“We Didn’t Have Anybody That Can Block”

August 25th, 2014

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles talks about Richie Incognito coming to Tampa Bay today

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. Just ask the Arizona Cardinals, they’ve got Ted Larsen starting at left guard.

The Bucs are desperate, too, says a former Buccaneer, that’s why they’re interviewing Richie Incognito today.

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) has chimed in on WDAE-AM 620 and says the Bucs are “desperate” after what they’ve seen through three preseason games.

“We didn’t have anybody that can block anybody,” Beckles said.

Beckles was hardly excited by the prospect of sleazy Incognito joining the Bucs, but he would understand and accept the move.

“We know he can block,” Beckles said.

39 Responses to ““We Didn’t Have Anybody That Can Block””

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Beck’s right. I thought the Cardinals were a desperate group when I saw Larsen starting for them.

  2. Kevin S Says:

    I’m no expert, but it seems like Larsen would be an upgrade over Cousins.

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    Is desperation all part of the “plan” do-no-wrong Lovie and his lapdog GM keep parroting? They literally took a good or at least serviceable oline and made it the worst oline in the NFL. Where’s the accountability?

  4. 77 bassman Says:

    Thanks, but let’s not blast Joe’s media partners. Joe’s on the show every Friday at 10 a.m.–Joe

  5. DallasBuc Says:

    Beckles is right

  6. Buc the Haters Says:

    U know who would be huge upgrades? Zuttah & Joseph. SMDH. Anyway, at this point, get anyone who’s a beast. Character issues will be minimized by our high-quality group of coaches & players.

  7. THETRUTH Says:

    Beckles the man who has to tell every athlete who he is and that he played cause no one knows ho he is or was…yes birthday challange, tas hen eveyone switches station to allow the to play wih each other.. radio talk should be caller driven ! i like Ron he is realistand not stuck on himself and doesnt claim to be right on everything like Ian.

    bring anyone in at this time to protect the QB or we are in for ugly season,

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    OLine is everything right now. If it’s terrible the Bucs will not win more than 5 games. If it’s average they can win 9. The fact they ever signed O’Neil Cousins was a horrific sign of things to come. Incognito is at least not a sieve of a blocker.

  9. Ra'Shad Says:

    Larsen looked better than Cousins last night.

  10. D-Rome Says:

    They literally took a good or at least serviceable oline and made it the worst oline in the NFL.

    Last year’s O-Line was not good and it was barely serviceable. They blew it up because there was far too much money invested in an O-Line that didn’t produce.

  11. 77 bassman Says:

    Hey joe thanks for the liberal censorship
    Love you’re site by the way

  12. Joe Dunn Says:

    Joe—–Didnt see what bassman wrote – – some people think NOBODY knows anything (except them)

    I always want to ask them “Which team in the NFL did you play/work for again??”

  13. Patrick in VA Says:

    @dallas – they were marginally functionally but unbelievably overpaid. They cut them and freed up that money to facilitate the wholesale changes to the team you’ve seen. They’re clearly still working on it. Calm down.

  14. Buddhaboy Says:

    there “plan” for the offensive line this offseason was horrible. Still not sure why they think they couldnt coach up zuttah. Man, would he look good right about now. WTF>

  15. 77 bassman Says:

    Joe dunn you’re point?

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    Patrick- I am perfectly calm but not happy that they broke the oline instead of improving it. This will translate into another disappointing season and that has me pissed because it is self-inflicted wound that was completely avoidable. You are cool with the decisions that do-no-wrong Lovie and his lapdog GM have made…I am not cool with it.

  17. Chef Paul Says:

    This makes me wonder if this was one of those times Licht goes into Lovies office and nags and nags and nags to get the guy he wants, that Licht likes to say he does. And it took three games for Licht to finally break Lovie.

    Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. But it makes me wonder

  18. BirdDoggers Says:

    I don’t understand how Lovie and Licht actually thought Cousins would somehow become a better player than he was in the past and to gamble on the chance that Nicks would come back. Both situations seemed like a long shot from the beginning of the off season yet Zuttah and Joseph were jettisoned in favor of taking a big gamble. Now they’re actually talking about signing Incognito. Proof that the plan didn’t work at all.

  19. thegregwitul Says:

    I didn’t see what you wrote either, 77 bassman, but use some logic here; Who in their right mind would let someone openly blast a business partner on their own website? That’s just silly.

  20. DallasBuc Says:

    Zuttah and Penn are starting for other teams. Joseph is most likely going to make the team in STL but these guys aren’t good enough to have stayed right here? Instead we overpay for Collins and EDS, put guys like Cousins and Omameh at guard. Now we are considering signing the pariah Incognito! The “plan” sucks out loud.

  21. Harry Says:

    I love the idea. Incognito is a talented guard. We have good leadership in the locker room to keep him in check. His teammates in MIA loved him, except of course for those he was on the wrong side of. Most/many of those who liked him were black; Pouncy was his best friend.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning what Incognito did. Bullying is wrong. But he would fit in well on the BUCS

  22. 77 bassman Says:

    @ thegreg i just had an opinion about the ron and
    Ian show that’s all

  23. DallasBuc Says:

    We scratched a huge check for a backup caliber at best LT in Collins. This guy has sucked so far in the preseason. EDS has not looked better than Zuttah. Omameh, Cousins and Meredith are barely backup quality. They broke the oline. Admit it!

  24. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    @DallasBuc just go become a Cowboys fan and you can Bit** and Moan about them, don’t be on here blasting our HC and GM thats some BS. Get on the ship or get the HELL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Patrickbucs Says:

    If he was an upgrade and good in the locker room I do not see the issue. The players on the Dolphins supported Incignito so I don’t think that will be an issued we have the right leadership.

    @ Dallas
    Again bro, u watched Penn last year right? How about this year he’s a turnstile. Other them moving Zuttah, major change was needed. If you don’t think EDS is an upgrade you are incorrect IMO. This was a 4 win team with one of the worst and highest paid lines in the league. All that matters are real game rosters.

  26. BringBucsBack Says:

    I, and most of Tampa, are thrilled with the Lovie higher. However, his and Licht’s handling of the O-line has been downright fool-hardy!

    This squad had a bad year last year and needed some attention but, before ever seeing them on the field L & L released two former pro-bowlers, in Joseph & Penn and traded Zuttah, who is at least an average NFL lineman that plays both C/G. They knew G Hicks would never play again and they still waited to replace the guards with two late-middle round picks.

    Now, Joseph is starting in St. Louis, Penn in Oakland, Zuttah in Baltimore and even Larsen with the Cardinals. The veterans they brought-in, Collins & Dietrich-Smith have not impressed. (Explicative!!)

    The Chicago fans told us Lovie doesn’t know O-line & QB’s, I hope they’re wrong, but I can’t argue them on this point, at this point. (Explicative!!!)

  27. DallasBuc Says:

    Hey Panhandle, I’m not going anywhere. If you don’t want to read critisism of do-no-wrong Lovie and his lapdog Licht then you are free Togo elsewhere. I don’t like what their “plan” is for the oline for obvious reasons and I am going say so. Don’t like it? Too bad. I want my Bucs to score points and win football games and never saw that happening when these guys installed mediocre McCown as the QB and blew up the vet oline. Terrible.

  28. BringBucsBack Says:

    Meant…the Lovie “hire”.

  29. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    @Dallas Yeah because we won soooooo many games last year right?????? and that very OLD & EXPENSIVE O-line you keep talking about gave Glennon so much time in the pocket right???? What you must want Schiano back to huh???? I mean jeez bro you honestly sound like a non fan. A fan is supposed to support there team not question every move they make.

  30. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    And honestly I cant believe yall keep talking about Penn like he was a Pro Bowl guy or something he was TERRIBLE last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Larson are you serious???? He got absolutely man handled on Sunday…SMH at some of yall man. We were a 4 win team last year with the worst O in the NFL and all those guys yall keep talking about were on that line DONT FORGET THAT!

  31. BoJim Says:

    PanhandleBucGuy28 Said:

    “@DallasBuc just go become a Cowboys fan and you can Bit** and Moan about them, don’t be on here blasting our HC and GM thats some BS. Get on the ship or get the HELL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Jeez bro. Chill out. If someone offers criticism it’s BS? C’mon. That pirate ship at RayJay isn’t real ya know. Yaaarrrr.

  32. JT Says:

    Penn had to go. He was inconsistent and overpaid. I think Joseph should’ve stayed and Zuttah should never have been traded for a sixth round pick!

  33. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I watched the Cardinals game last night and Ted Larsen played and blocked very, very well. Better than any Guard the Bucs have put on the field so far this pre-season. Just sayin’

  34. DallasBuc Says:

    Panhandle- “A fan is supposed to support there team not question every move they make.” So as the perfect Bucs fan you have never disagreed with or critisized a single move by GM or HC over last 5+ years? I will always support my Bucs on gameday but when the HC/GM eff up I am going to call it out and when the QB, oline, RDE suck out loud I’m gonna say so. You go on thinking that you are the perfect Bucs fan and know how it’s done but you are only making a fool out of yourself! It’s entertaining. Keep it up tough guy!

  35. Chris Says:

    Patrick Omameh has looked just fine, been keeping my eye on him every game. Still hope Incognito signs with us. Pretty sure Omameh can play either guard position.

  36. Buc the Haters Says:

    I agree that L & L broke the Oline. Their assessments were grossly inaccurate. At this point, hopefully, they can somehow piece it together into something functional. I still have high hopes for this season!!!! Lol

  37. Clintro Says:

    I don’t think they broke the line… it was broke last year. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I doubt they would have gone this direction if they knew the Nicks was done. This isn’t a program that you will be able to fix everything in one year I have faith that they will do what they need to hopefully we have a good year this year, but we should temper our expectations a little.

    I will hope for the best and all but we need to be realistic.

    I also doubt they or the leadership on this team will allow Incognito to get away with his old tricks.

  38. Joe Dunn Says:

    77 bassman—your comment was deleted AND you cant spell?? Geez

    Never mind. I dont care what you think

  39. Buccaray Says:

    Donald Penn- plucked from Vikings pratice squad
    Denmar Dotson- from pratice squad project to top 10 RT in league

    Talent can be found during the last cut down and other practice squads. We will get at least some sort of lift from there and do a trade to improve at Guard. If anyone thinks they are not working this situation 24/7 over at the Palace, you are nuts.