Has Lovie Smith Lost His Edge?

September 18th, 2014

LovieJagsThe question absolutely must be asked.

Sorry, when a powerful, accomplished head coach takes over a new team, and the winless team doesn’t show up for a “must-win,” Week 3 game against a division opponent on national television, it’s fair to wonder aloud whether the head coach knows what he’s doing.

Lovie Smith’s job is to get the most out of his players. And he hasn’t done it. Not even close.

Most concerning to Joe is the Buccaneers’ repeated failures on defense.

In Weeks 1 and 2, Lovie’s defense could not find a way to confuse (let alone stop) backups Derek Anderson and/or Austin Davis. That’s inexcusable on its own. But it was followed up tonight by Matt Ryan setting a new Falcons passing record for completion percentage — which led to a new Bucs record for humiliation, tonight’s 56-14 loss in Atlanta.

This is not a well coached Bucs team. Sloppy and dumb penalties. Bad special teams. (Don’t kick the damn ball to Devin Hester!) Vanilla offense. Inability to adjust on defense.

And what about the effort? Can any observer in his right mind say these Bucs are playing hard as a group? If they are, then there are even bigger problems at One Buc Palace.

This is new territory for Lovie. He has never been head coach of an 0-3 team. Heck, he was never head coach of an 0-2 team.

Lovie has a lot to prove in the coming weeks. Coaches earn their money by how well they adjust and adapt and get the most out of their personnel. That’s the essence of coaching.

Lovieball isn’t working, and he might just need to reinvent himself.

82 Responses to “Has Lovie Smith Lost His Edge?”

  1. jo_mama Says:

    No Joe,

    Lovie Just Sucks,

    You wanted Schanio out. And now we have a coach that really sucks

  2. Buck Rogers Says:

    Well said Joe!

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    You closed the open thread?

  4. Patrick Says:

    There has a huge black cloud over this team since January 16, 2009. You all know what I’m talking about.

  5. NJBucsFan Says:

    Short answer YES.

    Real answer…the game has passed him by. His core beliefs are ancient and is being proved wrong by many coaches. He should of stayed in his basement.

  6. jo_mama Says:

    Joe when did you write this article.

    You have the score wrong

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Greg Schiano 3 Lovie Smith 0

    Greg Schiano’s Bucs would roll over Lovie Smith’s Bucs.

    Someone deny it…

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    0-16 is very difficult because of the Any Given Sunday philosophy, but 1-15 and 2-14 are definitely possible. This team has given up after 3 weeks. That’s gotta be the fastest a team has ever given up.

  9. DallasBuc Says:

    No, he’s lost his team and the fan base though.

  10. jo_mama Says:

    Joe you put as much into this article as the bucs did on Defense


    not 56-7

  11. Skyline Crew Says:

    Sell the team and clean house.

  12. passthebuc` Says:

    Joe. start telling it like it is rather than being polite so you can get into the locker room

  13. Wombat Says:

    Just embarrassed to say I have 4 season tickets right now!!!!!!

  14. Skyline Crew Says:

    The team gave up on Lovie and it was evident.

  15. AC DB Says:

    Can we just pretend that this game just never been played and prepare for an other whipping from the steelers

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    “You closed the open thread?” It’s base irony!

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Wombat…I’m sorry.

  18. passthebuc` Says:

    The Play was the worst. The coaching was the worst. The commentary has become the worst. Its time for the Lightening.

  19. jeagan1999 Says:

    If Im a member of the Glazer family, im having breakfast with Jon Gruden tomorrow morning and giving himANYTHING he wants to come back!

  20. Skyline Crew Says:

    At least Glennon started to move the ball and actually moved around. Was happy about that. Rainey pissed me off and dropped balls pissed me off tonight. Defense sucked. Tampa 2 isn’t working. Time to change it up.

  21. Fishfries Says:

    Your saying what every Bucs fan is thinking right now.

  22. AC DB Says:

    Oh no

  23. RastaMon Says:

    Clueless ….Empty Suit….Exposed…

  24. jo_mama Says:

    Who in their right mind would bring in the Guy who wanted Freeman.

    Fire Leslie Fraser

    Then Fire Lovie Smith

  25. iamkingsu Says:

    Why does he wait until everyone in the aréna know that they won’t be able to get to the qb this game to start blitzing? Instead of blitzing right off the back? And these are probably the worst designed and time blitzes I’ve ever seen in my life

  26. Skyline Crew Says:

    With McCoy out he proved that the D-line is nothing without him.

  27. bucrightoff Says:

    I mean kicking to Hester down 28-0 just shows Lovie isn’t that good a coach.

  28. NJBucsFan Says:

    Cut McCown and Fire Lovie. Never sole on this combo. Horrible and antiquated coaching. Get with the times.

  29. AC DB Says:

    Oh no oh no

  30. Kalind Says:

    Exactly Joe. Exactly. He HAS tow admit he’s wrong about how to win in today’s nfl. It’s that or he gets next season and he’s fired. And he’ll be out of football.

    Come on Lovie. This isn’t THAT hard. Lesser people have been far more successful (Pete ‘cocaine’ Carroll comes to mind).

    Go hard for touchdowns, run a confusing, strange defense that qbs can’t read and you’ll win. I’m available for interview Joel and Brian

  31. Christopher Says:

    Lovie won’t adjust..he’s stuck in his old ways and wont adapt and make changes. Strong defense.. and strong with the running game. We wont ever have a franchise QB as long as Lovie Smith is the head coach.

  32. DB55 Says:

    I didn’t see no edge out there especially during the during.

  33. Patrick Says:

    Play Mike Glennon for the rest of the season. He should’ve never been benched for career backup McCLOWN!

  34. Posey99 Says:

    We need a leader on offense and there’s not one on the team

  35. RastaMon Says:

    Lost his Edge…G’Boyz…Show him the DOOR !!!!!tomorrow….the new coach could put a better team together in the next 10 days

  36. Skyline Crew Says:

    Also, Verner sucks. ATL blew by him like he wasn’t there.

  37. Danny Says:

    1-15 or 2-14. Who do we beat? Washington? Cleveland?

    On the bright side there are 3 weeks left until hockey season!

  38. RealityCheck Says:

    I’m afraid to say anything negative…..I wouldn’t want the positivity patrol here to get upset. Stay positive guys…it WILL get better!

  39. RastaMon Says:

    Perhapd Lovie should consult Devin Hester…..he found the EDGE !

  40. Skyline Crew Says:

    I say our 1 win comes in the last game when the other team sits their entire starters.

  41. CC Says:

    I’m sure Lovie is a great man but he should swallow his pride and retire.The NFL has passed him by.

  42. Sean Says:

    Well let’s hold the knee jerk for a day or two boys. Tonight sucked, no doubt, but we can’t call for heads after three games. You’re on the fast track to becoming al davis’ post gruden raiders or the Cleveland Browns.

    That said, Joe, I agree with you on one point: Lovie may need to take a Tom Coughlin-esque look in the mirror and think about his philosophy. Coughlin reinvented himself in New York and was very successful for a number of tears. I think lovie is capable of that. But you gotta do SOMETHING quick because you can’t lose by 40 points in the NFL. You just can’t.

  43. iamkingsu Says:

    And why in the hell does our Dbs put there hands on receivers if we are in zone Joe?? All you have to do is call a playaction pass and get right behind the linebackers and between the safeties

  44. Buck Rogers Says:

    Just tried listening to Lovie press conf. I want to puke

  45. Christopher Says:

    Very disappointed in VJ! He’s a damn captain! Why isnt he getting shit together??? Seriously what a mess this team is. I cant wait to see what people will say about this. The stands are going to be hallow. I’m selling my season ticket. Not that anyone will buy it. Who would want to see this the rest of the year1

  46. Lee Encinosa Says:

    It’s a really bad sign when your veteran leader and most talented player on offense VJ has already checked out. You can tell he doesn’t want to be here. I’ll go on record and say this is his last year here. He wants to play for a winner. Can’t say I blame him.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    RastaMon Says:
    September 18th, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    “Lost his Edge…G’Boyz…Show him the DOOR !!!!!tomorrow….the new coach could put a better team together in the next 10 days”

    Ya know…this was in the back of my mind after the week 1 loss. I saw how unprepared the team looked, that reflected on Lovie and still does.

    This team has been unprepared to play football since preseason and it’s not gotten any better. I also don’t think it will with Lovie unfortunately.

    I kind of knew Lovie sucked after seeing how unprepared the team looked compared to Schiano. The writing was on the wall, but no one wanted to see it, or read it.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    When Schiano’s Bucs look better than Lovie’s Bucs. There’s trouble in Bucville.

  49. Sean Says:

    “It’s a really bad sign when your veteran leader and most talented player on offense VJ has already checked out. You can tell he doesn’t want to be here. I’ll go on record and say this is his last year here. He wants to play for a winner. Can’t say I blame him.”

    He’d probably go back to catching passes from Philip rivers for free at this point

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s gotten so bad that over the past few years people used to make fun of me for being a Buc fan. I used to tell them it’s not that bad we’ll get there or we’re coming along.

    Now all I can do is agree with them. I can’t even defend myself.

    I’m a Bucs fan. Enjoy your laugh.

  51. BucsOrDie!!! Says:

    There’s no need to win now this team is nit a contender by any stretch of the imagination

  52. Architek Says:

    Mock Draft

  53. Pelbuc Says:

    All I wanted was for the Bucs not to embarrass themselves on National TV but that was too much to ask for. That is unfortunately the standard we fans are left with. We as fans drank up all the coolaid the press was feeding us about Lovie and Light and all the roster moves and now we’re left to eat the sh&t sandwich for years to come. No, this franchise is not cursed, it’s consistently pathetic in all areas from ownership, coaches, GMs down to the players. God I wish the Glazer dweebs would sell this team! Any Bucs fans remaining should boycott all home games. This is beyond pathetic. Fire up the billboards.

  54. SurfBuc Says:

    Plenty of blame to go around. Slop everywhere. Even VJ’s touchdown catch was an offensive foul. Refs gave it to him.

  55. Bucfan77. Says:

    The only edge Lovey had was when he sold the Glazers on his brand of football.

  56. PhillyBuc Says:

    Absolute worst team in the NFL, period! Add to that, laughingstock.
    Way to go Lovie

  57. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    We are the laughing stock of an entire nation now.
    I had 2 friends call me during this game, one from Seattle, and one from Detroit, and ask “what’s wrong with you guys” ?
    2 words – Lovie Smith, cuz a Fish stinks from the head down.

  58. nick Says:


  59. Buc1987 Says:

    “Atlanta built a stunning 56-0 lead. Tampa Bay scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to avoid the worst loss in franchise history.” —The Associated Press

  60. Matt B Says:


    I would take your season ticket off your hands if there is no charge and you throw in a parking pass.

    Seriously, I wouldn’t take a free ticket if I still have to pay $25 for parking. The product is that bad.

  61. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    I said it before and repeat it again…the Glazers should channel the fortitude to pull a Malcolm move by firing Lovie end of the year of this sh!t show continues, and then do whatever it takes to get Jim Harbaugh coaching at One Buc Place. He took over a fairly talented but underachieving 49’ers team and instantly got the into the Playoffs, even a Super Bowl appearance, and he’s got a fire to him similar to Gruden back in the day. He may be a jerk, but he’s a winner.

  62. DB55 Says:

    Bada bing bada boom! We’ll be here all weeks folks.


  63. DB55 Says:

    Hey the glazer still have schiano under contract. But that’s not gonna happen. Maybe lovie will go home and beat his wife. Maybe that might help.

  64. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Last year’s team would have destroyed this year’s team!

  65. Zam Says:

    I think he’s still a great coach, but he’s a terrible evaluator of talent.

    Verner was a great pickup, but every other signing was garbage from what I can tell. I’d take last year’s o-line at this point.

    How many guys has he cut, then re-signed, in favor of someone else he had signed and then cut? If a coach can’t figure out who’s good and who’s not then that’s a serious problem when he has the amount of personnel say that Lovie does.

    And not to draft any quarterback (even one I wouldn’t like) in favor of crappy McCown and Glennon is almost inexcusable. At least try. Like punting the ball when you are down 35-0 from their 40.

  66. CAN;T FIX IT Says:


  67. cometowin2 Says:

    If I could pick a new team to root for I would. I couldn’t even stomach rooting for the few good plays. I was thinking about coming from Albuquerque for the 12/21 Packer game. No way now. Total embarrassment.

  68. Red Says:

    You can”t fix stupid! Lovey is way over his head.

  69. runkbucfan Says:

    People say fire Smith..but with all the injuries on the front line has not help him much… The offense is struggling.. Time to put glennon in. People thought we where a play off team no we are in a rebuilding year.. give it time before y’all give up… A winning football team takes time to put together..see how we play fully healthy with a qb they trust..

  70. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Lehman Bennett team looked far better than this …. Just when you think that you have seen it all…

  71. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie appears to not know his ass from a hole in the ground. Emotionless and blank faced, he should stick his head that hole. This is even worse than than yesteryears 0-26. Just a unbelievably pathetic effort.

  72. bob in valrico Says:

    call local glass and mirror company. lovie and staff needs mirrors on all for walls of their offices.Time to ask themselves what they can do to do better.

  73. james west Says:

    and now the rest of the story, the glazer organization in my humble opinion, have been selling the long suffering fans of the bucs a dog that won’t hunt! with bad coaching hires, bad drafting, yada yada yada, it is time the fan base show this organization that this will not be tolerated no more. I propose that the people of the bay area, season tix holders and bucs fans in general, boycott the next home game. if we have to suffer embarrassment at the water cooler then they should too. I do not think the sponsors, nor the rest of the NFL cronies nor the TV stations would be to encouraged by that strong showing of unity by the bay area fans.

  74. Johnny Dejay Says:

    You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken droppings…

  75. John McKillop Says:

    What is going on now is a classic example of why coaches should not have total control of personnel. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, coaches should coach and personnel people should be responsible for procuring talent that fits the coaches system. That is all!

  76. bucstop.com Says:

    It is absolutely silly to think the game has “passed Lovie by” in ONE SEASON! Again, if you don’t believe defense wins championships, please watch last years Super Bowl.

    But Lovie does deserve blame,

  77. Desanova Says:

    Somebody needs to give Lovie a smoking jacket and a rocking chair because that’s where it looks like Lovie would be most comfortable. Coaching an NFL team – not so much. No fire, no passion. And take The Coward Herm Edwards with you. Sure, the defenders played the ball horrifically and the scheme is atrocious, but most of the time they were out of position and looked completely lost. No defense should look that lost on so many plays. Most of these guys did not just show up last week, they’ve been with this team all year. What have they been doing at practice?

  78. iamabuc Says:

    I never thought I say this, but…….”Bring Schiano Back”!!!!!!!. At least he had that “fire” in him! Think of the victory formation qb rush, and his “go play futball actitude”. Lovie Smith has got to go, period.

  79. CB Buc Says:

    BucStop: I coached for 26 years, win 11 championships. Took one year off and tried to come back – in the year away, I lost whatever fire I had left. Coached one season and then gave it up.

    I dare say Lovie is no different and should do the same. It’s hard to come back
    That’s why so few coaches are successful when they do it.

  80. Desanova Says:

    I meant Leslie Frazier. Sorry, delusional thinking about the game.

  81. james west Says:

    all buc season ticket holders and ticket buyers should unite in a show of solidarity and boycott tampa’s next home game, sending the glazer organization a message, that this product they have been putting out on the field will not be tolerated anymore. we deserve better, after years of support by the fanbase in the bay area and central fl. merchandise sales, and so forth. we are constantly in the middle or top of the draft order and still are searching for a franchise QB. in todays game this is unacceptable. at least shiano’s teams were competitive, compared to this nonsense. and the belief that lovie and frazier was the answer, amazes me! boycott boycott boycott

  82. SgtMajor Says:

    Lovie needs to reinvent his evaluation of players and coaches. Does anyone actually coach the defensive line? If someone does, then they need to be fired. The secondary coach, special teams coach,defensive coordinator all need to go. It’s painfully obvious that these guys are not doing their jobs. I know, who do you replace them with? Start looking through the unemployed coaching ranks and see if anyone can fit the bill.