Ice Cracking Under Josh McCown?

September 18th, 2014
josh mccown 0918b

If Josh McCown cannot stop making terrible mental mistakes, his benching is near, says Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

For the most part, Joe has been impressed with Josh McCown. He has a decent completion percentage and he is one helluva leader.

Then Joe watches McCown’s ghastly, boneheaded, Pop Warner-like mistakes and Joe not only has acid reflux, but bitter beerface.

Aside from that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

By Joe’s count, McCown has made six — seven if you want to get picky — downright stupid mistakes and gotten away with all but three. We’re talking mistakes that are so bad, a sophomore high school quarterback would be benched for them.

If McCown continues to play like a scared Pop Warner quarterback, his benching is just around the corner, says Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. He told former Bucs defensive tackle and star of the SEC Network, Booger McFarland of WHFS-FM 98.7,  this live from Atlanta, site of tonight’s Bucs-Dixie Chicks game,

And just who will Lovie Smith call out of the bullpen? That would be the quarterback of the past and quarterback of the future but not yet the quarterback of the present, Mike Glennon.

“If [McCown] continues to make these mistakes, they are going to make a change,” Cummings said. “It won’t be end of the season, it will be soon. It is costing them games. You can’t have [mistakes] in critical positions when you should be taking the ball down [the field]. Accept the sack. Throw it away. He has to be better in those critical moments because that is what is costing this team points and eventually football games at this point in the season.

“If that continues over the next two or three games, you are going to see a change. And it is not going to be for very long. They do have faith in Mike Glennon. He is a good decision-maker.”

Look, Lovie — by actions if not words — is telling fans he has or is losing faith in McCown. Why else would he go full scared turtle mode like he has in the red zone?

Especially against the Lambs when your Dunkaneers receivers — remember those guys? — had at least a six-inch advantage over the puny corners.

You cannot pin all of this offensive mayhem on the shoulders of ailing, part-time offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford.

24 Responses to “Ice Cracking Under Josh McCown?”

  1. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    Don’t hate the 8.

  2. Anzac Buc Says:

    If Glennon is the future, bring him in now and give him the reps to develop. The team needs to decide if they have to draft a QB next year if Glennon doesn’t work out, so give him a chance. McCown’s turnovers have been dispicable, if he bombs against the bottom feeding Falcons D, he needs to ride the pine

  3. Biff Barker Says:

    But, but, what about all that damn fangled leadership McCown brings?


  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    McCown may have a good game tonight, it’s possible. Whether it’s good enough to win, nobody knows yet. If he comes out and falls flat on his face, the fan anger will escalate, but I suspect he will stay in the game. I expect his play to be his best so far for the Bucs tonight, win or lose. He will start against Pittsburgh next time out.

  5. #41 Says:

    The team is clearly going nowhere with McCown. He isn’t a QB you can win a Super Bowl with. Even if he rights the ship, he still isn’t good enough.

    So, as a fan, do you root for him to bomb and just get the inevitable over with?

  6. billy buckaroo Says:

    If the defense is on the field a lot and McCown has little time to work with as in the other games, expect him to try and force some more.
    If the defense can show they can stop em then it may be a different story.

  7. buc4lyfe Says:

    Mcclown shows all the confidence in the world when throwing picks. No one in the league is more comfortable with making dumb decisions than mcclown…. Now that’s leadership and this from a team that called josh Freeman a franchise qb but no other team will pick him up….. Please don’t sign anymore players who’s name is josh

  8. ddneast Says:

    I like glennon, but I’m not part of the mob. Although dreadful and sickening to observe, last weeks INT didn’t lose the game for the Bucs.
    Poor special teams play and conservative play calling had more to do with that loss. That and a front line which had three starters missing didn’t help matters either.
    McGowan made a terrible decision, but it didn’t cost the team the game.
    BTW Joe, I love that “how was the play'” quote. I use it often myself.

  9. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    It would be good to see if Lovie shows the mentality to make a change. However 2 TD, 1 Int performance is generally not a bad performance, especially when the interception has come early in the game rather than late. Yes we can do better than that, but at least 16 QBs every week wish they had a 2 TD 1 Int game. The only reason we are freaking out over that interception is because McCown has no track record as a starter to stand on. He is in a do or die situation. Had it been someone like say Joe Flacco or Matt Stafford, people would not even care.

    The Glennon mob is delighted I see. But when Glennon takes the field and cannot keep the drives going due to his lack of mobility, slow decision making and accuracy issues, people will turn on him in an instant as well. The 19/9 is like a mirage, the problem comes when we punt like 7-8 times every game.

  10. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    I’ll venture the reason McCown is still in there and will continue until the team is eliminated from the postseason is that most likely Lovie assured the Glaziers that he could win this season with the team. Glennon was still a bit of an unknown to Lovie, so he got a QB he felt could protect the ball and manage the game (oops!) while his defense could “win 8 games” for them. My guess is Lovie is now sweating that he won’t be able to cash the checks his mouth wrote to the Glazers at his job interview

  11. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    take away all the INT’s and you would still not be impressed by his play. If this game is bad as the others, Will Lovie pull the plug on this experiment??? I like many “real” buc fans hope so!!!

  12. dick2111 Says:

    @Joe … “Look, Lovie — by actions if not words — is telling fans he has or is losing faith in McCown. Why else would he go full scared turtle mode like he has in the red zone?”

    I’m surprised at you Joe. Nothing but speculation here (Woody Cummings gets the same award by the way).

    No question that Josh had a few bonehead plays in the first game. I personally chock that up to him pressing way too much to make something happen (OLine was having a few issues). Not the way to win football games.

    Second game he settled down quite a bit I thought (so did the OLine for that matter). But the Bucs lost that game because of coaching (too conservative and predictable), defense (once again, no pressure up front), and special teams (atrocious).

    But for heaven’s sake, give the guy a break. He may not be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but I would hope that folks knew that when they signed him for $5 million a year, as opposed to $18 million a year for Manning and Brady.

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Do I smell a bye-week change? Me thinks I just might.

  14. RCH Says:

    Bucs lose tonight McCown better be finding his own way back to Tampa!

  15. JT Says:

    Win or lose i want to see glennon week four. We wont kow if he fits this system if he gets thrown in when its too late then we give him another chance and 2015 turns out to be a waste too. Just start him asap so we know wht we need to do this offseason.

  16. JonBuc Says:

    I now remind myself that McCown is career back-up who was actually out of football not long ago. His jittery play under duress coupled with Lovie’s prevent offensive mindset is a recipe for failure. Glennon aka the Galloping Giraffe is actually more Lovie’s style. Not as turnover prone, willing ( and able) to take a sack vs forcing something and damn smart. He’s just difficult to watch/ hard on the eyes for many of us…me included. Unless McCown is mistake free tonight…I must admit that giving Glennon 10 days to prepare for the Steelers is the better part of valor.

  17. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Tonight is a make or break game for our 35 year old career backup/journeyman, former High School coach quarterback! If he plays well, he might keep his starting job for a few more games….but if he continues to make stupid, rookie type mistakes, Mike Glennon will be leading this offense next game! And all MG8 has to do is don’t give the ball away…he doesn’t need to be Peyton Manning, he just needs to move the chains and not make Josh McCown type mistakes…oh, and throw a few deep balls now and then! Something McCown seems unwilling or incapable of doing!

  18. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Nothing is craking at all, it’s only week 2. Bucs will win tonight and then the next 2 games. Will be 3-2 heading into a bye and eveyone will be back on the band wagon. Go Bucs! Look for Mcnown to light it up tonight.

  19. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Week 3 now I guess.

  20. Architek Says:

    After tonight pull the plug

  21. Broy34 Says:

    ^^^false Jason. How can you sit there and say all he has to do is not throw the ball away. McCown didn’t turn it over for the last 3 quarters, had a high completion percentage and we lost. Glennon “not turning it over”(ringing endorsement) will not win games for us with THIS defense. No pressure+cover 2= rams and panthers backups winning. U need to score to win with this defense. We will learn that today. Or atleast the ones that think a game manager will win will learn

  22. buccanAy Says:

    Last season, in Glennons 3rd start EVER in the NFL, against the Falcons, he threw for over 250 with 2 Td’s, no Ints, and Qb rating over 90…in 2nd start against Atl, he was 20 of 23 for over 230, with 2 tds, no ints, rating of 137, and a Bucs blowout. McCown MUST win this game!!!

  23. glenn b Says:

    they are still stupid enough to keep kicking it to hester. lovie thinks of him as part of his family. you know I am just saying.

  24. BoJim Says:

    Jonny 2.3 Said:

    “The Glennon mob is delighted I see. But when Glennon takes the field and cannot keep the drives going due to his lack of mobility, slow decision making and accuracy issues, people will turn on him in an instant as well. The 19/9 is like a mirage, the problem comes when we punt like 7-8 times every game.”

    Thanks for the info “coach”.