Lovie: Bowers “Will Play A Lot”

September 13th, 2014

Heee’s baaack! Da’Quan Bowers will get plenty of action Sunday

Injuries have been unkind to Da’Quan Bowers throughout his career, but now the football gods are delivering a little payback.

Bowers is healthy again (for now) and returns to the field Sunday. His timing is impeccable: defensive end Adrian Clayborn was lost for the season yesterday and big-money DE Michael Johnson is out with an ankle injury.Wow! Few disappointing NFL players like Bowers get a gift-wrapped chance like this to revive their careers.

The Lovie Smith regime came to Tampa Bay and quickly determined Bowers wasn’t much of a defensive end but proclaimed he could play inside and backup Gerald McCoy. Now it seems, per Lovie Smith, Bowers will be very busy on the edge against St. Louis on Sunday.

“Will Gholston and also Da’Quan Bowers have both been practicing on a limited basis. This was kind of the week we had pinpointed to hopefully get them back. But they went through all of this week’s practice. Both of those guys will play and play a lot for us, and we’re expecting, you know, good things from them,” Lovie said Friday on Coach’s Corner on Buccaneers.com.

Several weeks ago, Lovie talked about how Bowers, at defensive end, impressed him as a run defender. The coach implied that yesterday.

“We felt good about how we played run defense last week against a good running Carolina team,” Lovie said. “But this week, of course, it will even have to be better. Some of these moves that we’ve talked about should help us strengthen our run. We talked about the disappointment with the pass [rush], but for the most part we did keep their run pinned in.”

Joe will watch Bowers closely, but Joe has little hope of a good Bowers performance tomorrow.

Forget about Bowers’ track record, it’s hard to imagine he’s not out of shape, after his breakthrough series against Jacksonville’s second team five weeks ago left him with a bad groin, which he followed up with an abdomen injury.

31 Responses to “Lovie: Bowers “Will Play A Lot””

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Patchwork Pewter

  2. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    I will be extremely surprised if Bowers does not get injured before the game ends.

  3. Jim Walker Says:

    They are getting him away from his band long enough for him to actually play? No worries, he’ll injure himself so he can get back to his real love – his music.

  4. Soggy Says:

    We shall see? http://www.imagesup.net/?di=1414106098413

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I am sure that whoever gets thrown out there Sunday that they will at least be able to do what the so called starters did last week!

  6. Soggy Says:

    Gump says bucslife is like a box of chocolates you never know what buc your gonna get.

  7. BrianDorry55 Says:

    I want to see some blitzing from David, Foster, Barron, and Johnson…not gonna be happy to see us sit back and let a crap quarterback find holes in the zone.

  8. Martinii Says:

    It’s good to here some positive news about Gholston. He will be the one I am interested in. Bowers in my opinion is simply not a good or potentially good football player. I hope he proves me wrong.

  9. Harry Says:

    I predict Cheeseburger Bowers has 5 sacks, one INT which he returns for the winning TD, and finds a cure for cancer while the offense is on the field.

  10. Architek Says:

    Whatever they say doesn’t matter – they’re not good players or playmakers so I know what to expect Sunday! Not what Lovie says –

  11. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Nope- I think Bowers will shine. I’ve said it all season.
    He has on gift, that only he and McCoy share.
    Speed of the snap. Burst.
    If we are ever going to get a speed rusher- it’s Bowers

    I’ve supported him for Two seasons.
    I hope he lives up to his talent. It’s his time

  12. biff barker Says:

    One thing is for certain, the DL won’t be what we think it will be.

  13. robert9 Says:

    10 bucs says he breaks a nail on goes on IR

  14. BucsFanSince89 Says:

    I hope that Derrick Brooks bobble head is not the only exciting thing on Sunday! 🙁

  15. KC Says:

    I will be extremely surprised if Bowers is not injured by the time of pregame warmups. That guy is as soft as kleenex. Excited to see Gholston in there, though; he could be a wild card.

  16. Hawk Says:

    The Bucs will be introducing the defense this week during pre-game. They feel Bowers has a better chance of not getting injured if he can run out onto the field by himself.

  17. Sumosam Says:

    I watched Bower’s in one of his rookie games and he was unstoppable for a period, maybe an entire half. He got in on almost every play. He has got is in him for sure. That is why he is still around. This is his time. He has got to produce now and he knows it. He will do great. Just watch.

  18. Brent Says:

    Bowers gone for sure next year if he doesn’t produce so to me, just play him some and see. My expectations are low for him. Gholson I have a little hope for. Unfortunately we may be drafting another defensive end early again next year if one of those guys doesn’t pop this year.. By early I mean 2nd 3rd round. Lovie loves de’s too.

  19. BucIt941 Says:

    I have a feeling Larry English is going to be the surprise of the day. I have faith in Gholston i know he is raw but he flashes every time he’s on the field. Bowers, I still deep down want him to just show up for a full game. Still a fan of his from back in college he has the skills and talent to be elite, just needs to put it all together.

    but Larry English is the under the radar player who was pushing in for snap counts while Bowers was injured and looked pretty decent. Not a pass rush specialist by any means but seems to play the run well and has a good motor and aggression off the edge.

  20. BucIt941 Says:

    Oh and i hope we put Gholston on the RE not LE. Let the man get some reps in the premier rush spot and see what he can do. Can’t be any worse than the peek a boo game M. Johnson has been playing so far this year!

  21. b.Bruce Says:

    Bowers will wreak havoc Sunday.this will be the first game we will see McCoy and bowers become the dynamic duo that they will be for years to come.

  22. Kang Says:

    Hi hopes, high hopes, high hopes, that’s all we seem to have. It’s time to put some of that good money that was spent on all these players this past off-season to good use. If they can’t perform on Sunday and they’re hurt during the week it’s time to say bye-bye and get rid of them. Bowers, that includes you!

  23. Que589 Says:

    I think Bowers, Gholston and English will outperform and be more productive than Johnson and Clayborn were…Bowers, Gholston, English are more talented, and that’ll be displayed this week

  24. charles Says:

    IF Bowers is not hurt he will play good against the Rams since they will be relying on the run game to help out their quarterback. He does have good burst. He had a bad groin and then abdomen. Sounds like hernia to me. Hopefully it’s not, but if it is he will end up on injured reserve this year.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    I have faith. I believe. I think. If only. This is the week. I hope. I have this feeling the Bucs will. Can’t do any worse.

    These are some of my favorite lines as a Buc’s fan. Wash, rinse, and repeat week after week.

    Do L&L have ANY clue just how bad it’s been to be a Buc’s fan?

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    RastaMon Says
    “Patchwork Pewter…”

    It’s not really pewter anymore. It’s charcoal.

  27. BUCTROOPER Says:

    I’m sure the star line will be same whether Bowers is on the bench or plays the whole game.

  28. Incognito Says:

    I agree I’ll be very surprised if bowers makes it through the game without injury.

  29. sandman Says:

    I agree with others that Bowers will go off injured by half time. Earlier if he gets beaten badly early. If McCown starts the way he did last week watch for him to take a dive and come off hurt. Hell Loveys getting where he could go on IR.

  30. Drew Says:

    Bowers will dominate and shut all you haters up.

  31. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    Only Bucs fans wish injury on their own players. That kind of stuff really pisses me off. Support your players stop wishing poor results on them.