This Ain’t Chicago

August 3rd, 2014

McCownautoBucs starting quarterback Josh McCown already has mentioned how he’s been surprised by the level of passion exhibited by Tampa Bay fans he’s encountered. (What? You mean, Luke McCown didn’t share that with his brother?).

And now it appears McCown got another surprise: Bucs fans aren’t the typical A-holes McCown likely ran into in Chicago and at his other NFL stops.

“They’re such a good group of fans. They’re very respectful, too. When you sign [autographs], I mean it’s just a neat group of people to be around. We’re very, very fortunate for us to have these kinds of fans,” McCown said after Friday night’s practice at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Joe would agree that Tampa Bay fans are extraordinarily respectful to their beloved Buccaneers, though Greg Schiano and Michael Clayton might disagree. McCown, however, doesn’t have to worry about absorbing that kind of wrath from local. Long before McCown could disappoint like Schiano and Clayton did, he’ll be out of the lineup in favor of the “quarterback of the future.”

Enjoy the rest of McCown’s Friday night chatter below. He also talks about getting used to the “depth perception” of the home field, and more.

18 Responses to “This Ain’t Chicago”

  1. Stevie Blart Says:

    You actually believe Tampa fans are more passionate than Chicago Bears fans? ROFLMAO. Im a Bucs fan and I even know thats complete horseshit. Bucs fans can barely sell enough tickets to their fans to lift a balckout. This is joke and everyone knows it.

    Umm, who said “more passionate?” Work on your reading skills. –Joe

  2. Louis Friend Says:

    Steve Blart – were they talking about the total volume of fans? No. If you can’t sell out in the 3rd largest city in America, you’ve got issues. Especially with so many corporations buying blocks of tickets, Soldier field sellout requirements for individual fan purchases are less than quite a few NFL teams. They’ve got it easier than Tampa does.

    Most Bears fans I know are no different than Bucs fans.

  3. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Hmmmm….. What does tickets have to do with a passionate fan???? Can a man or woman with low income be passionate about the Bucs????

    McCown knows the meaning of a passionate fan. He also knows it goes beyond money….

    It’s o.k. Stevie the game is Friday. You can make it!

  4. kevin Says:

    Stevie I think the article suggests more of the fans respect for the players rather than passion. No doubt bears fans are passionate but they are complete assholes as well. My entire family is from chicago and this is a fact. I would have to say Tampa fans do lack the loyalty to the teams of theyre current city being mostly transplants which I find to be complete bullsh!%….you dont have to jump ship from your old citys team but at least support the ones who represent the city you chose to move too……

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    All transplant cities suffer the same way Tampa does. Miami, San Diego, Jax, and even Seattle before their recent success struggled because the majority of their populations are from other cities. Just a fact! If you noticed games last year though; almost every team struggled putting butts in seats. Red Zone makes it easy to see stadiums that are only 2/3 full. The trend of watching games on TV is in full effect. By the way I’ve had season tickets for over 20 years.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Point being Bucs fans are some of the most passionate!

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    “McCown, however, doesn’t have to worry about absorbing that kind of wrath from local.” If he plays this year like he did during his long and unimpressive career up to this point you might have to take that back. A typical McCown performance this year that includes the poor results that made him a career backup QB will change majority of fan attitudes real quick.

  8. Teacherman777 Says:

    We have a liad back, friendly, easy going, positive vibe in Tampa!

    We are cool!

    Go Bucs!

  9. Eric Says:

    Just dont win the division then lose a close game in first round.

    Fans around here HATE that.

  10. kevin Says:

    Jacks9nville a transplant city????????…………Tampa fans are some of the most loyal I have seen…….when we are winning. Bucs not rays fans. When we are loosing they jump ship. This year if bucs in games no blackouts not because of glaziers buying up tickets

  11. JT Says:

    As a Rays fan, I know firsthand that BOSTON fans are the biggest jerk in the country. Chicago,Philly,New York are all sweethearts compared to the masshole red sux fans!

  12. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jone's locker Says:

    Yoho my Brothers!

    It’s just Josh, starting to feel the Pirates life!
    Warm Sand,Cold Rum, Lots of Bikini Clad Lasses running to and fro!
    And a Football team Finally headed the right way!

    If I lived in Chicago(Philly,New York, Etc), is be a bitter A*+hole,Too

    YoHo, drink up me hearties! You too Josh, and welcome to Tampa!!
    It’s a pirates life for me- and lots of locals!

    And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  13. Thomas Says:

    Nice. Well now that you’ve offended me allow me to respond Joe.

    I’m apparently one of those A-holes from Chicago, but I moved down here. I am a fan of both the Bears and the Bucs- I loved the Bucs since the mid 80’s- remember when a 4 win season was an improvement? I do.

    Mcown was HUGELY revered by bears fans last year. Many of them wanted HIM over JAY. I’m not sure what the actuality of his comment was or specifically what he was getting at, but I know one thing- he was not taking a shot at bears fans because he doesn’t DO that.

    I hate to break it to you, but there are just as many a-holes down here as there are up there. If you are talking specifically about the media coverage, Chitown’s media will eat you up if you aren’t worthy and pretend that you are- but not on the scale of New York’s media. Chitown’s media is however extremely forgiving to those who do something stupid but then honestly apologize.

    Come to think of it, we do that as people up there as well.

    We love our teams up there, just like we love our teams down here. And I guess there are plenty of a-holes to go around.

  14. d-money Says:

    You know, it is possible for someone to pay a compliment to one group of fans without it being an indictment of another team’s fans.

    Hate to break it to you Joe, but not every statement requires reading between the lines. He paid a compliment to Tampa fans and that was it. Trying to make it more than that is just ridiculous.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Many Buc fans are transplants. The more Buc fans, the merrier.

  16. Eric Says:

    Whatever you do Josh dont win a super bowl. The fans here will never forgive you.

  17. Stanglassman Says:

    JM12 might change his mind if he ever meets Dallas fan.

    I don’t see why you can’t let the guy play a game before being so harsh. If he plays anything like he did last year the Bucs will be just fine at QB.

  18. gulfcoast Says:

    Wait… Am I the only one who noticed the guy above is a bears AND Bucs fan? How is that possible… (Notice there’s no question mark, it’s a rhetorical question Farley). Go Bucs and Buc the other 31!