Outcoached By Mike Shula?

September 8th, 2014
Gerald McCoy weighs in on the defensive struggles

Gerald McCoy weighs in on the defensive struggles

Gerald McCoy had heavy praise for the blocking schemes and performance of the Carolina Panthers yesterday.

Jiminy Christmas! The more Joe listens to Buccaneers talking, the more Joe is believing the unthinkable, that Mike Shula outcoached Lovie Smith.

Joe’s still stunned that Shula, the former Bucs offensive coordinator during the glory years (1996-1999) of the Bucs defense, emerged last season as offensive coordinator in Carolina — and made it through the year employed.

“They had a great game plan up front with how they schemed things, sliding, max protecting, bring the running back in, but, you know, that’s no excuse for how we rushed. We had a lot of missed opportunities,” McCoy said.

He went on to praise the diversity of the Carolina offense and bemoaned that “sometimes we just had 1-on-1s we didn’t win.”

In what seems puzzling, McCoy, like other Bucs defensive players, said there was no change in the Bucs defense with Cam Newton out and Derek Anderson in.

Umm, why not?

Also, McCoy admitted the grinding success of the Panthers’ offense was physically “tiring.”

(You can listen to the locker room audio of McCoy below, via 620wdae.com)

61 Responses to “Outcoached By Mike Shula?”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Bottom line Mike Shula has grown as a coach……Lovie is still playing the same old tunes……easy pickings

  2. billy buckaroo Says:

    Panthers off line coach scheme seemed to work a little better than Warhops
    Ya Think

  3. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    Remember that time the Bucs won a pretty big game due, in large part, to the familiarity our head coach had with the offensive scheme/signals/plays the opposing team was going to run? [“Dexter, was it sluggo seam?? It was sluggo seam! I called it, Monte, I called it!”] Yeah, where did Rivera used to coach?

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie is still playing the same old tunes……easy pickings

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    At least the Bucs were laid back in the game yesterday under the leadership of flip-flop wearing, no cussing Lovie, instead of being coached by that big meanie Schiano. Thank God the players can now happily lose, instead of sadly lose, due to being respected by the respector of grown men Lovie.

    Schiano had to be laughing his ass off yesterday, all the while counting Glazer benjamins.

  6. RastaMon Says:

    L&L…in todays NFL…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpFNC7uU2M

  7. Tom Edrington Says:

    Here’s a giant WHAT IF:

    What if Gerald McCoy decides to test the free agent waters?

  8. Jon Says:

    L&L can evaluate. Think about it, Lovie drafted a guy named Carimi (Bears) 1st round, Licht drafted Cooper (Arizona) 1st round and both guys stunk it up. Then we release, don’t sign back or trade OLINE of Penn, Larsen, Zuttah and Joseph all who are starting. Give up a pick for now injured Mankins. Look, I like Lovie the coach but the oline is a mess because neither guy gets talent right. Michael Johnson????? They could have easily signed Michael Bennett instead, why didn’t they do that? They blew over $150 MILLION DOLLARS for who that has improved our team from last year? McClown? I think I miss Bruce Allen…

  9. Tye Says:

    What we learned from week 1….

    #1 – Falcons ~ {Beat Saints in overtime in a good game.}
    #2 – Saints ~ {played hard and tough on the road; lost in overtime}
    #3 – Panthers ~ {won on the road with a backup QB}
    #4 – Buccaneers ~ {Could not get even a feild goal until Carolina’s defense relaxed, tired and wore down and ahead several scores; Backup QB carved their defense; Made the Buccs look like yet another 4th place division team}

  10. nick Says:

    We set football back 20 years yesterday punting twice from around our own 35 yard line, what a joke our offense was.

  11. Greg Says:

    Out played
    Out coached
    At least Schiano demanded respect and made no excuses.
    Not in pressed with Lovie

  12. BucinNC Says:

    lightning is right on. this is the SAME EXACT product that we have seen the last few years under Schiano. but lovie respects them.

    i went to college at the university of Illinois from 05-09, while Lovie was there.

    this the same exact stuff that happened to him up there. complete disregard for the OLine, extremely conservative playcalling…Ohhhh but marc he had 10 win seasons and made the superbowl. uhh 3 winning seasons isnt all that great, its average. and i can tell you we aint got the bears D that he had. i dont care how good GMC and LVD are. that defense as a whole was significantly better.

  13. Greg Says:

    Lovie = Fail

  14. Ray Rice Says:

    We should have fought harder yesterday and hit them right on the chin.

  15. nate Says:

    This team just sux the people that are making the big bucks on this team are barelh medioocore at best! Im calling it a 3 win season this year…

  16. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Next week vs another backup QB…yikes!

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    Did not see post game interview with McCown….I hope he raised his hand and said this one was on me. You can not turn the ball over in such a reckless way. These weren’t great defensive plays; they were careless plays that cost the Bucs any chance of winning. A lot of blame to go around, but I’m pretty sure the Panthers scored most or even all of their points from turnovers. When the Bucs got their chance at a turnover they dropped it.

  18. RastaMon Says:

    After the first game…L&L 2014 Season is like Ray Rice’s GF…never made it out of the elevator ! No Honeymoon….L&L ! this team has holes…bad..bad..bad…

  19. Clintro Says:

    He did take the blame and said he must get better.

  20. Jon Says:

    Oh! I forgot to mention the duo drafted two oline as well and they can’t sniff the field either !

  21. Dustin K Says:

    Plain and simple, The bucs don’t have play makers or speed. None. Offense looks slow and predictable

  22. billy buckaroo Says:

    Question for Joe?
    Ok – week1 – disaster
    We all seen what they did.
    Too much to fix in 1 week.
    What needs to be fixed first in your opinion
    and then whats next?

  23. Louis Friend Says:

    I’m not ready to sell the farm on Lovie just yet. But his QB gave me nightmares. I swear I woke up this morning thinking about his play yesterday and hoping it was just a dream. It wasn’t, it was real.

    And we’re stuck with him.

    And that pass rush (lack of it), we’re stuck with that too.

    I gave up drinking too early in life. Wish I had a tolerance for the stuff now.

  24. Louis Friend Says:


    They’ve got speed aplenty – what they were doing was playing in slow motion. Every single one of them. They looked completely unprepared.

  25. robert9 Says:

    the defense played well enough…. if not for mccowns 2 turnovers…and him sucking outloud

    we should have won.

  26. RCH Says:

    Everybody calm down! It was only one game not to mention the first of the season. Also looks like we might be playing against the Rams third string QB.

  27. crazy Says:

    Maybe, but the scary thing is “sometimes we just had 1-on-1s we didn’t win.” Yesterday looked more like a preseason opener than the season opener it was. Every mistake is correctable but if they aren’t going to win 1-on-1 then they aren’t going to win.

  28. joe$ucfan Says:

    As bad as everybody thinks they were, they were still in position to tie or win the game at the end. Whether Carolina let up or were tired it is all part of the game. Last year against Panthers they got blown out twice . How long did it take Carolina to get to this point. They are a good team even with DA as QB.
    Were they thinking and not playing as fast as they will, yes. but iwas encouraged by them not giving up and almost winning. What a bunch of ignorant black clouds including you Joe.

    To dive into your logic, keep in mind Josh Freeman left with a lead in two of his three games last season. Yet he was ex-communicated. Not giving up is not encouraging. It’s expected. Big difference–Joe

  29. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    When is Gano going to be fined/suspended for laying his hands on a student at halftime? That was uncalled for….and also assault.

  30. RastaMon Says:

    The A&M band had no business being on the field AT THAT time….they were obviously LATE…does not matter why…the window had closed…less than 5 minutes before second half kick off…they ran onto the field AFTER the kickers/punters etc were already set up …it was hilarious to watch

  31. flmike Says:

    I’m reading these comments and all I can think is, Welcome to Lovie Ball, slow plodding offense and a 25 year old defensive scheme….all the fixin’s for a non-winning recipe

  32. Couch Fan Says:

    This happens to GMC a lot. I probably will get bashed for this but McCoy to me is over hyped. Is he really worth all the money he is going to command? I’m starting to doubt it. These types of games are to common for him.

  33. Bernard Cantu Says:

    WOW some of you Buc’s fans are rediculas. Did you think Lovie was going to turn us from a laughing stock of the NFL into a playoff team in one game. This is going to take time and re evaluation of who fits and who does not. take a damn seat and cool off!! just take a look at the Bear’s D after Lovie was let go. Give the man some time. Bottom line is at the end of the day even after how bad the team played they still had a chance to win that game in the last 2 min of play. No Moral victories but that should say something about where the team is heading. Even Derek Brooks said don’t think this D is going to pick up where we left off. Give it some time and we will be a playoff contender every year.

  34. stevek Says:

    Ray Rice has been cut by the Ravens.

    We need to sign Incognito.

  35. lightningbuc Says:


    It’s going to take time? How long – 5 games, a season, 3 seasons? Tell me, so I know when I can get worried. We’ve been hearing “it’s going to take time” for 6-7 years now. I’m kind of tired of waiting.

  36. tnew Says:

    I really, really need someone to convince me, with a reasonable argument, why Richie Incognito is such a huge risk to the team at this point. We can sign him week to week, probably to a vet minimum contract. If EDS, Collins and Mankins can’t control Incognito then cut him. If the Bucs continue down this path it won’t matter. Everybody is screaming about McCown, for good reason, however Martin and Rainey combined with 21 yds on 13 carries. Both of which was way too little. Neither guy is a one-cut back. They both need surge from the O-line to do anything. One of the two need to be addressed. For those of you so up in arms about the Incognito situation, explain to me why he is so bad for bullying a fellow offensive lineman, then go watch the Ray Rice clip on TMZ. Then with an honest mind, argue to how Incognito is so much worse.

  37. Lynch Says:

    @Couch Fan

    I am with you man..I’ve been thinking that a lot, but was afraid to say it lol. I would have loved to see GMC just take over a game. While he had 8 tackles, I feel like hes just not nasty enough. Wasn’t he supposed to be matched up against scrub lineman Sunday?

  38. RastaMon Says:

    How long…this franchise has been in a slide since their last Play Off Game…NY Gaints @ the Ray Jay….flopping at the bottom since that game……..

  39. stevek Says:

    Couch Fan,

    It is a tough call on GMC. I don’t think he warrants a 16mm salary, but it is hard to tell the DEs not producing around him.

    I too would hesitate and paying up that much for another contract. GMC is not JJ Watt, he can’t take over the game.

    We need a defensive guy that can take over the game.

    Watching Keuchly shine and Barron play meh, makes me sick.

  40. ManzielMadness Says:

    Gotta agree with lightningbuc… It’s been 7 years since we’ve been to the play offs and no matter who we bring in we find a way to stink

  41. Greg Says:

    There is way to much wrong to fix in one week
    Very disappointing after all the hype of lovie bringing us back to the promise land.

  42. ForeverBuc Says:

    The team never even showed up to play joe$ucfan.

  43. stevek Says:

    The offense needs to score in the first three quarters, and for the love of god can the D-Line get some sacks?!

    Too little, too late, just another Buccaneer game.

    # It’s a SUCKS life

  44. RastaMon Says:

    If GM tests the FA market well that would be prudent….if he took a lesser deal with a contenter that would be a wise career choice….No OL..No QB…No DE’s…dismal

  45. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I turned to my wife midway through the third quarter and said Mike Shula just ate Leslee Frazier’s lunch…BIG TIME.

    So the Bucs were embarrassed totally yesterday. But as bad as they looked we must remember…you can jump off the bandwagon…I certainly have…but I haven’t totally given up. Not only is it just one game…we should give the Stinking Panthers at least some credit. Anderson played his ass off. Their OL DOMINATED our DL which to me was the most disappointing part.

    I knew their DL was great and it would be hard to run the ball…but I thought our DL might be able to equalize it a bit by dominating their OL…but alas it was the other way around.

    It’s only one game! The Panthers are the defending champions. We may be judging ourselves too harshly. Perhaps we lost to a very good team.

  46. iamkingsu Says:

    @Joe, How many times have we passed on Zimmer?? This not an overreaction. I tweeted you and the great Steve White “why not zimmer” before we signed Lovie (still have them saved to my favorites)This is a pressure league now Qbs are too patient now they will take what the defense gives them every single play They will dink and donk the whole way down the field if they have to. Dont get me wrong I still think lovie can get it done but he’s going to have to blitz. Hopefully he doesn’t have Schiano’s stubborness towards his own philosophy and adjust.

  47. tiny tim Says:

    In what seems puzzling, McCoy, like other Bucs defensive players, said there was no change in the Bucs defense with Cam Newton out and Derek Anderson in.

    Umm, why not?

    The reason is simple Joe and this goes all the way back to the days of Dungy. The bucs when they are in this system (Tampa 2), they just line up and do what they do. They do not scheme for players. Booger was on his radio show last week talking about why they never spied moble qbs. They just line up and dare you to try and beat them. It was succesful then (Vick, McNabb etc). and they are banking on it being succesful now.

  48. Bernard Cantu Says:

    surely not one game. But damn lets give it atleast one season to see where we are at. How many coach’s make it to the playoff’s there 1st season? Not many.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Throw out EVERYTHING bad that we all saw yesterday from our Bucs. Erase it from your mind. Next throw out the very little good we saw too. Then ask yourself this question.

    Did that team look like a team that was prepared to play football yesterday?

    My answer is no.

    DallasBuc you have been dead on right for the last 2 months on here. Maybe now some people might be able to see it. BTW I LOVE the lapdog nickname, because it’s true.

    When Lovie was hired I thought this things going to take 2-3 years to really get going. After seeing how well prepared our Bucs were yesterday, I don’t think he’s going to turn anything around at all. Get your billboards ready, because in year 2 it’s going to be Fire Lovie on them signs instead of Schiano.
    I think the Bucs might win 3 games this year. Peering into my crystal ball, I don’t see much more than that the next year.

    So for now I’m with DallasBuc. Everything he says and types I agree with verbatim.

  50. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    I agree that one game does not a season make, however, there is plenty to worry about after yesterday. The OL is terrible. WE knew it would be so why did L&L not know it too? The DL did nothing yet again. Did we see anything from Johnson that excited you? No! No splash plays on D. No playmakers on either side of the ball. Was there anything about the offense that looked special, secret, innovative, exciting? No! The great thing about the NFL is a team can turn it around in a week. Here’s to next week’s turnaround. Cheers.

  51. joe$ucfan Says:

    Just heard Big Dog say the samething I just said earlier. I dont get your logic argument but some teams do give up. And JF was a total head case so don’t try to make any arguments based on anything having to do with Josh Freeman.

  52. Ray Rice Says:

    Swing for the (chin) fences guys. Dougie is done. Incognito and I are waiting.

  53. joe$ucfan Says:

    Gooberville! I think Big Dog is talking about you also Joe.

  54. IMiss#40 Says:

    McCoy saw A LOT of 1 on 1 with a rookie…and lost.

  55. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Again, the Bucs don’t run this tampa-2 business all the time. mostly on third and long, they do a lot of cover-3 & 1 and when they get it down all will be well. The seattle seahawks run a similar scheme and look at their D now. Lovie’s scheme has worked in Chicago superbowl, seattle (superbowl), and it will in Tampa. The Bucs D held that panthers team to 17 points and have just started playing it. And they still could have won that game!

  56. buc4lyfe Says:

    Is that what lovie is gonna say again… Is just one game calm down? If he asks like everything is OK and sound to call after watching the game tape is because there’s another trade coming

  57. buctebow Says:

    Maybe we should trade for Luke McCown………………..

  58. pick6 Says:

    give ron rivera some credit here. he’s kinda familiar with lovie’s tendencies on defense

  59. iamkingsu Says:

    @newbucsfan the difference with Seattle they can get pressure with 4. Lets face it 3 coaches had there chance with basically this same d line. It’s McCoy or bust. They keep the wrong players even though their regime didn’t draft them. Where’s English?? I know it was the preseason and all but at least he showed you something.

  60. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Had Cam Newton been playing, it would not have been this close.
    Carolina is just a better team, with better players.
    !/2 of them we bypassed in drafts, so many it is sickening.
    Luke Kuechly could have been a Buc, instead we took Barron.
    So far, both Barron and Goldson have turned out to be huge disappointments.
    Same with Banks.

  61. Destinjohnny Says:

    Mikes a good coach