Coping With A Beatdown

September 25th, 2014

tony soprano

The seal-clubbing the Bucs received at Atlanta last week is fresh in the minds of Bucs fans. Just the thought of it gives fans acid reflux.

In some cases, Bucs fans who bravely watched all four quarters of that debacle are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and have been found to aimlessly wander their neighborhoods in the small hours of the night, muttering the same question over and over about Mark Barron covering tight ends.

Some Bucs feel the same way, sans roaming the streets at night. Yesterday at One Buc Palace, there was constant chatter about the game that featured the Bucs down by 56 points in the third quarter, the worst deficit any Bucs team has faced. Given some of the atrocious teams the Bucs have marched onto NFL fields in the franchise’s history, that is saying quite a lot.

One such player was center Evan Dietrich-Smith. Each player is coping with the nightmare in his own way. EDS just considers the game a loss, nothing more.

“It happens,” EDS said. “You could have been a loss by one, you could have been a loss by 100. It is still a loss. Teh most important stat in the league is, what? The win and loss column. A team could win by 100 points and they ight get to the playoffs and lose. The imporrant thing is, if you want to go to the playoffs to win as many as possible. We have to play Pittsburgh. I’m not focused on last week. I’m focused on Pittsburgh.”

Interestingly, EDS said the team just needs to prepare like it always does. That is the opposite of what his teammate Akeem Spence suggested the Bucs are doing.

Perhaps if the offense begins working a little harder, as Spence hinted the defense is doing this week, maybe the offense will be able to tally more than one touchdown in the first three quarters of the game?

38 Responses to “Coping With A Beatdown”

  1. Zam Says:

    Sorry but the most important stat is SUPER BOWL WINS. In the regular season, even winning by a little, and certainly losing by a lot, make that much less likely to happen.

  2. Ray Rice Says:

    Bull$hit!!! A loss by 100 does matter. And that’s what bad teams do. They look at all games that way when they lose. Morally he’s going to tell me that if he loses a close game by 1 it’s the same as getting beat by 50? HELL NO!

  3. Mr. Mudge Says:

    If this upsets, clearly you don’t get his point. Players have to put it in the past and move on to the next game. In the end it only counts as one game, one loss on the schedule. Dragging around the shame of that loss only leads to more losing.

  4. Capt.Tim, trapped in Davie Jones's locker Says:

    Mark Barron.
    I’m so over punting out that he can’t cover.
    He needs to be traded- immediately- to a team that doesn’t require their Strong Safety to cover . Pittsburgh is really the only option.

    Or just cut the guy. Which is worse, admitting he can’t play- or letting him keep proving he can’t play? He’s costing us games. We aren’t good enough to carry a bad player- just out of pride.
    After all- it’s not the first time we’ve thrown a way a high first round pick!!

    And Foster! Foster can Play. Just not Middle linebacker in the Cover Two

    ENOUGH of both of them. I painfully re watched the epic torture session known as the Atlanta beat down.

    The biggest problem on defense was Barron/Foster. The middle of the field was wide open all night. Unbelievably so. Barton was ALWAYS, AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN- 3 steps behind the TE. ALWAYS!!

    Foster is 5 yards too shallow in his Zone. It was a friggin RACETRACK behind him. Foster can play- Sam backer!! Where he would excell

    How many games will we let them cost us- before we cut bait, and admit we screwed up?
    Stop the bleeding now. It won’t get any better, and has proven this season that it will get worse. Every team in the league knows Middle of the field is free for the taking in Tampa!

  5. nate Says:

    This team blows!

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    Umm, Capt Tim, I don’t think Mason Foster played in the Falcons game.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Does EDS really talk like he’s punch drunk or are those just five really stupid typoes in his quotes?

  8. Mitch Says:

    Capt. Tim hate to burst your bubble but foster didn’t play in the Atlanta game.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Foster was invisible in that Falcons game. You want to know why? Because he didn’t play.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m mostly over the beatdown of the last game. Sh!t happens! It feels good to get it out of my system. Atlanta who? Moving on, I expect the Bucs to start their gelling anytime now. Think positive until reality rears it’s ugly head again, maybe. Go Bucs! Show them some guts!

  11. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I’m with the “put it behind you” crowd. No sense in looking back. These guys just need to scrape together what pride they have left and go play some ball. Do what the coaches tell them to and get their job done. I dont’ expect them to win this weekend, but I definitely don’t expect another blowout. If there is, I’ll be chillin next to Tedford with stents galore.

  12. DB55 Says:

    Joe you used the wrong picture for the article. You should have the used a pic of his lieutenant that he shot on the boat. Ha, I kid, not really.

    After watching all the vids on the BUCS app I thought the team came across as very well coached, to say the right things that is.

    Especially liked how much fun mccoy n johnson were having in dini’s den. Good for them! It’s time to chill, relax and get ready for Sunday.

  13. Incognito Says:

    It’s gonna be ugly come Sunday might as well get used to it. I’m more less numb to the bucs after the last 5 yrs.

  14. Incognito Says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I expect them to put up a helluva fight on Sunday. If we come out and play anywhere near as poorly as we played on Thursday, then that signals we may be in really big trouble. I do not believe for a second they have quit on Lovie – not after 3 games. I expect a lot better effort and execution, but it’s still going to be really difficult to come out with a win in Pittsburgh. Lebeau vs Arroyo isn’t really a fair fight.

  16. Joe Says:


    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

    Because in the past couple of years you have used different usernames and IP addresses and Joe’s spam filter catches that. If you stick to one username and preferable the same two or three IP addresses, you will be fine.

    The fact you are using different usernames tells Joe you are up to no good.

  17. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah I agree with capt Tim it’s like foster didn’t even get in the game he was no where to be seen. I think he even forgot to put on his pads. He definitely cost us that game.

  18. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    I think Capt. should put down his Foster.

    Foster is Australian for beer.

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Funniest thing is, Capt. watched the game at least twice and still doesn’t realize Foster didn’t play, lol.

  20. MadMax ™ Says:

    @Capt. Tim, lay of the Capt. Morgan…

    …and you snide me about my “endless drivel” while your post was absolute “nonsense” huh?

  21. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    @ capt tim…. .ooopps…lol

  22. Biff Barker Says:

    This team needs to prepare like it always does?

    Um OK. If that’s the case 0-16 is inevitable. Wakeup or shakeup Lovie.

  23. lightningbuc Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    September 25th, 2014 at 1:46 pm
    Funniest thing is, Capt. watched the game at least twice and still doesn’t realize Foster didn’t play, lol.



    I was cracking up thinking the same damn thing. I can see Captain rewinding the DVR to watch the tight end exploit “Foster” and yelling at the TV.

  24. BUCTROOPER Says:

    I have to admit, as bad as they are, Buccaneers football is must see TV. Seriously. How could you avoid seeing a team lose in the manner in which they do? They literally have discovered new and exciting ways to blow a game. In an era where parity reigns supreme the Buccaneers have distanced themselves from parity in ways that are unimaginable to the diehard football fan.

  25. 77 bassguitarist Says:


  26. unbelievable Says:

    Well at least Capt. Tim proved to us all once and for all— he is always talking straight out of his a** and really doesn’t have a clue about the game.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He’s probably re-watching the game for a third time, hoping and praying that Foster actually did play. It is a reasonable mistake he made. I mean, Foster and Fletcher look so similar, it’s a mistake I have made myself. Just like Ronde & Tiki Barber, you just can’t tell them apart.

  28. lightningbuc Says:

    What’s really funny, is just a week or so ago, Capt Tim was telling some of us to quit complaining about the Bucs and now he’s complaining about an imaginary ghost Buc. LOL!

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I bet you one thing: He’s really regretting making that post. Been there Captain, just not as bad as this one. It’s very hard to recover from this one.

  30. Capt.Tim, hallucinating inDavie Jones's Locker Says:

    Alright, I deserve that. No way around it!

    But I will say this-if you tried to watch this season over again- you’d probably suffer Brain Damage and Hallucinations Too!!

    That’s all I got. . . If I come up with a good excuse later this evening- I’ll post it
    { sigh}

  31. Capt.Tim, hallucinating inDavie Jones's Locker Says:

    And I do not always talk out of my Ass, unbelievable!!!
    Just sometimes.
    And Hawaiian- still no where mere as bad as proclaiming Trent Richardson” The greatest back since Jim Brown!” Lol

    I can take it. Trust me, this isn’t anywhere near the worst I’ve ever looked!!
    Um . . . {sigh}

  32. lightningbuc Says:

    Hey Capt, I applaud you for watching that game a second time. I didn’t even see the whole thing once.

  33. Capt.Tim, hallucinating inDavie Jones's Locker Says:

    Thank you, LightningBuc.
    I had unexpected down time, so I tried to watch all 3 games together- hoping to pinpoint issues.

    But apparently that was a mistake. It appears to have caused Brain damage, Hallucinations, and gastric distress.

    I should have seen that coming

  34. buc4lyfe Says:

    We have a lot of offensive lineman used to facing 3-4 defenses most of the season. If Doug Martin doesn’t show up the sharks are gonna start circling. Speed in space? Yes please because I’ve seen this offense humming only when Charles sims played in preseason

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s a nice job deflecting Captain. Well played I guess, even though your exaggeration is a bit comical. Yes, I liked Richardson and wanted us to draft him, but if you actually go back and read the posts, I was not in favor of trading up to get him. Besides, being wrong about a player entering the draft puts me in the company of every single Gm in the history of sports. I’m not that embarrassed. However, at least I know who was and wasn’t on the field, and didn’t devote a post to completely talking out of my arse. You have that distinction.

  36. Schlomie Gentile-Mohel Says:

    The owners, coaches and players don’t care about winning as much as you think.

  37. Louis Friend Says:

    @Schlomie Gentile-Mohel

    How much do they care, exactly? Please, enlighten us.

  38. Capt.Tim, hallucinating inDavie Jones's Locker Says:

    Hawaiian- not denying that
    Kinda hard to
    Just trying to throw a lil dirt in the water, so that I can spin Doctor.
    Can’t blame me for that- can you
    And honestly- I believe your record on talent was much better than Dom’

    And also – to my defense-
    Not noticing Foster isn’t that hard to believe.
    I couldn’t tell if Johnson was playing
    Or Clayborn
    Or Casillas

    And the only reason I noticed Barron, was because he was constantly getting beating.

    Meybe Tomlin will take it easy on us