“Donuts And Milk Only”

September 21st, 2014

SappHallHas the NFL gone soft?

Aside from all the wacky new flag football rules, teams frown on any kind of rookie hazing and have hired vegan nutritionists, and players practice about 20 percent of what they used to 10 years ago.

In this Buccaneers.com video, Warren Sapp relays a fun story about his rookie role as breakfast coordinator, and how it led to more rookie abuse and a tongue lashing by Sam Wyche.

Joe enjoyed the video. It was nice to have a fun Bucs moment for a change.

45 Responses to ““Donuts And Milk Only””

  1. Ray Rice Says:

    Lovie doesn’t condone hazing. He also doesn’t condone 100% coaching either. Go figure.

  2. Capt.Tim, Still in Davie Jones's locker Says:

    This is the best Sunday since the season started.
    Hearing Sapp’s rookie memories is much less painful than watching the team

    Yup. It’s yet ANOTHER one of those years

  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    We go from Schiano’s drill sargeant bark master style to Lovie’s comatose church style. Neither one works. Everythings fine, income is up, It’s the new and improved NFL lite with more ads than actual football content.

  4. suckaneers Says:

    Something finally good on a Sunday.
    I wouldn’t be so upset us about us losing (looking Horrible) if Lovie didn’t come out and say the fans deserve better than another rebuilding process. We are in it too win NOW.
    I hate being lied to.

  5. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Lovie Smith is about 20 percent the coach of what he was 10 years ago.

  6. CB Buc Says:

    Walk… Too true, the fire is out

  7. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie is an empty suit that has been swept to this point in life by his association with the greatness of others. I don’t mean to be harsh…but that is what I see……

  8. DB55 Says:

    Ray Rice Says:
    September 21st, 2014 at 2:12 pm
    Lovie doesn’t condone hazing. He also doesn’t condone 100% coaching either. Go figure.


  9. DB55 Says:

    Bananas and water , breakfast of champions!!!

  10. billy buckaroo Says:

    Hair of the dog and leftover pizza

  11. buc4lyfe Says:

    WalkdaPlank Says:
    September 21st, 2014 at 2:40 pm
    Lovie Smith is about 20 percent the coach of what he was 10 years ago.

    Lovie Smith is the only coach still playing the same lame brand of football that was played in the 90’s, he’s sad and delusional, he talked like he had learned something while he was sitting in his basement but yet he’s doing exactly what got him fired….. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks. I’m not impressed now that I have a closeup of his coaching style

  12. Soggy Says:

    I don’t give lovie credit for being a coach or a buc… seems like sabotage to me…

  13. "that guy" Says:

    lovie smith…. the chicago subterfuge

  14. Soggy Says:

    Well it would have been nice if the saints would have keep us company at 0-3..uh

  15. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Draft Marty Schottenheimer!

  16. Aubpierce Says:

    They should hire Timmy T to give a motivational speech prior to Sundays game.Maybe that would stoke the fire in the coaches and players.I can’t sit through another debacle I witnessed Thursday.

  17. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    What was the common denominator during the Dungy/Gruden years? Malcom Glazer. What has it been during the losing years ever since? The Glazer sons.

    I’ve learned in my years in business that the character of an organization starts at the top. You can always count on that.

    So it’s obvious that the Glazer sons don’t have the ability of Dad to make good decisions in the personnel department. It shows with Man U as well.

    I don’t think we’re gonna see a winner in Tampa again until the Glazer boys stumble into a string of good hires in spite of themselves, or they sell the team to a more competent owner.

  18. Jon Says:

    ^ what he said!!!

  19. Soggy Says:

    Afraid so^^ heres hope for some dumb luck, not dumb coaches..

  20. 911bucs Says:

    This weekends games really shows how far the Bucs are from being even a decent team. There was some hitting going on in theses games

  21. Soggy Says:

    Ya, Just finished watching the broncos and seahawks, makes me sad for us, but still fun to watch..Payton tied it, lose in OT..

  22. Soggy Says:

    peyton^^ yep

  23. Pelbuc Says:

    FlBoyinDallas took the words right out of my mouth. Ever since Papa Glazer stepped down this franchise has been in a downward spiral. The best way to get better and quicker results would be if the Bucs were sold but I don’t see that happening. Unfortunately, I think we’re stuck with Lovie and light for quite some time. Even if they know what they’re doing, Lovie’s Bucs play with no heart, character or intensity. Please don’t use the word “patience” with Bucs fans anymore. PATHETIC AT ALL LEVELS AND PHASES.

  24. Andrew 1 Says:

    On the bright side, it cant get much worse than 56 to 14. I still say Lovie will get this team turned around eventually, even though it’s not the popular thing to say around these parts. And if nothing else, all this losing will be worth it if it allows us to get Winston. Just imagine, a true franchise QB in the vain of Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson on the bucs! still to early to know for sure, but it’s fun to imagine that.

  25. Soggy Says:

    Watching big ben now, what we got to deal with next..

  26. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    what if the Qb we want is there but the BUCS choose a DE?

  27. Oahubuc Says:

    These days, ESPN would be crying around the clock about the big, mean bully Hardy Nickerson.

  28. What the Buc in S Fl Says:

    Can’t see the video link on phone or tablet??

  29. What the Buc in S Fl Says:

    Can’t see the video link on phone or tablet??

  30. Aubpierce Says:

    Winston should have passed on the drunken leg of lamb that was served to him by his friends.He has no character,he stole crab legs,spurted obscene comments.He doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL.

  31. DallasBuc Says:

    Andrew- “I still say Lovie will get this team turned around eventually, even though it’s not the popular thing to say around these parts.”
    Wow, what a martyr! You really put yourself out there. You want to talk about unpopular takes on this site? I’ve been consistently calling out do-no-wrong Lovie and his lapdog GM, mediocre QB, mediocre oline, overpaid/under-performing FAs that have faced zero competition, quantity over quality, nepotism in the coaching ranks, unholy HC/GM relationship and an overwhelming spate of poor decision-making. Un-effing-popular…that is before quite recently!!!

  32. Art Says:

    “if it allows us to get Winston.”

    Make that:

    “if it allows us to get MARIOTA.”

    I wouldn’t touch Winston with a 10-foot pole. I think this is Manning/Leaf II.

  33. John Sapp Says:

    Schianos Bucs would man handle Lovies bucs.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Aubpierce Says:
    September 21st, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    “Winston should have passed on the drunken leg of lamb that was served to him by his friends. He has no character, spurted obscene comments.”

    OOOOH boy shame on him.

    How dare he? He spouted off obscene comments in a lunch room. If is name was just Joe Noles Student, no one says a thing about it, a few guys laugh it off, and everyone moves along. BUT his name is Jameis Winston… and how dare he say such things. I say what hogwash.

    Outside of that I’m a huge Noles fan and the kid is too immature to come out of college this season. Right now as huge Bucs fan as well, I’d say pass on Winston and wait for him to mature. I hear he’s staying another year at FSU anyways. Just so long as he stays out of trouble that it is.

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    John Sapp Says:
    September 21st, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    “Schianos Bucs would man handle Lovies bucs.”

    I’ve already been saying that in here since week 1. Welcome to my club.

  36. JBuc Says:

    DallasBuc- oh, so your the martyr for being so far out on the limb before the rest of us dopes about Lovie and this team? You took the oh so difficult stance of predicting early problems with this team after such drastic changes in such a short amount of time. Who but you could have seen this kind of start coming?

    40 new players on this roster. All new schemes on both sides of the ball. All new coaches, one of which has been out due to health problems. And a number of key players out injured. Very few teams have gone through this much change in such a short amount of time. It won’t happen quickly. Any smart fan understands this and is willing to allow for a larger sample size to judge. A
    good coach will build this team up and hopefully ASAP. History and other smart people in football that I’m willing to bet have a much better knowledge of Lovie than you say that he will turn this around. In the mean time, you just keep telling us how hard it is to keep the negativity going.

  37. Mike10 Says:

    Dear god if the panthers are playing them like this, next Sunday is gonna be bad for my Bucs

  38. DallasBuc Says:

    JBuc- first of all, I didn’t predict early troubles. How could I know whether or not the things that Lovie has done all offseason was not going to work? I am not a future teller or a martyr that died for a cause! I merely evaluated what I was seeing and expressed my deep concern. Just so turns out that thus far I have not been too far off on many, if not all of those concerns. I have said this to you and your fanboy cop crowd before and I’ll say it again, stop making my arguments about the things I don’t like about me and focus more on the team and the issues I raise. I know it takes a deep breath and time to collect intelligent ideas about the problems that put this team in the situation it finds itself in but you seem like an intelligent guy so I know you and your fan police squad have it in you.
    Second, you raise the wordy equivalent of the notion that this team is in full rebuilding mode. Congratulations! You, Joe, fanboy club and just about everyone else sht on my forehead all offseason when I insisted that they were in full rebuilding mode with the enormous turnover on the roster. I cannot remember the replacement word floated by lapdog Licht to refute the notion that we were rebuilding but is was a snack with a hook and all you fanboys bit hard!
    I get that you don’t like me but maybe listen to my arguments more and pay less attention to the name delivering the message. Maybe that’s throwing you off! On paper I have not wrong about much in the last 6 months.

  39. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ DallasBuc

    Not trying to be a martyr at all, just pointing out the fact the whenever I shed some optimism, I tend to get blasted from haters like you. Here’s another fact, I’ll be ignoring your comments from now on because you’re so freakin annoying dude. have a good one.

  40. JBuc Says:

    DallasBuc- Don’t like you? I don’t even pretend to know you. I do know you make sweeping generalizations and use terms like “lapdog” to describe the GM which I think is pretty shtty. You lump me with what you term the “fanboy cop crowd” and say I sht all over you for predicting a rebuild. You must have me confused with someone else because I don’t recall ever making those statements. I was optimistic that this team would bind quickly but realistic in knowing it would likely take some time. As I’ve said before, I and probably you have seen this before. I’m annoyed that the Bucs continually find themselves in this mess. However, I think we all know this is due to poor decisions made by ownership and the constant turnover of coaching staffs. I think they got it right this time and I hope they give it some time.

    As for both Lovie and Licht saying they were in win now mode. Isn’t this just coach talk? What do you expect them to say?

  41. DallasBuc Says:

    Andrew- typical, fanboy has nothing so gonna pull the “hater” card cause your lame ideas are shot. Ignore me? I doubt it. If you mean that you won’t be responding to me with your absurdly positive Pollyanna excuses then the discourse is massively improved! Congrats and I thank you.

  42. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    It must be easy to talk big behind a made up name. No accountability.

    I’m still optimistic and, as everyone know, I can handle pwrsonal attacks. I can hande face to face attacks as well, in case anyone actually grow a pair.

  43. DallasBuc Says:

    JBuc- what sweeping generalizations are you referring to? If you were not there and throwing gas on the fire to torch my ass every time I suggested this was full scale rebuild based on roster purge then fine. It was happening on these very pages whether you were part of it or not. I don’t pretend to know you and vice versa but the point was you tend to find my takes worthy of challenge so I’m responding.
    Regarding that guy who you think I so horribly disrespected by calling him a lapdog I want you to understand because apparently the obvious is not clear to some. He as a GM was hired by the head coach. So every time you hear him speak, he is telling you about decisions Lovie made, he just had the pleasure of escorting the HCs decisions. The relationship is unholy in theory but practically an unmitigated disaster. We were mercifully only lit up for 56 points the other night by a division opponent on national TV. All time low for a franchise that has had it’s run of severe lows since we parted ways with Gruden. Tell me more about how that is not the fault of do-no-wrong Lovie and his lapdog Licht?

  44. DallasBuc Says:

    Ok Bonzai- so your a tough guy now? Your new mellow attitude about all things Bucs has changed after they are shtting the bed because I decided to come in here and suggest the team/franchise is not being run right?
    Ok. Tell me more about this word accountability? I want you to think about the number 56 while you do that!

  45. JBuc Says:

    DallasBuc- whether we lost by 42 or by 1, a loss is a loss. What the Atlanta game showed me was there are still many players on this team that are unsure of their assignments (I could give many examples but I assume you agree with this point) and there are some players that may not be capable of playing on this team. They appeared tentative and looking to not make mistakes which is exactly how not to play. Regardless, yes this is ultimately the coaches fault which Lovie has taken full responsibility for.

    It is this point that you and I seem to agree about. The difference seems to be that you choose to call names and imply that these guys are incapable of building a winner over time. You imply that both Lovie and Licht have an unsuccessful past in this league and that this kind of start should of been expected because they are idiots and not due to the massive changes that have occurred.

    As for the Licht and Lovie roles, I currently see no issue with it. Ultimately,the coach is responsible for the product on the field. Thus the reason Parcells and Belechik did not feel the need for one. The scouting department and GM should be acutely aware of the type of players the coach needs in order to be successful. Not sure what the loss Thursday night told you about the relationship between Lovie and his “lapdog”. What it told me is that they are not yet ready for prime time. This blame should be shared by both of them as it should be with any team. If the coach answered directly answered to the GM, then I am sure you would see this site dominated by finger pointing as to who is responsible. In this case, there is no question. Lovie is ultimately responsible as it should be.