Trading For Boone Would Be Costly

August 21st, 2014
Potentially trading for 49ers G Alex Boone isn't as simple as picking up the  phone.

Potentially trading for 49ers G Alex Boone isn’t as simple as picking up the phone.

Some Bucs fans, with the ghastly memory of the offensive line playing the part of matadors against Jacksonville all too fresh in their minds, are still rubbing their rabbit’s foot (feet?) hoping upon hope the Bucs grab someone outside One Buc Palace to upgrade the front line.

Of course, when Ian Rapoport of recently dropped a report that Tampa Bay is interested in disgruntled 49ers guard Alex Boone, for a handful of hours, these same Bucs fans were giddy thinking the cavalry was coming.

Of course, that may be wishful thinking. Per Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, pulling Boone loose from the 49ers might prove a costly endeavor.

Try no cheaper than a second round pick.

The 49ers have a high value on Boone and would rather he play for them. Boone, by all accounts, wants to be with the 49ers where he has started the last two seasons at right guard.

He has held out 29 days since the start of training camp. His agents, Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod, have a track record of holding clients out while they negotiate better deals.

As it stands now Boone is the 43-highest paid guard in the league in average salary. The 49ers have made an offer to Boone, but it was not close to what he is seeking and the two sides remain far apart. That’s why, despite the two sides’ mutual interest in seeing Boone remain in San Francisco, the stalemate has dragged on.

Barrows goes on to type that it is not even clear if the 49ers would trade Boone to another NFC squad. So aside from the cost of acquiring Boone, one would have to coerce the 49ers to keep him in the NFC.

As it stands, the Bucs seem comfortable with their offensive line. There was progress made in the Dolphins game. More progress against a strong defensive front like Buffalo would certainly be encouraging.

It seems like the Bucs would be more inclined to mine the waiver wire in the next two weeks than pay a high price for Boone, who may not even be available.

23 Responses to “Trading For Boone Would Be Costly”

  1. Jeagan1999 Says:

    No doubt Boone would be expensive…in terms of the contract he wants (probably in the $7 million a year range) but also in terms of compensation the 49ers would demand! But it might be worth it. Licht claims the Bucs are poised to “win now” and offensive line is our largest and most glaring need at this point. If our O-line plays well this weekend, the need to spend a lot of money and draft picks may not be needed, but if they struggle…? Boone is certainly a talented interior lineman…without doubt the best that may be currently available…but shelling out a huge amount of money and draft picks for him is a risk…of course doing nothing and suffering through the year with a subpar O-line is a huge risk too. The last thing any Buc fan wants is another 4-12 season!

  2. Zam Says:

    not worth the $

  3. BucsQcCity Says:

    We finally have a GM that won’t be robbed at each trade and giving away valuable future draft picks.

    We have a good core of players at skills positions, except maybe QB. We will need maybe a year or two to bolster the line and general depth. This year will be tough and defense will win ball games. Prepare yourself for Bucball all year long!

  4. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Jeagan: Licht may say what ever he wants, but I doubt if he is going to hastily invest to protect McCown or Glennon. If we had a starting caliber QB I could see, but these kind of QBs we have are ideal for taking our time and build a solid O-line with homegrown talent

  5. mike n Says:

    yeah, he ain’t going anywhere. 49ers have all the leverage. Boone can retire or play for what the 49ers have him under contract for.

  6. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I’d rather not going back to leading the league in high paid guards.

    There will be cuts coming up and will be some guards available, no need to overpay for a specific one.

  7. robert9 Says:

    hows his toes?

  8. BirdDoggers Says:

    Licht put an emphasis on value in the offseason. Trading a high draft pick and giving Boone a big contract wouldn’t necessarily fall into the value category.

  9. Buddhaboy Says:

    never know who is pushing down on them to do something.

  10. John23 Says:

    I say hell no !!! I rather wait till next draft to pickup a stud.

  11. Mac Says:

    Not trading for Boone could be costly…

  12. P'cola Buc Says:

    Unfortunately the Bucs didn’t fare well albeit for other reasons with their free agent deal for Nicks…. Let’s not do it again in another way to secure Boone. I say pounce on the best upcoming cut players instead. L&L went for the “sexier” picks this year in the draft. Evans, ASJ and Sims…. Next year OL and maybe QB… Rome was not built in a day.

  13. snook Says:

    Besides, he’d probably end up getting injured when he got here anyways.

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Watching the Raiders game right now…Carr sure looks really good. Sigh.

    DO NOT trade for any players. The lost picks would cost us too much.

    I understand the desire to win now, but you do not mortgage the future when you can play the guys we have through the season and draft next year for the position.

    Right now, filling one position will not make that big a difference. We need help all along that line. Play this season and maybe 1-2 of the players will develop into solid players, reducing the need to draft for their spot next year.

    Licht SUCKS at trades. He would mortgage our future in one trade. He has not gotten good value for a single trade thus far.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buddhaboy Says
    “never know who is pushing down on them to do something.”

    If you are referring to Lovie and Licht (which I think you are), I doubt there is too much pressure from the owners. Lovie is blood in Tampa. He may not be invulnerable, but he’ll certainly have this year and next year.

    I would wager that he could go 3-13 and still be here next year. I doubt that scenario will happen though.

  16. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Develop players through the draft! Can’t fix everything at once. Pretty sure there are other young less expensive Olinemen that will be released from other teams that might serve as a minor upgrade for a small price.

  17. Chef Paul Says:

    You know who would be cheap? Incognito. I know I know. He’s a dick, and aint worth it. He aint worth the league minimum. blah blah blah. As Joe would spin it like he did with Mike Williams: No one wants him because he had the gall to talk sh!t with the guys and call a sexy drink girl sexy. Oh the humanity.

    An immature rookie quarterback partying and rolling up hundred dollar bills like he’s about to snort a line of coke, and that’s no big deal. Mike Williams gets the cops called to house often enough to set your clock by it, and that’s no big deal. BUT I’LL BE DAMNED!!! if we get a guy that says a couple mean words to a softie.

    “Chef Paul, you’re a dumbass!! If he was any good, he wouldn’t be at home.”

    Well, we could say the same about any of these magical, awesome guards that are about to be cut that everyone is drooling over.

  18. Mort Says:

    Someone name one guard about to be cut that we should all drool over, please? I’m kinda done hearing about all of these magical saviors that aren’t good enough to even back up on another team. Someone name one guy about to be cut to get excited over.

  19. Jeffbuc Says:

    I like how everyone thinks we can just grab a stud gaurd in the draft next year. College players are unproven and it’s always a risk they don’t pan out. So we draft a gaurd with the 2nd round pick next year and he’s a bust. Then what we waisted that pick and all the guaranteed money he gets. A 2nd round pick for a proven 2 year starter who is young doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. It’s less of a gamble then drafting a player.

  20. Mac Says:

    @ Buc bonzai

    This team hasn’t done s(p)it since 2002… How much longer are you willing to wait dude… I mean come on we have not won a fucking playoff game in over a decade…

    Win now or blow me!!!

  21. Mac Says:

    @ Bucbonzai

    We have not won a playoff game in over a decade dude…

    This team needs to win now… I’m so tired of watching the same shit every year… Solid defense and a crap offense… it’s getting old and this year will be no different if we don’t do something (anything) to improve this offensive line…

  22. Kevin1 Says:

    I’m with Mac ^^^^^^

  23. Jeffbuc Says:

    Well said Mac a second round pick for a proven starter is not mortgaging the future it’s getting a sure thing with your second round pick versus a hope and a prayer. Like Mac said can’t keep playing for next year. Were fans of the bucs so we don’t realize every one views us as we view the browns shitty. Were the laughing stock of the league. Coach after coach qb after qb we need to win now. Economy ain’t the reason we don’t sell out it’s the product. It’s the nfl throw the damn ball you can’t run it down people’s throat anymore.i can’t remember the last time we scored 40 points.