Preparing Defense For Offense

August 19th, 2014
Bucs DT Akeem Spence said the Bucs defense is not only ready for opponents, but also the Bucs offense.

Bucs DT Akeem Spence explains the Bucs defense is not only ready for opponents, but also the Bucs’ up tempo offense.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the headline is dumb on face value. Of course a defense will prepare for an offense. But with Lovie Smith’s Bucs, it’s more than that.

It seems Lovie is preparing his defense to handle the effects of Jeff Tedford’s offense.

About the only thing we know for sure about the Manhattan Project of the NFL is that the Bucs want to be “up-tempo” with the offense. Fast-paced. Quick. Keeping a defense on its heels.

Sunday, when Lovie Smith was asked about potentially wearing out his own defense in games with a quick offense, he waved off the implication, all but saying it’s an NFL wives tale that scoring too quick doesn’t give the defense enough rest.

Joe chatted with defensive tackle Akeem Spence today and asked him if Tedford’s “up-tempo” offense is a deterrent to the Bucs defense, in that it may not afford the defense enough rest. Spence said it isn’t and the defense is preparing to make sure it isn’t.

“I don’t think it is,” Spence said when asked if the Bucs score too quickly could it wear out the Bucs defense. “I’m thinking the offense is trying to tire out the other teams’s defense. If the offense hits big and scores a touchdown, that’s good. That’s good for the defense. We are up, you know? [Our Bucs defense] are not really tired. We have guys that can fill in for the starters.

“With our defense, I think it is a plus for us if our offense does [go] up-tempo and scores on teams real fast. If it’s a three-and-out, then we are back up and we have to go get a three-and-out.”

Joe remembers Bucs commander Greg Schiano was big on a rotation with the defensive line. So too is Lovie, Spence said. In fact, the Bucs will increase its rotation on the defensive line, he said.

“More so than last year, especially up front,” Spence said. The Bucs will use “Will [Gholston] that comes in for AC [Adrian Clayborn] or Mike [Michael Johnson] and we’ve got Steve [Means] back which is big because he is one of our edge rushers. Then you have me who rotates inside with Clinton [McDonald] or [Gerald McCoy].

“We always have guys fresh. We always have guys ready to go.”

So there you have it. The Bucs defense is not only preparing to stop opponents, but to handle the wear and tear of their own offense.

It all sounds good in theory, but that ugly Florida sun is no theory. Time will only tell if the Bucs are able to score, much less score quickly.

12 Responses to “Preparing Defense For Offense”

  1. buctebow Says:

    Yes, I think the 3 and out comment is the one I worry about. Going no huddle, 3 ad out and then the defense is supposed to get a 3 and out as well…that would be great in theory, but not very likely, then they will get tired if the offense can’t sustain drives. Lovie is already letting the othr team receive first, so the Bucs don’t go 3 and out and then end up with crappy field position to start the game. Vote of no confidence for the offense…yeah?

  2. Finishers Says:

    this weeks game will tell alot about this team can’t wait!

  3. DCBUCFAN Says:

    joe, did NFL punish Spence for any games yet?? It seems to be forgotten or
    perhaps if Ray Rice only gets 2 games for his conduct, maybe Spence had been

  4. Brandon Says:

    Schiano didn’t rotate anybody. I remember seeing the snap count for the first game under Schiano against the Giants. McCoy and Clayborn had almost every possible snap of the 70 or so from that game. I understand keeping your best players on the field, but running a DL out there for 99% of all snaps is just begging for your player to get tired then hurt.

  5. Orca Says:

    Yeah, I think it would be comical for any Bucs fan to start worrying about them scoring “too quickly”… Most of our concern is about scoring too infrequently. Once they show the ability to score at all, then they can learn to vary the pace in order to control the clock. Until then, points are precious and we’ll take ’em any way we can.

  6. DB55 Says:

    Off topic but did anyone see the goal line stand by the browns last night. Now that’s football.

  7. Dougy balls Says:

    Who gives a spit about the browns

  8. John23 Says:

    I agree no one is looking at the browns. I for one want to see our O-line Open up some running lanes I want to see our RB’s be a threat each and everytime they touch the ball.

  9. Waterboy Says:

    No mention of Bowers in that rotation? That might not be a good sign for him.

  10. Owlykat Says:

    We need Bowers in that rotation for sure, but I think Spence is talking about the coming game.

  11. Please Says:

    Man those old uniforms look good.

  12. Zam Says:

    My guess (who knows) is that the offense will be lots of short passes. So it may be up-tempo, but will take many plays to score.