“I Thought Glennon Did Well”

September 22nd, 2014

Who outside One Buc Palace will endorse the Josh McCown Experience?

So how did the new leader of the Tampa Bay offense perform against the Falcons on Thursday night?

That sort of got lost in the aftermath of the beating of the century.

Glennon entered the Bucs-Falcons debacle late in the second quarter and finished 17-of-24 for 121 yards and a touchdown toss to Vincent Jackson. Those are the kinds of numbers that had the Mike Glennon Mob all hot in the pants this past winter. And, in reality, Glennon looked a lot like he did last season.

Joe wasn’t impressed. Glennon’s immobility was on display, and he got away with a couple of dangerous throws. But is there really a “dangerous” throw when you’re down by, say, 40 points?

Joe can’t grade Glennon on relief duty in a blowout, but noted Xs and Os guru Dave Moore, the former Bucs tight end, liked what he saw.

“I thought Glennon did well when he got in there,” Moore told the Ron and Ian show this morning on WDAE-AM 620. “Obviously, the game at that point was out of control, so it’s even hard to evaluate how he would [have done] from the start.”

On whether Glennon will get the starting job permanently, Moore said he has no clue. “That’s not something we can answer just as spectators,” Moore said.

During the chat about quarterbacks, at no point did Moore offer a defense or endorsement of Josh McCown.

Joe finds that most telling. Joe’s not hearing any of the analyst connected to the Bucs stand up and say it’s ludicrous to oust a starting quarterback after just three games under a new regime whose offensive coordinator has yet to call a game. That’s how bad McCown is playing.

63 Responses to ““I Thought Glennon Did Well””

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    Lovie and lapdog picked McCown and installed him as starter. They are not going to change their tune now because it would equate to admitting he was a bad choice. They are not going to admit to making bad decisions. Instead we have to watch this slow motion train wreck for the rest of the year.

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Josh McCown is what we thought he was. A career back-up bum. Still I’m 44 years old today. If you take all the money I’ve made since I was 18 and counted up all the projected money I’ll make before I’m 65. You will come nowhere close to the kind of money McCown is making in 1 season to suck for our team. Maybe 3 of my lifetimes. That’s it, I might have to live 3 times to match what McCown makes in 1 season and I still might not even match it.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon did OK…..very hard to judge a QB in a blowout….almost interceptions = almost catches….that deep pass to Evans was about a half an inch too long.

    We need to cut the “Buc Ball”…..it only works with great coaching, stout defense and no turnovers….otherwise, we get beat in most close games.

    How ’bout turning those Offensive weapons loose…..afterall, unlike the Defense, I think we will have all of our starters & most backups.

  4. Rob Says:

    And in Chris Landry’s podcast he said that Glennon actually graded out worse than McCown did. Can we start the Mike Kafka mob?

  5. robert9 Says:

    5 mill in 3 lifetimes 87′?

    what are you writing for joe or somethin’ 🙂

  6. billy buckaroo Says:

    Glennon must be very strong mentally.
    Last year he got thrown in the fire
    Now he gets it again
    Through all of it he shows a definite willingness to give it his all.
    The kid has moxy

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    I think they ought to draw a fan from the stands each home game to start at QB. Call it off like a raffle. Section 315 Row T Seat R.

    That might boost ticket sales, it would be more fun to watch, and we might finally find a franchise QB out of nowhere.

  8. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe, Glennon wasn’t all that immobile Thursday night. There were a couple of nice scrambles. There were a couple of off target throws, but for the most part he was on target and careful with the ball. You gotta give him a couple of weeks with all the starting reps, for him to get comfortable in the new system. Let’s not forget that Josh McCown had ALL the starters reps from day one….minicamps, training camp, preseason and the first 3 weeks of the regular season!

  9. robert9 Says:

    I say let the QB call the play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    robert9…holy crap..I actually forgot his salary. Is it really 5 million for this season?
    I thought it was around 2 mil.

  11. Bill T Says:

    I heard Chris Landry’s comment and that’s absolute crap. Those numbers don’t account for what is going on in the game. Down 40 caused them to go exclusively in the shotgun. Defensive line pins its ears back and they play nickel coverage and drop the linebackers. Every throw has to be short. Yeah, try a 30 yard pass into dropped coverage….of course its a forced throw. And if Mike Evans catches that bomb (2 inches short), Glennon’s numbers grade out huge. So much stupidity out there.

  12. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Offense isn’t our only problem after watching Thursdays beatdown. The team just looked overmatched in every area.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    ShutTheBucUp ….I’ve actually been saying that since week 1.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    I hope no ever forgets that this is Lovie’s hand picked team. This team was hand picked by Lovie Smith so they would improve from last season.

    2 questions for everyone.

    1. Does the team look like it’s improving under Lovie after he made all these changes?

    2. If your answer is no, then what makes you think his next round of players that he drafts or brings in will help this team?

  15. robert9 Says:

    i think it was 5 mill, but could be wrong. def more than a high school coach though.

    I don’t get all this Glennon is immobile crap. he aint that bad. he’s a pocket passer that can run when the hole opens up. pretty sure he had like a 20+ yard scamper the other night.

    the line makes a pocket and he will step and throw the ball.

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    robert..it’s what’s it’s always been.

    Glennon=Schiano=Random Buc fans hate Glennon.

    ANYTHING that is tied to Satan is not going to get their support.

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    Happy Birthday Buc1987… you said you were 44 today. If not, well never mind.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    Then again my cousin was a LS for the Bucs and made like $300,000 a year to throw a ball between is legs…BUT McClown has it made man. He can’t play worth a crap and still get paid.

  19. "that guy" Says:

    glennon is a good QB, WR’s have to run routs to open space, instead of trying to post up with d backs. glennon will struggle because they fired a receiving corps he had developed chemistry with. i watched some tape of VJ on mccowns pick 6 in atlanta, and the play was clearly designed to creat open space in the middle of the feild. VJ instead runs striaght to the db and trys to post him up -.- if he runs a slant on the play he is wide open. watch it.

  20. "that guy" Says:

    receivers have to help there QB, and running into a db is not a good way to do that.

  21. buc'd Up Says:

    I think the players like Lovie over Schiano because now they can suck but not get hassled over it. Lovie is too mellow. I want to see some fire.

  22. DB55 Says:

    Obviously, the SEASON at that point IS out of control, so it’s even hard to evaluate how he would [have done] from the start.”

    Not cool! Imagine if we let the kid develop with the 1st team since the preseason we might have been able to be competent out there. Now? Forgetaboutit. I will take until after the bye to get timing down and then mclown will be put back in. Smh

  23. Yar Says:

    Receivers run the routes the play calls for. McCown was late on the throw to VJ. The mindset instilled in the offense is defeatist and playing not to lose. Lovie needs to stick to defense and let the offense at least try to score.

  24. Bear the Bucs Says:

    Welcome to the 2015 NFL Draft. What ? It’s only September ? Oh well, it can’t stop me. With the # 1 pick in the draft, the Buccaneers select….. their franchise quarterback _________. Their 2nd round pick is the best athletic DL or OF lineman. The third pick – Best of what you didn’t get in the 2nd round. 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th pick to upgrade special teams. See, that wasn’t so hard.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    Good to have you back…..back in NC after watching two live losses & a blowout on Thurs Nite Football…..ready for the Steelers….what else can a Buc Fan do?

  26. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    LOL @ the Glennon Mob

    Glennon threw 3 passes that could have been intercepted 9 out of 10 times. They went right through the hands and off the chest of Falcons’ defenders. I know we are all desperate for quality QB play, but the optimism around here for some pathetic display of QBing is funny. Hopefully Glennon will be much better against Pittsburgh, but he was horrible against Falcons.

  27. tnew Says:

    I agree regarding the Landry thing. He and little doggie are tied at the hip. Euphoric when Landry gave his assessment of Glennon. has always played favorites. There is no way to “grade” a qb that comes in down 35-0.

    His first series, Rainey fumbles, after Glennon picked up a first down with his feet. That is Glennon’s fault how…..

    next series James loses 3 then EDS picks up a PF, so now its 3rd and 28. This was one of his “almost interception throws” really Landry, 3rd and 28 down the field, 35-0, when your punter is kicking to Hester. Not really a big risk throw to me. Bryan to Julio Jones 42-0.

    We get ball back, then EDS snaps the ball 2 yds over Glennon, 49-0. So down 49-0, the next drive, Glennon finds the TE for a first down, then a holding by Dotson, followed by another PF vs EDS and it is 2nd and 30. How many plays does Lovie have that will allow for that to be executed. Punt, 38 yd run for TD for Falcons, down 56-0 with nothing that Glennon could do about it. Unless he caused the EDS meltdown, Rainey fumbles and the defense to stop playing.

    Then he drives the team for a touch down.

    The next time he touches the ball the team has 1:45 left.

    He did have two near interceptions in which it could be easily argued that he was allowing his 6’5″ receivers to make plays on the ball. One was when a 5’10” CB out jumped Mike Evans (that was disturbing)

    He didn’t really have too many touches, thankfully each team had a long drive in the second half that ate up 13 minutes of the 4th quarter.

    Please Please tell me How any unbiased “scout” can grade Glennon more negatively than McCown? Please check the tape for yourself if you want

  28. stevek Says:

    Fan do?

    MGMob Exterminator Says:
    September 22nd, 2014 at 12:01 pm
    LOL @ the Glennon Mob

    Glennon threw 3 passes that could have been intercepted 9 out of 10 times.


    Why weren’t the passes picked off then? McCown threw a TD for the Falcons, and on the year has 1TD by way of INT and 0TD passing for his own team.

  29. Harry Says:

    @Buc1987 Says:
    “I think they ought to draw a fan from the stands each home game to start at QB. Call it off like a raffle. Section 315 Row T Seat R…”

    This is truly brilliant. We can’t really lose any worse than we did against the Falcons, right? And it would be so entertaining watching “Joe six-pack” running for his life, then throwing the ball at the defender chasing him!

    I love it.

  30. RastaMon Says:

    Impossible to draw any conclusions about one position on a team of 11 players…when all other 10 positions are screwing up at one time or another….Lovie this is YOUR team….YOU have had months before you actually got your hands on the players “heads”..followed by OTA’s…blah..blah..blah….Lovie it is ALL on YOU !….and your broken clock approach to game day adjustments!!!!!

  31. Bill T Says:

    tnew – excellent analysis. Exactly my points. These haters are just hating, with no objective basis for their moronic views. They call him “Checkdown”, so when he throws a ball that VJax or Evans can go up for (since they all want Ally-Oop attempts), they bitch at Glennon for throwing it there? Comical.

    None of us are saying Glennon is great or was great last year. But to say he sucked is plain stupid. If I were Glennon, I’d get out of this town….way too many boneheads.

  32. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @stevek: Oh dear lieutenant of the mob, if you watch at those drops, you will come away with the same observation of any sane man that knows the sport of football. Those interceptions should have been made. They were right into the defenders arms. Do you want me to list out the plays when it happened so that you can look them up?

  33. DB55 Says:

    MGMob Exterminator Says:
    September 22nd, 2014 at 12:42 pm
    @stevek: Oh dear lieutenant of the mob, if you watch at those drops, you will come away with the same observation of any sane man that knows the sport of football. Those interceptions should have been made. They were right into the defenders arms. Do you want me to list out the plays when it happened so that you can look them up?

    Mclown almost looks like an NFL qb, almost! He should have been made into an nfl qb after 12 years. Do you want me to list all the garbage seasons he’s had so you can look them up?

    Mike glennon 1td 0ints. That’s what that stat sheet shows.

  34. Harry Says:

    I’ve said for a long time that if “The Future” becomes the present, our season is in the friggin toilet – and that is where we are. I don’t hate MG8, thats just the reality of it. Have some of you been drinking that much Kool-Aid? Holding out hope that a backup QB is going to come in and become Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, or even Kirk Cousins is ludicrous. The Bucs don’t have things like that happen. That would imply we had intelligent drafting in the past. Any of you think that?

  35. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @DB55: Oh dear Brigadier of the mob, why are you trying to spite me by bringing up McClown? I am just one of those that thinks Glennon will never be more than a Ponder/Cassell like game manager. I belong to the group that thinks we have NO quality QBs on the roster and sell the farm for a talented rookie next year. I am also one of those that believes Mike Kafka should get a legit shot as well. If the general of 32nd ranked passing offense gets a shot, why not Kafka? He cannot do any worse!

    Glennon has time before the bye week to prove me wrong. If he is that same timid guy who is content on taking sacks and throwing behind first down marker on 3rd down when we are down by some scores and the game is almost coming to an end, I am ready to move on to Kafka.

  36. DB55 Says:


    Anything is better than mclown. Pulling random fans from their seats to play qb would be an upgrade at this place. As suggested above.

  37. buc4lyfe Says:

    I think Glennon is hot garbage but he plays for the bucs so I’m rooting for any qb to step up and the mobility thing that’s not a big issue to be if he countered his slow very by learning to move well and sidestep people in the picket instead of getting scared and bailing so early

    He won’t ever be home who MGM thinks he can be until he started taking chances down field, I have hope but if all he’s gonna do is average 5 yards per completion we might as well start kafka

  38. DB55 Says:


    I don’t think anyone expects anything major and I agree glennon is not a high quality qb. I grant you and concede that point but golly gee mclown belongs in front of his tv playing madden. At this glennon is the best of two evils.

  39. Phillip Says:

    Real simple…

    If McCown had the same exact stats as Glennon with 3 dropped picks what would the MGM be saying?? “McCown should have had 3 picks but they other team dropped them he sucks start Glennon”

    It’s biased judgement no matter which way they want to spin it… Damn shame too

  40. lue0615 Says:

    Kafka lmao comedians in the house!!! He couldnt complete a pass I. Preseason with 3rd stringers lol

  41. Phillip Says:

    the other team*

  42. passthebuc` Says:

    @DB55 and Harry. Why stop at QB. Lets pull 22 people out of the stands for O&D and another 15 for special teams. While we are at it, why not get coaches too.

  43. Phillip Says:

    And no I’m not saying we should start McCown… I’ve said we should start Glennon after the ATL game for awhile now if McCown kept playing like well McCown minus 2013…. Lovie and Licht need to see if the kid can play since 12 games wasn’t enough for them to know for sure…

    Wish we had drafted Bortles the only other QB I wanted over Manziel.. 🙁

  44. Soggy Says:

    I dont know much about kafka, But it sures seems lovie would do the smart things and not just crown mccown and the list goes on.., but think about all the moves and can i say non moves [ FA hester, vic ] that lovie has made.. maybe our QB is not the real issue.. Being winners is being smart and not hoping on dumb luck.. But that being said who brought in lovie.. I got no patience for dumb luck sorry..Lovie there goes hester he is still running with the ball.. Thats something to build on…

  45. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    As a member of the fictitious MGM I am feeling more optimistic today that the Bucs WR’s will become relevant to the offense again instead of just running routes to set up the run for MCCown.

  46. "that guy" Says:

    tnew i agree, mgmob exterminater kafka sucks, if you think hes better then glennon you obviously judge talent like lovie.

  47. BoJim Says:

    MGMob Exterminator Said:

    “if you watch at those drops, you will come away with the same observation of any sane man that knows the sport of football.”

    “You’re listing yourself as one of the sane? BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You’re just a hater and haters gonna hate.”

  48. deminion Says:

    Hard to throw down 40 when the team is already 1 dimensional and 7 or 8 are dropped into coverage just sayin

  49. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Immobile? I think not,Joe. When the defense doesn’t respect him he’s more than capable of picking up positive yards on the ground.

  50. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @Everyone hating on Kafka:

    At this point Kafka is an unknown with potential for being an unknown. Wasn’t that the same reason used in support of Glennon when he stunk up the preseason? What do we have to lose by starting Kafka if Glennon never plays beyond a timid game manager type QB? Why cannot I make excuses that Kafka looked like garbage because he was playing behind a garbage line and garbage receivers during preseason? Why cannot I blame the front office for Kafka’s problems, the way you Glennon mob did and are still doing?

  51. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @BoJim: Should I list out the plays you moron? Go watch the game again if you have NFL Rewind. There is a way to directly skip to the three plays I will tell you if you want to see your boy throw into arms of Falcons’ defenders.

    Btw, I don’t think Glennon should be judged based on that game. But to say he had a good or even a decent game, lol @ the mob.

  52. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @Philip: You know what you are talking about brother. You need to join the exterminator crew.

  53. rdbucfan Says:

    MGMob ext,

    Any sane man that knows the sport of football would not be calling for the guy on the practice squad to play. The organization has a 3rd round pick invested in Glennon. Kafka there is no investment. The bucs need to know what they have in their investment.

    As far as throwing short of the marker on third down. Since that is a sign of a terrible QB according to you, the Patriots should cut Brady and the Lions should cut Stafford as I watched both do it a couple of times yesterday.


  54. stevek Says:

    MGM Exterminator,

    Are you a scorn Freemanite? Was was your opinion of Freewee, games 1-3 in 2013? Were you by his side, and uspet the Naploen Dynamite looking kid has a cannon and stole your boy’s job?

  55. MGMob Exterminator Says:


    Sorry to disappoint you lieutenant, I wanted to be done with Freeman experiment by the end of 2012 itself, I had a leg up over many here on that regard.


    You obviously missed the point. I said Glennon consistently plays it safe and makes short passes even when we are TRAILING and the game is about to come to an end. The Buccaneers fan voice of reason, Steve White, on several occasions pointed out that quality in Glennon last year. It could just be Schiano’s coaching, we will see.

    Don’t you dare diss on Kafka for not investing much on him. This season should only be to assess if we have any capable starting caliber QBs on roster. If Glennon does not look promising by bye week, we HAVE to give Kafka a chance. It is the only logical thing to do. Why does a QB who led the 32nd ranked offense deserve a second shot, but not a guy that COULD probably be better?

  56. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @rdbucfan: Also, Myron Lewis never got a start over EJ Biggers even if one was a 3rd round pick and the other, a UDFA. L&L could care less if Glennon was a 3rd round pick.

  57. Jeagan1999 Says:

    To all of you guys harping on Glennon, let’ me remind you…who got all the first team reps in the spring mini-camps? McCown! Who got all the first team reps in training camp? Mccown! Who got all the first team reps for the 4 games in preseason? McCown! Who got all the first team reps during the first 3 weeks of the regular season so far? Mccown! Who was “anointed” the starter from the moment he arrived in Tampa? McCown! Give the kid a freakin break and let him get some practice in with the first team, before you guys go looking to tear holes in his game! Unless, you’d rather see McCown back in their throwing pick6’s every game!

  58. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I don’t think you understand joe… McCown was brought in here as a stop gap and mentor for glennon. Glennons predecessor was freeman, not exactly a guy you want to look up to. After watching glennons play last year, lovie knew he needed more time to develop and mature. McCown wasn’t brought in here to win a championship. Lovie was hoping he would win us games and keep us relevant. But let’s not act like he was here to dominate. He was a role model for Glennon to learn under and learn how to be a pro. McCown had his screw up, but again you over exaggerate how bad he was. Against the rams McCown played well. McCown did enough to win. The coaching staff lost that game. No one here wants McCown to be the franchise. But everyone hoped he would perform well. He did ok.

  59. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @Jeagan1999: I fully agree with you. We cannot assess Glennon based on how he played against Falcons when he did not get to practice with first team as much. How dare they pick on him? (whoever that is). Of course we can start picking on him from the Steelers game onwards. He is no rookie anymore and a full week of practice is good enough to get him to look decent at least.

  60. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The immobility of glennon is based on the fact he can’t handle pocket pressure. Sure if he sees a wide opening he has the capability to run for a few yards. But when pressure is at his left he curls into a ball. When pressure in his face he falls over hoping he doesn’t get touched. His mobility while getting pressured is what makes him immobile. Big Ben is big and slow but he can shake off a defender. He has pocket mobility. Glennon just falls down if someone gets within arms reach of him.

  61. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Cousins did pretty well coming off the bench for rg3… Just sayin.

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    MGMob Exterminator …Kafka’s already been assessed. He’s been in the league since 2010. That’s a lot more to look at on the NFL level than Glennon in my opinion.

    He’s played for the Pats, The Eaglets, and the jags. All 3 of those teams have had a look at Kafka. So have the Bucs.

  63. MGMob Exterminator Says:

    @Buc1987: That is completely unfair. Only after Glennon was given a chance did we know that he was good enough for the 32nd offense in the league. Kafka never got a chance to start a game and play with the talented first team. What do we stand to lose with Kafka anyway? With Glennon and McCown our offense is and will be the 32nd ranked. How much worse can we get? This ridiculous double standard between an unspectacular Glennon and unknown Kafka is baffling to me.

    I like how the Glennon Mob is out with pitchforks when their boy is treated unfairly (in their eyes). And yet do not see the Rudy buried under the depth chart.