It’s Starting To Look Ugly

September 12th, 2014
lovie 0912

Injuries are piling up on both sides of the ball

Reports coming from those at Bucs practice at One Buc Palace today are reporting that defensive end Michael Johnson did not practice (again), which really puts his status for Sunday’s game with the Lambs in doubt.

This on the heels of fellow starting defensive end Adrian Clayborn lost to the season with an injury.

So Doug Martin is hobbled, the offensive is in flux, Austin Seferian-Jenkins also again missed practice, and the Bucs likely will be without their starting defensive ends Sunday.

Is anyone else beginning to worry?

Just after the Lambs game, the Bucs are looking at a short week before playing the Dixie Chicks at Atlanta (Thursday road games are always troublesome for NFL teams), then games at Pittsburgh, at New Orleans before hosting the Baltimore Crows. Just looking at the immediate foes on the schedule gives Joe chills.

If the Bucs don’t win Sunday then this season could go sharply south in a big hurry. Yikes!

60 Responses to “It’s Starting To Look Ugly”

  1. RCH Says:

    I don’t see why we can’t start off 2-2 Pittsburgh looks beatable. The Atlanta one is gonna be a tough one with a short week on the road.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    One Buc MASH

  3. Tom Edrington Says:


    Why worry?

    All is well, the Bucs have the Josh McCown to Chris Owusu combo!

  4. nate Says:

    This is just getting sad…… joe an u explain to me why we have a 53 man roster but can only dress 46 guys? I get not the practice guys dressing but what about the other 7.. seems we need as many players as we can get right now..

  5. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    it truly is a #bucslife

  6. Architek Says:

    Well Johnson was and isn’t effective so it’s a wash essentially. This is going to force the Bucs offense to be more accountable and responsible for their lack of production.

  7. Jim Says:

    While I feel Lovie was a good choice, I’ll bet he wishes he stayed in his basement. Looking forward to ANOTHER high draft pick next year.

  8. Soggy Says:

    This is how we win

  9. bucrightoff Says:

    0-6 is more or less assured if the Bucs don’t win Sunday. Because if you can’t beat Derek Anderson or Austin Davis, beating Ryan, Brees, Roethlesberger and Flacco (looks like 3 SB winners to me…) is almost impossible.

  10. Joe Says:


    That is a question better posed to thr NFL competition committee.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    This might sound weird but it feels like ever since the Glazer boys took over from Malcolm this team has been cursed. What the hell are those guys doing in their basements late at night that no one knows about?

  12. THETRUTH Says:

    NO excuses!!!! if they are gonna make excuse refund me my season ticket..

    SCHIANO had to deal with the samething last year ( NO WR, RB. OL) he didn’t get a pass, so Lovie Step it up and coach us to a WIN (TRY A FIELD GOAL OVER 50yrd)

    Play MIKE JAMES guy has best vision of all the backs and can catch, he proved it when he has played..

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    Hopefully I’m over-reacting but my optimism for this season took a sharp turn south today.

    No pass rush
    No running game
    Sh!tty QB. I’m a Glennon fan, but even I know swapping QB’s aint going to improve anything.

    Please tell us Tedford came back today. I’m begging you. PLEASE!!!!

  14. WelshBuc87 Says:

    What will make that even worse is after going worse than 4-12, Lovie will again pass on the chance for a franchise QB in Mariota and pick up a defensive end. Admittedly looking like something we may need but if we end up with another top 7 pick and we’ve not picked up Winston, Mariota or Hundley I’ll be p1ssed.

    Don’t wanna sound like another negative Bucs fan but you’re right. After such high hopes of a possible 3-0 start, this could easily turn into 0-5.

    C’mon Bucs!!

  15. warrenfb12 Says:

    The wheels have falling off this thing after the first week. Another demoralizing long NFL season…even our week 1-3 optimism has been robbed from us.

    Did we trade the team’s collective soul for that Super Bowl?


  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I didn’t know Adrian Clayborn was injured too.


    Ah well. I’m not worried. You guys know why? Because my life does not revolve around football anymore. I still love it. I still love my Buccaneers. But I’m chilled now that I have other things to do.

    Losing weight, finished my latest book, no gray hairs and turned 49 today. I’m actually content at this point in my life. Bucs winning would make me more content, but them losing doesn’t make me less so.

    I’ll take my Bucs however they come.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Where’s all the homers at? I mean “fans”.

    “We don’t expect our fans to be patient.” – Jason Licht

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    Just when I ask where’s the homers at…Blam there he is. lol

    Hi ya Bonzai.

    Yah I’m with you. I take them how they come unfortunately, I’m a Bucs fan!

  19. Rob Says:

    All those issues, and he didn’t even mention Tedford being absent again several times this week… With games against New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Baltimore over the next four weeks, 1-5 or 0-6 is looking very likely.

  20. richardtyson Says:

    The way I see it we need to have the worst record in football for the next 3 years. Maybe then we’ll have a true franchise QB and some more talent on both sides of the ball. Mark Barron will be the next player to go down as another one of Mark DumbAsHeck’s busts. Go Yucs!

  21. Bill Says:

    Bucs are paying for the sins of the previous administration: Poor drafting, putting all the free agent eggs in three players, inability to find rookie free agents worth keeping around, overpaying, etc., etc.
    This team needs two good years of drafts. This is why keeping Wright and the fourth-rounder and just signing Incognito continues to make more sense to me than bringing in Mankins and giving those two items up.

  22. overpaidFAcurse Says:

    Well here is your chance gholston, bowers and english. Never should have signed Johnson what a waste of Money. Unimpressive all pre-season and now this.

  23. Andrew 1 Says:

    Not really worried yet. So long as we manufacture others ways to get pressure on the opposing QB, we will be fine. Cant lose what you never had, and we never had 2 starting DEs who could consistently get sacks. I know Lovie doesn’t like to blitz, but I fully expect him to use the blitz as much as possibly going forward.

  24. Andres Says:

    I think Solomon and English are actually upgrades at this point.

  25. BoJim Says:

    The curse of the Bambino. Bucs luck. 🙁

  26. rickross420whammy Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see our other defensive ends getting more pressure than the unimpressive, gimp millionaire Michael Johnson. More addition by subtraction?

  27. overpaidFAcurse Says:

    If I am daquan bowers I am playing like a man possessed this Sunday. Maybe the one opportunity to save his job. Lets see how bad he wants it.

  28. Barry Says:

    Bucs need that 1 win, get the monkey off the back. They should creme pie the The St. Louis Sams. IMO if the win Sunday they’ll be okay. I still think it’s funny that Lovie comes in here, a known limpdick concerning the offense and hires a unproven OC and a life long backup QB…. “Didn’t see that coming”

  29. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Worry? Nah, we have Lovie Smith! Oh that’s right, he doesn’t take the field.

  30. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs look like under performers under Lovie. The injury situation has become chronic. McCown has to shine against the Rams, I expect he will help the Bucs to a win this Sunday. A win at Pittsburgh will bring a 2-1 record, I believe the Bucs will also get that win. I also think Glennon is not getting better on the bench. He needs to play to improve. If Josh fails soon, MG8 should be in there asap.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Like I said a couple days ago. BUC’ Doom & Gloom. This is football, your suppose to dominate your opponent lining up across from you. No matter rain, sleet, or snow. Wrong, right or indifferent; get the “W”.

    No excuses, because no one cares

    GO BUCS!!!

  32. JMN Says:

    This team has no hope until they get a promising franchise QB and shed the years of bad picks off this lineup. Only about 5 players worth keeping on the roster now.

  33. CC Says:

    It started looking ugly last week just after kickoff.

  34. mpmalloy Says:

    Man U is spending record amounts of money on players.
    Their W/L record is very good over the last 7 or 8 years.
    A couple of titles.

  35. richardtyson Says:


    I was thinking about how the Glazers took control of Machester United in 05 and how that was the beginning of the downfall.

  36. Borat Sagdiyev Prediction Says:

    I like you. I like football. Viking kill billy goat. Billy Goats have horns and 4 legs. I like pirates. They have very nice cannon ship. They also kill gypsies for fun.

    Pirates 16
    Billy Goat 12

  37. nate Says:

    Yep im all in on mariota if we get winston im okay with that if lovie can teach him to stop acting like a child im cool woth winston….

  38. SAMCRO Says:

    All this comes after our huge advantage of conditioning in unbearable hot weather? Baloney, it wears our team out, and we start every season with so many guys injured and exhausted. It’s to our advantage is a load of crap. We need an indoor practice facility, period. We need our guys fresh to start the season like the teams who somehow come in here with a supposed major disadvantage, only to have them beat our socks off. Our guys looked wore out their first game.

  39. Greg Says:

    All I can say is that I’m glad I’m getting paid to go to the Bucs games this year! Happy birthday BuccaneerBonzai!

  40. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Does this mean that our starting defensive ends will not register any more sacks?

  41. Jim Walker Says:

    I am glad. Larry English and Scott Solomon are better players than Clayborne or Johnson.

  42. Brian Says:

    Time for Gholston and Bowers to step up. We are facing a team with more problems, and less talent then we have. Go play smart, take care of business, and get healthy for Atlanta. Damn Thursday night bull crap.

  43. mpmalloy Says:

    I say we raise the bar.
    Lets shoot for something that’s never been done:
    0-16 for two straight years!!!
    I think this franchise has the leadership to pull it off.

  44. buc4lyfe Says:

    were gonna suck until greg schiano is off the payroll. I wanna see improvement from week to week. yea theres the over reaction then the reaction to the tape film then the doubt sets in until the next sunday. im less worried now than I was after the game….So many people wanted AC gone and Michael Johnson was garbage so now you get your wish to see what it’s like if those guys aren’t in the game.

    it would suck for us to have another schiano like season and still end up not getting one of the top qb’s in the draft, if your gonna suck please atleast be good at it and get a franchise quarterback for all our failures

  45. Hawk Says:

    Wait! Did Johnson and Clayborn play in the Carolina game? NOT being on the field this week can’t be worse. O-N-E sack (McCoy) against a McCown clone (more than a decade as a backup)? I’m hoping we don’t see a performance like that again this year. Let’s see if someone steps up.

  46. AnotherJ Says:

    So far the return on investment for Michael Johnson isn’t panning out, I hope they structured his contract with a few exit clauses in the Bucs favor…

  47. mpmalloy Says:

    We need just enough wins to put us
    out of contention for an expensive #1 draft pick.

  48. CC Says:

    I’m taking the Rams +7
    The under 37
    Bucs win outright but fail to cover

  49. robert9 Says:

    I’m going to be positive for a change.

    it can’t get any worse!

    GO BUCS. Bucs 17, rams 6

    The 2nd string DE’s show up and get @ least 2 sacks. Martins plays like a beast. Mcclown will still look bad, but the D will save them with 2 turnovers and good field position. Evans breaks out with a TD and 3-5 catches. Oh, and that O line- they come to play. Mankins just realized he’s replaceable.

  50. AnotherJ Says:

    Losing both of our defensive ends isn’t really a problem right now.
    We’d be better off with Golston, and English as our ends. The both have good motors, and motivation to play effectively

    If it gets any worse we could always drag Bowers off of the bench, for a play or two!

  51. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Dungy did start 0-6 and that was with Sapp and Brooks. If we did make a deal with the devil for our only Super Bowl, we are still better off than the 9 or 10 teams that have an empty trophy case.

  52. overpaidFAcurse Says:

    Who is this Scott Solomon they signed. I found two on the Internet. One is a 3 year practice squad player out of Rice. 6’3 262lbs. Really. Hell Kyle vandenbosch is unsigned. Yes he is 35 but at least he has expirence

  53. BirdDoggers Says:

    This team can’t seem to find any stability. Years of bad drafting, undisciplined team under Raheem, over disciplined team under Schiano, bad coaching, MRSA, can’t find a true starting QB, no depth on the roster and the list goes on.

    Just when it looked like the team would go into the season without any major issues, the OC goes down with a bad ticker, injuries are piling up and Lovie’s team, a lot of them hand picked, are slow out of the gate. Lovie brings a sense of calm but he has to prove he can get this roster to win and win soon.

  54. Soggy Says:

    @Dewey Selmon, So True I spent my first 30 years in detroit and to this day they still never even been to the bowl let alone win it. I was here in 02 and it was awesome..

  55. mpmalloy Says:

    Dungy was a new coach with a brand new system in 1996:
    1996 = 6-10
    1997 = 10-6
    1998 = 8-8
    1999 = 11-5
    2000 = 10-6
    2001 = 9-7

    The difference was that that Malcolm was 100% committed
    to the team and to the community and was running the Bucs
    as a class act.

    That said, Morris:
    2009 = 3-13
    2010 = 10-6
    2011 = 4-12
    2012 = 7-9
    2013 = 4-12

    We’re never going to see a duplication of what Dungy
    did until the soccer-brats duplicate what their father
    did in Tampa.

  56. KeithInTampa Says:

    Wow….A Lot of negative vibes here, and we haven’t even taken the first snap of the second game! With regard to Clayborn going down, I hate that, but I also think that up till now, Solomon has actually looked better than Clayborn, and with regard to (the Right?) defensive end, I think we won’t suffer any decrease in performance…..Johnson? Is Johnson definitely out for Sunday’s game? I’ hoping that if he’s in there, he is able to be effective, (and obviously he wasn’t against the Stinkin’ Panthers!) and if Johnson is not able to go, who’s behind him? Gholston? English?

  57. Kevin1 Says:

    Just plain ugly everywhere. And as usual we get 5-6 wins and put us just far enough down on the draft board to not pick a qb. Yawn same story every year.
    I love the bucs as much as the next guy but………….just at a loss for words.

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Mpmalloy…the soccer brats are worth 4.4 billion dollars according to Forbes.

    Why are they so cheap in your opinion?

  59. bucs56783 Says:

    Johnson best play this year is his fumble recover off a Mccoy sack in the preseason he hasnt even touch a QB or RB yet

  60. sandman Says:

    If a certain radio guy, buddies and paper hacks didn’t run Schiano out on a rail, we would not be in a frigging rebuilding mode. Loveys a looser and will turn out to be a real bust. As much as I hate it and will cry in my beer, Bucs loose today by 10.