarantee that it will happen so that even if Tedford is allowed to call plays that his options will be limited with his only legitimate threat down and out. BTW where the hell is Sefarian-Jenkins??? Wasn’t he supposed to be a big target/threat to complement V-Jack and Evans????

  59. DB55 Says:

    Brandon Meyers is our best offensive player, has been since week 1. Hasn’t dropped a pass, maybe one. He’s been clutch to my surprise. I thought he was the worst signing of them all. McDonald is great in the nose but not so much in the 3. No need to discuss johnson n mclown.

    Trashing Vjax in the press conference today was blasphemy! Lovie thinks mclown plays good bc “there not all on him”, “we need to get more seperation”, “we have to catch more balls”. Does he realize Vjax was so wide open that the closest falcon to him was 4 yards away and the ball only got to his ankles? I mean seriously dude WTF?!?! The peirrot pass to Meyers in week 1, the phantom pass pick six to evans was that VJax fault too or was that on Evans. Give me a fbbreak. The lob pass to the Rams cb in the endzone. And that’s not even counting the preseason.

    Is this for real joe? I thought lovie was a professional. Is this for real or am I in the twilight zone?

  60. mike of Dade City Says:

    Vincent Jackson is a tremendous weapon and is the only receiver the bucs have ever had that could make a play on the ball in tight coverage in the red zone.Let the truth be told had he been in a Jon Gruden Offense he would be a frequent Pro-Bowler ” take a look @ his Highlights on bad Bucs teams and QB’s with horrible records and stats…… A lot of us here should apologize to V-Jax including Joe……….

  61. BuccsFan76 Says:

    I’m guessing the bones in the wrist joint can’t support the stone hands at the end of them.